TJP | CALLING | Awareness, Support and Deliverers of the “Fuelling Hate” report to your local MP

[Edited extract from public address]

Over 130 people have already committed to calling on their local MP to stand up against the attacks on trans lives.

On our Tuesday 5 September webinar, we called on trans people, our loved ones, and allies to join with us in delivering our groundbreaking new report, “Fuelling Hate”, to MP’s offices all across the country. 

This report shows that experiences of anti-trans abuse, harassment, and violence have escalated rapidly over the last three years, and calls on our leaders to take swift and decisive action to stop the spread.
When you sign up you will receive a guide, a recording of the webinar, and be put in touch with our coaching team who will be available to answer any questions you have.

We know that 78% of Australians support trans and gender diverse people having the same rights and protections as everyone else. However, only 1 in 10 people actually know someone well who is trans. [1]
The anti-trans lobby is exploiting this lack of familiarity with our community to help spread their lies so that they can undermine our rights, our access to health care, and our freedom. 

The best innoculation against these lies is for people to get to know someone in their community who is trans or gender diverse. That's why we are delivering this report to our MP's.
Our MPs need to know how the rise in anti-trans hate is affecting people in their own electorates, and meet the people who are being impacted. By delivering this report you will be helping to put our community on their agenda.

If you missed the webinar on Tuesday night you can afind the recording, the guide, and the other resources on our website. 

By hand-delivering this report to our MP's, we can show that we are a strong and united movement, and put real pressure on our leaders to act.
If you are unable to do a delivery then you can still support the campaign by signing and sharing the petition.

In solidarity for trans justice,
Jackie Turner (she/her)Director, Trans Justice Project


Trans Justice Project (TJP)