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It may surprise you!

When we launched The Conversation in 2011, we wanted to inject the voice of experts into our country’s news coverage. Expertise was lacking and poorly informed opinions disguised as journalism were rife. 

Much to our relief our untested approach of pairing journalists with academics worked right from the start. Academics quickly proved they could add valuable insight to what was making the headlines. We made our evidence-based coverage free to read and republish and quickly found a large audience. With many quality publishers adopting paywalls this free access to quality journalism became a crucial feature of our work.

As our latest Impact Report shows, these days The Conversation’s outreach team works with print, online and broadcast media around the country to amplify the work of our experts. From community media to talkback radio, we help make sure that the voices of academics are heard.

Significant issues that affect our nation such as last year’s Federal election and the current Voice to Parliament campaign, are carefully covered and shared. Conversation content that tackles the issues that matter in regional and rural areas – articles on community resilience, health, education and much more - are also available for republishing and discussion.

Thank you to donors for supporting us. Donors' contribution helps our independent journalism reach more people. You can read more about our reach and the impact of our work in our latest Impact Report. And if you have time, please tell us how we are doing in our Reader and Author survey.

You can read why this is important to us, below.

All the best,
Misha Ketchell, Editor

Reader & Author Survey: 'Our only agenda is you'

You’ll see the above statement pop up across our website. What this means is that our work is published with you in mind. We want to provide you with high-quality information that is useful and interesting to you.

That’s why our Reader and Author Survey is a vital part of our editorial process. It helps inform the topics we cover and the authors we work with. It holds us accountable, and it ensures that we are providing you with a service of value.

We know that you care, your philanthropic support shows us that, but we also want to know what you think. And that’s why we are coming to you first.

Outcomes from the Voice Reader Survey

Thank you to those who participated in our Voice Reader survey last year. To see how your input has informed our coverage, please visit our curated Voice section of the website, and you can hear more from our First Nations and Public Policy Editor, Carissa Lee.

An invitation to our Online News Conference | Monday 16 October 2023 | 9 am AEST

Join us online for a peek at how The Conversation is made and a Q&A with our editors. Free and online.

Are we part of your legacy?

Monday 4 September 2023 marked the start of the national campaign Include a Charity Week. This social change campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of having a Will and (after looking after your friends and family) encourages people to leave a gift in their Will to a charity (or charities) of their choice. If you would like to share a legacy of knowledge by leaving a gift in your Will to The Conversation, you may like to work with online Will partners Safewill. 

Have you been with us since the beginning?

We’ve been going for 12 years. Readers have been supporting us with donations since we began. If you think that you have been supporting us since our early days (2013/2014) we’d love to know! You’re a special lot, and we’d like to be able to thank you. 

Thank you for being a Friend of The Conversation


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