CHUFFED | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds for Helping Shaher's family find a home where her kids can go to school

[Edited extract from public address]

Shaher is the sort of Mum who should be celebrated for her years of work improving women’s literacy in Afghanistan.

Instead her own two kids Danyal and Sorosh (aged 5 and 4) are deprived of school themselves!

As refugees stranded in Indonesia after escaping the Taliban, they can’t even open a bank account. 

Nina has found five Canadians willing to sponsor the family as part of the country’s refugee program, since they can’t come to Australia. Now she needs the help of the Chuffed community to cover resettlement costs.  
“Every day that Shaher’s kids are deprived of school will affect their future.” 
Would you donate to get Shaher a home where her kids can go to school? 


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