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[Edited extract from public address]

After an extraordinary Convening in Chicago last August on the theme "Defending Freedom and Human Rights," our team has been reflecting on that remarkable achievement.

We have been dreaming about the bold, sustainable and impactful future of the Parliament of the World's Religions – guided by the vision, values and commitments that we share.

We are delighted to announce the publication of our 2023 Annual Report. Our Annual Report is an important moment in which we show our donors and other supporters how their contributions have helped us fulfill our mission of cultivating harmony among the world's religions and fostering engagement with the critical issues of our time.  It includes a detailed and substantial recap of our Chicago Convening. You can view and download the 2023 Annual Reports and also see past Annual Reports directly on our website.

As we reflect on the past we are also inspired as we look ahead to the next chapter of the Parliament, which is filled with new possibilities. 

Launching 2024 program "FOCUS24: Faith, Democracy and Our Common Future: Shaping a Way Forward"

As our world faces an ever-increasing number of escalating crises, the need for our faith and spiritual communities to work together to find the way forward has never been greater. The interfaith work of the Parliament is more urgently needed than ever. Please know how immensely important your support is – and how deeply appreciated.  

Help us jumpstart our Spring Fundraising Appeal: any amount you can give today will allow us to dream bigger as we work towards a future of peace, justice, and sustainability.

Thank you to continuing supporters as we strive to build a world guided by compassion and understanding.

Nitin Ajmera, Chair of the Board

Rev. Stephen Avino, Executive Director

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