PWR | UPDATING | Welcoming Learners to the Interfaith Table, A Pre-Parliament Event, In Memoriam, and more | Saturday 10 September 2022

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The 2023 Parliament Convening Welcomes All Learners to the Interfaith Table

The 2023 Parliament of the World's Religions is less than a year away and the Parliament is committed to fostering a global interfaith community that welcomes all learners to the interfaith table.

This commitment is made possible by individuals and communities who attend and shape our global Convenings. Through our Call for Programs, closing on October 3rd, join us in this commitment and offer opportunities to learn and share.

As 11 September Looms, Honor Those Lost and Remember Another 9/11

...The Parliament of the World’s Religions is calling upon all people of faith and goodwill, each partisan concerned that democracy is dying, to see in themselves what Vivekananda saw in the audience in 1893 when he said “people wending their way to the same goal” and join us in 2023 in building Patel’s bridge and “Defending Freedom and Human Rights.”

We want to hear from you! | submissions close Tuesday 12 September 2022

Planning on proposing a program?Still considering a topic? Have a comment on the call for programs? Complete this short 2-minute survey and enter to win a FREE registration to the 2023 Parliament Convening for yourself or a friend.

SAVE THE DATE | Monthly Members Meditation and Meet-Up | Saturday 17 September 2022

Join the Monthly Members Meditation & Meet-Up at 1 PM Central. September's meditation is facilitated by Bakhtavar Desai, with a contemplation on Zoroastrian meditative formula. In this contemplative practice, Bakhtavar guides us through Ashem Vohu, a short prayer and message of radiant happiness.

Following the meditation, the space opens up for members to introduce themselves and engage in dialogue.

New York Pre-Parliament Event Explores Theme of Freedom & Human Rights

On Thursday 8 September 2022 the Parliament of the World’s Religions and the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation hosted a Pre-Parliament event for the August 2023 Convening in Chicago, “A Call to Conscience: Defending Freedom and Human Rights”.

Parliament Joins 59th Annual ISNA Convention

Between 2-5 September 2022, thousands gathered at the 59th Annual ISNA Convention exploring the theme Resilience, Hope, & Faith: With Hardship, Comes Ease.

The Parliament of the World’s Religions was represented by members of the Board of Trustees and Staff who joined local, national, and international organizations in connecting with attendees.

IN MEMORIAM: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The Parliament of the World’s Religions extends our heartfelt condolences on the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Share Insights & Explore Commitment with GE Survey

All members of the public with a general interest in ethics are invited to participate the first-ever Global Ethic Census, now live on our website.

WATCH NOW | The Turning Point

The Turning Point, a visual statement from the 2021 Parliament Convening, is now available to view and share in video form.

SAVE THE DATE | Monthly It’s Time to Talk | Thursday 29 September 2022

The Buddhist-Catholic Dialogue on Climate Change welcomes you back to It’s Time to Talk, a dialogue grounded in deep listening.

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