GEIFN | CONSOLIDATED | Community Information | Sunday 1 January 2023

Fast Facts: COVID-19 Victoria & Australia

  1. VIC | GOV | UPDATING | Pandemic Response
  2. VIC | GOV | UPDATING | Flood Response

  3. COPP | GOV | GRANTING |  Quick Response Grant Program
  4. AUST | GOV | GRANTING | New grants to promote community safety | applications close 9pm Thursday 12 January 2023
  5. CoPP | GOV | GRANTING | CDF Festivals and Events 2022/23 grants – Round 2 | applications close 27 January 2023
  6. VIC | GOV | GRANTING | Multicultural Seniors Support Program | applications now open, close 28 February 2025

  7. VIC | MCG | ANNOUNCING | Tickets for the Multicultural Comedy Gala | touring from January–March 2023
  8. VIC | OT19 | MAKING | Music experience workshops for students | Monday 16- Friday 20 January 2023 | 10am-2.30pm
  9. VIC | MIFE | ENGAGING | Midsumma Festival | Saturday 21 January–Sunday 12 February 2023
  10. VIC | TF23 | GATHERING | The Tamil Festival 2023 | Sunday 22 January 2023
  11. CoPP | BLSC | DAWNING | Australia Day and We-Akon Dilinja | Thursday 26 January 2023 | 6am TBC
  12. CoPP | GOV | WEBINAR | Perfecting your plan for your non-profit website | Tuesday 7 February 2023 | 11am-12noon
  13. CoPP | GOV | SEMINAR | Marketing using social media for your Community Group | Thursday 9 February 2023 | 9.30am-12.30pm
  14. AUST | EQPR | ENGAGING | Australia's 5th National LGBTIQ+ Conference: Better Together 2023 | 17-18 February 2023
  15. ASIA-PACIFIC | EAF | ANNOUNCING | 2023 Queer Displacements Conference | February 2023
  16. VIC | VMC | INVITING | Hosts for Cultural Diversity Week event | Saturday 11-Tuesday 21 March 2023
  17. AUST | IICCS | GATHERING | Making Connections: Multiculturalism and Interculturalism in Australia Conference | 9-10 March 2023

  18. AUST | ILF | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds For Gifting books to Aboriginal children
  19. UKRAINE | CHUFFED | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds for Ukraine deliveries of critical food kits and medical aid
  20. AUST | PNABCP | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds for Sponsorships of an Aboriginal Birth Certificate as a Human Right
  21. WORLD | WIKIPEDIA | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds for acquiring knowledge no matter what personal circumstances might be
  22. AUST | YUP | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds for Land Back to Yuggera Ugarapul People to protect human remains
  23. AUST | CHUFFED | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds for upholding human right to peacefully protest
  24. COPP | SKRC | St Kilda Repair Cafe | second Sunday of each month | 2-5pm
  25. VIC | VPC | CALLING | Sponsors for LGBTIQ+ leadership program

  26. VIC | GOV | PROTECTING | Your community during extreme heat
  27. AUST | BBSS | ADVISING | Changes to Beyond Blue Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service
  28. AUST | SAE | ASKING | Are You Safe At Home? Start a conversation to end family violence
  29. AUST | SFRI | PODCASTING | Voices of Australia
  30. AUST | SBS | SHARING | Tips for job seekers - SBS Urdu
  31. AUST | RCA | SHARING | Face-to-Face program for Teachers and Students
  32. VIC | VTMH | REPORTING | Welcome from the Team and Seasons Greetings | December 2022
  33. AUST | ILF | REPORTING | Indigenous Literacy Foundation End of Year Wrap Up | December 2022
  34. AUST | CUIN | REPORTING | Industries, Ideas, Innovation - Diversity Atlas Newsletter | 5 December 2022
  35. AUST | THCO | REPORTING | Stakeholder report and more | December 2022
  36. WORLD | PWR | UPDATING | 2023 Parliament & More

  37. AUST | Coronavirus hotline
  38. AUST | Helpers and Reliable Sources Along the Way

  39. Acknowledgment to Sources
  40. Bye bye to Essentialists
  41. Self-Isolators, Non-Essentials And The Homebound

1. VIC | GOV | UPDATING | Pandemic Response

Stay up to date on the latest health advice and please consider both the COVID-19 and flu vaccinations if eligible. If you need access to food or financial relief, there is information available for how to get this support.

To learn in other ways about Victoria's responses: 

2. VIC | GOV | UPDATING | Flood Response

VIC | GOV | ADVISING | Mental Health Support for those affected by 2022 Victorian floods

Victorians across the state continue to experience significant flooding which has devastated communities.

It is normal to experience a range of physical, mental, emotional and behavioural reactions following an emergency or distressing event. If you have been impacted, support for the wellbeing of you and your family is available.

Services include:
  • Lifeline – 13 11 14 – crisis support available 24/7 via phone, text or online chat
  • Parentline – 13 22 89 – for parents and carers
  • Kids Helpline – 1800 55 1800 – for kids, teens and young adults
  • NURSE-ON-CALL – 1300 60 60 24 – expert health information and advice
  • Australian Psychological Society Referral Service – 1800 333 497
  • Safe Steps – 1800 015 188 – family violence specialists available 24/7
  • Orange Door – for adults, children and young people experiencing family violence
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing Hubs – 1300 375 330 – appointments for anyone feeling overwhelmed or in need of support with mental health.
  • DirectLine alcohol and drug counselling - 1800 888 236 - confidential drug and alcohol counselling and referral
  • More support

VIC | GOV | ADVISING | Health Risks for those affected by 2022 Victorian floods

Our state's significant flooding has created many hazards. This includes the spread of diseases through rodents, animals, mosquitoes and contaminated food and water.

It also includes environmental hazards such as injury, asbestos and mould exposure, carbon monoxide poisoning (from portable generators or gas heaters) and animal hazards including snake and spider bites.

The Department of Health has published a resource with health advice, to help communities recover from floods and manage related health risks. Information is also available on protecting yourself from disease carried by mosquitos and how to obtain relevant vaccinations against illness if you live in Northern Victoria.

VIC | GOV | CALLING | Those impacted by the floods or storms in Victoria

This is an important community update on how to get help if you've been impacted by flooding in Victoria. Please share this email with your networks, community groups, and anyone you may know who has been affected.
  • If your home is flooding and you need emergency assistance, please call 000
  • If your home is about to flood, please call VICSES on 132 500.
  • For family violence services, please contact the Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre on 1800 015 188
  • If you'd like to get in touch with the VMC, please email

VIC | SES | PROVIDING | Victorian State Emergency Service

  • Hotline: 132 500 and dial 9 for an interpreter
  • Information hotline: 1800 226 226
  • Rural Financial Counselling Service (RFCS): 1300 771 741
  • Interpreting service: If you need an interpreter, call TIS National on 131 450.
  • Triple Zero: Please keep Triple Zero (000) for emergencies only.

VIC | GOV | ADVISING | Flood Recovery Hotline - call if impacted

Flood Recovery Hotline is a single number that all Victorians impacted by the recent floods can call for help with:
  • temporary accommodation 
  • clean up
  • understanding what support is available
  • mental health and wellbeing support
If you need this support, please call the hotline on 1800 560 760.
The recovery hotline is open from 7.30am to 7.30pm every day.

AUST | NEMBCM | TRANSLATING | Victorian Floods in Language audio

NEMBC Media (NEMBCM) has translated their news updates regarding the Victorian floods into 11 languages. The translations are available in:
  • Arabic
  • Greek
  • Hindi
  • Italian
  • Macedonian
  • Maltese
  • Mandarin
  • Sinhala
  • Spanish
  • Tagalog
  • Turkish
The files can be listened to on the website and shared on social media.  

AUST | LIFELINE | PROVIDING | Emotional support

It is normal to experience a range of physical, mental, emotional and behavioural reactions following an emergency or distressing event.
  • If you or a loved one needs support during this difficult time, call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

VIC | GOV | TRANSLATING | Other Resources


AUST | GOV | SUPPORTING | Affected Victorians to claim a Disaster Recovery Payment or Disaster Recovery Allowance | claims close 17 April 2023

A $1000 Disaster Recovery Payment or Disaster Recovery Allowance is available to help people seriously affected by flooding around Victoria in October 2022. 

Those impacted have until 17 April 2023 to make a claim for either the lump sum payment or the allowance.

Only select Victorian regions are covered - please read the eligibility criteria for more information. 

For more information, please call the Flood Recovery Hotline on 1800 560 760.

VIC | GOV | SUPPORTING | Affected Victorians to claim a Personal Hardship Assistance Program

This program helps people experiencing financial hardship because of a natural disaster related emergency such as flood or severe storm.  

one-off payment is provided to help meet immediate needs, including emergency food, shelter, clothing, medication and accommodation. Additional assistance may also be available for up to seven days after the emergency event.

Eligibility is determined by a needs assessment. Relief payments are not available to cover the cost of cleaning up fallen trees, replacing fences, repairing or towing vehicles, covering insurance excesses, or to cover business losses.  

VIC | GOV | OFFERING | Flood support for small businesses

The Small Business Immediate Flood Relief Program supports businesses directly affected by the October 2022 Victorian floods. There are two streams of support available under this program.

The first is the Immediate flood relief grant, a one-off $5000 grant to cover immediate expenses of businesses impacted in eligible local government areas. Applications for this grant close 4pm Friday 13 January 2023 or earlier if funds are exhausted

The second support available is the Business Relief Service which is a free service offering one-on-one support through a local business relief adviser. The adviser will guide business owners to the available Commonwealth, state and local supports. 

To access the Business Relief Service, please call the Business Victoria hotline on 13 22 15 and they will connect you with dedicated business relief advisers and support. The hotline operates seven days a week 

VIC | CSEFAP | GRANTING | Flood support for sporting clubs | applications open, closing 13 January 2023 or when funding exhausted

The Community Sport Emergency Flood Assistance Program (CSEFAP) will support sport and active recreation organisations directly affected by the October 2022 Victorian floods. 

$5,000 one-off grants are available to assist in the replacement of items that have been lost, damaged or destroyed. 

VIC | GOV | SUPPORTING | Affected Victorian flood-affected farmers

A support package is available for flood-affected farmers:
  • Primary Producer Clean-Up Relief Grants: $10,000 grants to cover the cost of the clean-up and get businesses up and running again
  • Primary Producer Concessional Loans: Up to $250,000 to restore or replace damaged equipment and infrastructure, or to cover the short-term business expenses.
  • Primary Producer Transport Subsidies: Up to $15,000 to support the transport of emergency fodder or stock drinking water, and the movement of livestock.
  • Learn more and apply

VIC | GOV | OFFERING | Financial assistance available - Translated resources on Victorian floods

You may be eligible for an emergency payment if you have been affected by the recent floods around Victoria. 

The Personal Hardship Assistance Program helps people experiencing financial hardship in emergencies. The program includes Emergency Relief Payments and Re-establishment Assistance.

Information about getting help is now available under Translated and Easy English resources. The resources have been translated into more than 10 languages.

Go to the Easy English section for information in Easy English. 

VIC | SES | ADVISING | Local flood guides

Local flood guides can help you better understand your flood risk, how flood warnings work and how to prepare yourself, your home or your business.

You can search for your local flood guide by suburb, postcode or council/municipality. 


3. COPP | GOV | GRANTING |  Quick Response Grant Program

The Quick Response Grant Program are small grants available at short notice to eligible organisations (up to $2,000) and individuals (up to $500) throughout the year. The grants support the establishment and delivery of valuable services, programs, activities, and events to the City of Port Phillip community. 

Individuals and organisations can apply by the first Monday of every month. The following dates are the closing dates until June 2023:
  • Monday 2 January 2023
  • Monday 6 February 2023
  • Monday 6 March 2023
  • Monday 3 April 2023
  • Monday 1 May 2023
  • Monday 5 June 2023.
Guidelines and resources can be found on the City of Port Phillip Funds, Grants and Subsidies page.

4. AUST | GOV | GRANTING | New grants to promote community safety | applications close 9pm Thursday 12 January 2023

Eligible organisations are invited to apply for the Australian Government's Safe and Together Community Grants Program. 

The program funds communities and organisations to deliver activities supporting people who may be vulnerable to developing extremist views and behaviours. 

For those seeking help in preparing a grant application, three free community information sessions will be held on Tuesday 6 December at the Novotel Melbourne on Collins.

5. CoPP | GOV | GRANTING | CDF Festivals and Events 2022/23 grants – Round 2 | applications close 27 January 2023

City of Port Phillip (CoPP) Cultural Development Fund (CDF) Festival and Events grants support not-for-profit arts, cultural and community groups to stage small to medium scale events that celebrate the City’s community spirit, identity, arts and culture. 

Not-for-profit organisations and community groups that aim to develop local neighbourhood festivals or events that celebrate the City’s community spirit, identity, arts and culture can apply for the CDF Festival and Events grants. Funding is available for up to $20,000 per project.  

6. VIC | GOV | GRANTING | Multicultural Seniors Support Program | applications now open, close 28 February 2025

Multicultural seniors’ groups can now receive financial help through the Multicultural Seniors Support 2021–25program.

This funding is for activities that benefit seniors' group members and build stronger community connections. For example, social and cultural activities, improving digital literacy and the running costs of the organisation. 

Grants of $2,000 will be available each financial year, up to 2024-25. 


7. VIC | MCG | ANNOUNCING | Tickets for the Multicultural Comedy Gala | touring from January–March 2023

Tickets are now available for the Multicultural Comedy Gala (MCG), featuring a star-studded line up of Australian comedians sharing stories from around the world.

The Comedy Gala is a hilarious celebration of diversity and multicultural Australian identity, with shows that leave you captivated, connected, and smiling at our proudly inclusive heritage.

The tour will commence in March 2023 at Cardinia Cultural Centre in Pakenham, with regional and metropolitan Melbourne dates available.

8. VIC | OT19 | MAKING | Music experience workshops for students | Monday 16- Friday 20 January 2023 | 10am-2.30pm

ON TRACK 19 (OT19) is developed by Mushroom Group and supported by the Department of Education and Training, OT19 is an opportunity for students to get up close with some of Melbourne’s finest musical talents, learn new skills, and to make music and new friends in the school holidays.

Over 5 days, students will:
  • Turn their experiences into music and lyrics
  • Create a collaborative track & film clip
  • Undertake creative workshops and learn to DJ
  • Watch live artist performances and interviews
And so much more!

OT19 is completely FREE for students, and travel vouchers can be provided in advance.  

9. VIC | MIFE | ENGAGING | Midsumma Festival | Saturday 21 January–Sunday 12 February 2023

Australia's premier queer arts and cultural festival returns in 2023, running between 21 January and 12 February, with Midsumma Pride March on Sunday 5 February.

LAUNCHING | Midsumma Extravaganza | Saturday 21 January 2023

Midsumma Festival 2023 is kicking off with a fabulous evening of divine queer excellence under the stars at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. Hosted by queer comedy royalty Joel Creasey and RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under favourite Kween Kong, this year’s Extravaganza promises to be the biggest yet. 

REVEALING | Midsumma and Australia Post Arts Award Finalists | Tuesday 31 Jan–Sunday 12 Feb 2023

Since 2016, Midsumma Festival and Australia Post have collaborated to present Australia's leading queer visual arts award! The award has quickly established itself as a vital award within the arts industry.  

SHOWCASING | Midsumma Presents Events

Our Midsumma Presents program returns, with a fresh suite of collaborations between Midsumma Festival and some of VIctoria's most revered cultural institutions. Explore a range of events at ACMI, the NGV, Melbourne Museum, Sidney Myer Music Bowl, and many more. 

INTERACTING | Midsumma X Ignite Melbourne

Midsumma X Ignite Melbourne is a wave of interactive public artworks and installations combined with music, performance, and culture across iconic locations in Melbourne's CBD, in summer '23.

Ignite will intrigue you, and encourage you out of your regular programming as each activation takes you on an immersive and interactive journey. 

The six productions that makeup Midsumma X Ignite Melbourne have been created and curated by quintessential Melbourne Artists, each piece will share with you their expression of A Safe(R) Space and the beautiful intricacies of intersections of a diverse community.

This will be the first time these works have ever been experienced at this scale. 

LISTENING | Music for your ears


CREATING | A Safe(R) Space

A Safe(R) Space, produced by Midsumma, is an artistic exploration of intersectional identity between different facets of Queer communities. The program will uncover a range of work from artists across the LGBTQIA+ spectrum and how artists come together to collaborate and create within a resourced environment. 

SHOWCASING | Midsumma Festival Hubs

We are proud to introduce to you our Midsumma Hubs for the 2023 Festival. These Midsumma Hub venues are dedicated to providing you with a diverse showcase of events, across the 23 day festival, to enrich your Midsumma Festival 2023 experience. Never miss a beat, with Midsumma Hubs there is something to see or do every day of the week. 

INCLUDING | Victoria's Pride Regional Activation Program

To ensure statewide representation of LGBTQIA+ arts and cultures. Victoria's Pride commissioned community groups, organisations and artists in regional Victoria to facilitate involvement in Victoria's Pride event activities, either in the lead-up to or on the day of the Victoria's Pride one-day street party in Melbourne’s inner north. 

MARCHING | Midsumma Pride | Sunday 5 February 2023

Parade, pride and party come together once a year in Melbourne's iconic march celebrating solidarity in gender and sexuality diversity. A chance to tie up your bootlaces or throw on your heels, and join the spectacular act of unity that is Midsumma Pride March. Whether you join the fanfare by foot or by wheel, with workmates or with family, with friends or with lovers, as ally or as queer, Midsumma Pride March is for you.

Join over 53,000 people to celebrate Midsumma Pride March 2023! Bring your friends, family, and loved ones to celebrate our diversity together in this day-long event as we strut down Fitzroy Street with ferocity, uniqueness, and diversity with the ones we love.

Grab your friends, family, and loved ones to flaunt your pride at Midsumma Pride March this year! Whether you join the parade by foot or wheel, with workmates or with family, with friends or with loved ones, as an ally or as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, Midsumma Pride March is the place to celebrate all gender expressions, sexualities, experiences, and personalities with colours, sparkle and style.

March with ferocity, uniqueness, and pride down Fitzroy Street in a kilometre-long parade route to Catani Gardens. The march begins with the roaring motors of the Dykes on Bikes as per tradition. The march itself is led by the Boon Wurrung EldersRainbow Aboriginal FloatLGBTQIA+ youth and followed by the Premier of VictoriaMinister for Equality, and the Creative Industries & Commissioner for Gender and Sexuality.

Be greeted at the end of the march with free entertainment, and festivities, including DJs and live performances by the iconic St Kilda beachside.

Marching because we are fierce, fabulous, loved, diverse and proud. Join the Midsumma Pride March to march with those who can, and in solidarity for those who cannot. 

ANNOUNCING | Line-Up For Victoria's Pride Street Party | Sunday 12 February 2023

We can't wait for these artists! Keiynan Lonsdale (aka Rainbow Boy), Casey Donovan, Jawbreakers and Alter Boy. Banoffee, Chela, Jaguar Jonze, Cry Club, and The Lost Girls, an sooooo many more to come! 

10. VIC | TF23 | GATHERING | The Tamil Festival 2023 | Sunday 22 January 2023

The Tamil Festival 2023 (TF23) is a day-long event bringing together Tamil Australians and the wider Australian community to celebrate with food, stalls, exhibitions and other family entertainment. 

Everyone is invited to join the celebration.. 
  • Where: GAA Gaelic Park, 324 Perry Road, Keysborough VIC 3173
  • Cost: free entry for all attendees
  • Learn more

11. CoPP | BLSC | DAWNING | Australia Day and We-Akon Dilinja | Thursday 26 January 2023 | 6am TBC

We-Akon Dilinja, a mourning reflection event bringing our community together to commemorate and celebrate the rich, diverse culture of the First People of this land.
Presented in collaboration with the Boonwurrung Land and Sea Council (BLSC), 2023 will be the fourth year this event is held as part of City of Port Phillip (CoPP)'s commemorations on Australia Day.

The culture and history of the Boonwurrung Traditional Owners will be conveyed through readings, music and a smoking ceremony. A multi-faith component adds to the inclusive spirit of the event.

Where: Alfred Square and livestreamed directly at Council’s We-Akon Dilinja webpage
Cost: Free 
Bookings: TBC

12. CoPP | GOV | WEBINAR | Perfecting your plan for your non-profit website | Tuesday 7 February 2023 | 11am-12noon

Does your website look like it was built in 1999?  Have you shifted so much as an organisation that your website no longer represents what you’re about? Perhaps you're thinking of a redesign or complete overhaul? Whatever you’re considering, don't move forward without a PLAN!


13. CoPP | GOV | SEMINAR | Marketing using social media for your Community Group | Thursday 9 February 2023 | 9.30am-12.30pm

Social media and online activities are now part of our everyday. They are an efficient way to communicate with your group, members and key stakeholders, however the challenge is to understand the audience you are targeting, so you can decide which platform will have the greatest impact and reach this audience.

This interactive session will provide a basic overview of marketing, understanding what you are marketing and who you are marketing to. Then in turn, an understanding of the most popular social media platforms used in Australia and insights on the best way they can be used effectively to engage and communicate with your target audience.

Topics include:
  • Understanding marketing and its jargon
  • Using social media as a platform to market to your group » Understanding your target audience
  • The pros and cons of social media platforms
  • Selecting platforms
  • Ideas for creating content
  • Communicating the right messages
  • Tips and hints for preparing a social media plan.

This session will be most beneficial to groups new to promoting their organisations through social media channels.
  • Where: Council Chambers, St Kilda Town Hall, 99A Carlisle Street, St Kilda VIC 3182. Enter via Carlisle Street and please wait in the foyer to be collected
  • Cost: Free
  • Bookings: essential, online through Trybooking

14. AUST | EQPR | ENGAGING | Australia's 5th National LGBTIQ+ Conference: Better Together 2023 | 17-18 February 2023

Since 2018, The Equality Project (EQPR)'s Better Together has created space for LGBTIQA+ communities, organisations, and advocates to gather for a unique 2-day experience.
Attendees have described as "an extremely valuable and irreplaceable platform for LGBTIQA+ people and a "wonderful space for debate and critical thinking".

Our 5th National LGBTIQ+ Conference, Better Together 2023, will be back in Adelaide at the Adelaide Convention Centre on 17-18 February 2023.

We warmly invite you to join us for our biggest conference yet ahead of Sydney WorldPride!

Dedicated to The Equality Project's mission of bringing our diverse communities and allies together to share our ideas and experiences; Better Together is about creating opportunities for meaningful connections so we can learn from each other, forge alliances, and advance the LGBTIQ+ movement to create positive lasting change.We're now inviting impactful individuals and organisations to be part of the conference by submitting their innovative and impactful ideas.

We invite advocates, leaders, educators, artists, social workers, researchers, and others in the community to attend and run workshops, host panel discussions, or take part in our new initiative Better Think.

Better Think
Introducing a new format: Better Think is a showcase of speakers presenting impactful and well-formed ideas that will help us “think better”.

Inspired by the short and powerful format of the TED Talk, the aim of Better Think is to share great ideas in under 20 minutes!

Do you have a new and surprising idea that we have not heard about? Or a basic idea but with a compelling new argument behind it that challenges beliefs and perspectives?

If this sounds like you, we’d love you to be part of Better Think.

Do You Need A Scholarship?
Up to 47% of conference delegates attend on a full or partial scholarship. If you need help with your 2-day conference ticket, we encourage you to apply.
We're passionate about this work and we'd like you to join us. 

15. ASIA-PACIFIC | EAF | ANNOUNCING | 2023 Queer Displacements Conference | February 2023

The Queer Displacements conference is the first of it's kind in the Asia Pacific region designed to comprehensively foreground protection and settlement challenges of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ+) forcibly displaced people.

This conference is a space for awareness raising, solidarity, building alliances and engaging the whole of society in ensuring justice, protection and solutions for LGBTIQ+ people in forced displacement. The theme of the 2023 conference is Leadership, Partnership and Belonging.

The 2023 Queer Displacements Conference is organised in partnership with Equal Asia Foundation (EAF) and will take place in February 2023 in Sydney.  

16. VIC | VMC | INVITING | Hosts for Cultural Diversity Week event | Saturday 11-Tuesday 21 March 2023

Cultural Diversity Week (CDW) is the largest celebration of multicultural Victoria in our state, and it's back from 11-21 March 2023! 

The 2023 theme is Our Past. Our Future: Celebrating and reflecting on the contributions of Victoria's multicultural communities. This theme reflects on our strong past as a multicultural state, and looks to the future of our culturally diverse communities. 

All Victorians are invited to get involved by hosting an event or activity in your community, workplace or business. 

For event resources, ideas and inspiration, visit the Cultural Diversity Week webpage on the VMC website. 

17. AUST | IICCS | GATHERING | Making Connections: Multiculturalism and Interculturalism in Australia Conference | 9-10 March 2023

Over two days, practitioners, stakeholders, policymakers and academics are invited to join in conversation with international and local experts to explore the complementarity of multiculturalism and interculturalism and the experience of intercultural cities in Australia, Canada and Spain.

An International Intercultural Cities Comparative Study (IICCS) conference hosted by Swinburne University. 


18. AUST | ILF | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds For Gifting books to Aboriginal children

When you sponsor a book in language for an Aboriginal child, not only are you helping that child to learn from something familiar to them. You are also empowering remote Aboriginal communities to share and preserve their unique culture, knowledge and identity for the next generation.
“Kids are seeing themselves reflected in these books. They want to pick them up and share them with their families.”

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in remote communities across Australia often have limited access to books. When they do, most stories describe a culture that is unfamiliar to them.

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) Book Supply is creating and translating books with the collective storytelling of First Nations authors, illustrators and Elders. All funds raised will go towards sending book packs that include First Language stories to 400 remote Communities across Australia.

This Festive Season, give an Aboriginal child a book that represents their culture and language. 

19. UKRAINE | CHUFFED | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds for Ukraine deliveries of critical food kits and medical aid

Aussie expat, Daniel ‘Rusty’ Russell and his humanitarian aid drivers have covered some serious kilometres driving to newly liberated villages in Ukraine to deliver critical food kits and medical aid. 
Chuffed (Chuffed) advises often, they are the first people to arrive, only days after liberation. The local people are living under incredibly tough conditions, in mined areas, without electricity. 

The roads are treacherous. To reach recently liberated villages, Rusty and his team must tackle mines, decimated roads, ruined bridges and soft muddy tracks. Almost all other humanitarian aid drivers have stopped driving due to extreme road and weather conditions.

But with your support, Rusty and his team will not give up! 

So far, Chuffed donors have helped them to raise over 60% of the funds needed to bring some Christmas joy to those who have lost everything this year. 

As a UN World Food Programme distributor, funds will go directly to helping distribute food, warm clothes and hygiene products. Rusty and his team are determined to raise enough funds to also bring toys as Christmas gifts for the children.

Chip in and support Rusty to bring Christmas to devastated villages in Ukraine. He can’t do it without your support!  

20. AUST | PNABCP | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds for Sponsorships of an Aboriginal Birth Certificate as a Human Right

When you sponsor an Aboriginal birth certificate, you are sponsoring someone’s human right to vote, legally drive, play sport, get a tax file number and enrol in school.
For some Aboriginal people, their cost is too high.
“We were scared of authority back in my day, but it’s different now. People need their birth certificate.”
- Aunty Rosie, Kamilaroi woman and Director at Pathfinders
The links between the stolen generations and the non-registration of Aboriginal births are clear. When Elder Aunty Rosie was a young girl growing up in Kamilaroi Country in northern NSW, she’d head for the bush when she heard police or the school inspectors were in town.

Now, Aunty Rosie is one of the directors of Pathfinders National Aboriginal Birth Certificate Program (PNABCP) in Canberra, a not-for-profit group that helps make life easier for people in need. As part of its many programs, it helps provide free birth certificates and registrations for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island community.

Pathfinders has assisted more than 13,000 people since 2015 by ensuring Aboriginal people are assisted by mob so that they feel safe during the application process. 

They need your help to keep holding sign up days for 1000 more Aboriginal people who need this important document.

Chip in to this First Nations-led movement for the human rights of all First Nations people. 

21. WORLD | WIKIPEDIA | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds for acquiring knowledge no matter what personal circumstances might be

Support Wikipedia and a world where knowledge is free for everyone.
Every single donation helps us to improve people’s access to accurate and reliable information, especially in a rapidly changing world. I’m truly grateful for your support in enabling billions of people to experience the gift of knowledge through Wikipedia.

We are determined to extend this access as far as possible to make sure that no matter where you are born or where you live, the ability to access free knowledge is always within your reach. I hope you will continue to support us in building a future where Wikipedia exists everywhere, with people across the world contributing to the sum of all knowledge.

Thank you again for considering supporting this remarkable mission; it is a privilege for me to be part of the largest collaborative project in human history. Wikipedia will always belong to you.

With gratitude, 
Maryana Iskander, CEO, Wikimedia Foundation

The Wikimedia Foundation are the nonprofit that hosts Wikipedia and 12 other free knowledge projects. If you can this year, please join the 2% of readers who give. There are no ads, subscription fees, or paywalls on Wikipedia. Those don't belong here. Now is the time we ask: If Wikipedia has given you $2 worth of knowledge, please donate whatever feels right. 

22. AUST | YUP | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds for Land Back to Yuggera Ugarapul People to protect human remains

The short history of colonial Australia is one of the most brutal and atrocious, yet so hidden and denied. 
Deebing Creek
 forms a part of this hidden story where at least three massacre sites have been revealed by recent radar surveys. 

These massacres and unmarked graves have not been acknowledged in Deebing Creek’s officially recognised history.

The Yuggera Ugarapul People (YUP) are currently occupying and protecting the sacred grounds surrounding these remains from private development. More than 140 hectares are in the hands of several developers who have already begun bulldozing trees. They need your help to stop the bulldozers from destroying human remains, birthing trees and songlines, once and for all.

Will you stand with them to take this fight to the Supreme Court? 

23. AUST | CHUFFED | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds for upholding human right to peacefully protest

2022 has been an unsettling year for our human right to peacefully protest against actions that threaten our climate.
Climate activists like Violet Coco and Ben Pennings need to be protected as we speed towards climate disaster. Their work forces the climate emergency onto front pages and into the front of people’s minds.

Ben Pennings has been a climate activist for over 30 years and is one of the tens of thousands of people involved in the #StopAdani movement. Adani, the second richest person in the world, is suing him for $17 million dollars in a lawsuit that threatens the rights of all Australians to peacefully protest.
“The right to nonviolent protest is essential in any free society, but we see politicians across the country increasingly using their positions of power to crack down on protests that threaten the fossil fuel and logging industries.”
Chuffed endorses why Ben Pennings needs your support to stand up to Adani's billions. Two and a half years after Adani hired men to follow his wife and kids, Ben's legal team will spend January working to negotiate what access IT experts paid for by Adani have to his personal phone and laptop.

Show your solidarity to this movement and chip in to protect the right to peaceful protect for all Australians in 2023.  

24. COPP | SKRC | St Kilda Repair Cafe | second Sunday of each month | 2-5pm

The St Kilda Repair Cafe (SKRC) is one of the thousand+ repair cafes around the world who are registered with the Repair Cafe Foundation (based in the Netherlands). 

They started in November 2017 running free monthly repair cafe sessions at the Port Phillip EcoCentre on the second Sunday of each month from 2-5pm.

Volunteer fixers and menders offer their time and skills to help make possible repairs free of charge. People visiting the Repair Cafe bring broken or damaged items from home – toasters, lamps, hair dryers, clothes, bikes, toys, crockery… anything that is broken is welcome. This helps reduce waste, save money and resources, and can help reduce CO2 emissions. 
  • Where: Port Phillip EcoCentre (Temporary Building), Cora Graves Community Centre, 38 Blessington Street, St Kilda 3182
  • Enquiries:

25. VIC | VPC | CALLING | Sponsors for LGBTIQ+ leadership program

The Victorian Pride Centre (VPC) has launched Pride in Action, a leadership program for LGBTIQ+ leaders in the workplace. 

The program is commencing in October 2023, and will be free for all 24 participants subject to sponsorship. Expressions of interest are now open to potential sponsors, with several sponsorship tiers available.



26. VIC | GOV | PROTECTING | Your community during extreme heat

Summer is officially here, and once again we can expect days of extreme heat. Extreme heat and heatwaves kill more people than any natural disaster in Australia. 

Heat exhaustion and heatstroke are serious conditions that occur when the body’s temperature rises and internal organs start to shut down. Symptoms range from muscle cramps, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and fainting.

The Victorian Government has developed the Survive the heat campaign to raise awareness of the risks extreme heat poses to the health of all Victorians. 

These Survive the heat translations have been developed for partners, organisations and community groups to help you raise awareness of extreme heat through your networks. 

27. AUST | BBSS | ADVISING | Changes to Beyond Blue Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service

The Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service closed on 29 November 2022.

Calls made to this service will now automatically be transferred to the Beyond Blue Support Service (BBSS) number, which is 1300 22 4636

COVID-19 can present challenges to your mental health, and Beyond Blue offers a free telephone or webchat counselling service 24/7. You can talk to a counsellor about how you're feeling, whether related to COVID-19 or anything else.  

28. AUST | SAE | ASKING | Are You Safe At Home? Start a conversation to end family violence

Are you experiencing family violence?
If you’re experiencing abuse, you don’t have to face this alone.

Help and support is available. Safe and Equal (SAE)'s Are You Safe at Home? website features lots of helpful information around family violence and where to go for help.

Is someone you know unsafe?
Do you think someone you know may be experiencing family violence?
The Are You Safe at Home? website features lots of helpful tips, conversation starters and information to help you start your potentially lifesaving chat with a friend, family member or colleague
A conversation for everyone
We know that many people experiencing family violence will reach out to family and friends first. How you respond can make a real difference on someone’s journey to safety.

We can all keep an eye out for the signs of family violence, speak up, and offer support. With the right approach, your support can make a real difference. Learn how to ask “are you safe at home?” by watching our new video series. 

29. AUST | SFRI | PODCASTING | Voices of Australia

Voices of Australia is a Scanlon Foundation Research Institute (SFRI) podcast exploring all things interesting in the world of social cohesion. 

In the latest episode, Olympian Peter Bol helps us explore the role sport plays in fostering social cohesion. Peter shares stories about his family's journey to Australia, running in an Olympic final and becoming the fastest Australian 800m athlete in history.

You can listen to the Voices of Australia podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and other streaming services. 

30. AUST | SBS | SHARING | Tips for job seekers - SBS Urdu

Job seekers can now receive guidance and support from a free two-part podcast series from Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) Urdu.

The in-language podcast offers tips and tricks for people who speak Urdu and are currently looking for work.  

31. AUST | RCA | SHARING | Face-to-Face program for Teachers and Students

The Face-to-Face program is an initiative from Refugee Council of Australia (RCA), involving presentations to students from a speaker with a refugee background.

The refugee speakers share personal stories of their journey to safety and give students the opportunity to learn face-to-face about refugees, their experiences and their contributions to Australia.

Incursions can be delivered as a one-hour interactive presentation or two-hour workshop incorporating small group activities. Both presentations and workshops are brought to life with visual support material.

The presentation package includes a comprehensive Resource Guide for teachers containing links to lesson plans, follow-up activities and further reading, as well as information on how to support and advocate for people from refugee backgrounds. 

32. VIC | VTMH | REPORTING | Welcome from the Team and Seasons Greetings | December 2022

Victorian Transcultural Mental Health (VTMH) hopes you are all feeling well and ready for your end of year break after a very busy year.

We are fortunate that we have been able to expand our team in 2022, with two new important positions appointed; Ben Siveges as our new Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research Consultant and Olivia Fletcher as our Carer Consultant. We look forward to properly introducing you to our new team members in our July 2023 e-newsletter although you may get to know them through work related activities sooner than that.

We are also continuing our work in relation to the recommendations from the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System. VTMH remains committed to improving the quality of Victoria's mental health system and to creating healthy, connected communities, where no one is left behind.

We hope you enjoy this e-newsletter and we welcome opportunities to continue working with you.  

REVEALING | Our new team photos on our website

Take a look!  

SPOTLIGHTING | VTMH Team Member – Kimberley Wriedt

This is a new section to our twice yearly e-newsletter. We realise that while many of you reading this do work with some members of our team, many of you don’t know who we are!

To change this, we have decided to share with you an interview with one of our team members in each of these e-newsletters & this month Kimberley Wriedt has graciously agreed to be interviewed.   

REVIEWING | Another successful year of seminars for VTMH

VTMH continued our seminar schedule into 2022, with our seminars continuing to be held online via Zoom.

We held 8 seminars between March and November this year and were thrilled to have the speakers join us. 

TRAINING | Better Health Network ‘Train the Trainer’ program

VTMH is supporting BHN by delivering a ‘Train the Trainer’ (TtT) program as one mechanism to extend and embed cultural responsiveness practice within the broader BHN network. 

RETREATING | VTMH team retreat day at 'Free to Feed'

In October, the VTMH team came together with Education Changemakers for a team culture retreat day. 

WORKING | with Headspace

This year VTMH has worked alongside Headspace Dandenong/Hastings sites to pilot a brief and contained service development engagement to support their developing workforce in relation to culturally responsive practice. 

SPEAKING | TheMHS 2022 Presentation

After having facilitated the MHCD CoP for almost three years, conveners Shehani De Silva and Kimberley Wriedt had the opportunity to share their learnings at the Mental Health Services Conference (TheMHS) in Sydney in October this year. 

REFLECTIONS | from our Registrar Nivanka on her year at VTMH

'I began my work at VTMH in February 2022, but it was a role that I had dreamed of since I was a junior doctor fresh out of medical school. I knew I wanted to pursue a career in transcultural psychiatry and unfortunately such training roles are currently very limited in the public mental health sector. I was so happy when I found out that I got the job!' 

FACILITATING | VTMH'S Lived Experience Community Of Practice

VTMH’s Education and Service Development Consultant Abie Jazi & Lived Experience Consultant Naomi Chapman have facilitated 3 more meetings since our last newsletter. 

SHARING | Book Club Podcast

Radhika and Nivanka from VTMH recorded a session for the MHPN Book Club podcast in September 2022. 

IMPLEMENTING | Rural & Regional Approach Project 

Over the past 12 months, VTMH has been concentrating on strengthening our relationship with the rural and regional mental health sector through our VTMH Rural and Regional Approach Implementation Project. 

33. AUST | ILF | REPORTING | Indigenous Literacy Foundation End of Year Wrap Up | December 2022

With travel back on the agenda and events in full swing, 2022 was a busy and rewarding year! 

Major highlights include:
  • Multiple visits to remote Communities for workshops and four book launches 
  • Our first CREATE Initiative since 2018, held in Darwin
  • A NAIDOC celebration at International Towers, Sydney
  • Return to Sydney Opera House for a live Indigenous Literacy Day event 
  • Shortlisted again, for the Astrid Lindgren Award 
  • Eight Translation Rights Projects including The Very Hungry Caterpillar in six First Languages.
Interest continues to grow and our goals for 2023 reflect the requests we are receiving. If you are in a position to help us, please donate to our Festive Appeal. Our digital Give the Gift of Reading cards are a great way to make a tax deductible donation and send a card to a colleague, friend or family member, particularly to those that are interstate or overseas. 

You are a valuable member of the ILF community, and we couldn't achieve this important work without your support. Thank you for being part of our journey and sharing our vision that reading opens doors to future opportunities and choices.

From all of us at ILF, we wish you a safe and joyful holiday season. See you in 2023! 

Mandaang guwu,
Ben Bowen, Chief Executive Officer

UNESCO's Decade of Indigenous Languages

To celebrate UNESCO's first year of the Decade of Indigenous Languages, each month we encourage readers to learn a new word in either an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander language. 

This month's word is koala in Bundjalung language!
koala = burbi
Phonetics: bur-bee
Download the audio version here.

2022 Achievements

  • 116,866 culturally relevant books gifted through our Book Supply program
  • 90 playgroups supported through our Book Buzz program
  • 26 books published in 15 languages as part of our Community Publishing Projects program

Meet our Youth Ambassadors!

We would like to acknowledge and thank our current Youth Ambassadors! Learn more about LachiePenelopeJosh and Sidney here. If you or a young person you know is interested in becoming an ILF Youth Ambassador, please send an email to: We would love to meet you!

Yabun Festival 

For Sydneysiders and visitors, join us at the Yabun Festival on 26 January at Victoria Park, Camperdown. Make sure you visit the ILF stall and say hello. This is a wonderful day to recognise and celebrate the strengths and survival of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' cultures with music and dance, and some of Indigenous Australia's best thinkers and speakers. 

Thank You 2022 GBS Fundraisers!

A big thank you to all the schools, individuals and organisations that participated in Great Book Swap (GBS) this year! We have exceeded our target and raised over $165,000 with over 550 registrations. This allows us to gift 16,500 culturally relevant books to remote Communities. An amazing outcome. We hope you will register for the 2023 GBS, launching in mid-March.  

Kinokuniya Bookstore Gift Wrapping

We would like to thank Kinokuniya Bookstore in Sydney for the opportunity to raise funds for the ILF by wrapping books and gifts for a donation. A big thank you to the 300+ volunteers who applied their wrapping skills, to all the donors and the team at Kinokuniya Bookstore for making this fundraiser possible.

More Stories


Launch of Murli la

Earlier this month we launched our newest title, Murli la, in the Tiwi Islands with the Ngarukuruwala Women’s Group. In a moving and joyful event, the Ngarukuruwala Women’s Group sang, danced, and offered the book to Tiwi children and future generations. Check out the blog to learn more about these inspiring women and their beautiful book launch and place your pre-order here

McKyus Levi Wins the Individual Achievement Award from Autism Queensland

A big congratulations to McKyus Levi for winning the Individual Achievement Award from Autism Queensland! We have been so privileged to work with McKyus on the publication of The Monsters of McKyus, and attend the Community launch a couple of weeks ago. 

A Thank You from the ILF Programs Team 

On behalf of the Programs team, we would like to say thank you to the Communities that engaged with our Programs, to the donors for continuing their support and for everyone following us on socials and our monthly e-newsletter. We have been hunkering down, planning workshops and field trips to remote Communities and our schedule for 2023 is shaping up to be our biggest year yet! 

We extend a heartfelt thank you to ALS Library Services who have been an ILF sponsor since 2013, storing and distributing our commercially available books and products. Thank you, Simon and Angela!

We are indebted to our partner Australia Post for their support with the delivery of Book Supply packs to remote Communities and their ongoing fundraising. Currently they have a festive bauble with artwork from ILF ambassador Gregg Dreise in store and online, with $2 from each sale donated to ILF. 

A big thank you to Penguin Random House (PRH) ANZ who have generously donated $100,000 to support out 2023 programs. 
‘Reading is an essential life skill and one that our staff is extremely passionate about. It means so much to be able to help support literacy and language while striving to get books into the hands of as many young people as we can across Australia.’ - CEO of PRH ANZ, Julie Burland.
The ILF was chosen as the charity of choice for the DXC Technology Australia and New Zealand official opening of their new Customer Engagement Centre in the heart of Sydney. We would like to thank the team at DXC for this opportunity. 

Become an ILF Partner


Community Fundraisers

Thank you to City of Kalamunda Library Services. Three of their library branches have ongoing book sales to raise funds for our Foundation. 

We would like to thank the Johnson Winter Slattery team, who have kindly supported our Foundation with their end-of-year initiative.

We would like to thank Guts Creative who are donating 10% of their profits to the ILF through their Guts Gives Back Program. 
"Each year we give 10% of our profits to a charity who are helping to change the world. We’re inspired by the awesome work of ILF, helping Indigenous Communities to tell their own stories, in their own language, and protecting the precious culture of First Nations people".

Donations Welcome


Seasonal Closure

Please note that the ILF office will be closed from Saturday 24 December 2022 and re-open Tuesday 3 January 2023.

34. AUST | CUIN | REPORTING | Industries, Ideas, Innovation - Diversity Atlas Newsletter | December 2022

This month Cultural Infusion (CUIN) highlights our participation in three overseas conferences, spotlight an upcoming cultural event and provide this month's product update

ATTENDING | 2022 Equity Practitioners in Higher Education Australasia (EPHEA) conference

Diversity Atlas will be attending the 2022 Equity Practitioners in Higher Education Australasia (EPHEA) conference, held in Canberra with the theme Strength Through Adversity: the future of Higher Education Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

The aim of the conference is to support equity policy and practice in the higher education sector. This year's conference will feature inspiring keynote speakers, cutting-edge workshops, research and special interest groups, networking opportunities and social and cultural events. 

Diversity Atlas, our world-first data analysis tool, will be used to map the diversity of the attendees and participants of the event via a short voluntary survey. 

The results of the survey will be presented on the second day of the event and a summary of the results will be shared in a comprehensive report after the event.

Diversity Atlas is one of the most inclusive and secure surveys of its kind in the world, with a database of over 45,000 different human identity points.     

SPEAKING | 2022 International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC)

The Diversity Atlas team were invited by Global Victoria to travel to Sydney for the 2022 International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC), where our CEO and Founder Peter Mousaferiadis gave a keynote speech. 

IMARC brings together thought leaders and the most influential people in the mining industry. The event serves as a meeting ground to network and discuss ground-breaking technology to elevate the mining industry. This year's event hosted more than 7,500 attendees from more than 100 countries around the world. 

The Diversity Atlas team held a booth at the event and showed how our unique diversity data-analysis platform can be used to improve sustainability in the mining industry. Our platform reveals statistical insights which support organisations in tracking the progress of their environmental, social, sustainability and development governance goals (or SDGs and ESGs).

Peter spoke on sustainability in his keynote speech, emphasising that the most underutilised resource is our collective heritage. 
"The question is, why are we not drawing on this asset as a source of innovation, progress and sustainability, reducing poverty and social cohesion for everyone?"
- Peter Mousaferiadis, Founder and CEO
An article based on Peter's speech can be accessed on our blog. To read Approaching Planet 3, click the link below. 

SPEAKING | 2022 World Conference on Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (WCAHSS)

Our Chief Technology Officer Rezza Moieni delivered a keynote speech in Bangkok at the 2022 World Conference on Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (WCAHSS) hosted by Eurasia Conferences. 

The WCAHSS hosted researchers, scholars, academics and leading research organisations to share advances  in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences across the world. 

Rezza presented a discussion on his latest research paper titled 'A Study on Diversity Prediction with Machine Learning and Small Data'. Diversity data collection is still a fairly new concept. The paper analyses recent discussions in the media regarding the importance of diversity, to minimise gaps between minority and majority communities. 

Rezza discussed how organisations are now seeking to plan their diversity strategies and goals for the long term. Organisations may, for example, want to know how long it will take to close the gender gap, or what the diversity of their team will look like over the next five years.

To map their progress in measuring success and minimising gaps not just now but into the future, organisations want the ability to predict the diversity of their community.

Rezza's paper studies the different models for forecasting diversity in Australia, using Net Overseas Migration and census data, to help predict the country of birth, language and religion of residents of Australia from 2022 to 2025. 

'A Study on Diversity Prediction with Machine Learning and Small Data' will be published on our website in the near future. To read more of Rezza's work, visit the link below. 

SPOTLIGHTING | International Day of Commemoration and Dignity of the Victims of the Crime of Genocide and of the Prevention of this Crime | 9 December 2022

Established by the United Nations (UN) in 2015, this day marks the anniversary of the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (Genocide Convention), which was the UN’s first human rights treaty. It signifies commitment to ensure the prevention of this ‘crime of crimes’.

The UN encourages all its member and observer states, organisations, other international and regional organisations and civil society, including NGOs and individuals, to observe this day. 

The UN aims to raise awareness of the Genocide Convention and its role in combating and preventing the crime of genocide as defined in the Convention and to commemorate and honour the victims of genocide. 

GAZING | Crystal Ball: Let’s look into the future. Three AMAZING things about Gen Z.

In this product update, Diversity Atlas’ Cultural Attaché, Quincy Hall, introduces three key insights about Gen Z.

Doris Day sang:
Que sera, sera
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours to see
Que sera, sera
I take a bit of an issue with that third line.  The future may not be ours, but, to an extent, we can see it. 
Coinciding with our CTO Rezza Moieni’s recent talk and paper on the topic of Diversity Prediction, for this month’s product update I am going to cheat a bit.  Rather than talk about the product itself, I want to chat about what the product reveals, which is an update of sorts as it is the first time we’ve released these insights, and it contains insights that to the best of my knowledge and Googling haven’t been quantified or qualified to any great level.  Yet.  Let’s be the first to dip out toes in.  Let’s talk about Gen Z (aged 26 and under) – and think of Gen Z now as future leaders.
Across multiple regions, multiple industries, multiple job roles and hierarchical placement, we see in Gen Z some trends, and yet, for every trend, there exists a multitude of ‘terms and conditions apply’ disclaimers. 
  1. Gen Zers are notably less likely to be religious; except in countries where religion is of higher importance, but even then, Gen Zers are not necessarily more likely to be religious. In some deployments they are more likely to be religious, and even if they are less likely it is to a much smaller degree than in the former countries. This is mind-blowing to consider, and so interesting to me that once I looked at the data I had trouble sleeping. It’s not just companies that should have a think about this; it has geo-political ramifications as well. Secularist nations might be looking at other nations where church and state are more closely intertwined and think that if they just wait a generation, the relationship may ease or even unravel, but our data points towards this not necessarily being the case I should point out that as part of our Diversity Atlas deployment, we ask participants about their cultural and/or social identity priority. In some countries (e.g: Australia, Netherlands) ‘My religion’ is around the 10th highest priority.  It is in these countries (and others) we see Gen Z consistently being less likely to be religious. But in other countries, in the Middle East and Africa for example, religion can be as high as ‘1’ on their identity priority selections, and it is in these regions we see examples of Gen Z being more religious than their older colleagues. As mentioned above, there’s a lot of ‘terms and conditions’ to apply, some of them being that industries differ, job function differs, even departments differ in the same building, but the trend is noticeable and requires planning and thought.

  2. Speaking of one’s cultural and / or social identity priority, globally, across all our customers, we see ‘My occupation’ usually around the 5th most important priority. But not for Gen Z … 10th.  This makes perfect sense. When I was in my early 20s, I considered work as that thing I unfortunately had to do to pay for my weekends (especially when for six months I worked in a clothing factory putting the tightening cord in tracksuit pants). 

    It seems intuitive; the younger cohort are less likely to feel connected to their employer or job role, and it would be a good idea for employers to start including Gen Z in future planning initiatives if they are not already.  But guess what’s not intuitive? That ageing them doesn’t seem to change it. That is, 18-22, it’s 10th.  22-26, 10th still. What it implies (and we’ll have to wait more than a decade to prove it) is that those who are Gen Z right now, putting ‘my occupation’ as their 10th highest priority? It might still be 10th when they are hitting 40.  Attention all employers:  You will need to plan for this. I am looking into my crystal ball and I see terms like ‘profit share’ and ‘flexible work arrangements’ becoming more and more crucial  to retaining talent. 

  3. They are more likely to identify as LGBTQIA+.  There’s no evidence that they are more likely to be LGBTQIA+, but they are more likely to identify as such in every region, every industry, every hierarchical position. This includes Europe, USA, Africa, Middle East, Asia-Pac. Everywhere.  Always. This might be something you already knew, but we have actual data that can let companies know that there is a rainbow wave coming, and if you’re not inclusionary, you’re going to be excluded from the future talent pool. The future leaders pool.

Signed, Quincy Hall, spokesperson for the Grumpy Gen X-ers. 

CELEBRATING | Lunar New Year and Harmony Day

Cultural Infusion has education resources and cultural experiences to help schools and communities celebrate cultural events. Lunar New Year celebrations begin on Sunday 22 January 2023, celebrated amongst East and Southeast Asian cultures, including Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean communities. Harmony Day is on 21 March and coincides with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

INTRODUCING | Cultural Presenters 

From Chinese Lion Dancing to Chinese Music, we have many presenters who can share Lunar New Year culture directly with students and teachers through engaging and interactive programs. These talented presenters are passionate about sharing traditions, languages, and knowledge in carefully refined sessions.  

OFFERING | School Resources

To extend the intercultural understanding curriculum in schools, Cultural Infusion have developed a number of resources that teachers can access for FREE such as:


We recently launched our 2023 webinars with our Education and Partnership Advisor Nisha Feik. Her first of 8 webinars provide plenty of ideas to help celebrate the Lunar New Year and Harmony Day. These activities centre around Chinese and First Nations Cultures, from learning about the Lion Dance to stories about traditional Australian Indigenous fishing methods and a language activity to learn about the cultures in your classroom.  

Lesson Plans

The lesson plans that accompany our cultural presentions have easily understood activities linked to videos that are selected to provide traditional and geographic context. Teachers who attend our webinars also receive a free copy of the lesson plans.

Online Music Arranging

Sound Infusion is an online arranging platform with thousands of instrument samples from around the world. As well as offering the ability to create music in the studio, the interactive map encourages exploration of the history and geography of instruments. Watch a video of an instrumental Chinese arrangement that uses Sound Infusion (7 mins). 

PLANNING | Education and Experiences programs

Our Education and Experiences programs are booking out quickly for the new year. To plan your next intercultural experience, head to our website!
Cultural programs and presenters bring a wide variety of experiences from around the world. Our many programs are available for in-person and virtual delivery across Australia. Our cultural incursions book out quickly, especially for our peak periods like Lunar New Year, Harmony Week and NAIDOC Week. 

Be sure to check out our many programs via our website to book in advance. The filtered search function allows you to search by audience, state, genre and geographical region. For any enquires regarding our cultural programs, click here to contact us 

PRESENTING | Inclusion Atlas

In December, Inclusion Atlas was presented on two occasions, by our Chief Technology Officer Rezza Moieni, and our Project Coordinator and UX specialist Saman Akbaryan. Created by Cultural Infusion, the beta version of Inclusion Atlas will be available on all platforms in the coming weeks.

Rezza presented our accessibility and inclusivity app, Inclusion Atlas, to CGI, a Canadian leading IT and business consulting services firm. 

Rezza spoke about the benefits of diversity, sharing that organisations that are inclusive of all cultures are 6 times more likely to be innovative and 6 times more likely to anticipate and respond effectively to change. 

Inclusion Atlas allows users to find, rate and review venues and spaces based on their accessibility and cultural inclusivity. Through the user-generated content, venue owners are encouraged to improve the experiential quality of their spaces. The platform provides the ability for patrons to share feedback directly to venue owners in private and constructive ways. 

Saman presented Inclusion Atlas at the Ableist Cities Symposium at the University of Melbourne. This event examines topics of accessibility in Australian cities and encourages the improvement of physical access and cultural facilitation in all spaces. 

In particular, there is a focus on transport, housing and built environment policy. Currently, 1 in 6 people live with disability, but often aren't recognised or acknowledged as such due to factors including age or cultural background.

Inclusion Atlas provides a forum to encourage all venue owners to be diversity agile, expanding to consider the accessibility and cultural needs of all.  

WISHING | Happy holidays!

Congratulations to all teachers and allied professionals for the commitment and dedication you have shown through another challenging year. May you have a well-deserved rest, peaceful, healthy holidays, and joyful celebrations for those celebrating Bodhi DayHanukkahwinter or summer solsticeChristmasNew Year and/or any other days. Our team sends our blessings to you and your loved ones, and we look forward to reconnecting with you in 2023.

Our office will be closed from Thursday 22 December 2022 until Tuesday 3 January 2023. If you'd like to contact us during this period, please email or contact through website.

SEASONAL | Business closure over the holiday period. 

Our office will be closed from Thursday 22 December 2022 until Tuesday 3 January 2023. If you'd like to contact us during this period, please email, or click the 'contact us' button below.  

STAYING | Up to date and finding out more about our cultural initiatives? 

Like us on social media for the latest news and events. 

35. AUST | THCO | REPORTING | Stakeholder report and more | December 2022

As the year draws to a close, The Conversation (THCO) is reminded of just how important partnership and collaboration is to the work we do. Our editors work with academic experts who are deeply knowledgeable. As journalists we have to understand that we’re never the smartest person in the room and defer to their expertise. Our authors generously give their time and energy and submit to rigorous editing to make their work accessible.

We also rely on universities, philanthropic support, volunteer board members and dedicated staff. The fruits of all these generous contributions are chronicled in our annual stakeholder report which I really encourage you to read. You’ll find within its pages the top articles by section and a summary from the editors on some of their stand-out moments. 

The report also includes information on what happens after the work is published. It's a side of our work that we probably don’t talk about enough, but as a not-for-profit that exists to share knowledge and inform decisions, this aspect of our contribution is a reminder of the vital role we play in amplifying the work of our authors.  

We're proud of all we have achieved this year, but we know that none of this would be possible without the generosity of our supporters. And we know that your commitment to the Conversation goes beyond your financial contributions.

We discovered through our recent Reader Survey that so many of you share and recommend our work to others. You also took the time to respond to our Set the Agendacallout which helped guide our federal election coverage. At every turn, you have responded when we have asked for guidance and support. It’s as inspiring as it is humbling. 

From all of us at the Conversation, thank you for your faith in us and we wish you a very merry Christmas and a joyous holiday. 

Best wishes,
Misha Ketchell

2022 Stakeholder report

"I truly believe that TC should be compulsory reading for everyone. It’s a great way to start the day. Nothing quite like an assurance that some of the seemingly intractable problems are being addressed by highly talented people."
– Joyce Kirk, Friend of the Conversation

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The Conversation: 2022 Reckoning with Power and Privilege explores the potent forces that continue to shape our world and discusses how those with the privilege of power don't always prevail. 

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The support of readers like you is essential to everything we do. If you haven’t donated yet in 2022 and would like to, you still can.  

36. WORLD | PWR | UPDATING | 2023 Parliament & More

ISSUING | A New Year's Message from the Chair of the Parliament

Jai Jinendra. It has been my honor to serve as Chair of the Parliament of the World's Religions this year and support the work of our growing Staff and Board. I will continue to serve in this role in 2023 alongside our re-elected officers...It is also my great pleasure to welcome and congratulate the newly elected members of the Board who begin their term on January 1, 2023: Rev. Traci Blackmon, Dolly Dastoor, David Hales, R. Sidney M. Helbraun, Dr. Laurel Kearns, Sharan Singh, Ann Smith, and Rev. Dr. Michael Trice. All of our voices and commitment to the mission of the Parliament of the World's Religions are an important pillar of the success of our organization.

As we prepare to celebrate the new year, I want to take this opportunity to commemorate the Parliament's work this year. In 2022, the Parliament of the World's Religions has been working diligently to advance our mission to a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world. The organization affirmed its ethical directives, as outlined by The Global Ethic, by responding to the pressing issues of our time through direct participation and statements affirming the inherent dignity and human rights of people around the world...I also want to celebrate the incredible efforts of our Trustees, Staff, and our global community to build up for the 9th global convening of the Parliament of the World's Religions.

2023 is an incredibly important year for the Parliament of the World's Religions. It marks 130 years since the 1893 World's Parliament of Religions and our return to the birthplace of the interfaith movement for the 2023 Parliament of the World's Religions in Chicago, USA from August 14-18...

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has already registered, proposed a program, booked an exhibit, signed up to volunteer, and helped spread the call to conscience to their networks. Thank you all.

I invite you to join me in serving as a building block of the Parliament and make a gift today.

Mr. Nitin Ajmera, Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Parliament of the World's Religions 

CEIE | HOSTING | The Art of Spiritual Direction | January–March 2022

A number of Parliament Trustees are joining the Center for Ecumenical and Interreligious Engagement (CEIE) for a unique workshop series exploring spiritual direction. The Art of Spiritual Direction: Foundations, Practice, and Applications is a three-part virtual workshop series with eight spiritual directors and educators to discover more about the foundations and practice of spiritual direction. Registration is currently open for participants around the world able to join virtually. 

SHARING | The Call to Your Network for Hosting a Pre-Parliament Event

Join the PoWR in answering the call to conscience at the 2023 Parliament of the World’s Religions. From now until August 2023, the Parliament of the World’s Religions invites local religious, spiritual, and civic organizations to become hosts for local pre-Parliament events. These events help PoWR build capacity through direct outreach to your communities and networks.

Hosting a faith or interfaith event for your community? Observing UN World Interfaith Harmony Week? Exploring themes of freedom, human rights, or democracy in a secular program? You can make your planned event an official pre-Parliament event! Submit your event for consideration and explore how you can share the call to conscience with your attendees. 

WATCHING | The Species We Save May Be Our Own – Interfaith Organizations on Biodiversity Loss

On Wednesday, 14 December 2022 the Parliament's Director of Climate Action, Emily Echevarria, alongside United Religions Initiative's Climate Action Coordinator, Lauren Van Ham, joined the Temple of Understanding for the program "The Species We Save May Be Our Own - Interfaith Organizations on Biodiversity Loss" at the COP15: The UN Biodiversity Conference. 

ANNOUNCING | Luminaries Answering the Call to Conscience

The Parliament of the World's Religions is honored to announce the participation of Rev. James LawsonProf. Azza Karam, and Dr. Arun Gandhi as featured luminaries of the 2023 Convening.
Reverend James M. Lawson Jr. (1928-) is widely recognized as the pioneer of nonviolence in the American Civil Liberties Movement. He is an activist, minister, and a scholar of the Bible, as well as a living icon embodying the power of nonviolence in securing justice and peace.

Dr. Azza Karam serves as the Secretary General of Religions for Peace – the largest multi-religious leadership platform with over 90 Interreligious Councils, as well as grassroots Interfaith Youth and Women’s networks. She also holds a Professorship of Religion and Development at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) - of which she is a citizen.

Dr. Arun Gandhi, a grandson of Mohandas "Mahatma" Gandhi, was born in Durban, South Africa during the apartheid years. He founded the M. K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence in 1991 and now serves as the President of the Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute to take the message of nonviolence all over the world. 

UPCOMING | New luminaries will be announced soon. 

Answer the call to conscience, mark your calendars for the 9th Convening of the Parliament of the World’s Religions. 

Register for the 2023 Parliament of the World's Religions today and take advantage of a substantially discounted rate, the Early Bird Rate expires on December 15th! 

ENDORSING | Women's Task Force Calls for the Expulsion of Iran from the UN Commission on the Status of Women

The Women’s Task Force of the Parliament of the World’s Religions unequivocally denounces the Islamic Republic of Iran and its violent repression and persecution of the peaceful protests of the Iranian people. The group of Experts of the United Nations Human Rights Council in an 11 November press release, has condemned the use of the death penalty against protestors and the blatant persecution of women. This persecution has included rape, torture, incarceration, and violence further eroding the freedom and human rights of the Iranian people.

As stated in the Parliament’s signature document Towards A Global Ethic, “When [leaders] lie in the faces of their people, when they manipulate the truth, or when they are guilty of venality or ruthlessness in domestic or foreign affairs, they forsake their credibility and deserve to lose their offices and their voters.”

For these reasons, the Women’s Task Force of the Parliament of the World’s Religions calls for the immediate expulsion of the Islamic Republic of Iran from the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women and calls upon all people of faith and ethical conviction, the global interfaith community, as well as civil society, and the world’s faith and governmental leaders to denounce the Islamic Republic of Iran’s violation of the human rights of its people.
Official Statement of the Women’s Task Force, Parliament of the World’s Religions
  • Rev. H.Ps. Phyllis Curott, J.D. Chair, Women’s Task Force, Program Chair PoWR, Creator 2015 Inaugural Women’s Assembly, Founder and Elder, Temple of Ara, Attorney, Inductee Martin Luther King Jr. Collegium of Clergy and Scholars
  • Kehkashan Basu M.S.M. United Nations Human Rights Champion, Founder and President of Green Hope Foundation, Youngest Trustee on the Board of the Parliament of the World's Religions
  • Dolly Dastoor Ph.D. Past Co-Chair, Women's Task Force, Past Vice-chair of the Board and Trustee of PoWR, Past President of the Federation of Zoroastrian Association of North America
  • Pat Fero M.S.W. Psychotherapist, Author and Co-Founder of the Green Tent Circle Movement
  • Sande Hart Mother, Grandmother, Sister, President of S.A.R.A.H. (The Spiritual And Religious Alliance For Hope)
  • Ann Smith Former Director Women in Mission and Ministry of National Episcopal Church, Co-founder Anglican Women’s Network, Co- Chair Justice for Women Working Group of National Council of Churches,  Executive Director of Global Education Associates

BUILDING | A Growing Team

The 2023 Parliament of the World’s Religions is primed to connect leaders in faith, government, media, academia, NGO advocacy, and an international mainstream audience with visions of a world where democracy, freedom, and human rights are the products of interfaith collaboration.
We're Building A Growing Team
The team is growing as we build the planning and logistics staff for the 2023 Chicago Parliament. The contributions of Parliament supporters helps us build organizational capacity around Convenings to cultivate new partnerships and arrange logistics for a successful and impactful Convening. The 2023 Convening team has welcomed six new staff members and is continuing to grow.
How can you help us build up?
  • Make a year-end donation. Double that donation by asking your employer if they offer an employee donation match program.
  • Become a member of the Parliament. Commit to a membership and join hundreds of members supporting our ongoing work.
  • Let us know if there are organizations or corporations in your network that wish to build resources for Chicago, international, faith-centric, and activist initiatives sparking advances in democracy, freedom, and human rights in front of a global audience.

Connect with our Director of Development, Emma Carr, at +1- 312-971-3180 or

RAISING | Funds, Awareness and Support for Scholarships | Tuesday 13 December 2022

Give the gift of the Parliament by contributing to the 2023 PoWR Scholarship Fund. Scholarships Make a Difference! 
2015 Scholarship Recipient
“In 2015, I left the Parliament in Salt Lake City a very different woman than when I arrived...I received tools, wisdom, encouragement, inspiration, deeper understandings, also built my network for the purpose of collaboration in ongoing inter-religious events.”
2018 Scholarship Recipient
"I am a leader in a Guatemalan organization of Mayan Spiritual guides and shared the information and inspiration I gained [from attending the Parliament] in that group as well as in my community. This was an incredible opportunity for me to learn from other people and traditions and bring this knowledge back to share with my community and my country." 
2023 Scholarship Recipient
"Attending the Parliament would allow me to embrace and continue learning the impact humans have on being in relationship with the planet, indigenous land, and wildlife... I can return back to my community stronger and equipped with more resources to impact those who have a calling to heal and restore conservation and sustainability efforts."

GIVING | The gift of the Parliament

Join the uplifting voices of the global interfaith movement at the 2023 Parliament of the World's Religions

HEARING | Your say: Global Ethic Census Welcomes Feedback

All members of the public with a general interest in ethics are invited to partner with the Parliament of the World's Religions in this important re-evaluation of the foundational document, Towards the Global Ethic. 

Stay up to date with the work of the Parliament 


Advancing the mission of the Parliament of the World's Religions is made possible with the support from individuals like you!



37. AUST | Coronavirus hotline

  • Coronavirus hotline: If you are concerned, call the coronavirus hotline on 1800 675 398 (24 Hours).
  • Coronavirus in-language information
  • If you are an NDIS participant you can also call the national hotline on 1800 020 080.
  • Information and referrals for people with disability and their supporters about Coronavirus: Contact the Disability Information Helpline on 1800 634 787. 
  • If you are deaf, or have a hearing or speech impairment, you can also call the National Relay Service on 133 677.
  • Interpreting service: If you need an interpreter, call TIS National on 131 450.
  • Testing locations: Find a testing location near you.
  • Call-to-Test-at-Home service, providing in-home coronavirus testing to Victorians who would otherwise be unable to get tested, call the DHHS Coronavirus hotline on 1800 675 398.
  • Triple Zero: Please keep Triple Zero (000) for emergencies only.

38. AUST | Helpers and Reliable Sources Along the Way



    39. Acknowledgment to Sources

    This is a consolidated account of information current at time of issuance, sourced, collated and provided by Victorian Multicultural Commission, Victorian Jewish Community COVID-19 Taskforce, Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria, various Government Authorities, community organisations, public domain and individuals, received with gratitude.

    40. Bye bye to Essentialists

    Us non-essentialists will endeavour to manage our expection of miracles and do our best to follow rules while staying out of the way. 

    Contact your closest friendly non-essentialist if you need anything that can be done remotely. Bye bye to Essentialists for now, please leave to attend to the essential work. That is all from GEIFN Caretaker at this time.

    41. Self-Isolators, Non-Essentials And The Homebound

    Meanwhile, if with a surplus of time, this and the following is offered. Discuss with sincerity. Deny untruth. Dismiss unuseful. Accept useful. Adapt to change. Adopt least effort most benefit. Adept with sharing. Enjoy throughout. As each case may be. Round about. And again. Or not.