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[Edited extract from public address]

After three and a half years of harrowing multi-million dollar litigation affecting my family, I’m grateful the Supreme Court will now examine whether parts or all of Adani’s case should also be dumped. 

Ben Penning (BEPE) is in the midst of a very encouraging 2 day Supreme Court hearing.
"In a very exciting development, my legal team will be arguing why Adani’s remaining allegations should be ‘Struck Out’ or declared an ‘Abuse of Process’

Some of my supporters have offered to match donations to my legal defence fund. 

I haven’t got 100 BILLION DOLLARS like Mr Adani so I need your help!"
All Donations Will Be Matched By Prominent Supporters

Adani twice tried to raid Ben's home and has attacked him in the Murdoch press. Since then they’ve dropped their damages claim from $600 million to $17 million. 

People power MUST match Adani’s billions. 

Ben needs our help to finance his defence in this unprecedented court case for the right to peacefully protest.