PESC | ANNOUNCING | Launch of Pertame "Ngetya Untya" Language Nest and Puliima Conference Workshop

[Edited extract from public address]

Announcing the launch of Pertame "Ngetya Untya" Language Nest, our early childhood language immersion playgroup.

We will make history as one of the first true immersion Language Nests in Australia.

This is a program for Pertame children from birth to 5-years-old and their parents/carers to be immersed within their language, culture and community to create bilingual, culturally resilient, and community-connected children, ready to transition into further schooling. We will create a nurturing environment where young children can be raised in their Indigenous language through meaningful interaction with fluent Elders and Educators, where all communication will be carried in Pertame as we run educational and engaging playgroup routines and activities.

We will leave English at the front door and create one of the only places in the world where Pertame language will be the dominant language. We want to raise our children as first language Pertame speakers once again, as our Elders were raised.

Puliima Conference Workshop

We are also excited to announce that we will be running a 3.5hr workshop at The Puliima Indigenous Language and Technology Conference in Darwin on Tuesday 22 August. This workshop is entitled "Raising our babies as First Language Indigenous speakers again" and will provide a hands-on-training on how to build adult and early-childhood immersion programs, focussing first on working with Elders to develop adult fluent speakers through a Master-Apprentice Program, then empowering second-language speakers to raise their babies as first language speakers within a Language Nest. 

When our babies say their first words once again in their native tongue, just as their ancestors once did, we know the future of our languages is secure

Kela marra,
Vanessa and the Pertame School team


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