TJP | UPDATING | Gender-affirming healthcare at risk

[Edited extract from public address]

In the last year we have seen a rapid escalation in the amount of anti-trans disinformation being published by mainstream news outlets.

In September, Channel 7’s appalling ‘Detransition’ episode engaged with known anti-trans conspiracy theories, misinformation, and platformed a number of anti-trans activists whose comments were aired without correction. Not only that, Liberal Senator Alex Antic introduced a bill to ban gender-affirming care for those aged under 18 and cancel the registration of health care providers who offer it.

These actions are scary and cause immeasurable trauma and harm. Unfortunately, I know that this is just the beginning. 

That's why I urgently need your help to continue to expose the lies of these hateful anti-trans campaigns before it's too late. 

Since the Trans Justice Project launched in April, we have 
  • Briefed 50+ organisations on anti-trans lobby's tactics
  • Trained over 600 individuals to identify anti-trans disinformation
  • Developed and shared a strategic messaging guide for trans justice; trained 60+ leaders on its usage
  • Released 'Fuelling Hate' report, an extensive investigation into anti-trans hate based on 3000+ survey responses
  • Supported 100+ community leaders in 85 electorates to hand-deliver the report to their local MPs
Donations has been invaluable in getting us this far. And we are just getting started.

As we continue defending our democracy from hate, we would be deeply honoured if you would consider supporting us again. Your donation will go towards campaigning to ensure journalists, commentators, leaders and advocates have accurate, fact-checked analysis related to anti-trans disinformation.

Thanks again,
Jackie Turner (she/her), Director


Trans Justice Project (TJP)