GEIFN | CONSOLIDATED | Community Information | Wednesday 1 March 2023

Fast Facts: COVID-19 Victoria & Australia

  1. VIC | GOV | UPDATING | Pandemic Response
  2. VIC | GOV | UPDATING | Flood Response

  3. CoPP | LNA | GRANTING | Juncture Art Prize | entries close 3 March 2023
  4. COPP | GOV | GRANTING |  Quick Response Grant Program
  5. VIC | GOV | GRANTING | Sporting Club Grants Program | Applications close 15 March 2023
  6. VIC | GOV | GRANTING | Leadership for multicultural LGBTIQ+ Victorians

  7. VIC | MCG | TOURING | Multicultural Comedy Gala | until March 2023
  8. VIC | BOITE | PRESENTING | Upcoming events
  9. VIC | UoD | OPENING | 2023 Enrolments for Bachelor of Counselling
  10. AUST | KOOYONG | Indigenous Voice to Parliament Information Night | Thursday 2 March 2023 | Arrive 6.15pm for 6.30pm start
  11. CoPP | CAVI | SEMINAR | Becoming a Carer Friendly Place | Thursday 9 March 2023 | 9.30–11am
  12. AUST | IICCS | GATHERING | Making Connections: Multiculturalism and Interculturalism in Australia Conference | 9-10 March 2023
  13. AUST | WECI | CALLING | Welcoming Cities - Awards for Change 2023 | nominations for the Awards close on Friday 10 March 2023
  14. VIC | PFFF | ENGAGING | The 2023 Archie Roach Foundation Program! | 10-13 March 2023
  15. VIC | CDW | INVITING | Hosts for Cultural Diversity Week event | Saturday 11-Tuesday 21 March 2023
  16. VIC | VMC | CALLING | Nominees for 2023 Victorian Refugee Awards | nominations close 11.59pm Tuesday 14 March 2023
  17. VIC | VTMH | WEBINAR | Change or suppression (conversion) practices: Information briefing | Wednesday 15 March 2023 | 3–4pm
  18. MELB | VMC | RELEASING | Tickets now on sale for the Victorian Multicultural Gala Dinner | Saturday 18 March 2023
  19. CoPP | GRIEF | TRAINING | Suicide Intervention for all people | Saturday–Sunday | 18–19 March 2023 | 8.30am–4.30pm
  20. CoPP | GOV | HEARING | Your Say: Positive ageing in the City of Port Phillip | submissions close midnight Monday 20 March 2023
  21. AUST | THCO | WEBINAR | Join us for Conversation news conference | Monday 20 March 2023 | 9–11.30am AEDT
  22. YARRA | GOV | WEBINAR | Solar for Apartments Q&A | Thursday 23 March 2023 | 7-8pm
  23. BRIS | THCO | ENGAGING | Conversation events in Brisbane | 25 March 2023
  24. CoPP | GOV | Pathways for Carers - Monthly walk, talk and morning tea | 4th Tuesday of every month |  Tues 28 March 2023 | 9.45am for a 10am start
  25. YARRA | GOV | GATHERING | Unlocking Sustainable Strata | Tuesday 28 March 2023 | 6.30-8pm
  26. VIC | VTMH | WEBINAR | Approaching work with interpreters in mental health settings 2-Day (Non-Consecutive) Virtual Workshop | 28 March & 4 April 2023 | 3 hours per day: 9.30am-12.30pm
  27. VIC | PICAC | HEARING | Your say: Racism and Discrimination in Aged Care
  28. VIC | YEF | HEARING | Your say: disability, chronic health condition and what happens when the power goes out?
  29. VIC | VMC | CALLING | Submissions of film for the 2023 Multicultural Film Festival! | entries close on 16 April 2023
  30. CoPP | GOV | SEMINAR | Running a successful community group | Thursday 27 April 2023 | 9.30am–12.30pm

  31. AUST | PPCfR | RAISING | An Indigenous Voice To Parliament
  32. QLD | CHUFFED | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds for #DadvsAdani in Supreme Court
  33. CoPP | S2B | HIRING | Volunteer Opportunities With Training
  34. NT | PESC | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds for building community-led language revival program
  35. WORLD | ASAV | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds for providing urgent food baskets to affected Syrians
  36. AUST | THCO | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds for explanatory journalism written by experts
  37. AUST | ILF | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds for Indigenous Literacy

  38. AUST | CUIN | UPDATING | Industries, Ideas, Innovation - Diversity Atlas
  39. AUST | ILF | PUBLISHING | Murli la - Songs and Stories of the Tiwi Islands
  40. AUST | IAL | STARTING | An honest conversation about end of life after terminal diagnosis
  41. WORLD | IFD | UPDATING | I’m From Driftwood News and updates
  42. WORLD | PWR | UPDATING | 2023 Parliament & More

  43. AUST | Coronavirus hotline
  44. AUST | Helpers and Reliable Sources Along the Way

  45. Acknowledgment to Sources
  46. Bye bye to Essentialists
  47. Self-Isolators, Non-Essentials And The Homebound

1. VIC | GOV | UPDATING | Pandemic Response

Stay up to date on the latest health advice and please consider both the COVID-19 and flu vaccinations if eligible. If you need access to food or financial relief, there is information available for how to get this support.

Free RATS Now Available to everyone through your local council

The Victorian Government has now made Rapid Antigen tests free and available at more than 200 local council distribution sites such as libraries and council customer service centres. The program is open to all Victorians, with all eligibility requirements removed.

Individuals can collect up to two packets for themselves plus up to two packets for each household member per visit. People with a disability or their carer can collect up to four packets of tests.
To learn in other ways about Victoria's responses: 

2. VIC | GOV | UPDATING | Flood Response

VIC | GOV | ADVISING | Mental Health Support for those affected by 2022 Victorian floods

Victorians across the state continue to experience significant flooding which has devastated communities.

It is normal to experience a range of physical, mental, emotional and behavioural reactions following an emergency or distressing event. If you have been impacted, support for the wellbeing of you and your family is available.

Services include:
  • Lifeline – 13 11 14 – crisis support available 24/7 via phone, text or online chat
  • Parentline – 13 22 89 – for parents and carers
  • Kids Helpline – 1800 55 1800 – for kids, teens and young adults
  • NURSE-ON-CALL – 1300 60 60 24 – expert health information and advice
  • Australian Psychological Society Referral Service – 1800 333 497
  • Safe Steps – 1800 015 188 – family violence specialists available 24/7
  • Orange Door – for adults, children and young people experiencing family violence
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing Hubs – 1300 375 330 – appointments for anyone feeling overwhelmed or in need of support with mental health.
  • DirectLine alcohol and drug counselling - 1800 888 236 - confidential drug and alcohol counselling and referral
  • More support

VIC | GOV | ADVISING | Health Risks for those affected by 2022 Victorian floods

Our state's significant flooding has created many hazards. This includes the spread of diseases through rodents, animals, mosquitoes and contaminated food and water.

It also includes environmental hazards such as injury, asbestos and mould exposure, carbon monoxide poisoning (from portable generators or gas heaters) and animal hazards including snake and spider bites.

The Department of Health has published a resource with health advice, to help communities recover from floods and manage related health risks. Information is also available on protecting yourself from disease carried by mosquitos and how to obtain relevant vaccinations against illness if you live in Northern Victoria.

VIC | GOV | CALLING | Those impacted by the floods or storms in Victoria

This is an important community update on how to get help if you've been impacted by flooding in Victoria. Please share this email with your networks, community groups, and anyone you may know who has been affected.
  • If your home is flooding and you need emergency assistance, please call 000
  • If your home is about to flood, please call VICSES on 132 500.
  • For family violence services, please contact the Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre on 1800 015 188
  • If you'd like to get in touch with the VMC, please email

VIC | SES | PROVIDING | Victorian State Emergency Service

  • Hotline: 132 500 and dial 9 for an interpreter
  • Information hotline: 1800 226 226
  • Rural Financial Counselling Service (RFCS): 1300 771 741
  • Interpreting service: If you need an interpreter, call TIS National on 131 450.
  • Triple Zero: Please keep Triple Zero (000) for emergencies only.

VIC | GOV | ADVISING | Flood Recovery Hotline - call if impacted

Flood Recovery Hotline is a single number that all Victorians impacted by the recent floods can call for help with:
  • temporary accommodation 
  • clean up
  • understanding what support is available
  • mental health and wellbeing support
If you need this support, please call the hotline on 1800 560 760.
The recovery hotline is open from 7.30am to 7.30pm every day.

AUST | NEMBCM | TRANSLATING | Victorian Floods in Language audio

NEMBC Media (NEMBCM) has translated their news updates regarding the Victorian floods into 11 languages. The translations are available in:
  • Arabic
  • Greek
  • Hindi
  • Italian
  • Macedonian
  • Maltese
  • Mandarin
  • Sinhala
  • Spanish
  • Tagalog
  • Turkish
The files can be listened to on the website and shared on social media.  

AUST | LIFELINE | PROVIDING | Emotional support

It is normal to experience a range of physical, mental, emotional and behavioural reactions following an emergency or distressing event.
  • If you or a loved one needs support during this difficult time, call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

VIC | GOV | TRANSLATING | Other Resources


AUST | GOV | SUPPORTING | Affected Victorians to claim a Disaster Recovery Payment or Disaster Recovery Allowance | claims close 17 April 2023

A $1000 Disaster Recovery Payment or Disaster Recovery Allowance is available to help people seriously affected by flooding around Victoria in October 2022. 

Those impacted have until 17 April 2023 to make a claim for either the lump sum payment or the allowance.

Only select Victorian regions are covered - please read the eligibility criteria for more information. 

For more information, please call the Flood Recovery Hotline on 1800 560 760.

VIC | GOV | SUPPORTING | Affected Victorians to claim a Personal Hardship Assistance Program

This program helps people experiencing financial hardship because of a natural disaster related emergency such as flood or severe storm.  

one-off payment is provided to help meet immediate needs, including emergency food, shelter, clothing, medication and accommodation. Additional assistance may also be available for up to seven days after the emergency event.

Eligibility is determined by a needs assessment. Relief payments are not available to cover the cost of cleaning up fallen trees, replacing fences, repairing or towing vehicles, covering insurance excesses, or to cover business losses.  

VIC | GOV | SUPPORTING | Affected Victorian flood-affected farmers

A support package is available for flood-affected farmers:
  • Primary Producer Clean-Up Relief Grants: $10,000 grants to cover the cost of the clean-up and get businesses up and running again
  • Primary Producer Concessional Loans: Up to $250,000 to restore or replace damaged equipment and infrastructure, or to cover the short-term business expenses.
  • Primary Producer Transport Subsidies: Up to $15,000 to support the transport of emergency fodder or stock drinking water, and the movement of livestock.
  • Learn more and apply

VIC | GOV | OFFERING | Financial assistance available - Translated resources on Victorian floods

You may be eligible for an emergency payment if you have been affected by the recent floods around Victoria. 

The Personal Hardship Assistance Program helps people experiencing financial hardship in emergencies. The program includes Emergency Relief Payments and Re-establishment Assistance.

Information about getting help is now available under Translated and Easy English resources. The resources have been translated into more than 10 languages.

Go to the Easy English section for information in Easy English. 

VIC | SES | ADVISING | Local flood guides

Local flood guides can help you better understand your flood risk, how flood warnings work and how to prepare yourself, your home or your business.

You can search for your local flood guide by suburb, postcode or council/municipality. 


3. CoPP | LNA | GRANTING | Juncture Art Prize | entries close 3 March 2023

Linden New Art's (LNA) JUNCTURE will support two mid-career artists with a cash prize of $20,000 each to help them realise exciting new directions in their practices, culminating in an exhibition of new work in 2024. 

The selection framework for JUNCTURE is defined by a demonstrated history of success, and the potential for future outcomes. It is designed to support radical thinking, conversations, and change, for both Artist and Audience.

4. COPP | GOV | GRANTING | Quick Response Grant Program

The Quick Response Grant Program are small grants available at short notice to eligible organisations (up to $2,000) and individuals (up to $500) throughout the year. The grants support the establishment and delivery of valuable services, programs, activities, and events to the City of Port Phillip community. 

Individuals and organisations can apply by the first Monday of every month. The following dates are the closing dates until June 2023:
  • Monday 6 March 2023
  • Monday 3 April 2023
  • Monday 1 May 2023
  • Monday 5 June 2023.
Guidelines and resources can be found on the City of Port Phillip Funds, Grants and Subsidies page.

5. VIC | GOV | GRANTING | Sporting Club Grants Program | Applications close 15 March 2023

Applications are now open for the latest round of the Sporting Club Grants Program.

Grants of up to $1,000 are available for uniforms and participation equipment, up to $2,000 for training of coaches, officials and volunteers, and up to $5,000 to create new participation initiatives and improve club operational effectiveness. 

6. VIC | GOV | GRANTING | Leadership for multicultural LGBTIQ+ Victorians

The Victorian Government will support 25 regional LGBTIQ+ leaders to develop their skills and build their networks to address the unique experiences of regional LGBTIQ+ communities.

This year’s program prioritises work supporting LGBTIQ+ multicultural and First Nations communities, people with disability and regional rainbow communities.

Grants of up to $25,000 are available for new or emerging LGBTIQ+ groups and up to $50,000 for long-established LGBTIQ+ organisations. 


7. VIC | MCG | TOURING | Multicultural Comedy Gala | March 2023

The Multicultural Comedy Gala (MCG) features a star-studded line up of Australian comedians sharing stories from around the world. 

Commencing 17 March, tickets are still available for shows in Victoria including nights in Ararat, Shepparton, Horsham, Hamilton and Bendigo. 

The Comedy Gala is a hilarious celebration of diversity and multicultural Australian identity, with shows that leave you captivated, connected, and smiling at our proudly inclusive heritage.

8. VIC | BOITE | PRESENTING | Upcoming events

The Boite is Victoria's iconic multicultural music organisation that supports artists from over 100 cultural backgrounds. Throughout the year, they present unique cultural experiences, foster cultural understanding, and encourage active community participation in the arts.

The 2023 program is now available on their website, which includes festivals, events, radio programs, music releases and performances from 25 January 2023. 

Book your tickets today to support Victoria's impressive and diverse multicultural arts community.  

9. VIC | UoD | OPENING | 2023 Enrolments for Bachelor of Counselling

Consistently ranked #1 in Australia for student satisfaction, the University of Divinity (UoD) is now seeking applicants to enrol in a Bachelor of Counselling degree.

There are 50+ Commonwealth Supported Places available for eligible applicants, including for asylum seekers and refugees, those who are the first in their family to study at a higher education institute, and those living in remote areas.

For further questions about the degree or application process, please email 

10. AUST | KOOYONG | Indigenous Voice to Parliament Information Night | Thursday 2 March 2023 | Arrive 6.15pm for 6.30pm start

This year Australians will be voting in a referendum to alter the Constitution and establishes an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice.
Join in an information night in Kooyong and hear from Indigenous community members. 

The evening will commence with a Yidaki performance by Uncle Bart.
  • Marcus Stewart, Yes Campaigner and Member of the Referendum Working Group
  • Thomas Mayo, National Indigenous Officer, Maritime Union of Australia. 
  • Dr Monique Ryan, paediatric neurologist, Member of parliament for the federal seat of Kooyong
There will also be an opportunity to find out how you can get involved in campaigning.
Where: Hawthorn Arts Centre, 360 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn VIC3122
Cost: Free
Bookings: online through Trybooking

11. CoPP | CAVI | SEMINAR | Becoming a Carer Friendly Place | Thursday 9 March 2023 | 9.30–11am 

This information and training session is for Community Groups and Community Centres such as Neighbourhood Houses to learn how to become a Carer Friendly Place. 

Partnering with Neighbourhood Houses VictoriaMunicipal Association Victoria and local councils, Carers Victoria (CAVI) is extending support to carers by providing opportunities to connect and engage in carer friendly communities in local, easily accessible spaces.

Neighbourhood houses and local councils undertake specific training to develop greater awareness of the varied needs of carers, how they can better support carers, offer specific carer activities and provide pathways to carer supports and programs. On completion they become designated Carer Friendly places, easily identifiable by the Carer Friendly logo.

In Carer Friendly places carers can:  
  • Meet in welcoming and warm spaces;
  • Find information about supports and services that exist for carers;
  • Connect with other people in their local community;
  • Participate in local programs and activities;
  • Enjoy spaces for support group meetings;
  • Connect to programs and pathways specifically for carers.

This training is funded by the City of Port Phillip Community Training Calender
  • Where: Training Room - St Kilda Town Hall - entrance Carlisle Street, 99A Carlisle Street, St Kilda Victoria 3182
  • Cost: Free.
  • Bookings: essential, online through Trybooking

12. AUST | IICCS | GATHERING | Making Connections: Multiculturalism and Interculturalism in Australia Conference | 9-10 March 2023

Over two days, practitioners, stakeholders, policymakers and academics are invited to join in conversation with international and local experts to explore the complementarity of multiculturalism and interculturalism and the experience of intercultural cities in Australia, Canada and Spain.

An International Intercultural Cities Comparative Study (IICCS) conference hosted by Swinburne University. 

13. AUST | WECI | CALLING | Welcoming Cities - Awards for Change 2023 | nominations for the Awards close on Friday 10 March 2023

Welcoming Cities (WECI) celebrate the social cohesion created in communities by organisations and local councils, giving everyone a chance to participate, belong and thrive. The awards celebrate leading practice and innovation in advancing welcoming and inclusive communities.  

Nominations are now open for the 2023 Awards for Change, with winners presented in the two categories of Local Councils and Organisations 

14. VIC | PFFF | ENGAGING | The 2023 Archie Roach Foundation Program! | 10-13 March 2023

For tens of thousands of years the Pyipgil Gundidj clan has gathered in ceremony on this country. Since 1977 the Port Fairy Folk Festival has been celebrated each year on the land of the Pyipgil Gundidj clans – on Peek Whurrong country.

Last year one of Uncle Archie Roach’s proudest moments was when he officially opened the inaugural Archie Roach Foundation (ARF) stage on his mother’s ancestral land and Port Fairy Folk Festival (PFFF) festival-goers packed in to learn, listen and dance along to First Nations artists from all corners of the continent. This year, many of Uncle Archie’s long time musical collaborators, friends and family will come together to honour his legacy.

The ARF Stage is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria, the Australian Government through the Office for The Arts and the Australia Council for The Arts. 

15. VIC | CDW | INVITING | Hosts for Cultural Diversity Week event | Saturday 11-Tuesday 21 March 2023

Cultural Diversity Week (CDW) is the largest celebration of multicultural Victoria in our state, and it's back from 11-21 March 2023! 

The 2023 theme is Our Past. Our Future: Celebrating and reflecting on the contributions of Victoria's multicultural communities. This theme reflects on our strong past as a multicultural state, and looks to the future of our culturally diverse communities. 

All Victorians are invited to get involved by hosting an event or activity in your community, workplace or business. 

For event resources, ideas and inspiration, visit the Cultural Diversity Week webpage on the VMC website. 

16. VIC | VMC | CALLING | Nominees for 2023 Victorian Refugee Awards | nominations close 11.59pm Tuesday 14 March 2023

Do you know a person with a refugee or asylum seeker background who has achieved great things? They could be a terrific leader, skilled academic, talented musician or run a business that supports other refugees or asylum seekers. If so, check out the award categories on the VMC's website  and nominate today! 

The Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC) coordinates these annual awards to recognise Victorians who arrived in Australia as a refugee or asylum seekers and have gone on to excel through study, work, entrepreneurship, or volunteering.   

17. VIC | VTMH | WEBINAR | Change or suppression (conversion) practices: Information briefing | Wednesday 15 March 2023 | 3–4pm

]Join for this Victorian Transcultural Mental Health (VTMH) information session speaker Gregory Frank, Senior Engagement Adviser (Education and Engagement Branch), Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission
At this seminar, registrants will:
  • be briefed on the purpose of the Act and its objectives
  • learn what is a change or suppression practice under the Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Act 2021
  • understand the harm caused by change or suppression practices
  • identify remedies that can be taken when someone has experienced a change or suppression practice
  • consider how to prevent harm and minimise vicarious liability.

More information about this legislation and change and suppression practices can be found here:
VTMH seminars are open to individuals, from all disciplines and working in all sectors, who are based in Australia and interested in diversity and mental health. 
  • Where: Online via Zoom — details to be sent to registrants in advance
  • Cost: Free
  • Bookings: essential as spaces are limited. Please register early to secure a place. Online through VTMH

18. MELB | VMC | RELEASING | Tickets now on sale for the Victorian Multicultural Gala Dinner | Saturday 18 March 2023

The Victorian Multicultural Gala Dinner is the State’s pinnacle Cultural Diversity Weekevent.
Tickets are now on sale for a limited time only, so purchase today to secure your seat at this magical evening of food, entertainment and celebration! 

Initially planned for Saturday 11 March, the Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC)'s Victorian Multicultural Gala Dinner was moved Saturday 18 March.

19. CoPP | GRIEF | TRAINING | Suicide Intervention for all people | Saturday–Sunday | 18–19 March 2023 | 8.30am–4.30pm

Griefline (GRIEF) has recently become a provider of the LivingWorks Applied Suicide Skills Intervention Training (ASIST). ASIST is the most widely used suicide intervention model in the world, and we have scheduled three new workshops to deliver the training in the first half of 2023. 

Any adult can attend and there are no prerequisites. ASIST is founded on the principle that everyone can make a difference in preventing suicide.

This highly-sought after training will be also delivered on the weekends of the:
  • 15–16 April 2023
  • 20–21 May 2023
ASIST workshops teach participants to recognise when someone may be at risk of suicide and work with them to create a plan that will support their immediate safety. 

20. CoPP | GOV | HEARING | Your Say: Positive ageing in the City of Port Phillip | submissions close midnight Monday 20 March 2023 

Council has developed a Draft Positive Ageing Policy which will guide future decisions about how it can respond to the needs and aspirations of people aged 60 years and older.

Council is now seeking feedback on the draft Positive Ageing Policy.

It is anticipated that a summary of community feedback and any revisions to the policy will be presented for Council consideration in May 2023. 

21. AUST | THCO | WEBINAR | Join us for Conversation news conference | Monday 20 March 2023 | 9–11.30am AEDT

News conference is at the heart of how The Conversation (THCO) works. It is where our editors pitch ideas, discuss the news agenda and latest research.

We invite our supporters to join us online for a peek at how The Conversation is made and hear more about our plans for 2023. Please note you will only be allowed to observe the news conference but please stay online after the conference has finished to hear directly from our editor Misha Kitchell. This will also be your opportunity to put your questions to our editor and share your thoughts on our work. 

22. YARRA | GOV | WEBINAR | Solar for Apartments Q&A | Thursday 23 March 2023 | 7-8pm

Interested in getting solar on your apartment building or townhouse but not sure where to start? 
Join City of Yarra (Yarra) online to get your questions answered with their Solar for Apartments Q&A, part of Sustainable House Day.

Hear from panellists including solar sharing technology company Allume Energy and a local apartment resident who has installed solar. 

Send your questions in advance to or bring them on the night.  

23. BRIS | THCO | ENGAGING | Conversation events in Brisbane | 25 March 2023

Join The Conversation (THCO)'s Lee Constable at the World Science Festival in Brisbane for 'Ask me anything (about the human body)'.

Our panel of experts will tackle such gnarly questions as: Is there a right position to sleep in? Are sugar rushes real? And are manicures bad for your health?

  • Dr Mike Todorovic (Griffith University)
  • Lauren Ball (The University of Queensland)
  • Christian Moro (Bond University)

All our Friends of the Conversation receive a 20% discount.
  • Where: World Science Festival in Brisbane
  • Cost: Get 20% discount by visiting the WSFB website, adding tickets to your basket and using ‘WSFBGUEST23’ in the Promotion Code box and clicking 'apply'.
  • Bookings: Secure your tickets for this interactive evening that will illuminate the body from head to toe.

24. CoPP | GOV | Pathways for Carers - Monthly walk, talk and morning tea | 4th Tuesday of every month | Tues 28 March 2023 | 9.45am for a 10am start

Are you a Carer needing peer support and gentle exercise?

Join us on a monthly walk on the 4th Tuesday of every month around the nature and beach paths of St Kilda. Every month there will be a guest speaker providing information and resources. Morning tea is included.

Meeting place/Morning tea venue: Victorian Pride Centre, 79-81 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda

Following Dates: 
  • Tues 25 April
  • Tues 23 May
  • Tues 27 June
Time: 9.45 am for a 10 am start. Morning tea from 10.45am for those unable to participate in walk.

Contact person: Simone -

Download the flyer for your community notice board

25. YARRA | GOV | GATHERING | Unlocking Sustainable Strata | Tuesday 28 March 2023 | 6.30-8pm

Join City of Yarra (Yarra) to learn about making your apartment or townhouse more sustainable, energy efficient and comfortable.
A part of Sustainable House Day.

Whether you live in a high-rise or low-rise apartment, a unit or a townhouse, this event will share tailored advice for upgrading to efficient electric heating, cooling and hot water, installing solar, working with your owners' corporation and strata manager, and more. 

26. VIC | VTMH | WEBINAR | Approaching work with interpreters in mental health settings 2-Day (Non-Consecutive) Virtual Workshop | 28 March & 4 April 2023 | 3 hours per day: 9.30am-12.30pm

Victorian Transcultural Mental Health (VTMH) workshop designed for all practitioners currently working with interpreters in mental health settings.
The workshop will explore challenges and realities in the interpreting environment, look at strategies for adapting practice for working with interpreters in a variety of mental health settings and consider key culturally responsive practices and principles, including cultural safety and cultural humility, in the context of working with interpreters.

Participants will receive hard copies of resources developed in the project (Approaching work with interpreters in mental health settings, VTMH, 2019), including a Practice Tips Poster and Report. 

The workshop is delivered online via Zoom over 2 days, with a 3-hour session per day, and complimented with some self-directed learning activities.

Open to staff working in publicly funded mental health programs across Victoria, including staff in clinical and community mental health services, as well as people working within mental health programs in community health and social services. Visit the link below for more information about workshop eligibility.  
  • Where: Online via Zoom — details to be sent to registrants in advance
  • Cost: Free
  • Bookings: essential. Spaces are limited. Please register early to secure a place. Online through VTMH

27. VIC | PICAC | HEARING | Your say: Racism and Discrimination in Aged Care

The Partners in Culturally Appropriate Care (PICAC Alliance) would like to hear from people of all backgrounds working in the aged care sector about their experiences with racism and discrimination.

The findings from this anonymous survey will contribute to a toolbox to promote cultural safety for workers in the aged care industry.

If you need this survey translated, please contact Heba or Gail via email on 

28. VIC | YEF | HEARING | Your say: disability, chronic health condition and what happens when the power goes out?

If you live with disability or a chronic health condition, the reliable supply of electricity might be crucial to maintaining your wellbeing. So, what happens when the power goes out?
The Yarra Energy Foundation (YEF) were recently awarded the inaugural AusNet Vulnerability Research Grant (2022), and we are seeking participants for a research project investigating the risks and impacts experienced by individuals with specialised support needs in regional and rural communities in the context of electricity services.

Interview participants will receive a $50 eGift voucher in recognition of their contributions, while survey participants will go into the draw to win 1 of 15 $50 eGift vouchers.

The project aims to:
  • Explore and describe participant perspectives regarding their possible exposure to risks and impacts relating to electricity provision
  • Develop an understanding of household energy consumption behaviours and patterns, particularly with regard to critical needs
  • Identify and describe potential strategies to mitigate risks and reduce the potential vulnerability of people with specialised support needs living in the AusNet distribution network area.
Yarra Energy Foundation (YEF) is grateful for the opportunity to work closely with AusNet, and for their support of this project. This research is building AusNet’s understanding of this important group of customers, and helping AusNet to ensure its services are fit-for-purpose for all customers, regardless of their individual circumstances, preferences and unique needs. 

29. VIC | VMC | CALLING | Submissions of film for the 2023 Multicultural Film Festival! | entries close on 16 April 2023

In association with Swinburne University of Technology, the Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC) invites emerging and established filmmakers to submit films for consideration in the 2023 Multicultural Film Festival (MFF).

We are seeking creative, original, non-formulaic short films about any aspect of cultural diversity created by Australians with a multicultural background (for example, they or their family arrived in Australia as migrants, refugees or asylum seekers) or filmmakers of any background who produce films that explore multiculturalism and promote social cohesion.

A Premiere Screening event of the winning films will be held later this year at ACMI, along with a virtual Premiere event for winners in the Young Filmmaker category.  

30. CoPP | GOV | SEMINAR | Running a successful community group | Thursday 27 April 2023 | 9.30am–12.30pm

Are you a new community group, or been around for a while and are wanting tips for how you can improve your committee’s effectiveness? For a committee to be successful they need to function cohesively, be accountable for their direction, the way they function, and for achieving their short and long-term goals.

Topics include:
  • Understanding the role of the committee
  • What good governance means for a community group
  • Identifying the entity’s legal structure and the implications for this
  • Appreciating what makes a committee and meetings effective (including a meeting template)
  • Knowing what specific skill sets and attributes are required for each committee role
  • A checklist for good governance
  • The committee’s role in planning and keeping an eye on the future.

This City of Port Phillip Council (CoPP) session will help community groups to understand the role of a committee, their responsibilities, and what structures they need to have in place that provides the foundations for a successful community group.
  • Where: Council Chamber - St Kilda Town Hall - entrance Carlisle Street, 99A Carlisle Street, St Kilda Victoria 3182
  • Cost: Free (This training is funded by the City of Port Phillip Community Training Calender).
  • Bookings: essential, online through Trybooking


31. AUST | PPCfR | RAISING | An Indigenous Voice To Parliament

A Voice to Parliament will give Indigenous communities a route to help inform policy and legal decisions that impact their lives. 
Port Phillip Citizens for Reconciliation (PPCfR) believes giving First Nations People a say will lead to more effective results and embedding a Voice in the constitution will recognise the special place of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in Australia’s history, and importantly will also mean that it can’t be shut down by successive governments. 

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has put forward a possible Referendum question: “Do you support an alteration to the Constitution that establishes an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice?”, aiming to put the question to Australians in a referendum in the final months of 2023 and to set up a body to be called the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice with the power to “make representations to parliament and the executive government” on matters relating to First Australians. His plan centres on an amendment to the constitution that would say: “The parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have power to make laws with respect to the composition, functions, powers and procedures of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice.

An Indigenous Voice to Parliament would ensure Indigenous people were consulted on policies such as education, health and housing. It will not be a funding body. It will not run programs. It will simply be a source of advice to government. 

Legal scholars say the Voice cannot extinguish sovereignty but a Treaty can. Uluru Dialogue Co-Chair Professor Megan Davis says Indigenous sovereignty co-exists with the Crown and sovereignty can’t be achieved through the Australian Constitution because the Constitution is an order that's imposed upon people, and First Nations People haven’t ceded sovereignty to that order. She says it would be a disaster for the Constitution to embed a fully-fledged model for the Voice because then any changes would also require a referendum. Polling on the yes or no question currently shows majority support in a majority of states – the threshold required for the referendum to succeed.


The leading YES campaign organisation, From the Heart, officially launches a grassroots field campaign this month, coordinating organisations supporting an Indigenous Voice to Parliament, recruiting volunteers, door-knockers and grassroots groups with toolkits and resources . Also visit Reconciliation Australia


Prime Minister Anthony Albanese says the Voice would ensure Indigenous People were consulted on policies such as education, health and housing. “A Voice to Parliament will not be a funding body. It will not run programs. It will simply be a source of advice to government,” he said. “This is a chance for something positive to happen, to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in our nation’s birth certificate. 
And I’m confident that Australians will take up that opportunity.”

Noel Pearson, Indigenous leader and a key architect of the Uluru Statement from the Heart, referring to the Oppositions call for ‘more details’, says details were a matter for parliament to determine after the Referendum on the Voice. “The Referendum is about the constitution. Legislation is for the parliament,” he explained.
“2023 was the most important year for Reconciliation since the arrival of the First Fleet...We’ve got to understand what is at stake – and that is the chance for Reconciliation,” he said. “And if the Referendum is kiboshed through game playing and a spoiling game by the Opposition, we will lose the opportunity forever.” Opposition Leader Peter Dutton has repeatedly called for more detail about the Voice, accusing the PM of being ‘very tricky’ for dead-batting questions about whether Labor might legislate the Voice in the event the Referendum to constitutionally entrench it fails.
He has also suggested legislating the Voice before the Referendum, which Albanese ruled out, and called for the release of a draft bill, at least, which experts advising the government warned risks confusing voters.

Leader of the Opposition of Australia Mr Dutton says voters will be asked ‘one question’ in the Referendum not ‘two separate questions’ about constitutional recognition and the Voice and has accused Labor of “trying to give moral cover to the Voice through constitutional recognition”, labeling that a ‘cheap political trick’.

The Federal Greens have expressed broad support for the Voice, while seeking to progress Treaty and Truth processes with the Federal Labor Government.

Prominent critics, including Warren Mundine and Senator Jacinta Price, plan to visit every state for community events against the Referendum. Lidia Thorpe, former Victorian Greens’ Senator, has described the proposed Voice to Parliament as a ‘waste’. 

The Australian Electoral Commission is preparing a major public education campaign around voting processes, warning of misinformation and a ‘huge knowledge gap’ among Australians who have never voted in a Referendum.

32. QLD | CHUFFED | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds for #DadvsAdani in Supreme Court

The Traditional Owners of much of the land in Queensland’s Galilee Basin, have long been fighting to protect their Country from the Adani Carmichael mine. 
“We are not happy that Adani keeps using the police and the government and the laws to prosecute us and persecute us and cause harm to us.” – Adrian Burragubba and members of the Wangan & Jagalingou people
This fight sent Elder Adrian Burragubba bankrupt by enforcing court costs he could not pay. Gautam Adani however, became the second richest person in the world. 

Adrian Burragubba is now supporting Ben Pennings defend a similarly vicious $17 million lawsuit from Adani, designed to threaten the right of all Australians to peaceful protest. 

Ben Pennings fears Adani could end up bankrupting his family as it has done with Adrian. People's power MUST match Adani’s billions.

Without the generous support of donors, land defenders like Adrian and Ben cannot match Adani's billions in court.

Chuffed encourages all who can to chip in and help finance Ben's defence in this unprecedented court case to protect the political freedoms of all Australians.  

33. CoPP | S2B | HIRING | Volunteer Opportunities With Training

Volunteering is a flexible and great way to develop skills, connect with your local community, make new friends and be a part of something bigger.
Learn new skills with Space2b Social Design's team & make a difference.

We are looking for a series of volunteers who have a keen interest in being involved with Space2b, want to acquire new skills and share existing expertise with our team.

Available Positions:
  1. Retail & Visual Merchandising
  2. Community Events Support
  3. Online Shop Coordinator
No skills required, just ability, desire & dedication

Minimum of 5 hours per week for 6 months 

34. NT | PESC | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds for building community-led language revival program

Ngetya-kenha Pmera: A home for our language - Pertame School (PESC) on Country Learning Hub Pertame is a severely endangered Central Australian Indigenous language from the Country south of Alice Springs. 

There are only around 20-30 fluent speakers of Pertame still with us, all within the grandparent and great grandparent generation. Without serious action, Pertame will be lost within the next generation.

The Pertame School is a community-led language revival program empowering Pertame Elders to pass their language and cultural knowledge onto the next generation.
“We are doing this now for the legacy of our Elder Christobel Swan and all our Pertame Elders who are no longer with us. We want Nana Chrissy Swan to be there to see her dream become a reality. We need to be on Country to breathe life back into our language. Our language evolved from the land-based lifestyle of our ancestors. There is no place our language makes more sense than on Country. For our children to truly know their language, they need to know their country and for them to truly know their country, they need to speak to it in its language”.
In order to fulfil their dream of saving their ancient language, Pertame Elders plan to build an on Country learning hub where they can host their language school. But they need help to raise the funds.

Can you chip in and help save this ancient language and culture before it's too late? 

35. WORLD | ASAV | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds for providing urgent food baskets to affected Syrians

A magnitude 7.8 earthquake has hit Syria killing hundreds of people and trapping likely thousands more, numbers which will escalate in coming days and weeks. 
It is unimaginable that the refugees of this area, already such vulnerable people who have suffered so very much, now face this catastrophe. They need our help.
"Wailing children, flattened buildings, and hospitals full of bodies following the devastating earthquake looked painfully familiar for Syrian families and rescuers worn down by nearly 12 years of bombardment and displacement. Families have been left exposed in near-freezing temperatures and heavy rains".  – ABC news

With no shelter and no food.

Your URGENT support is needed now to help save hundreds of lives and support those injured and affected by the earthquake.

Right now, people are in the streets, digging with their hands to try to save people. Others, stranded in the cold with nothing left.

There is no shelter. It is freezing winter.  And there is no food.

The Australian Syrian Association of Victoria (ASAV) are coordinating Australian donations to provide urgent food baskets to affected Syrians.

Just $45 will provide a food basket to a family in need.  

36. AUST | THCO | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds for explanatory journalism written by experts

The referendum on the Voice to Parliament could be the most important decision many Australians will make this year. 
To get it right we need a sober and informed public debate drawing on expertise and accurate reporting. This is where The Conversation has a vital role to play: we publish explanatory journalism written by experts that cuts through the hyperbole to provide clarity.

We are committed to playing a role that is non-partisan and educational and we don’t want to merely amplify the agendas set by others. That’s why this week we are sending readers a short survey with a simple question:  "What do you need to know about the Voice to Parliament referendum?" Your feedback will inform our coverage so please click on the link and let us know your thoughts. 

I’d like to tell you more about one key aspect of our Voice to Parliament coverage. Reports such as the 2022 Reuters Digital News Report tell us that social media platforms that feature video and animated content play a key role in engaging younger news consumers and those from diverse communities.  

These platforms are also fertile ground for misinformation and assumption. Recently, our multi-media team received a seed grant that will support the rollout of a civic education campaign across social media platforms, but we need more funding to build our digital resourcing and implementation. If you can help with this work, please consider making a donation today.

We’ve got a lot to do and I’d better get on with it.  If you want to know more about our plans, read on to find out when you can join a Conversation news conference. Questions and ideas following the conference are always welcome! 

Best wishes
Misha Ketchell

P.S. Professor Mark Scott AO was last week appointed the new chair of The Conversation board. Mark is the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sydney and was previously Managing Director of the ABC and Secretary of the NSW Department of Education. It’s hard to think of anyone better equipped to lead The Conversation’s next phase. We’re pleased to welcome him and also thank Professor Julianne Schultz AM FAHA for her three years of distinguished service as Chair.

CUTTING | Through the noise: Voice to Parliament

Support our digital education campaign. Our multimedia team are working hard to develop our digital storytelling to support our Voice to Parliament coverage. 

If you would like to help us seed the digital space with accurate and independent information that combats misinformation and encourages respectful discourse, please make a donation to The Conversation today. 

ASKING | Would you like to see more of us?

Supporters of The Conversation show us that what we do is valued. Contributions help us develop new approaches to digital storytelling, grow our editorial capacity and keep our content free of paywalls and ads.

We're not ones for glitzy gala dinners (we spend our funds on coverage, not canapés) but we would like to offer our valued donors an opportunity to meet our team and gain a deeper understanding of our work. Please let us know what kind of events you would value by answering two questions (click the button below to let us know your thoughts). 

APPOINTING | Mark Scott Chair of The Conversation Media Group

"My observation as Vice-Chancellor is that The Conversation has afforded our scholars unique opportunities to engage in and lead public debate on key issues of vital importance to Australian society - from pandemic preparedness to gender equity in the workforce.

I also see the important role The Conversation plays in providing quality research to journalists and broadens access to deep disciplinary experts, particularly given the significant decline in subject matter experts in our nation's newsrooms."
Professor Mark Scott AO, recently appointed Chair of The Conversation Media Group 

Secure a future for trusted information


37. AUST | ILF | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds for Indigenous Literacy

Yamandhu marang, heading into March, Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) are launching two fundraisers, have two new commercial book titles, we are preparing the delivery of 120,000 culturally relevant books to remote Communities, collaborating with over 90 remote playgroups and supporting remote authors and illustrators in creating 33 books for publishing this year (representing 25 languages!) 

LAUNCHING | Two major fundraisers on 14 March!

We are pleased to launch our 2023 Great Book Swap (GBS) fundraiser with an event at Sydney's Taronga Zoo with invited primary students, and another event at the University of Queensland (UQ), Brisbane. ILF Brisbane based supporters are invited to join ILF Ambassador Dr. Anita Heiss and ILF Co-Patron Quentin Bryce at UQ at 3pm on 14 March. Simply bring a book and a donation and head to the Great Court. This year, we aim to raise $180,000 to gift 18,000 culturally relevant books to children in remote Communities. Great Book Swaps can be hosted anytime throughout the year and are a great fundraiser for schools, businesses and social groups. 

We are also very excited to also launch our newest fundraiser, Busking for Change, designed for primary schools. Developed by ILF Ambassador Josh Pyke, this term three fundraiser is a joyful activity incorporating song, music, movement and language. Simply put, students learn a song and fundraise for the ILF.  This year, we aim to raise $200,000 for our Community Publishing Projects program, supporting remote Communities to create books in languages they speak at home. Learn more and register your interest here.

CELEBRATING | UNESCO's second year of the Decade of Indigenous Languages by encouraging readers to learn a new word in either an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander language. 

This month's word is emu in Wiradjuri language! Wiradjuri Country is in central New South Wales. 

CELEBRATING | Winthali Wins Funky Kids Radio Award

Congratulations to Joe Ross, Stacey Bush, Boheme and Remi, the authors and illustrators of Winthali who have won the Funky Kids Radio 2022 Global Children's Entertainment Awards! 

SHARING | Knowledge with young language workers from across the country

In November last year, ILF staff Jolene, Emma and Ella, who are all proud First Nations women in their twenties, attended the Warra: Indigenous Youth Language Forum held by First Languages Australia. 

HIRING | Junior Video Editor - Contract Basis

We are looking for a First Nation’s identified student to work on a contract basis to edit video footage for ILF’s marketing purposes.
  • If you or someone you know has experience in video editing and producing quality video content, please reply by email with resume and details. 

HIRING | Photography Volunteer Opportunity

We are looking for a volunteer to take photos and videos at the launch of Great Book Swap at the University of Queensland at 3pm. 
A photo brief would be sent to you in advance.
A professional camera is not required but preferred.
Please note this is a volunteer position. 
All images would be credited. 

MAKING | more stories


PUBLISHING | Two New Commercial Titles

Stori bla brutbrut en bujigat (Story about Mouse and Cat) - available now!
A gorgeous bilingual story written in Kriol and English. A QR code in the book allows readers to listen to the story in both Kriol and in English. The book is written and illustrated by two Aboriginal women from Ngukkur. 
We Look We Find - available now!
Thaynakwith and English story written and illustrated by women and children from Napranum Community in Queensland. The story explores the experiences of being on Country with family and Elders. Young readers will love this books great rhyming scheme and fun story about
what the Napranum Community find on their Country! 

OFFERING | Special Thanks

A huge thank you to Abco Products who have now made donations of over $100,000 to our Book Supply Program, equivalent to over 10,000 books. What an impact!

We are indebted to our partner Australia Post for their support with the delivery of Book Supply packs to remote Communities and their ongoing fundraising. 
Community Fundraisers
A big thank you to Aussie Homeschool Summit 2023 who are supporting us for the second year in a row and donating $1 from each of their tickets to their yearly online conference. 

In recognition of the importance of giving, Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) supports employee initiatives to fundraise throughout the year for a nominated charity and in 2023, staff voted to fundraise for the ILF.

A heart-warming thank you to Michelle Barr who has supported the ILF for the third year in a row by reading 50 books over the year! Michelle is aiming to raise $5000 which will allow us to gift over 500 culturally relevant books to kids in remote Communities.Mandaang guwu,
Ben Bowen, Chief Executive Officer



38. AUST | CUIN | UPDATING | Industries, Ideas, Innovation - Diversity Atlas

Cultural Infusion (CUIN) is putting the spotlight on some exciting advancements in store for this year.  
  • We share an interview with our Projects and Partnerships Manager Lana Perello, who introduces our new accessibility app Inclusion Atlas, dedicated to building community belonging. 
  • We announce the launch of our curated Education and Experience brochures, which feature even more cultural presenters for 2023! 
  • We also highlight a significant upcoming holiday on our cultural calendar, Holi.

TALKING | Inclusion Atlas

We published an interview with our newest team member Lana Perello. In the article, Lana introduces our latest project, Inclusion Atlas. 

As our new Projects and Partnerships Manager for Inclusion Atlas,  Lana describes the app as an accessibility and inclusion platform which aims to ensure that every business, space and place is both aware and accommodating of every person’s unique needs and experiences.

The app encourages users to find, rate and review their experience in a variety of spaces in their community via a respectful forum. The rating  prompts are based on considerations ranging from baby changing-table availability to if a venue is LGBTQIA+ friendly.

Lana also shares with us new features to look forward to, including expanding the rating and reviewing prompts to support even more people, like those with autoimmune disorders, diverse food preferences, language needs and more.

Inclusion Atlas is a free-to-use app, designed with everybody in mind. 
"Our project is founded on the belief that comfortable access to shared spaces and respectful dialogue is a human right and this can be built through user-generated content."
– Lana Perello, Projects and Partnerships Manager for Inclusion Atlas
To get in touch with Lana for a discovery tour, or to enquire about Inclusion Atlas, email 
or contact their direct line on +613 9412 6610.        

PUBLISHING | Education and Experiences brochures     

Over the next couple of months, we will be rolling out our updated Education and Experiences brochures!

Each state in Australia has its own curated brochure as well as a specialised brochure for all pre-primary incursions around the country. Our new brochures feature all our available presenters, including some of our newest cultural presenters for 2023: Timorese Infusion; Indigenous Games; Dancing around India; and Melanesian Infusion! 

ENGAGING | Timorese Infusion: VIC

In this workshop, singer Paulo, guitarist Gil and percussionist Zeca play traditional Timorese songs. Featuring singing, drumming and cultural stories, this Timorese trio draw from their rich musical heritage and share their experiences of living in Timor-Leste.  

ENGAGING | Indigenous Games: VIC, QLD

This highly interactive, activity-based program provides students with an engaging education in cultural ways of hunting, fishing and gathering, and provides important understandings. All of the materials and resources within the program are safe to use.  

ENGAGING | Dancing around India: NSW

This highly educational and interactive program engages students with diverse aspects of Indian culture. Students discover folk dances from all four corners of the Indian subcontinent – and develop a deeper understanding and awareness of the regional cultural differences. This program helps students to understand why each dance holds cultural significance through the exploration of food, festivals and landmarks from each region. Students will also have the opportunity to present their dances in traditional dress!   

ENGAGING | Melanesian Infusion   

Melanesian Infusion is touring between March and May! Please enquire for more information if you are from VIC, NSW, QLD or SA.

Melanesian Infusion immerses students in the rich cultural experience of Solomon Islands and the traditional art forms untouched by the outside world. Natty is a prominent figure from the Lau Tribe with over 3 decades of professional music experience playing wooden log drums, bamboo instruments and traditional seed rattles/shakers. Through storytelling, traditional singing, chants, instruments and dance from the Solomon Islands, Natty aims to preserve the traditional cultures by sharing knowledge and providing a global experience and perspective unique to Melanesia.     

COMMEMORATING | Cultural Calendar Spotlight: Ancient Hindu festival, Holi.

Holi is an ancient Hindu tradition occurring on March 8th each year. It is one of the most popular and important festivals in Hinduism and celebrates good harvests and the fertility of the land. Holi commemorates key figures in Hindu mythology, such as Radha Krishna and his eternal and divine love.
Holi celebrates the arrival of spring, the end of winter, the emergence of love and, for many, is a day to meet people and repair broken relationships. The festival often includes coloured water and bright powders. It is also known as the Festival of Colours, the Festival of Spring, and the Festival of Love.

Click the button below to check out our Cultural Calendar to discover even more significant cultural celebrations! 

39. AUST | ILF | PUBLISHING | Murli la - Songs and Stories of the Tiwi Islands

Announcing that Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF)'s newest title, Murli la - Songs and Stories of the Tiwi Islands is available to purchase through our website!
Murli la is a beautifully designed gift book that celebrates the culture of the Tiwi Islands through song. The songs presented in this book hold cultural, genealogical, geographical and spiritual knowledge that has been passed down through thousands of years of Tiwi storytelling, ceremony and in the songlines that circle the islands. 

As custodians of the songs, the Ngarukuruwala Women’s Group in partnership with Dr Genevieve Campbell have recorded over 40 songs in language for the first time – each with an introduction and English translation. 

40. AUST | IAL | STARTING | An honest conversation about end of life after terminal diagnosis

I am Living (IAL) knows starting an honest conversation about end of life is difficult. 
End-of-life care planning needs to become a routine part of everybody’s health care. 

Allow the important people in your life to listen to you with love, and to hear.
Understand real palliative and end-of-life care experiences.
See how others have lived meaningfully after a terminal diagnosis.
Make a timely planThe I Am Living public awareness initiative and campaign are brought to the Australian community by Calvary Health Care, Catholic Cemeteries + Crematoria and Mercy Health, with the valued and ongoing support of other organisations and many individuals.

41. WORLD | IFD | UPDATING | I’m From Driftwood News and updates

I’m From Driftwood (IFD) recently surpassed 38 million views on our YouTube channel.
I’m incredibly proud and grateful for all the storytellers who’ve been brave enough to share their personal stories with the world. 

And of course to our video story producers, Damien Mittlefehldt and Antonia Colodro. They spend one-on-one time with each and every storyteller, helping them think of and craft their stories. Their hard work is reflected in the quality of the stories, as well as the views and comments on each one. Check out our most recent stories.

We recently received a grant from the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council, making it 6 years in a row. We also received a grant from Wellspring Philanthropic Fund, now 5 years in a row. We simply could not continue our programming without their support.

Towards the end of 2022 and at the beginning of this year, we’ve forged some crucial corporate partners, including Tito’s Handmade VodkaAdobeTD BankHuschBlackwellEstee LauderNorthwell Health, and JetBlue. Thank you! If you want your company to work with I’m From Driftwood, we can create a personalized program that fits your company’s needs, just respond to this email and let's get started.

The I’m From Driftwood Podcast has published three seasons for a total of 44 episodes and is available on all major platforms. The Podcast ranked in the top 25% on Spotify in Society & Culture, as well as Top 25% Globally Shared on Spotify in 2022. Give it a listenand be sure to give us a 5-star rating and review!

Looking ahead, I’m From Driftwood is continuing to publish a new Video Story every Wednesday. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for new story alerts. We’ll be filming stories in San Diego at the end of February and we also record stories remotely so if you or anyone you know might be interested in sharing a story with us, regardless of location, just let me know. 

Nathan Manske, Founder, Executive Director, I'm From Driftwood (IFD)
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

42. WORLD | PWR | UPDATING | 2023 Parliament & More

Rabbi David Saperstein, Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton, and Wa’el Alzayat to Address 2023 Parliament Convening

On Thursday 3 February 2023, the Parliament of the World's Religions announced the participation of Ambassador Rabbi David Saperstein, Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton, and Mr. Wa’el Alzayat as featured luminaries of the 2023 Parliament of the World's Religions, coming to Chicago, USA, 14-18 August 2023. 

Global Ethic Essay Contest Opens for 2023 Parliament Convening 

The Parliament of the World's Religions invites essays that engage its signature document, “Towards a Global Ethic (An Initial Declaration),” also known as the Global Ethic, in the lead-up to the 2023 Convening in Chicago, USA.

The top three contest winners will receive a complimentary registration to the 2023 Convening and will give a reading of their essay in a dedicated program session. 

SAVE THE DATE | World Peace Benefit Concert to Support the Mission of the Parliament

On Sunday 5 March 2023, join Musicians for Greater Good (MGG), in collaboration with the Parliament of the World’s Religions, for a benefit concert for World Peace. Leading musicians from different countries will perform at this concert, intended to draw attention to the need for a peaceful resolution to the many conflicts going on across the globe.

The concert will be a benefit in support of the Parliament of the World’s Religions to promote the mission of the organization in the advancement of peace and justice, human rights, and environmental sustainability. 

Interfaith Harmony Observances | continue through 4 March 2023

The official United Nations observance of World Interfaith Harmony Week 2023 has officially come to an end, but interfaith harmony events continue through March 4th! The World Interfaith Harmony Week initiative invites organizers, communities, and individuals to carry on the celebration of global interfaith harmony. 

REPORTING | The PoWR of Community: Building Up for the World’s Premier Interfaith Convening | Saturday 18 February 2023

The report spotlights the organization's work in building up to the 2023 Parliament Convening and the communities answering the call to conscience, committing to a shared mission towards a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world.
"The vast majority of our organization’s work in 2022 went into preparing for the 2023 Chicago Convening as we invited the religions of the world to come together to defend Freedom and Human Rights. I am happy to say that the invitation did not go unanswered.
...You will read much about the important work of PoWR and its staff, board, and volunteers in this report. Let’s celebrate these successes as we look to our work this year."
– Rev. Stephen Avino, Executive Director

Stay up to date with the work of the Parliament


Advance the mission of the Parliament of the World's Religions by supporting:



43. AUST | Coronavirus hotline

  • Coronavirus hotline: If you are concerned, call the coronavirus hotline on 1800 675 398 (24 Hours).
  • Coronavirus in-language information
  • If you are an NDIS participant you can also call the national hotline on 1800 020 080.
  • Information and referrals for people with disability and their supporters about Coronavirus: Contact the Disability Information Helpline on 1800 634 787. 
  • If you are deaf, or have a hearing or speech impairment, you can also call the National Relay Service on 133 677.
  • Interpreting service: If you need an interpreter, call TIS National on 131 450.
  • Testing locations: Find a testing location near you.
  • Call-to-Test-at-Home service, providing in-home coronavirus testing to Victorians who would otherwise be unable to get tested, call the DHHS Coronavirus hotline on 1800 675 398.
  • Triple Zero: Please keep Triple Zero (000) for emergencies only.

44. AUST | Helpers and Reliable Sources Along the Way



    45. Acknowledgment to Sources

    This is a consolidated account of information current at time of issuance, sourced, collated and provided by Victorian Multicultural Commission, Victorian Jewish Community COVID-19 Taskforce, Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria, various Government Authorities, community organisations, public domain and individuals, received with gratitude.

    46. Bye bye to Essentialists

    Us non-essentialists will endeavour to manage our expection of miracles and do our best to follow rules while staying out of the way. 

    Contact your closest friendly non-essentialist if you need anything that can be done remotely. Bye bye to Essentialists for now, please leave to attend to the essential work. That is all from the Caretaker at this time.

    47. Self-Isolators, Non-Essentials And The Homebound

    Meanwhile, if with a surplus of time, this is offered. Discuss with sincerity. Deny untruth. Dismiss unuseful. Accept useful. Adapt to change. Adopt least effort most benefit. Adept with sharing. Enjoy throughout. As each case may be. Round about. And again. Or not.