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Fast Facts: Community Responses Victoria & Australia

  1. AUST | GOV | OFFERING | Resources and Translations on The Voice and Referendum 2023
  2. AUST | AICR | ENCOURAGING | YES23. Recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Constitution through a Voice
  3. AUST | LWB | TRANSLATING | Resources in 45+ community languages on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice
  4. AUST | REAU | EXPLAINING | Voice to Parliament and Referendum 2023
  5. AUST | RJfV | ISSUING | An Open Letter to the Australian Public: The Voice to Parliament would enhance Australian governance
  6. AUST | TLW | CALLING | Those Interested to Lace Up Your Shoes and Come Walk with Michael Long in support of the "Yes" campaign
  7. AUST | WRITERS | ENDORSING | The Voice as a major reform leading to better outcomes for First Nations Peoples
  8. AUST | GiveOUT | SUPPORTING | Proudly for a First Nations Voice to Parliament
  9. VIC | ECCV | ADVOCATING | Victorian Multicultural Voices for ‘Yes’ campaign
  10. VIC | VWT | ENGAGING | Listen and learn together through kitchen conversations. It’s time to say yes
  11. VIC | VTMH | DEMONSTRATING | Solidarity In Context to the Upcoming Referendum

  12. AUST | GOV | SUPPORTING | The work of local community organisations inclusion and awareness | applications close 9pm AEDT 6 October 2023
  13. AUST | GOV | GRANTING | Opportunity for people with a disability, their families and carers | applications close 9pm AEDT Friday 6 October 2023
  14. CoPP | CBE | GRANTING | Community Grants

  15. VIC | GOV | ADDING | More than 400 jobs to the Victorian Sick Pay Guarantee
  16. MELB | ECCV | HIRING | Community Engagement Officer and Administration Support Officer | Expressions of Interest now open
  17. CoPP | S2b | OFFERING | Volunteer Opportunities At Space2B

  18. AUST | SBS | SCREENING | MFF films on SBS on Demand
  19. CoPP | PPSF | CELEBRATING | Seniors Festival at the Library | 1–15 October 2023
  20. CoPP | PPLS | HOSTING | English Conversation Cafe | Every Tuesday | 1.30–2.30pm
  21. CoPP | PPLS | TALKING | Time of Our Lives with Author Maggie Kirkman | Tuesday 3 October 2023 | 6.30–7.30pm
  22. CoPP | HFAE | SHOWING | '10' Housing First Art Exhibition | 6 October–3 November 2023
  23. DANDENONG | ECCV | GATHERING | Our Voice forum next Sunday in Dandenong | Sunday 8 October 2023 | 12.30–2.30pm AEDT
  24. AUST/NZ | RTRRC | Annual conference - refugee trauma recovery in resettlement | 9-11 October 2023
  25. BRIMBANK | CYMHT | GATHERING | ARUSI (The Wedding) – Cross-Cultural Dialogue: African-Australian Mental Health | Wednesday 11 October 2023 | 11am-1pm
  26. CoPP | S2b | WORKSHOPPING | Nature & Ink | Saturday 14 October 2023 | 2–4pm
  27. VIC | VTMH | WEBINAR | Afghan Community Response Project: A Collaborative Approach to restore hope, create safety and increase connection in times of crisis | Wednesday 18 October 2023 | 3pm–4pm
  28. CoPP | HEARING | Your say: on the St Kilda Triangle | submissions close 19 October 2023
  29. MELB | METRO | GATHERING | Try Before You Ride – Accessible transport event | Thursday 19 October 2023 | 10.30am–2pm
  30. DAREBIN | VTMH | GATHERING | Women Empowering Communities 'Deepening the Dialogue in Mental Health and Wellbeing' Forum | Thursday 26 October 2023 | registrations opening at 9am for 9.30am–4.30pm
  31. CoPP | S2b | CELEBRATING | Space2b 10 Years Dinner Dance | Friday 27 October 2023 | 6.30–11pm
  32. VIC | S2b | CALLING | Artists for Space2b Affordable Art Show | submissions close 12 November 2023
  33. CoPP | S2b | GATHERING | Laneway Festive Market | Sunday 3 December 2023

  34. MELB | ASRC | UPDATING | Catering, New Melbourne Cafes, Home Meals | September 2023
  35. VIC | CHUFFED | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds towards Farm Sanctuary
  36. VIC | CHUFFED | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds towards protecting last remaining habitats of koalas, possums, greater gliders and powerful owls
  37. VIC | ECCV | UPDATING | News from Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria
  38. NSW | CHUFFED | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds towards relocating Hen Rescue
  39. TAS | CHUFFED | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds towards Equipment for Animal Sanctuary
  40. WA | CHUFFED | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds towards protecting sacred Country and tribal lands
  41. AUST | TJP | CALLING | Awareness, Support and Deliverers of the “Fuelling Hate” report to your local MP
  42. AUST | THCO | ADVISING | Where you can find us
  43. AUST | GiveOUT | CALLING | Champions for your chosen LGBTIQA+ community
  44. AUST | ILF | UPDATING | News from the Indigenous Literacy Foundation
  45. AUST | CUIN | UPDATING | Making Connections and Connecting Communities
  46. WORLD | CHUFFED | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds towards metal detectors for Ukrainians
  47. WORLD | PWR | UPDATING | An Urgent Call for the Amazon, A Call to be Vigilant, Upcoming Events and more

  48. VIC | CFA | ADVISING | Reduce fire risk by using lithium-ion battery powered devices safely
  49. VIC | VEOHRC | LAUNCHING | New resources kit helping LGBTQA people of faith to live authentically and with pride
  50. VIC | GOV | BUILDING | A World-Class Mental Health System For All Victorians
  51. VIC | VTMH | LAUNCHING | Community Engagement with Purpose Resources
  52. VIC | GOV | CARING | For The Carers Of Vulnerable Victorians
  53. VIC | GOV | EMPOWERING | Future Women Councillors And Mayors
  54. BRIMBANK | ODiBM | LAUNCHING | The Orange Door Opens In Sunshine
  55. MELB | STME | ENGAGING | International Students Upcoming Events
  56. AUST | GOV | ADVISING | Changes to the childcare subsidy

  57. VIC | GOV | UPDATING | Coronavirus Response
  58. AUST | GOV | Coronavirus hotline
  59. AUST | MANY | Helpers and Reliable Sources Along the Way

  60. Acknowledgment to Sources
  61. Bye bye to Essentialists
  62. Self-Isolators, Non-Essentials And The Homebound

1. AUST | GOV | OFFERING | Resources and Translations on The Voice and Referendum 2023

Australian Government advises in late 2023, Australians will have their say in a referendum about whether to change the Constitution to recognise the First Peoples of Australia by establishing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice.
The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice would be an independent and permanent advisory body. It would give advice to the Australian Parliament and Government on matters that affect the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have called for members of the Voice to be chosen by First Nations peoples based on the wishes of local communities. 

2. AUST | AICR | ENCOURAGING | YES23. Recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Constitution through a Voice

Australians for Indigenous Constitutional Recognition (AICR) asks all to consider voting Yes. It’s time to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Constitution through a Voice.

What is the 2023 Referendum?
This vote will give all Australians the chance to come together and consider a change to our constitution that will honour and celebrate the rights, history, and ongoing relationship of Indigenous Australians with this land. It’s a rare chance to make a major positive impact now and for future generations.

Australia has been considering constitutional recognition for more than 15 years. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have asked that the form of recognition come through a Voice to Parliament, which will give advice on laws and policies that affect Indigenous people. 

This is what the Australian people are now being asked to decide: Should we recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in The Constitution, with a Voice? 

A Voice will provide advice to the Federal Parliament about laws and policies, through a consultative policy making process that delivers meaningful structural change.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people know and understand the best way to deliver real and practical change in their communities. When they have a say through a Voice, we can finally start to close the gap that still exists between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians on practical issues like life expectancy, educational outcomes, and employment. 

This is why a “Yes” result is important. 

3. AUST | LWB | TRANSLATING | Resources in 45+ community languages on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice

To encourage participation in the Referendum for all Australians, Polaron Language Services with Life Without Barriers (LWB) and several partner organisations have developed accessible translated resources in more than 45 languages.

These are free to download and aim to break down language, literacy and communication barriers among Australia’s diverse communities. This includes: 

4. AUST | REAU | EXPLAINING | Voice to Parliament and Referendum 2023

Reconciliation Australia (REAU) advises First Nations Voice to Parliament protected by the Constitution is a key element of the Uluru Statement from the Heart.
The Bill to enable the referendum became law in mid-June, but we are waiting for the referendum date to be announced.

The referendum question contained in the Bill is:

A Proposed Law: to alter the Constitution to recognise the First Peoples of Australia by establishing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice. Do you approve this proposed alteration?

What is a referendum

Find out more at Australian Electoral Commission.

Or click the following Reconciliation Australia links that interest you: 

Why do we need a First Nations Voice?

A Voice to Parliament will give Indigenous communities a route to help inform policy and legal decisions that impact their lives. Giving people a say will lead to more effective results.

Embedding a Voice in the Constitution would recognise the special place of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia’s history, but importantly would also mean that it can’t be shut down by successive Governments.

This is important because Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and bodies have called for voice for close to 100 years. 

5. AUST | RJfV | ISSUING | An Open Letter to the Australian Public: The Voice to Parliament would enhance Australian governance

We are individuals representing no political party or political interest. We speak, rather, as retired judges (RJfV) who spent our professional lives listening to, and seeking to evaluate, contending arguments.

We have since considered carefully both the case for, and the case against, the proposed Voice to Parliament. Having done so, we confidently believe that, by raising the quality of our public debate, the proposed Voice will both enrich our democracy and increase the likelihood of governments making correct decisions about matters that affect Indigenous peoples. It will also, and very importantly, give Indigenous Australians their due recognition in our Constitution as this nation’s first peoples.  

Democracies are at their best when decisions are made after informed and respectful debate to which all may contribute. Life being what it is, the rich and the powerful have and will retain that privilege to a greater degree than most. Some, among them Australia’s First Nations peoples, have continually battled to be heard at all.

If successful, the referendum on the Voice will not diminish the influence of anyone. But it will help to correct an historic wrong. It will give recognition, and a voice, to those who for thousands of years owned and lived in balance with this land, only to have their rights to it disregarded during the centuries which have followed settlement from other lands. No consideration was given to the deep connections with country which the original inhabitants have incorporated into their very being; and the newcomers who now occupy their land listened, if they listened at all, with none of the empathy to which everyone should be entitled.

Constitutional recognition of the Voice in a successful referendum will acknowledge these facts, and do much to rectify a long-existing injustice. It will not, in our opinion, divide our nation. On the contrary, it will heal a wound which presently divides us. Nor will it disrupt government or destabilise the presently stable and appropriate division of power between the parliament, the executive and the judiciary.

The possibility of disruption and instability is a concern which nevertheless deserves respect (although not when it descends to ridiculous fears such as that Anzac Day will be ‘cancelled’). It is also reasonable to have doubts about the detail of the arrangements which will follow a successful referendum. We nevertheless firmly believe that these are not reasons for voting ‘No’. First, Australia can draw upon its wealth of common sense and its capacity for sensible compromise. The Voice will not waste its time, energy, finances or goodwill with silly claims that have no chance of political or judicial support. And secondly, detailed arrangements must allow for a degree of flexibility which is impossible if incorporated into a less than flexible constitution. The details are properly to be determined by the parliament of the day according to the changing circumstances of the day.

Advocates for the ‘No’ case point to the proposed amendment’s inclusion of a power in the parliament to make laws with respect to the powers of the Voice. The referendum if passed does not confer powers on parliament that it does not already have to pass such laws. We believe that the likelihood of parliament acting inappropriately in this respect is small. In our opinion it fails to justify a ‘No’ vote.  

Advocates for a ‘No’ vote also claim that the Voice is a creature of Canberra. That is untrue. The call for the Voice was made in the Uluru Statement from the Heart, which is the product of the widest survey of the views of First Nations peoples ever undertaken and which is a deeply respectful call “from all points of the Southern Sky”. 

It includes an invitation to all Australians to create a better future. We think this invitation should be accepted.

  • The Hon Mary Gaudron KC, Former Judge of the High Court of Australia
  • The Hon Carmel McLure AC KC, Former President of the Supreme Court of Western Australia Court of Appeal
  • The Hon Stephen Charles AO KC, Former Judge of the Supreme Court of Victoria Court of Appeal
  • The Hon David Harper AM KC, Former Judge of the Supreme Court of Victoria Court of Appeal
  • The Hon Robert Redlich AM KC, Former Commissioner of the Victorian Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC), former Judge of the Supreme Court of Victoria Court of Appeal
  • The Hon Paul Stein AM KC, Former Judge of the Supreme Court of NSW Court of Appeal, former President of the Anti-Discrimination Board
  • The Hon Anthony Whealy KC, Former Judge of the Supreme Court of NSW Court of Appeal
  • The Hon Margaret White AO, Former Judge of the Supreme Court of Queensland Court of Appeal
Thank-you for reading the open letter supporting the Voice. Please forward this letter to anyone you think would be interested to read it.

6. AUST | TLW | CALLING | Those Interested to Lace Up Your Shoes and Come Walk with Michael Long in support of the "Yes" campaign

The Long Walk (TLW)'s Michael Long is once again setting off from Melbourne to Canberra in support of the "Yes" campaign.
Michael Long is one of the most recognisable Aboriginal figures in AFL football. He played for the Essendon Football Club between 1989 and 2001, was a member of two premiership sides and the winner of the 1993 Norm Smith Medal.

Michael championed the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cause within the AFL. In 1995, Michael made a stand against racial abuse, following an on-field incident with another player, asserting that racism had no place in sport.

Ultimately this lead to Michael being one of the pioneering forces behind the racial abuse code that was adopted by the AFL in the 1990s. Michael retired from football in 2001.
"Lace Up Your Shoes and Come Walk with Me. We walked in 2004 for a Voice and a Vision.
This year I have decided to bring forward my 20th Anniversary Long Walk to support the campaign for an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament."
Walk with Michael Long in support of the "Yes" campaign on one or more legs of the walk from Melbourne to Canberra.

    7. AUST | WRITERS | ENDORSING | The Voice as a major reform leading to better outcomes for First Nations Peoples

    It’s only fair. Writers for The Voice (WRITERS) accept the generous, modest invitation of First Nations Peoples in the Uluru Statement from the Heart to walk with them towards a better Australia. 

    We support their call for recognition via a constitutionally enshrined Voice to Parliament because we believe passionately that this major reform, the product of broad grassroots consultation and supported by the great majority of First Nations Peoples, will lead to better outcomes for First Nations Peoples. 

    8. AUST | GiveOUT | SUPPORTING | Proudly for a First Nations Voice to Parliament

    The GiveOUT Team (GiveOUT) supports Australia saying YES in the upcoming Referendum for a constitutionally enshrined First Nations Voice
    LGBTQIA+ people understand the significance of a public vote about their lives, and the importance of allies in advocating for change. It is time for the LGBTQIA+ community, and the Australian people as a whole, to stand in solidarity with our First Nations communities, including our Brotherboys, Sistergirls and other LGBTQIA+ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

    At GiveOUT, we know that there is no substitute for the wisdom of lived experience when it comes to designing policies and programs.
    “As an organisation that exists to address systemic disadvantage, and provide impacted communities the resources they need to drive their own solutions, GiveOUT fully supports this much needed reform to ensure First Nations people are recognised in the constitution and are given a voice on the issues and interventions that impact them.” – Georgia Mathews, Chair of GiveOUT
    Polls have demonstrated that over 80% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people support a Voice to Parliament*. We call upon our LGBTQIA+ friends and allies to join this historic movement and vote ‘YES’ in the Referendum. We must take this important step toward a fairer future for this country. 

    You can show your support by: *Source: 

    9. VIC | ECCV | ADVOCATING | Victorian Multicultural Voices for ‘Yes’ campaign

    The Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria (ECCV) joins forces with Yes23 and the Multicultural Australia for Voicealliance for Victorian Multicultural Voices for ‘Yes’.

    Harnessing the power of multicultural communities to raise awareness about why the recognition of our First Nations People in the Constitution is important and how voting ‘Yes’ will achieve that.

    Multicultural and multifaith leaders, along with First Nations Elders, attended the launch, with guest speakers Aunty Esme Bamblett, CEO of the Aboriginal Advancement League and a member of the First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria, Minister for Multicultural Affairs Colin Brooks, and the Minister for Treaty and First Peoples Gabrielle Williams.

    Victorian Multicultural Voices for ‘Yes’ will be organising community town hall forums and community workshops in the lead-up to the referendum. These engagements aim to empower and equip multicultural communities with how to have conversations about the referendum and why it matters.

    ECCV Members will be hosting their own community forums to inform members of their communities about why voting ‘YES’ matters, including the Islamic Council of Victoria and the Greek Community of Melbourne.

    The launch follows the success of a national multicultural town hall forum at Springvale City Hall with Minister for Indigenous Australians Linda Burney, which was attended by more than 700 people in August 2023.

    The ECCV is the peak body for multicultural Victoria, with over 220 organisational members. 

    10. VIC | VWT | ENGAGING | Listen and learn together through kitchen conversations. It’s time to say yes

    Together, Yes is a kitchen conversations movement by Victorian Women’s Trust (VWT) in support of a YES vote in the 2023 referendum on a First Nations Voice to parliament. It’s a powerful way you can participate in the upcoming referendum to enshrine an Indigenous Voice in our constitution.
    In 1967 we were counted, in 2017 we seek to be heard. We leave base camp and start our trek across this vast country. We invite you to walk with us in a movement of the Australian people for a better future. – Uluru Statement from the Heart, May 2017
    By voting YES in the upcoming referendum, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people will finally have a say on the policies and laws that affect their communities.

    But voting ‘yes’ isn’t enough. We need to unite to ensure it’s a resounding YES from every corner of the country.

    Is Together, Yes working with First Nations people?
    Yes. The Victorian Women’s Trust (creator of Together, Yes) have been working in partnership with Koorie Women Mean Business for more than 30 years, which has guided much of our work since.

    Since October 2022 we have been in close collaboration with indigenous-led campaigners to ensure Together, Yes helps achieve a positive referendum outcome.

    Together, Yes uses ‘kitchen table conversations’, a model designed by the Victorian Women’s Trust more than twenty years ago. Tried and tested, it arose from a powerfully simple idea: engaging people in respectful and honest dialogue creates real and lasting change.

    This civic engagement model is built on a set of important values. People are encouraged to:
    1. Help create a safe place for thinking, talking and taking action
    2. Acknowledge the experience and wisdom each person brings to the table
    3. Enter discussions in good faith with an open, constructive spirit
    4. Engage in respectful discussion, even in the face of dissent
    5. Be prepared to listen, gain new insight, and test one’s own opinions

    Together, Yes invites people from all walks of life to gather in small group discussions and engage in an honest reckoning of the harm and injustice of our colonial past; Australia’s history of constitutional indifference; and how a Voice to parliament can make a difference. 

    11. VIC | VTMH | DEMONSTRATING | Solidarity In Context to the Upcoming Referendum

    At an important moment in history, Victorian Transcultural Mental Health (VTMH) supports the upcoming national vote about adding an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice (The Voice) to the Australian Constitution.

    VTMH aligns with the principles of unity and understanding promoted by Reconciliation Australia, and we also endorse the stance taken by St Vincent's Health Australia on this matter.

    VTMH sees this as a big chance to bring people together and make things better. We know that health and wellness are connected to making things right between different groups of people in Australia. VTMH thinks this vote can make real changes and respect the different viewpoints of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. 


    12. AUST | GOV | SUPPORTING | The work of local community organisations inclusion and awareness | applications close 9pm AEDT 6 October 2023

    Volunteer Grants support the work of local community organisations by enabling the inclusion of vulnerable people and promoting awareness to increase participation in volunteering.

    The 2023-24 Volunteer Grants Opportunity is expected to open for applications in the second half of 2023.

    Grants of between $1,000 and $5,000 will be available to assist eligible not-for-profit community organisations support the efforts of their volunteers. 

    The Grant Opportunity Guidelines are on GrantConnect with other supporting documentation to be published when the opportunity is open for application.

    To receive the latest information for this upcoming grant opportunity, please subscribe to the Community Grants Hub  or GrantConnect. 

    13. AUST | GOV | GRANTING | Opportunity for people with a disability, their families and carers | applications close 9pm AEDT Friday 6 October 2023 

    The Australian Government is inviting organisations to apply for a grant to deliver services. This program will help people with disability, their families and carers to:
    • have greater opportunities to participate and contribute in the community
    • have increased accessibility to, and inclusion in, communities.

    14. CoPP | CBE | GRANTING | Community Grants

    Community Bank Elwood (CBE) offers grants and sponsorships to local organisations to facilitate their valuable activities in building and strengthening our community. Grants and Sponsorships are made possible by the profit generated from banking services provided at the branch. 

    Grants vs Sponsorship

    What Is a Grant?
    A Grant is a sum of money provided for a specific purpose, to address a social issue within the community, aiming to drive awareness for both the social cause and the institution that has funded it.

    What is a Sponsorship?
    A sponsorship is a business investment in which the sponsor, (in this case Community Bank Elwood) supports an event, project, or organisation through the provision of money, goods or services in return for customer acquisition opportunities and brand recognition.

    To keep up to date with Community Bank Elwood please visit Facebook page.


    15. VIC | GOV | ADDING | More than 400 jobs to the Victorian Sick Pay Guarantee

    That means thousands more casual and contract workers can now access 38 hours a year of sick and carer’s pay.

    People who work in the following jobs should check if they are eligible:
    • Food, hospitality and accommodation
    • Retail and sales
    • Supermarkets and supermarket supply chains
    • Factories, manufacturing and warehousing
    • Administration, clerical and call centres
    • Cleaning and laundry
    • Beauty, fitness and personal services
    • Taxi, rideshare and delivery driving
    • Security
    • Carers, aides and social assistance
    • Health and welfare support
    • Farm, agriculture and animal care
    • Forestry, horticulture and gardening
    • Tourism and outdoor recreation
    • Arts and creative industries
    Translated materials about the Sick Pay Guarantee are available at the link below 

    16. MELB | ECCV | HIRING | Community Engagement Officer and Administration Support Officer | Expressions of Interest now open

    Are you passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of Victorians from migrant and refugee backgrounds? Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria (ECCV) is currently seeking Expressions of Interest (EOIs) from talented, proactive people to fill two roles: Community Engagement Officer and Administration Support Officer. Both roles require relevant prior experience and the ability to work as part of a team.  

    17. CoPP | S2b | OFFERING | Volunteer Opportunities At Space2B

    With training, learn new skills with our team & make a difference
    Space2b Social Design (S2b) are looking for a series of volunteers who have a keen interest in being involved with Space2b, want to acquire new skills and share existing expertise with our team.

    Volunteering is a flexible and great way to develop skills, connect with your local community, make new friends and be a part of something bigger.

    Available Positions:
    1. SEO Expert
    2. Call for Events
    3. Online Cafe Support
    4. Sewing Mentors
    5. Grant Writers
    No skills required, just ability, desire & dedication
    Minimum of 5 hours per week for 6 monthsFor more information please email us at
    with a resume or a summary of your skills and experience.Together we make a difference!


    18. AUST | SBS | SCREENING | MFF films on SBS on Demand

    If you did not attend VMC's 2023 Multicultural Film Festival, don't worry! You can watch all the Official Selection films on SBS on Demand! 

    Mark your calendar, as a majority of the films will be available to watch in early October. 

    19. CoPP | PPSF | CELEBRATING | Seniors Festival at the Library | 1–15 October 2023

    City of Port Phillip Seniors Festival (PPSF) is an annual celebration running through October. The festival recognises the valuable contribution people aged 55+ have made and continue to make to our community. All events listed in this program are free of charge unless stated otherwise.

    To celebrate, our libraries have a range of events for seniors to explore and enjoy. Our library programs are designed to get you into writing and sharing your stories with the world.

    All of the events are FREE, but we ask you all to make a booking for catering purposes.

    How to get involved and make a booking?
    If you would like more information or to make a booking for any event, please contact:

    Phone: ASSIST 03 9209 6777 or Cathy 0481 053 536 

    Elvis is back in the building for Seniors Festival Launch Party | Sunday 1 October 2023 | 1–3pm

    Rohan Hammit is famous for his Saturday afternoon residency at Claypots in St Kilda. He sings and shakes through the fabulous Elvis era paying homage to the king with songs including Blue Suede Shoes, Suspicious Minds, Polk Salad Annie and many more!

    Backed by a group of superb musicians and wearing the famous elaborate jumpsuits of the Vegas years, Rohan and band re-defines the word excitement with a high energy show that is simply electrifying. Celebrate positive ageing with an afternoon of live music. Come dressed in your best rock and roll look.
    • Where: Middle Park Bowls Club, Canterbury Road, Middle Park

    Art Attack | Monday 2 October 2023 | 10am–12noon

    Bring out your inner creativity! In this introduction workshop you will have the opportunity to create art by learning different techniques. No prior art experience necessary. This Art Attack workshop is delivered by Creative Arts Therapist Zoe Arnott.
    • Where: Port Melbourne Library, 333 Bay Street Port Melbourne

    Memoir Writing | Thursday 5 October 2023 | 10–11am 

    Susan-Gaye Anderson, who worked as a presenter in the early pioneering days of television, will share her skills and tips on writing to help and motivate you to create your own lasting memoir or personal fiction.
    • Where: St Kilda Library, 150 Carlisle Street, St Kilda

    Getting Your Writing Out There | Thursday 5 October 2023 | 11.30am –12.30pm

    Image Join established authors Elizabeth Quinn and Graeme Simsion (author of the Rosie Project) in exploring the avenues available for older emerging writers in getting their voices heard.

    Get advice on working with blogs, to newsletters, to news outlets, publishing companies and more.
    • Where: St Kilda Library, 150 Carlisle Street, St Kilda

    Create a Digital Story | Wednesday 11 October 2023 | 10am–12noon 

    In this online workshop, learn new skills like how to capture and upload images, add images to Word documents and other digital techniques using your phone or computer.

    Please bring a memento or photo with a story in mind that you would like to capture and share.
    • Where: St Kilda Library, 150 Carlisle Street, St Kilda

    Friends with a Firie and Coffee with a Cop | Wednesday 11 October 2023 | 2–4pm

    Join us for a session with representatives from Victoria Police and Fire Rescue Victoria who discuss feeling safe in public spaces and other tips for older people to be prepared for emergencies and home security.
    • Where: St Kilda Library, 150 Carlisle Street, St Kilda

    Seniors Festival Writing Awards | Friday 13 October 2023 | 3.30–5pm

    Join us for this enjoyable session of literature including the announcement of the of the Judges Awards. Special guests will read selections of writers’ entries.
    Light refreshments included.
    • Where: St Kilda Town Hall, 99a Carlisle Street St Kilda

    One on One Device Advice

    Need some help getting started with your new phone, laptop or tablet? Or just need some help navigating the latest apps?

    Book in a 30-minute appointment and have your tech questions answered by our friendly digital team! We can assist you with basic troubleshooting, tricky questions and set-up of your devices.

    Where and Where:
    • Port Melbourne: Mondays, 11am–12noon
    • St Kilda: Wednesdays, 1–2pm 

    Give us a call on 9209 6655 with any questions or use one of the links below to make a booking directly. 

    20. CoPP | PPLS | HOSTING | English Conversation Cafe | Every Tuesday | 1.30–2.30pm

    Join Port Phillip Library Service (PPLS) at our FREE Conversation Cafe at St Kilda Library. Practise English in a fun and relaxed environment. Whether you are studying English or just want to drop in for a chat, everybody is welcome.

    21. CoPP | PPLS | TALKING | Time of Our Lives with Author Maggie Kirkman | Tuesday 3 October 2023 | 6.30–7.30pm

    Port Phillip Library Service (PPLS) and Time of Our Lives presents the extraordinary lives of ordinary women in their seventies, eighties and nineties, challenging the stereotype of the helpless old woman who is nothing more than a burden.
    Mig Dann
     worked for David Bowie and gained a PhD in her eighties. Miriam Rose Ungunmerr Baumann, the first Indigenous schoolteacher in the Northern Territory, is showing young people about culture and community. Olive Trevor’s love of gardening led her to become a world expert in bromeliads.

    Join us during the 2023 Seniors Festival to celebrate the contributions older women make to our community. 

    22. CoPP | HFAE | SHOWING | '10' Housing First Art Exhibition | 6 October–3 November 2023

    2023 Annual HousingFirst Art Exhibition (HFAE) is a visual celebration of a decade of diverse voices, inspiring stories, and the transformative power of inclusion.
    A curated collection of mixed media art created by the talented residents of HousingFirst community housing.

    All works are created by residents of community housing. 

    Artwork will be available to purchase through the duration of the exhibition. 100% of sale proceeds go directly to artists. 

    Presented by HousingFirst & MAB
    • Where: Carlisle Street Arts Space, St Kilda Town Hall
    • Cost: Free
    • Bookings: essential for opening night Thursday 5 October 6-8pm, via phone (03) 9536 7888 or email. Non essential for in-person visits. Check website for opening hours.

    23. DANDENONG | ECCV | GATHERING | Our Voice forum | Sunday 8 October 2023 | 12.30–2.30pm AEDT 

    In partnership with Bunurong Land Council and the City of Greater Dandenong, Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria(ECCV) is hosting a forum at Harmony Square to discuss the referendum. Local migrant and refugee communities are invited to attend to learn more about the Voice to Parliament and hear from Aboriginal and multicultural leaders about why voting 'Yes' will benefit all Australians.  

    24. AUST/NZ | RTRRC | Annual Conference – Refugee Trauma Recovery in Resettlement | 9-11 October 2023

    The 3rd Australia and New Zealand Refugee Trauma Recovery in Resettlement Conference (RTRRC) “Holding Hope in an Uncertain World” will be held in Adelaide. 

    Through workshops, interactive sessions and panels, this conference will offer participants many opportunities to listen, to learn and to discuss developments in practice that enable people from refugee backgrounds to recover from trauma.

    25. BRIMBANK | CYMHT | GATHERING | ARUSI (The Wedding) – Cross-Cultural Dialogue: African-Australian Mental Health | Wednesday 11 October 2023 | 11am-1pm

    Join Child & Youth Mental Health Training (CYMHT) for a captivating journey that combines storytelling with mental health awareness and stigma reduction.
     (The Wedding) is an innovative theatre production that explores family dynamics, work pressures, cultural traditions, and identity. This performance will be followed by a panel discussion with performers.

    Ubuntu Mental Health is dedicated to promoting mental health within African-Australian communities. Through theatre, and community dialogue, Ubuntu Mental Health aim to foster community engagement, encourage audience discussion, and inspire reflective practice. By attending this performance, you can be part of their mission to break down mental health barriers for African-Australian communities, and foster mutual understanding.
    • Where: Visy Cares Hub, 80B Harvester Rd, Sunshine VIC 3020
    • Cost: $0–$16.50
    • Bookings: online via Eventbrite

    26. CoPP | S2b | WORKSHOPPING | Nature & Ink | Saturday 14 October 2023 | 2–4pm

    Led by artist Rahila, this Space2b Social Design (S2b) workshop will encourage you to embrace the ever changing form of nature, exploring and experimenting with ink and organic objects.  Come and enjoy the time to creatively play with pattern and mark-making using ink. Materials provided.
    • Where: Space2b Social Design, 144 Chapel St, St Kilda VIC 3182 Australia
    • Cost: $30
    • Bookings: online via S2b

    27. VIC | VTMH | WEBINAR | Afghan Community Response Project: A Collaborative Approach to restore hope, create safety and increase connection in times of crisis | Wednesday 18 October 2023 | 3pm–4pm

    The Afghan Community Response Project (ACR) was established in August 2021 by Foundation House in response to the Taliban take-over of Afghanistan, which saw approximately 5,000 people evacuated from Kabul by the Australian Government, the majority of whom arrived in Melbourne. 
    The ACR project was led and delivered by a team of mainly lived-experience practitioners from within the Afghan Community.

    Two years have passed and the mental health and wellbeing of communities from Afghanistan continues to be heavily impacted by the ongoing human rights abuses perpetrated by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

    • Parwin Miazoi and
    • Zabi Mazoori (Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture (Foundation House))
    An overview of the presenting challenges and psycho-social needs of newly arrived Afghans as well as exploring the innovations and strengths of the ACR model, which is a model that can be adapted and used by other communities arriving in Australia after a crisis.

    This presentation will also offer reflections and learnings on the nuances and complexities that emerge for a team of mainly lived-experience practitioners working with their own community.
    Victorian Transcultural Mental Health (VTMH) seminars are open to individuals, from all disciplines and working in all sectors, who are based in Australia and interested in diversity and mental health.  

    28. CoPP | HEARING | Your say: on the St Kilda Triangle | submissions close 19 October 2023

    Part of the St Kilda Triangle would be transformed into a 5000 standing capacity live music venue under an exciting concept being considered by Port Phillip Council.
    The City of Port Phillip (CoPP) Council proposal, to be discussed at the 6 September Council Meeting, follows the Council recently declaring St Kilda as Victoria’s first Live Music Precinct.

    Mayor Heather Cunsolo said the site, in a prime position on St Kilda’s famous foreshore near the Palais Theatre and Luna Park, is ideally situated to fill the big gap in Melbourne for a purpose-built indoor live music/performance venue for up to 5000 patrons.

    Council is looking into the possibility of a live music venue on the St Kilda Triangle site. We'll be asking for your feedback on the feasibility work done to date in September.

    Give your say or keep an eye out on

    29. MELB | METRO | GATHERING | Try Before You Ride – Accessible transport event | Thursday 19 October 2023 | 10.30am–2pm

    [Edited extract from public address]
    As part of Metro Trains (METRO)'s commitment to making public transport more accessible for all Victorians, Try Before You Ride will be returning for 2023.
    Join Travellers Aid and Melbourne’s public transport operators on 19 October 2023 at Southern Cross Station.

    Attendees will have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with stationary vehicles and the station with assistance from our team. There will also be opportunities to learn about safe travel on the public transport network and much more!
    • Where: Southern Cross Station (corner of Spencer and Collins St, Melbourne)
    • Cost: Free
    • Further details will be provided closer to event date, including how to register and event information.

    30. DAREBIN | VTMH | GATHERING | Women Empowering Communities 'Deepening the Dialogue in Mental Health and Wellbeing' Forum | Thursday 26 October 2023 | registrations opening at 9am for 9.30am–4.30pm

    A full day, in person forum, will include dynamic presentations from a variety of community projects, a Q&A session, musical performance, and keynote speakers; Nyadol Nyuon, Sue-Anne Hunter, and Mary Crooks, all captured in stunning detail by graphic recorder Debbie Wood.
    Victorian Transcultural Mental Health (VTMH), supported by the Darebin Intercultural Centre, invites you to join us as we showcase work undertaken by women to strengthen mental health and wellbeing in their communities.

    Who should come?

    Consumer, carer and community members, mental health practitioners, educators and leaders, and health and community workers with an interest in mental health are invited to register
    • Where: Preston Shire Hall, Entry via 286 Gower St, Preston, Victoria
    • Cost: $100 per ticket. Morning tea, lunch & refreshments provided
    • Bookings: essential. Spaces are limited. Registrations close Thursday 12 October 2023 or until sold out. Please register early to secure a place
    A limited number of complimentary tickets are available for consumer, carer, and community representatives. Please email to enquire.

    31. CoPP | S2b | CELEBRATING | Space2b 10 Years Dinner Dance | Friday 27 October 2023 | 6.30–11pm

    Space2b Social Design (S2b) is 10 years old, and couldn’t have done it without you!
    • You bought from our shop.
    • You attended our exhibitions and even bought artwork.
    • You attended our workshops.
    • You supported our fundraising.
    • You volunteered.
    • You mentored.
    • You enjoyed a coffee or lunch at Flavours of Syria café.
    • You painted, you stitched, you potted, you crafted.
    • You mingled and chatted and met new friends.
    • Together we make a difference.
    Please join us to celebrate this milestone occasion with 3 COURSE DINNER, COMEDY, LIVE MUSIC & DANCE
    We will be celebrating our 10th anniversary with a momentous retro Gala Dinner Dance - formal with a dash (or dollop) of red, orange or both. This will be an evening filled with laughter, live music, captivating performances and hope. We will be commemorating a decade of empowering individuals seeking asylum, refugees and newly arrived migrants, but also raising awareness of their ongoing journey.

    This ticketed event includes a delicious 3-course dinner and great comedy with St. Kilda’s own Brian Nankervis as host. You will also be entertained by soul-stirring funky tunes from JoySoulMusic. This is a night not to be missed, so we hope you can make it.
    • Where: West Beach Pavilion, 330A Beaconsfield Parade, St Kilda West, VIC 3182
    • Cost: $145 per person ($125 for Early Bird until end of Aug) or $1250 for a table of 10 people ($125 per person)
    • Bookings: online through Trybooking

    INTRODUCING | Our MC: Brian Nankervis
    Brian is an acclaimed producer, writer, performer and  co-host of the Award winning SBS music trivia show, RocKwiz.  Brian lives in St. Kilda and co-hosts The Friday Revue on ABC radio and is the host of Songs and Stories on ABC radio. Brian is a preeminent musical 'Quiz Meister' and die-hard music fan (and all-round nice guy). We know you are going to love him as much as we do.

    TALKING | Music: JoySoulMusic
    JoySoulMusic will be providing the music for our 10th anniversary gala and if you haven’t seen Joys before, then you are in for a treat!

    Joy’s 5-piece band will play some old, new and classic tunes, that will have everyone on the dance floor.  As Joys says herself “the dance floor belongs to everyone".

    CALLING | For Donations
    Space2b will also be holding a silent auction during our anniversary gala. If you have a product or service that you could donate to this worthy cause, we will be most appreciative.
    All goods and services donated will be:
    • Recognised on Space2b website
    • Promoted via Space2b emailer and social media platforms.
    Please email with any fundraising donations, ideas or questions.

    Opening Hours
    • Store: Tues–Fri 10am–5pm, Sat 10am - 2pm
    • Flavours of Syria Cafe: Wed–Fri 10am–2pm, Sat–Sun 10am–4pm
    Together we make a difference!

    32. VIC | S2b | CALLING | Artists for Space2b Affordable Art Show | submissions close 12 November 2023

    IT'S BACK for another year! Open to both emerging and established artists, the Space2b Social Design (S2b) Affordable Art Show is an exhibition that celebrates the power of creativity and the expression of joy, in the lead up to Christmas and New Year celebrations. 

    33. CoPP | S2b | GATHERING | Laneway Festive Market | Sunday 3 December 2023

    Space2b Social Design (S2b) is super excited to be partnering with the wonderful Jorge and Susana from The Urban Creatives. The pair are venturing Southside to run a not to be missed festive shopping market for you all to enjoy in our colourful laneway behind Space2b. For artisans and makers, book below. 


    34. MELB | ASRC | UPDATING | Catering, New Melbourne Cafes, Home Meals | September 2023

    With a few cups of hard work, a healthy spoon of determination, and a pinch of impact, ASRC Catering is happy to announce our best recipe yet, the opening of not one, but two locations for Journeys Café

    As a continuation of the joint initiative between the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) and the University of Melbourne, the latest Journeys Café is nestled in the heart of the uni’s Southbank campus, serving both students and locals alike - the response has been warm and welcoming. 
    We’re thrilled to be serving up tasty lunches, great coffees, and tempting sweet treats now at two inner city locations. 
    Both cafes offer more than just delicious world flavours with each location functioning as a training space for people seeking asylum to gain hands-on experience as they enter the workforce. 

    They also provide affordable and nutritious meals to patrons, with no menu item costing over $10, something that is becoming increasingly rare to find in the city. This price structure has been designed specifically to support students on campus however, it also provides benefits to the local community as well. 
    With Melbourne’s student and low-income population facing food insecurity due to the continued cost of living increases, there is no better time than now. 
    Southbank has also served local residents, a lot of whom are students, as well as arts precinct workers and teachers, bringing a sense of community to the area. 

    Community is further mirrored with both our locations offering menus that draw inspiration from the cultures of the people we employ, showcasing global recipes with bold flavours. Expect a mostly vegetarian menu with breakfast, lunch, and snack options. 

    The team at ASRC Catering look forward to welcoming you for a coffee, soup, or sandwich at either the Southbank or Parkville campuses of the University of Melbourne.

    Check out Journeys Café

    Journeys Café Parkville
    The University of Melbourne, Student Pavilion
    Level 4, Building 162 Monash Rd, Cnr, Swanston St Parkville VIC 3010, Australia
    Opening Hours: 8am–4pm Monday to Friday

    Journeys Café  Southbank
    The University of Melbourne, 
    Building 877, 28-30 Dodds St, Southbank VIC 3006, Australia
    Opening Hours: 8.30am–3.30pm Monday to Friday 

    Conscious choices for your next celebration

    With end-of-year celebrations fast approaching, now is the perfect time to consider a catering provider that makes a difference, like ASRC Catering.

    Whether it’s to celebrate a special birthday, end-of-year- work parties, or even an engagement, ASRC Catering will bring delicious world flavours to the party!

    We provide a range of canapes, soups, salads & wraps, as well as filling main meals to share.

    Each meal is packed with delicious, globally inspired flavours - there are plenty of choices for vegans and people with dietary requirements.

    We are more than just good food and catering though, being a social enterprise of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, we also create pathways to employment for people seeking asylum. 

    Enjoy meals from home

    Did you know that ASRC Meals are back in action? We’re bringing you brand new flavours, from our kitchen to yours. 

    Feast on bowls of warming soups or hearty meals like Sbanikh Mae Eads, a delicious rich stew-like dish made with lentils, spinach and tomato. 

    Enjoy all these dishes at home
    • Gawaher’s Sudanese Ragu
      A family favourite recipe brought to you from Sudan. This humble dish shines bright with bold flavour. 
    • Butter Chicken with New Delhi spice mix
      Creamy curry flavours, balanced perfectly with tangy tomatoes - you’ll be dreaming of New Delhi with each bite. 
    • Middle Eastern Spiced Chickpea and Pumpkin Salad
      A wholesome Spring salad paired with filling chickpeas, pumpkin, and mouth-watering spices.

    Order yours today – available for pick up or delivery. 

    How It Works:
    1. YOU PRE-ORDER - Add your meals to the online cart and pick a time for pick up or delivery
    2. WE PREPARE- Sit back and wait while we prepare your delicious meals
    3. IT’S READY - Pick up your meals from our kitchen or they are delivered according to our weekly schedule
    4. ENJOY AT HOME - simply heat up your meal and assemble(meals can be kept refrigerated for 3 days or frozen for later) 
    It really is THAT simple. 

    Ways to support ASRC Catering

    • Let us cater for you
      Team lunches at work, conferences, birthdays or weddings - we’ve got your covered.
      Enjoy meals at home
      Take the night off cooking and order one of our delicious at-home soups, snacks or main meals. 
    • Visit our cafés
      In the CBD? Visit our Journeys Café in Southbank or Parkville and enjoy a coffee, cafe or a bite for lunch. 
    • Support our socials
      Share the love and interact on socials. Like, comment or share a post to help us reach more great people like you. 
    • Get involved
    • Donate
    • Advocate
    • Collaborate
    The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) is an independent not for profit whose programs support and empower over 7,000 people seeking asylum each year to maximise their physical, mental and social wellbeing. As a movement, we mobilise and unite communities to creating social and policy change for people seeking asylum and refugees in Australia.

    Anchor35. VIC | CHUFFED | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds towards Farm Sanctuary

    Wow the support for John and Debbie of J&D's Farm Sanctuary has been phenomenal! They are just $1k away from being able to care for all of their special needs rescues for the long haul. 

    Daisy the calf who has bowed back legs and was born into the dairy industry. She would have had a terrible fate without their sanctuary. 

    After rescuing 6 male calves only a few days old who were due to be culled within 24 hours, sanctuary life has changed a lot! But with our help, they can expand to care for all their new arrivals.
    “Sanctuary life has become unrecognisable, there is not a moment to stop at all – there are so many mouths to feed, medicine and special attention to be given, John and I are simply run off our feet – but we must go on for the sake of these animals who were simply born the wrong sex, species, or had something wrong with them – meaning they were not valued and were to be disposed of.”

    Team Chuffed calls to make their day by helping them raise the last little bit they need!  

    36. VIC | CHUFFED | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds towards protecting last remaining habitats of koalas, possums, greater gliders and powerful owls

    Amy is part of a group of activists and citizen scientists working desperately to save precious and endangered koalas, possums, greater gliders and powerful owls. The forest the group is trying to protect from logging is some of their last remaining habitat.

    These animals have already been pushed to the edge of extinction by bushfires. The Wombat Action Group is hopeful they can protect them from more logging, but they need our help and fast!

    Amy from Wombat Action Group shared that without funds to increase surveying in the forest, it's more difficult to know where and when to stop logging in its tracks. 
    “Honestly I don't know what to do. Unless we can somehow get this message out to everyone directly, let them know what's really happening here, I'm not sure these animals have been left with much of a chance.”
    Team Chuffed asks can you help this determined group to protect these precious native animals? 

    37. VIC | ECCV | UPDATING | News from Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria

    Australia is two weeks away from an historic opportunity to create practical, meaningful change for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders peoples. 
    Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria (ECCV) has been hard at work with our campaign to engage migrant and refugee communities about the upcoming referendum, and raise awareness about why a First Nations Voice matters.
    On Monday, we were proud to host a forum at Coburg Town Hall, where we heard from a panel of distinguished guests, including Aunty Esme Bamblett, Professor Mark Rose, Dr Shireen Morris, Sheena Watt MP and Carlo Carli, about what a First Nations Voice means to them and why achieving a successful referendum is vital to shaping a fairer, more inclusive Australia. The event was a testament to the strength of support for a 'Yes' vote within our diverse multicultural communities.
    We are looking forward to co-hosting another forum next Sunday, 8 October to help local multicultural communities in Melbourne's south-east engage more deeply with the upcoming referendum. ECCV is partnering with the City of Greater Dandenong and Bunurong Land Council on the event, which will begin in Harmony Square with a Smoking Ceremony, followed by a panel discussion in the Civic Centre. Joining us on the panel, which will be moderated by Hana Assafiri OAM, are Jillian West, Aunty Irene Fisher, Rabecca Mphande and Dr Shireen Morris.
    Submissions to the federal government's Multicultural Framework Review close tomorrow. The Review is a re-evaluation of how governments can better work with communities to ensure Australia's future remains diverse and vibrant. We have been busy preparing our submission, which we look forward to sharing with you soon.
    Eddie Micallef, Chairperson

    REPORTING | Why Yes? Why now? Multicultural Voice forum

    ECCV hosted our forum 'Why Yes? Why now? Multicultural communities and the Voice' this week at Coburg Town Hall. The event involved a panel discussion about the meaning and significance of the referendum, with a focus on why a First Nations Voice would be a positive step forward for the country and how multicultural communities have a vital role to play in the referendum's success.  

    PUBLISHING | Elder abuse in care relationships: new research

    ECCV has released a paper examining the issue of elder abuse in care relationships where the carer and/or the carer recipient are from a migrant and refugee background. The paper outlines findings from our Recognising & Respecting Carers project, which include the importance of preventing elder abuse by ensuring carers, especially 'hidden' carers in multicultural communities, are supported.  

    REPORTING | Multicultural experiences of flood

    This month, ECCV published our joint report with Regional Victorians of Colour and Neighbourhood Collective Australia about the experiences of multicultural communities during last year's devastating floods. The report highlights the key issues migrant and refugee communities faced as a result of the 2022 floods and makes a suite of recommendations for improving disaster management.  

    HEARING | Your say: Improving reporting pathways for racism

    Have your say on how to better support Victorians who experience racism. We invite you to take a short survey for a research project led by Victoria University in partnership with ECCV and the Islamic Council of Victoria, with funding from VicHealth. The project will inform recommendations on how to improve reporting pathways and support services for people who experience racism.  

    38. NSW | CHUFFED | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds towards relocating Hen Rescue

    All the animals urgently need transport to their new home (This rescue is moving between rentals for the ninth time in 10 years.

    Catherine from NSW Hen Rescue freed Belle the hen from her shackles of an intensive free range farm. Belle the hen needs a hormonal implant every 6 months to stop her laying eggs, or she will die. 
    “Some people have asked why we don't just re-home the animals we are caring for now, but these are our family members. I would never rehome Belle with her veterinary needs and I would never separate Belle from her best friend Isy.”
    Catherine from NSW Hen Rescue has dedicated over a decade to rescuing, healing and loving ex-battery hens and other animals that society has forsaken.

    But they have had to move between rentals eight times all the while rescuing thousands of animals. As you can imagine, Catherine is absolutely devastated to find out they have been evicted yet again and face another massive move. 

    Our donors have already helped them raise 40% of the funds they need to move all of the animals and their enclosures. There is still a long way to go, but Catherine said she feels much more hopeful now that they can get there.

    Team Chuffed asks for helping Catherine relocate and keep doing this important work. They can't do it without you. 

    39. TAS | CHUFFED | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds towards Equipment for Animal Sanctuary

    When 32 year old Beau was rescued, he hadn’t seen another horse in 10 years! But the moment he met Dorothy, they have been inseparable.

    FreeHearts Animal Sanctuary has saved thousands of animals from neglect, mistreatment and killing. They have done incredible things for old horses like Beau and Dorothy.

    But for thirteen years, Jules has been cleaning her sanctuary paddocks BY HAND!

    As you can imagine, it has taken a serious toll on her body. She is in urgent need of equipment for not only her health but to make sure she can keep rescuing animals.
    “It’s getting so much harder to do as I get older. Soon, I don’t think it will even be possible anymore. It’s overwhelming because I can’t imagine having to say no to an animal that needs us.”
    Team Chuffed asks can you chip in to make sure they can keep the paddocks open to animals with nowhere else to go? 

    40. WA | CHUFFED | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds towards protecting sacred Country and tribal lands

    Woodside’s Burrup Hub is set to become Australia’s most polluting project ever. Ancient Murujuga rock art is at stake. 

    Disrupt Burrup Hub are staging a series of peaceful protests demanding no more industry on Murujuga. Yesterday, at a silent protest outside of Woodside HQ, Ballardong Noongar man Desmond Blurton said:
    “They are trying to silence the truth about Woodside’s Burrup Hub from coming out. The truth about Woodside’s Burrup Hub is it is a climate, cultural and natural disaster, and we all need to speak up to protect our sacred Country and tribal lands.”

    The silent protestors are calling attention to the intensifying regime of police repression and civil litigation threats against activists, all the while Woodside continues their destruction.

    Toxic emissions on the Burrup Peninsula have already eroded the outer layer of the ancient artworks causing the carvings to slowly disappear. 

    There's still time to stop Woodside from gaining the finance and approvals for its planned Burrup Hub expansions - but we need to act fast.

    Team Chuffed asks for helping them protect these precious cultural artworks. 

    41. AUST | TJP | CALLING | Awareness, Support and Deliverers of the “Fuelling Hate” report to your local MP

    Over 130 people have already committed to calling on their local MP to stand up against the attacks on trans lives.
    On our Tuesday 5 September webinar, Trans Justice Project (TJP) called on trans people, our loved ones, and allies to join with us in delivering our groundbreaking new report, “Fuelling Hate”, to MP’s offices all across the country. 

    This report shows that experiences of anti-trans abuse, harassment, and violence have escalated rapidly over the last three years, and calls on our leaders to take swift and decisive action to stop the spread.
    When you sign up you will receive a guide, a recording of the webinar, and be put in touch with our coaching team who will be available to answer any questions you have.

    We know that 78% of Australians support trans and gender diverse people having the same rights and protections as everyone else. However, only 1 in 10 people actually know someone well who is trans. [1]
    The anti-trans lobby is exploiting this lack of familiarity with our community to help spread their lies so that they can undermine our rights, our access to health care, and our freedom. 

    The best innoculation against these lies is for people to get to know someone in their community who is trans or gender diverse. That's why we are delivering this report to our MP's.
    Our MPs need to know how the rise in anti-trans hate is affecting people in their own electorates, and meet the people who are being impacted. By delivering this report you will be helping to put our community on their agenda.

    If you missed the webinar on Tuesday night you can afind the recording, the guide, and the other resources on our website. 

    By hand-delivering this report to our MP's, we can show that we are a strong and united movement, and put real pressure on our leaders to act.If you are unable to do a delivery then you can still support the campaign by signing and sharing the petition.

    42. AUST | THCO | ADVISING | Where you can find us

    It may surprise you! When we launched The Conversation (THCO) in 2011, we wanted to inject the voice of experts into our country’s news coverage. Expertise was lacking and poorly informed opinions disguised as journalism were rife. 

    Much to our relief our untested approach of pairing journalists with academics worked right from the start. Academics quickly proved they could add valuable insight to what was making the headlines. We made our evidence-based coverage free to read and republish and quickly found a large audience. With many quality publishers adopting paywalls this free access to quality journalism became a crucial feature of our work.

    As our latest Impact Report shows, these days The Conversation’s outreach team works with print, online and broadcast media around the country to amplify the work of our experts. From community media to talkback radio, we help make sure that the voices of academics are heard.

    Significant issues that affect our nation such as last year’s Federal election and the current Voice to Parliament campaign, are carefully covered and shared. Conversationcontent that tackles the issues that matter in regional and rural areas – articles on community resilience, health, education and much more - are also available for republishing and discussion.

    Thank you to donors for supporting us. Donors' contribution helps our independent journalism reach more people. You can read more about our reach and the impact of our work in our latest Impact Report. And if you have time, please tell us how we are doing in our Reader and Author survey.

    You can read why this is important to us, below.

    All the best,
    Misha Ketchell, Editor

    Reader & Author Survey: 'Our only agenda is you'

    You’ll see the above statement pop up across our website. What this means is that our work is published with you in mind. We want to provide you with high-quality information that is useful and interesting to you.

    That’s why our Reader and Author Survey is a vital part of our editorial process. It helps inform the topics we cover and the authors we work with. It holds us accountable, and it ensures that we are providing you with a service of value.

    We know that you care, your philanthropic support shows us that, but we also want to know what you think. And that’s why we are coming to you first. 

    Outcomes from the Voice Reader Survey

    Thank you to those who participated in our Voice Reader survey last year. To see how your input has informed our coverage, please visit our curated Voice section of the website, and you can hear more from our First Nations and Public Policy Editor, Carissa Lee.

    An invitation to our Online News Conference | Monday 16 October 2023 | 9 am AEST

    Join us online for a peek at how The Conversation is made and a Q&A with our editors. Free and online. 

    Are we part of your legacy?

    Monday 4 September 2023 marked the start of the national campaign Include a Charity Week. This social change campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of having a Will and (after looking after your friends and family) encourages people to leave a gift in their Will to a charity (or charities) of their choice. If you would like to share a legacy of knowledge by leaving a gift in your Will to The Conversation, you may like to work with online Will partners Safewill.  

    Have you been with us since the beginning?

    We’ve been going for 12 years. Readers have been supporting us with donations since we began. If you think that you have been supporting us since our early days (2013/2014) we’d love to know! You’re a special lot, and we’d like to be able to thank you. 

    Thank you for being a Friend of The Conversation 

    43. AUST | GiveOUT | CALLING | Champions for your chosen LGBTIQA+ community

    There’s never been a better time to be the hero. LGBTIQA+ communities need us!
    We are just over 3 weeks away from the national GiveOUT Day and now we need individuals to step up by encouraging their networks to GiveOUT. Today we highlight how everyday heroes can help to make GiveOUT Day the gift that keeps on giving! 

    But first a reminder,Meet this year's amazing projects!
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    Become a Fundraising Champion!

    Matched-funding magic is just one half of GiveOUT Day’s uniquely impactful model. The other half of this abundance equation is Peer-To-Peer funding. 

    Peer-to-Peer funding is when an individual seeks donations on behalf of their chosen organisation who needs support. By signing up as a GiveOUT Day Champion you will get a personal fundraising page and become a Peer-to-Peer fundraising hero!

    As a Champion you will share your fundraising profile with your networks, amplifying the voice of your chosen community and ensuring the cause closest to your heart has its fundraising needs met. 
    Check out one of our first Champions of GiveOUT Day 2023, Laura Cripps! Laura has chosen to be a fundraising Champion for The Pinnacle Foundation.

    All donations made through Laura’s personal fundraising link will go directly to The Pinnacle Foundation and be matched by GiveOUT!  

    Sign up early to win extra cash for your organisation!

    The first three champions to raise $500 on their profile get a $500 boost, and champions who sign up before 5 October go in the draw to win a $500 boost. 
    Your mission as a Champion can be as simple as sharing your personal fundraising link to your social media and encouraging your networks to donate to your chosen cause. 

    Every donation is matched dollar-for-dollar so even a small handful of donations from your friends, family and colleagues can make a MASSIVE impact on the project you choose to Champion. 
    1. Pick a project close to your heart 
    2. Sign up as their Champion
    3. Encourage your networks to donate via your Champion page

    Greg Gould: Champion In Honour Of Simon Dunn

    Earlier this year, the world lost Simon Dunn, one of our community’s most beloved and powerful trailblazers. Simon used his voice to amplify the work of both GiveOUT Day and The Bobby Goldsmith Foundation, acting as an Ambassador for the two organisations. 

    Continuing Simon’s legacy of ending stigma and discrimination, his dear friend and GiveOUT Day teammate Greg Gould returns as a GiveOUT Day Ambassador and as a Champion for The Bobby Goldsmith Foundation’s GiveOUT Day fundraising campaign.  

    Greg, one of the rainbow community’s most cherished performers, has written and recorded an original song, Save Me A Seat,  to celebrate Simon’s rich life and work and as the Official Anthem for GiveOUT Day 2023. All proceeds from the downloads of the track on iTunes will be donated directly to The Bobby Goldsmith Foundation. 

    You can help give Greg’s song Save Me A Seat wings to fly this GiveOUT Day by pre-ordering on iTunes. Proceeds from all pre-orders will be donated to BGF. 
    "It was really important for me to be part of GiveOUT Day this year. I've been a proud ambassador for the past 2 years alongside the late Simon Dunn and I wanted to carry the torch for him this year in loving memory of our beautiful friend. GiveOUT Day is vital for our community and a great way to support our charities and organisations. 

    I have written a song for Simon called “Save Me A Seat”... I hope it can help anyone grieving the loss of someone they love and connect them with their loved one. Like the lyrics of the song say… their ‘spirit lives on’."

    On The Ground

    Here we highlight two incredible GiveOUT Day participants and their vital work supporting Autistic children and vulnerable young people.

    Aspect Australia is the country’s largest education service provider for children on the autism spectrum. Aspect is fundraising to provide much-needed LGBTQIA+ education regarding gender expression, sexuality and sexual education to autism-specific schools.
    Open Doors Youth Service supports vulnerable young people aged 12-24 who identify as LGBTIQA+ Sistergirl & Brotherboy.  Supporting over 1000 youth in South East Queensland per year, Open Doors is fundraising for their largest annual event, Queerosity. 

    South Australia – Matched Funding Announcements

    Do you know an LGBTQIA+ organisation based in South Australia? Give them a nudge and make sure they sign up for GiveOUT Day ASAP! This year, we are excited to have a total of $17,500 in matched funding specifically for South Australia organisations, thanks to a generous $10,000 contribution from Fay Fuller Foundation and $7,500 from The Wyatt Trust. 
    “LGBTQIA+ projects are consistently under-supported within the philanthropic funding landscape. GiveOUT Day is such a valuable opportunity to not just support these charities and organisations but to raise awareness of the incredible value of the work they do with the Rainbow Community.”
    – Niall Fay, Chief Executive, Fay Fuller Foundation
    “The Wyatt Trust is pleased to partner with GiveOUT as a way of supporting the strength of LGBTIQ+ communities, and hasten the path to equity and financial inclusion.” 
    – Stacey Thomas, Chief Executive Officer, The Wyatt Trust

    Aurora Ignite Pride Grants | applications close 13 October 2023

    For LGBTIQ+ organisations in NSW.
    This year Aurora aims to fund five LGBTIQ+ projects with up to $10,000 and two with up to $20,000. 

    44. AUST | ILF | UPDATING | News from the Indigenous Literacy Foundation

    Yamandhu marang. On 6 September, Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) celebrated its biggest and most exciting day of advocacy, Indigenous Literacy Day (ILD). The day celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' stories, cultures and languages. We thank the 302,654 supporters for watching the ILD 15-minute FILM and 45-minute LIVESTREAM, and for your generous donations on this special day. 

    The ILD FILM takes you on a virtual journey to three remote Indigenous Communities to celebrate the launch of three books in three different languages; Shordi Krik in Barunga Northern Territory, Country Tells Us When… in Rubibi (Broome) Western Australia, and We Look, We Find in Weipa on the Cape York Peninsula in Queensland. 

    For the first time ever, our ILD celebrations from Sydney Opera House with over 50 First Nations primary school students was Livestreamed. The 45-minute LIVESTREAM was hosted by ILF Ambassadors Justine Clarke and Gregg Dreise who reminisced on their PlaySchool days by teaching the audience some dance moves, taught words in Aboriginal languages, and sung songs in English and Kriol. It's not too late to watch the ILD celebrations below. We would like to thank the Barunga, Rubibi, Napranum and Bidyadanga Communities who were featured in the ILD FILM for sharing their stories with us and inviting us into their Communities. And all the remote Communities we work with for sharing their stories.

    As always, a heartfelt thanks to you, for making our relationships with remote Communities possible and for being a valuable supporter on our journey.   

    Mandaang guwu,
    Ben Bowen, Chief Executive Officer 

    SPOTLIGHTING | Word of the Month

    To celebrate UNESCO's second year of the Decade of Indigenous Languages, each month we encourage readers to learn a new word an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander language. 
    This month's word is porcupine in Wiradjuri language! Wiradjuri Country is located in central New South Wales. 

    CELEBRATING | Indigenous Literacy Day with 300,000 People!

    We are so grateful that over 300,000 supporters joined in to celebrate ILD! Learn more about the ILD FILM and LIVESTREAM, check out the media coverage for ILD and find out what the students from Barunga school got up to in their visit to Sydney

    ADVISING | A big announcement for Busking for Change 2024!

    We are pleased to announce that Shordi Krik is the Busking for Change 2024 song! Schools across the country will learn to sing the Shordi Krik song in Kriol and English while raising funds for our Foundation next year.  

    SHARING | ILF CEO Ben Bowen's connection to Country

    ILF CEO Ben Bowen shares his connection to Gadigal/Wangal Country (Rozelle, Sydney). 
    "It’s a place where I grew up, learning from my nan and Community about fishing, harvesting and the seasons" – Ben

    Read Ben's feature alongside Latrell Mitchell, Magnolia Maymuru, Narelda Jacobs, Graham Bootsie Thorpe, Ruth Langford, Zaachariaha Fielding, and Alisha Geary in the Qantas magazine. 

    CALLING | Unpublished Indigenous Writers for Boundless Indigenous Writer's Mentorship 

    Applications are now open for the 2024 Boundless Indigenous Writer’s Mentorship! For you or someone you know if an unpublished Indigenous writer, have a manuscript in the works and would benefit from a year-long mentorship with a senior Indigenous writer. 

    PUBLISHING | In my Blood It Runs becomes a children's book!

    Award-winning film, In My Blood It Runs, has been published as a children's book! This important story is about 10-year-old Arrernte and Garawa boy, Dujuan Hoosan. The book shares a story of history, love and resistance. 

    CLICKING | For More Stories


    Work in Community

    The Barramundi Song in Kunwinjku Language
    This month, we received illustrations from Jabiru Area School and Jabiru FaFT for a new Barramundi book we're starting work on in Kunwinjku language. The Barramundi Song is a popular song in playgroups in remote Communities, and when finished, this book will be our fifth language edition! 

    Tiwi Futures Expo
    ILF Programs Manager Tictac and Regional Coordinator Bella attended the Tiwi Futures Expo in Wurrumiyanga this month where we had a stall giving out ILF books to the Tiwi Community. The expo was joined by students who have the chance to meet local employers in a relaxed, familiar environment, and learn about careers that align with their interests.

    Pamela Lofts Workshop
    We are very excited to be hosting our first Pamela Lofts workshop next month since 2018. The workshop will be held in Sydney with youth from remote Northern Territory and Western Australia who have shown an interest in digital technology, digital art and storytelling.

    Ambassador News

    Dr Debra Dank. A big congratulations to ILF Ambassador Dr Debra Dank who won the Queensland Literary Award for Non-Fiction for her book, We Come with this Place!

    Dr Anita Heiss AM. Congratulations to Dr Anita Heiss AM, a play is going to be based on her book Tiddas at the Belvoir St Theatre in 2024! The book is about five women who have been friends since childhood who come together for book club meetings. The season will run from 12-28 January 2024.  

    Special Thanks

    We extend our thanks to our Indigenous Literacy Day sponsor Lendlease, who are committed to sharing and celebrating the diversity and richness of stories, cultures and languages. 
    Thank you to Studio Gilay who supported us with animations for the Indigenous Literacy Day FILM. 
    We would like to acknowledge our friends over at Better Reading and Better Reading Kids for their continued support and promotion of ILF campaigns and programs throughout the year. 

    Thinking of writing your will? The ILF has partnered with Safewill to provide our supporters with the ability to write their will for just $80 (half price).
    We are indebted to our partner Australia Post for their support with the delivery of Book Supply packs to remote Communities and their ongoing fundraising.  

    Community Fundraisers

    We are very grateful for the support of Readings who ran a match campaign for our Foundation on Indigenous Literacy Day which raised an incredible amount of over $20,000! This will allow us to gift over 2000 culturally relevant books to remote Communities. 

    We are very grateful for the support of Mindshare who provided over $2 million pro bono advertising support for Busking For Change. Mindshare also dedicated their company-wide Impact Day to celebrate stories, cultures and languages on Indigenous Literacy Day, raising a further $4808 in donations and bringing their total funds raised so far this year to over $7,000!

    A special thank you to Accenture (in partnership with Readings) for supporting the ILF for the last couple of years through their First Nations Voices Campaign. The campaign is an opportunity for Accenture to raise funds for the ILF while elevating the voices of First Nations authors and educating their staff about First Nations cultures. 

    We would like to thank the team at Wishes by Wyndham who have not only spread awareness about the ILF at various resort locations but also raised over $8,000 by encouraging donations and through fundraising activities! We are very grateful for their support. 

    45. AUST | CUIN | UPDATING | Making Connections and Connecting Communities

    THIS MONTH | Diversity Atlas embarks on a journey of innovation and knowledge-sharing. 

    Join Cultural Infusion (CUIN) as we recount our insightful roundtable discussion held in the vibrant landscape of Vietnam and announce our latest participation in an upcoming Culture AI conference, where we will delve into the fascinating intersection of artificial intelligence and cultural diversity. But that's not all – we have been busy with our latest achievement in implementing a robust platform framework which improves the user experience and strengthens data integrity. Plus, get ready for our new online certification programs designed to empower individuals with enhanced diveristy data literacy skills enabling them to thrive in the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion space. 

    INTRODUCING | Diversity Atlas in Ho Chi Minh City

    In August, we presented our latest research on “An Enhanced Gender Gap Prediction Algorithm using Machine Learning and Small Data" at the International Conference on Business Management, Humanities and Social Science in Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam is not only one of Australia’s fastest growing trading partners but also the fastest-growing digital economy in South East Asia and home to a large tech talent pool.

    We also had a chance to attend a roundtable discussion hosted by Study Melbourne and Global Victoria where our Chief Technology Officer Rezza Moieni was able to network with a group of subject matter experts in the fields of Environmental, Social and Corporate governance (ESG) and DEI.

    Diversity Atlas and its application is better understanding of people in a cohort. The way Diversity Atlas can help address social pillars of ESG was discussed in details.     

    IMPLEMENTING | AWS Well-Architected Framework

    After dedicated effort over 6 months, we're thrilled to announce the successful integration of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Well-Architected Framework into our web application. This major achievement significantly bolsters our confidence in the security of our platform. We've fortified Diversity Atlas across the pillars of Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, Cost Optimisation, and Sustainability. This transformative step ensures a stronger foundation, elevating user experience and reinforcing data integrity.
    "This accomplishment isn't just about technology; it's about redefining the user experience. By embracing the framework's pillars, we've fortified our application's foundation, ensuring heightened performance, data security, and scalability while optimising costs – a testament to our dedication to excellence." – Chief Technology Officer, Rezza Moieni
    "The integration of the AWS Well-Architected Framework marks a significant milestone in our journey. The meticulous work spanning half a year has led us to a more streamlined and resilient application architecture. From ensuring operational efficiency to fortifying security measures, this implementation echoes our commitment to seamless collaboration and continuous enhancement, aligning perfectly with our DevOps philosophy." – DevOps Lead, Mohsen Sadeghzadeh

    REGISTERING | For the Becoming a Diversity Data-Literate OrganisationOnline Program

    A unique program to help build your diversity data literacy. We delve into how diversity data provides an untapped resource to understand what data is needed to drive DEI capability in your organisation.

    This program will help strengthen your understanding of diversity data, examine data challenges, build your analytical skills including multifactorial analysis, use data to develop effective DEI strategies and success metrics as well as help meet your reporting requirements, DEI performance targets and communicate and influence your DEI agenda.

    Carefully curated by experienced practitioners in the field, the program supports the professional development for Human Resources and DEI professionals, Team Leaders and Executive Champions looking to enhance their understanding of diversity and data literacy.

    The course takes around 6 to 8 weeks to complete and is a self-paced learning experience over the space of two weeks. The content is a combination of peer-to-peer discussion, engaging and compelling video and written material and thought-provoking self-reflection exercises and activities. You get to meet the facilitators and participants once a week to dive into more complex topics. And we can accommodate between 10 and 20 participants at a time.  

    With so many DEI practitioners working across the globe, there is no better time to ensure that your DEI data literacy practice is exemplar, by learning or revising the fundamentals of DEI data analysis so you can create transformational change in your organisation! 

    ATTENDING | CultureCon™ Sydney | Thursday 26 Oct 2023 | 9.30am–4.30pm AEDT

    Join Diversity Atlas's Rezza Moieni and Michael Walmsley next month as they delve into the critical topic of cultural preparedness for the AI era, considering humanity's greatest asset: our own unique identities and the extent of our cultural vibrancy. In the rapidly evolving landscape of AI "integration", one crucial aspect that demands immediate attention is our preparedness to embrace its potential while valuing and preserving cultural diversity. As we navigate the intersection of AI and humanity, understanding the growing significance of cultural diversity becomes paramount. 

    PODCASTING | Diversity Atlas #GettingItRight

    Peter Mousaferiadis had a chance to speak with Jobsbank Australia's Rae Johnston in this latest podcast episode of Getting it Right. During this episode, they delve into practical insights and tips for creating a productive and inclusive culture within the company, ultimately promoting effective decision-making and leadership.  

    HIGHLIGHTING | Calendar Spotlight: Indigenous Literacy Day

    Held on the first Wednesday of September every year. Indigenous Literacy Day is a significant annual event celebrated in many countries to raise awareness about the importance of literacy within Indigenous communities. This day highlights the unique cultural and linguistic diversity of Indigenous peoples while emphasizing the need for equitable access to education and resources. It serves as a reminder that literacy is not only a fundamental human right but also a powerful tool for preserving Indigenous languages, cultures, and traditions. Indigenous Literacy Day encourages support for initiatives that promote literacy and empower Indigenous individuals and communities to thrive in a rapidly changing world. 

    46. WORLD | CHUFFED | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds towards metal detectors for Ukrainians

    For all the western tanks and armoured vehicles given to Ukraine, the fate of the counteroffensive may well lie in the steady hands of sappers. 

    They are the ones who are helping to find and deactivate land-mines, which involves unscrewing the mine’s fuse, the sappers have to avoid a gruesome array of Russian booby traps.

    Here, paramedics carry an injured Ukrainian serviceman who stepped on an anti-personnel landmine. 

    Nathan Burraston is urgently raising funds for a 7th shipment of metal detectors straight to Ukrainians on the ground to save lives.

    The density of the minefields is now “insane”, according to Oleksiy Danilov, a senior Ukrainian security official, who estimated there were as many as four mines per square metre along the front line.

    Team Chuffed encourages being part of the community of support for Ukrainians helping to make their country liveable again.   

    47. WORLD | PWR | UPDATING | An Urgent Call for the Amazon, A Call to be Vigilant, Upcoming Events and more

    Leaders at the 2023 Parliament of the World’s Religions Offer Urgent Call for the Amazon

    On Wednesday 16 August 2023, the Interfaith Rainforest Initiative and the Parliament of the World’s Religions hosted a critical discussion on Indigenous peoples, their spiritualities and the shared moral responsibility across faiths to protect the Amazon and the rights and cultures of Indigenous peoples and traditional communities at the 2023 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Chicago.

    Moderated by Lewis Cardinal and Zaya Guarani, this assembly featured keynotes from some of the most prominent Indigenous leaders of the Amazon sharing the urgent call to protect the forest and the traditional knowledge of Indigenous peoples, as well as highlighting the vital role of multilateral interfaith action to support the critical and often dangerous work of the leaders of the Amazon. 

    Explore the Main Stage Sessions at the 2023 Parliament of the World’s Religions

    At the 2023 Parliament of the World’s Religions, the voices of local and global luminaries answered the call to conscience to defend freedom and human rights as part of our Main Stage programming.

    Hear keynotes from luminaries like Mayor Brandon Johnson, Dr. Jane Goodall, and Rev. William Barber II; enjoy performances from diverse cultures and inspiring ceremonies addressing the critical issues facing our world. 

    Media Coverage of 2023 Parliament Shares Call to Conscience to 2.5 Billion

    Seen and covered across the world, the 2023 Parliament of the World’s Religionscaptivated the news and religion sections of powerful news brands as a global media event. The internationally reaching print and online stories for newspaper, TV and radio saw reporters covering for distinguished news names bring 2023 Parliament to platforms including the Associated Press, National Public Radio, Washington Post, Religion News Service and prestigious national and religious media from Chicago Tribune to the The Times of India.  

    Special Feature | A Call to be Vigilant: The Reverend James Lawson’s Message for Defending Human Rights and Freedom

    by Prof. Veena R. Howard, Ph.D. Professor of Asian Religious Traditions in the Department of Philosophy at California State University, Fresno, she also holds the Endowed Chair in Jain and Hindu Dharma.
    The late Congressman John Lewis offered the highest praise to the Reverend James M. Lawson, Jr. when he called him the “architect of nonviolent movement of the United States of America.” In a recent conversation with me, the Reverend Lawson reflected on the focus of the 2023 Parliament, “A Call to Conscience: Defending Freedom and Human Rights.”

    Lawson praised the Parliament for this theme, which calls on people of faith [and no faith] traditions to defend precious freedom and human rights. He told me that in the United States, securing freedom and basic human rights required hard work, sacrifice, and millions of Americans’ defiance of the racist Jim Crow laws and other xenophobic and sexist systems. He reminds people to remain alert of the insidious structures of violence, what he calls, “racism, sexism, militarism, and plantation capitalism,” which hold the power to deprive fellow humans of their rights, dignity, and freedom. 

    Upcoming Events

    Become a member and join fellow members for a special discussion sharing 2023 Parliament experiences and key takeaways for future programmings. 

    Stay up to date with the work of the Parliament


    Special Offers from Our Network

    Join CEIE & PoWR in Seeking Religious Literacy
    Seeking Religious Literacy is an essential good in the world today.
    Take a self-paced journey to increase awareness of the human quest for meaning across religious worldviews around the world.

    Discover "We Need to Build" by Eboo Patel
    "We are a stronger country when faith is fully embraced as a source of inspiration and a bridge of cooperation."

    Challenge yourself to be part of the change! Read the first chapter of We Need to Build by Eboo Patel today.

    Listen and Subscribe to the In Good Faith Podcast
    On In Good Faith, we talk with believers from all walks of faith and hear their experiences told in their own words. Our hope is to listen with an open heart, celebrating the power of faith and belief as we learn from each other.

    Nonprofit Leadership Online MA and Certificate at MSU
    Expand your nonprofit skills! Connect and engage with MSU’s Religious Studies faculty to deepen your understanding of religious knowledge in a nonprofit context, while enhancing grant writing, fundraising, and ethical leadership skills.


    48. VIC | CFA | ADVISING | Reduce fire risk  by using lithium-ion battery powered devices safely

    In the past 12 months, CFA and FRV have responded to at least one significant lithium-ion battery-related fire each week, and fire services expect this trend to increase.

    Lithium-ion battery powered devices such as e-bikes, e-scooters and electric vehicles make our lives easier, but it’s important to use and maintain them correctly to minimise the risk of fire. They are different to single-use lithium batteries in that they are rechargeable and usually built into the device it powers.

    If lithium-ion batteries are damaged, misused, or fail to meet compliance standards, they pose a serious fire risk, particularly when connected to chargers.

    Once a lithium-ion battery catches alight it can develop dangerous, self-sustaining flames and potentially release shrapnel and toxic gas.

    Most of these incidents could have been avoided if the victims knew what actions they could take to prevent their devices or batteries from catching fire, so keep these tips in mind:
    • Purchase products from reputable suppliers. 
    • Only use chargers and cords that are supplied with the device. 
    • Don’t modify or tamper with the batteries and the appliances they power.  
    • Only charge batteries on hard surfaces in a room where a smoke alarm is present. 
    • Don’t use batteries or devices that show signs of swelling, leaking or overheating.
    If your e-product does catch fire, call Triple Zero (000) immediately. 
    • It is not safe to attempt to put the fire out yourself, as batteries involved in fire can release toxic gases and generate multiple explosions.
    • Never throw lithium-ion batteries in your regular waste or recycling collection bins. Many battery fires start in household bins, garbage trucks and waste facilities. 

    49. VIC | VEOHRC | LAUNCHING | New resources kit helping LGBTQA people of faith to live authentically and with pride

    The Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission (VEOHRC) have created a resources kit to explain the recent law that affirms that faith and LGBTQA identity can coexist. 

    This resources kit includes a short animated explainer and factsheets that you can share with your community and networks.  

    50. VIC | GOV | BUILDING | A World-Class Mental Health System For All Victorians

    The Victorian Government's Mental Health and Wellbeing Act 2022 is now in effect – resetting the state’s mental health system and enshrining the recommendations from the Royal Commission into law.

    This legislation paves the way for a redesigned, world-class mental health and wellbeing system that has human rights and lived experience expertise at its core. 

    The Act focuses on a system of early intervention and community-based services to ensure people are involved in decisions about their treatment and importantly, incorporates a statement of recognition and acknowledgement of treaty process.  

    Guided by Victorians with lived experience of mental illness, the new Act establishes a Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission, Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing Victoria and Regional Mental Health and Wellbeing Boards.

    Formally commencing today, the Commission will lead a new independent statutory authority with a dedicated focus on transparency. 

    It will monitor and publicly report on performance, quality and safety of Victoria’s mental health and wellbeing system, handle and investigate complains about service delivery, and elevate the leadership of people with lived experience.

    A new governing board and advisory body, Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing Victoria, recognises the need to address the emerging mental health issues facing young people. Similarly, the Regional Mental Health and Wellbeing Boards will advocate for the unique and distinctive challenges faced by regional and rural Victorians.

    The Act also enables a new ‘opt out’ model of access to non-legal advocacy services for people who are subject to compulsory treatment, helping connect them with advocacy support when they need it. 

    Led by Victoria Legal Aid’s Independent Mental Health Advocacy (IMHA), the service will ensure people can participate in decisions about their treatment and understand and exercise their rights.

    The Victorian Government has been working closely with the sector to assist transition to the Act, with a focus on delivering information, training, and resources to help service providers and the workforce understand new requirements.  

    To ensure the new system continues to provide the best support for all Victorians, a review of the Mental Health and Wellbeing Act 2022 will take place in five to seven years.

    It comes at the same time as another significant milestone, with the new $5.3 million emergency department mental health, alcohol and other drugs (AOD) hub at the Royal Melbourne Hospital now complete – the result of another key recommendation from the Royal Commission.

    The hub is located within the hospital’s existing Emergency Department (ED) and will treat people needing immediate, specialised crisis care for mental health and AOD use when it becomes operational in September.

    Featuring six mental health beds and six behavioural assessment cubicles, the new facility will work to free up the general Emergency Department so it can focus on caring for other patients. 

    Patients will be assessed by a team of psychiatrists, mental health nurses and social workers, before being referred to other services as required – providing them with the right support, sooner.

    It is one of six hubs being delivered across the state as part of a $32 million investment, including St Vincent’s Hospital, Barwon Health University Hospital, Monash Medical Centre, Frankston Hospital and Sunshine Hospital.

    The Labor Government is also investing a further $10 million to deliver Emergency Department mental health and AOD hubs for regional Victorians, including Traralgon, Ballarat, Bendigo, and Shepparton.

    The Victorian Budget 2023/24 delivered $776 million for mental health and AOD initiatives, as a responsive and compassionate mental health and wellbeing system is built for all Victorians – bringing the overall investment into the system to more than $6 billion since the Royal Commission report was handed down. 

    51. VIC | VTMH | LAUNCHING | Community Engagement with Purpose Resources

    Working together to create healthy, connected communities, where no one is left behind. Improving your work with communities.

    New resources now available. Victorian Transcultural Mental Health (VTMH) have created the 'Community Engagement with Purpose' resource.

    The project produced a range of resources to support both mental health workers, and mental health organisations, to engage with communities.More resources will be rolled out in the new year, including a workshop featuring new videos created through the project. 

    52. VIC | GOV | CARING | For The Carers Of Vulnerable Victorians

    More than 60,000 Victorians care for a loved one living with mental illness, and the Victorian Government is giving them the support they need – with new Mental Health and Wellbeing Connect Centres in seven regions now officially open.

    Delivering on a key recommendation of the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System, these services are the first of their kind in Australia, supporting the mental health and quality of life of caregivers when supporting someone with mental health challenges, illness, psychological distress or addiction.

    Recognising these Victorians are often unable to work and without adequate support, the centres offer a welcoming and accessible space, available without need for a referral – giving those with care responsibilities access to a range of services, including information, networks, resources and hardship funds.

    Made possible by a more than $54 million investment by the Labor Government, the initiative sees central hubs and additional satellite sites now open across regional and metro Victoria, including locations in:
    • Loddon Mallee – Bendigo (hub), Mildura (hub), Swan Hill (satellite)
    • Gippsland – Traralgon (hub), Bairnsdale (hub), Wonthaggi (satellite – in progress)
    • Hume – Wangaratta (hub), Wodonga (satellite), Shepparton (satellite)
    • South West – Geelong (hub), Warrnambool (hub)
    • North East metro – Ivanhoe (hub), Hawthorn (satellite), Lilydale (satellite)
    • South East metro – South Melbourne (satellite), Bentleigh (satellite – opening in September), Dandenong (satellite – opening to be confirmed)
    • Western Metro – Sunshine (hub)
    Grampians will also receive a hub with an announcement in June that MIND has been appointed as the lead provider and will partner with Grampians Community Health and Ballarat Community Health – satellite sites will also be established. An opening date will be set in coming months.

    Backed by a workforce of more than 140 people offering lived experience in supporting people with mental health or addiction-related illness, the centres were also co-designed with families, carers and supporters.

    Each hub and satellite location will also provide outreach, phone and online services to meet the diverse needs of the community.

    53. VIC | GOV | EMPOWERING | Future Women Councillors And Mayors

    Dozens of Victorian women who aspire to become local councillors are one step closer to achieving their ambition after graduating from the Victorian Government’s Women Leading Locally program.

    Minister for Local Government Melissa Horne congratulated 60 graduates from the first round of the program which was created to improve gender equality in local government by supporting women to break down barriers to nominating for council.

    Victoria set a national record for female representation in the 2020 local government elections, with women making up 43.8 per cent of elected councillors.

    Women Leading Locally builds on this momentum by equipping women with training, skills, mentoring and resources to campaign in the October 2024 elections.

    The Victorian Government's recently updated Gender Equality Strategy, Our Equal State, champions the target of 50-50 gender representation on councils by 2025. Women Leading Locally is one of many programs that supports this.

    Last month, 65 participants from across Victoria started the second round of the program. These women are drawn from local government areas with low female representation.

    They also represent historically underrepresented groups including Aboriginal women, culturally and linguistically diverse women, young women, women living with disability and women who identify as LGBTQI+.

    One of the first graduates is Rabecca Mphande, from Cardinia Shire, who has been heavily involved in teaching and helping African-Australian and other culturally and linguistically diverse community groups over many years and is motivated by closing the gender gap as well as empowering her community.

    Women Leading Locally is delivered by the Institute of Community Directors Australiain partnership with Women for Election 

    54. BRIMBANK | ODiBM | LAUNCHING | The Orange Door Opens In Sunshine

    Adults and children experiencing family violence in Brimbank Melton have another place to turn to for help with a new Orange Door opening in Sunshine.

    The Orange Door is an easy way for people experiencing or who have experienced family violence to access support, either face to face, or via telephone or email.

    It brings together services from specialist family violence, men’s, Aboriginal and child and family services to provide coordinated support, including crisis assistance and support, risk assessments, safety planning, wellbeing support and community-based services.

    The Sunshine site includes a reception area, private meeting rooms, public areas, and secure staff working areas.

    The Orange Door in Brimbank Melton (ODiBM) is a partnership between GenWestMacKillop Family ServicesVictorian Aboriginal Child Care ServicesVictorian Aboriginal Community Services Association Ltd., Western Health and the Victorian Government

    The Orange Door Brimbank Melton is open from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday. For more information call 1800 271 046, email 

    55. MELB | STME | ENGAGING | International Students Upcoming Events

    Study Melbourne (STME)  has many free or low cost events for international students who are studying and living in Victoria. 

    56. AUST | GOV | ADVISING | Changes to the childcare subsidy

    Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is the main way the Australian Government is helping families with the cost of early childhood education and care.

    The changes commenced from 10 July 2023.

    Most families using early childhood education and care will now get more CCS and some families previously not eligible for CCS will now get it.

    The changes mean early childhood education and care is now more affordable for more families.
    Out-of-pocket costs will reduce for around 96% of families currently using child care, and no family will be worse off. 


    57. VIC | GOV | UPDATING | Coronavirus Response

    Stay up to date on the latest health advice and please consider both the COVID-19 and flu vaccinations if eligible. If you need access to food or financial relief, there is information available for how to get this support.

    UPDATING | COVID safe and vaccination information to support CALD people with disability

    The COVID safe and vaccination information to support CALD people with disability translated fact sheets are now obsolete and will not be updated or maintained.

    The following links are currently being used to promote COVID-19 resources in language (via the translations icon): 

    Free RATS Now Available to everyone through your local council

    The Victorian Government has now made Rapid Antigen tests free and available at more than 200 local council distribution sites such as libraries and council customer service centres. The program is open to all Victorians, with all eligibility requirements removed.

    Individuals can collect up to two packets for themselves plus up to two packets for each household member per visit. People with a disability or their carer can collect up to four packets of tests.
    To learn in other ways about Victoria's responses: 

    58. AUST | Coronavirus hotline

    • Coronavirus hotline: If you are concerned, call the coronavirus hotline on 1800 675 398 (24 Hours).
    • Coronavirus in-language information
    • If you are an NDIS participant you can also call the national hotline on 1800 020 080.
    • Information and referrals for people with disability and their supporters about Coronavirus: Contact the Disability Information Helpline on 1800 634 787. 
    • If you are deaf, or have a hearing or speech impairment, you can also call the National Relay Service on 133 677.
    • Interpreting service: If you need an interpreter, call TIS National on 131 450.
    • Testing locations: Find a testing location near you.
    • Call-to-Test-at-Home service, providing in-home coronavirus testing to Victorians who would otherwise be unable to get tested, call the DHHS Coronavirus hotline on 1800 675 398.
    • Triple Zero: Please keep Triple Zero (000) for emergencies only.

    59. AUST | MANY | Helpers and Reliable Sources Along the Way



      60. Acknowledgment to Sources

      This is a consolidated account of information current at time of issuance, sourced, collated and provided by Victorian Multicultural Commission, Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria, various Government Authorities, community organisations, public domain and individuals, received with gratitude.

      61. Bye bye to Essentialists

      Us non-essentialists will endeavour to manage our expection of miracles and do our best to follow rules while staying out of the way. 

      Contact your closest friendly non-essentialist if you need anything that can be done remotely. Bye bye to Essentialists for now, please leave to attend to the essential work. That is all from the Caretaker at this time.

      62. Self-Isolators, Non-Essentials And The Homebound

      Meanwhile, if with a surplus of time, this and the following is offered. Discuss with sincerity. Deny untruth. Dismiss unuseful. Accept useful. Adapt to change. Adopt least effort most benefit. Adept with sharing. Enjoy throughout. As each case may be. Round about. And again. Or not.