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Fast Facts: Community Responses Victoria & Australia

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      1. AUST | UTS | ANNOUNCING | The Call It Out App is Here!
      2. AUST | CTCV | OFFERING | Courage to Care online teacher Upstander lesson plans

       1.1  AUST | UTS | ANNOUNCING | The Call It Out App is Here!

      The Call It Out: A First Nations Racism Register App has arrived!

      The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education and Research, in partnership with the National Justice Project, are proud to announce the launch of the Call It Out App, a ground-breaking platform aimed at documenting and addressing racism against First Nations Peoples in communities across Australia.

      The new app is designed to make reporting racism as accessible as possible and features artwork by Kirsten Gray, a Muruwari/Yuwalaraay woman, mother, artist, and advocate. 

       1.2  AUST | CTCV | OFFERING | Courage to Care online teacher Upstander lesson plans

      Courage to Care Victoria (CTCV) has launched a set of six digital ‘How to be an Upstander’ lesson plans for years 9&10, complementing their existing face to face Upstander Programs.
      The new online resources will equip teachers to tackle issues of racism, discrimination and stereotyping, whilst also giving students the tools to stand up and take action against hate speech in their schools and communities.

      With support from the Victorian Department of Education, the resources were developed in partnership with and is now available nationwide for free!

       2. GRANTING 

        1. VIC | GOV | GRANTING | For the live music industry | applications close Friday 17 May 2024
        2. VIC | GASWORKS | PUTTING | Playwrights in the spotlight | submissions open 1 May 2024
        3. CoPP | GOV | GRANTING | Rupert Bunny Foundation Visual Arts Fellowship | applications now open

         2.1  VIC | GOV | GRANTING | For the live music industry | applications close Friday 17 May 2024

        The Victorian Government will be investing $10 million into the 'Live Music Festival Fund' and '10,000 Gigs: The Victorian Gig Fund' to support the live music sector and ensure more artists have paid opportunities.

        The 'Live Music Festival Fund' will provide grants of up to $50,000 to established Victorian festival organisers to help them stage new or existing events.

        The '10,000 Gigs: The Victorian Gig Fund' will provide grants of up to $10,000 to Victorian live music venues to cover Victorian artists' fees for gigs at their venue. 

         2.2  VIC | GASWORKS | PUTTING | Playwrights in the spotlight | submissions open 1 May 2024

        Submissions for an exciting creative development opportunity for emerging and experienced playwrights who call Port Phillip home.
        To be presented in partnership with Melbourne Writers’ Theatre, the free Gasworks Script Lab will once again be delivered on-site at Gasworks Arts Park.

        Participants will attend a series of writing workshops before further developing their new scripts in sessions with professional directors and actors. The program will culminate in two Script Showcases to be presented on stage to the public on 22 and 23 October 2024.

        The Emerging stream, to be facilitated by short play enthusiast and teacher Michael Olsen, will cater for up to 10 aspiring writers who have never written for the stage but are interested in exploring the craft of playwriting.  Participants will be guided to write a short play from scratch.

        In the Experienced stream, to be led by award-winning playwright and theatre-maker Laura Lethlean, up to six playwrights with one or more production credits will receive dramaturgical support to further develop the full-length play they are currently working on.

        Participants must be available to attend all of the program sessions.  

         2.3  CoPP | GOV | GRANTING | Rupert Bunny Foundation Visual Arts Fellowship | applications now open

        Applications for the City of Port Phillip (CoPP) 2024 Rupert Bunny Foundation Visual Arts Fellowship are now open with local artists encouraged to apply for the $30,000 acquisitive award.The biennial fellowship supports professional artistic development and celebrates excellence in contemporary visual arts.

        Dr Lisa Anderson shared their experience receiving the Rupert Bunny Fellowship in 2022.
        “It was an honour as the Rupert Bunny is quite prestigious,” Dr Anderson said. “It shifts a lot of things for an artist when they get that kind of recognition, and it gave me a lot of confidence."

        “Being the Rupert Bunny Fellow is a foot in the door. It’s a way to grab attention, and then everyone wants to know what you’re doing with the fellowship.”
        Dr Anderson was awarded the fellowship for a multimedia, visual arts project, Beguiling, which was recently exhibited at the Victorian Pride Centre from November 2023 to January 2024.

        As a member of the LGBTIQA+ community, Dr Anderson said it was important to be recognised within the pride community.
        “The Pride Centre is a fabulous space, but it’s also an open public space and it meant a lot to me that so many people saw the exhibition and engaged with it.”

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            1. VIC | GOV | FURTHERING | Your goals, your way
            2. VIC | GOV | REOPENING | Victoria's Overseas Qualification Unit

             3.1  VIC | GOV | FURTHERING | Your goals, your way

            Low cost courses at over 200 locations across Victoria to help you learn skills for work, study and life. 
            Learn Local courses include: 
            • Learn online or in person
            • Get the skills employers are looking for
            • Doing further study
            • Learning with others in your local community
            To find out more please visit 

             3.2  VIC | GOV | REOPENING | Victoria's Overseas Qualification Unit

            The Victorian Government's Overseas Qualification Unit are accepting applications for migrants to have their international qualifications recognised in Australia.

            This is a free and confidential assessment service open to all Victorians. 

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             4. ENGAGING 

                1. CoPP | SMM | SUPPORTING | Community Groups and Charities
                2. CoPP | GOV | TRAINING | Understanding Financials for Committees and Community Groups | Wednesday 1 May 2024 | 10am-1pm
                3. VIC | VMC | WORKSHOPPING | Public speaking program | Thursday 2 May 2024 | 5.30-8.30pm
                4. VIC | GOV | CALLING | Inductees for the Victoria Honour Roll of Women | nominations close 11.59pm Sunday 5 May 2024
                5. CoPP | PPLS | TALKING | See Yup Temple | Monday 6 May 2024 | 6.30pm
                6. MELB | TRAI | HELPING | People feel more confident when using public transport | Thursday 9 May 2024  | 10.30am-2pm
                7. CoPP | PPLS | TALKING | Nature Strip Gardening with Emma Cutting | St Kilda Thursday 9 May 2024 | 6–7.30pm
                8. MELB | UNVesakVIC24 | COMMEMORATING | United Nations International Day of Vesak in Victoria | Saturday 11 May 2024 | 10am-3.30pm
                9. VIC | VTMH | WEBINAR | Do my spiritual beliefs matter in providing mental health care? | Tuesday 14 May 2024 | 10.30am-12noon
                10. CoPP | PPLS | TALKING | IDAHOBIT with Authors Sam Elkin and Jasper Peach | Wednesday 16 May 2024 | 6.30–7.30pm
                11. CoPP | RAWCUS | GATHERING | Performers for FORGE workshop | Saturday 25 May 2024 | 10am-3pm
                12. CoPP | GOV | TRAINING | Gender Equality and Inclusion for Community Groups | Monday 27 May 2024 | 9.30-11am
                13. MELB | EQPR | DEVELOPING | Your Adaptive Leadership Capacity | 28-30 May 2024
                14. CoPP | GOV | WEBINAR | Winter comfort for renters – online session | Wednesday 28 May 2024 | 7-8.30pm
                15. VIC | VTMH | TRAINING | Mental Health and Cultural Diversity Community of Practice | Registrations open for 2024 | next session Wednesday 29 May 2024
                16. CoPP | GOV | TRAINING | Introduction to Creating Change in the Community - 2 Part Workshop | Wednesdays 12 & 19 June 2024 | 4-6.30pm
                17. AUST | EQPR | GATHERING | Better Together 2024 | Friday 14–Saturday 15 June 2024

                 4.1  CoPP | SMM | SUPPORTING | Community Groups and Charities

                South Melbourne Market (SMM) is a community market at its heart, and community groups, local schools, not-for-profit organisations and charities are welcome to have a presence to promote their cause, fundraise and reach the local community.
                The Market is home to a dedicated Community Space located in Centre Aisle that is available to book on all Market days (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday). The Community Space is a flexible stall space created to offer community groups the opportunity to have a pop-up presence at the Market for a short period, free of charge.  

                 4.2  CoPP | GOV | TRAINING | Understanding Financials for Committees and Community Groups | Wednesday 1 May 2024 | 10am-1pm

                Committee or board members of not-for-profit organisations and community groups come with different skills and experiences which makes their contribution special. 
                Financial literacy is important to ensure the group is solvent.Learning how to read and understand the facts and figures presented in financial reports will help committee members with decision making and planning for their community group.

                Topics Include:
                • Understanding good financial governance
                • Interpreting the financial reports including the balance sheet, profit and loss and cash flow reports
                • Developing a budget for the financial year
                • Calculating the organisation’s financial health
                • Linking the strategic plan to the budget and financial reports
                • Determining the appropriate level of equity for a not for profit
                • Understanding the financial controls required to protect assets
                This City of Port Phillip (CoPP) training is part of the Port Phillip Community Training Calendar. You can join in person or online.
                • Where: In person at the St Kilda Town Hall, 99a Carlisle Street, St Kilda or join online.
                • Cost: Free
                • Bookings: essential, online via Trybooking

                 4.3  VIC | VMC | WORKSHOPPING | Public speaking program | Thursday 2 May 2024 | 5.30-8.30pm

                The Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC) has partnered with the Centre for Multicultural Youth to invite you to a workshop focused on enhancing your Public Speaking and Advocacy skills. 

                Young people and women would be prioritised.
                • Where: Kathleen Syme Library
                • Cost: Please note there are limited available spots that the VMC has paid for, and we encourage you to register as soon as possible. 
                • Considerations: Food will be provided. Please share your dietary and accessibility requirements.
                • Bookings: Register here

                 4.4  VIC | GOV | CALLING | Inductees for the Victoria Honour Roll of Women | nominations close 11.59pm Sunday 5 May 2024

                The Victorian Honour Roll of Women recognises women who show remarkable leadership and excellence.


                 4.5  CoPP | PPLS | TALKING | See Yup Temple | Monday 6 May 2024 | 6.30pm

                The heritage-listed See Yup Temple in Raglan Street, South Melbourne, is rising from the ashes of a fire in February.
                Join Port Phillip Library Service (PPLS) and Historian and curator Dr Sophie Couchman in exploration of the historical, spiritual and cultural heritage embodied by the temple and its contents. 

                The See Yup Temple  is Australia’s oldest continuously operating Chinese temple. The temple was built in 1866 and holds national significance.

                Fortunately, the fire was restricted to the main building, and the Buddhist-Taoist temple’s ancestral halls and adjacent buildings were spared. There was no damage done to the thousands of wooden plaques in the ancestral halls recording the names and places of origin of Chinese immigrants, many of them coming to work at the goldfields.

                See Yup Society Vice-President Michael Lam said restoration works are almost ready to begin. 

                 4.6  MELB | TRAI | HELPING | People feel more confident when using public transport | Thursday 9 May 2024  | 10.30am-2pm

                Try Before You Ride is an event hosted by Travellers Aid (TRAI) and Melbourne's public transport operators for people of all abilities to learn more about the public transport network.

                By attending this event, people can:
                • Learn how to travel safely with confidence
                • Familiarise themselves with the various vehicles and Southern Cross station
                • Speak with public transport staff and accessibility services
                • Where: Southern Cross Station
                • Cost: Free
                • Bookings: Find out more and register

                 4.7  CoPP | PPLS | TALKING | Nature Strip Gardening with Emma Cutting | Thursday 9 May 2024 | 6–7.30pm

                Transform your nature strip into a beautiful street garden that will attract pollinators and support local biodiversity.
                These two sessions at Port Phillip Library Service (PPLS) will be presented by The Heart Gardening Project’s founder Emma Cutting. 

                In this workshop, Emma will take you through the steps needed to prepare your nature strip for planting, she’ll introduce you to some of the best plants for attracting pollinators and she’ll share her passion and knowledge for connecting people to nature.    

                 4.8  MELB | UNVesakVIC24 | COMMEMORATING | United Nations International Day of Vesak in Victoria | Saturday 11 May 2024 | 10am-3.30pm

                Join Victoria’s Buddhist Community in the centre of Melbourne for Vesak 2024 – a multi-cultural celebration of the Lord Buddha’s Birth, Enlightenment and Passing.
                2024 marks the 17th year
                 of the Victorian United Nations Day of Vesak (UNVesakVIC24) celebrations in Victoria. We are happy to announce a program that brings together Buddhist and wider communities of various cultures and traditions to celebrate a key uniting event in our Buddhist calendar – Vesak.

                The 2024 program continues with the three-part format:
                • 9.45am for 10am: Sangha Dana – Lunch Offering to Buddhist Monks and Nuns @ Catholic Leadership Centre, 576 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne
                • 12.15pm for 1pm: Friendship Walk – Walking mindfully together. Traditional Drummers, Buddha Floats, Flags, Lotuses, the colours of Victoria’s Buddhist Community @ Parliament Gardens Reserve, assemble corner Nicholson Street Extension & Albert Streets, East Melbourne. Public car parking nearby. Opp Parliament Station. Walk Spring Street & Collins Street to Melbourne Town Hall
                • 1.45-3.30pm: Commemoration – Veneration of Buddha Relics • Chanting & Blessing from various Buddhist Traditions and languages • Guided Meditation • Interfaith Messages @ Melbourne Town Hall, corner Swanston & Collins Streets
                With special feature:
                • 10am-6pm: Giant 21 Taras Thangka (Painting) – Don’t miss an extraordinary opportunity to view this 9x15m painting of power and compassion of the 21 Taras (21 Goddesses) @ Melbourne Town Hall, corner Swanston & Collins Streets
                Further details on each part of the program can be found at Facebook and website.

                 4.9  VIC | VTMH | WEBINAR | Do my spiritual beliefs matter in providing mental health care? | Tuesday 14 May 2024 | 10.30am-12noon

                While person-centred care models include Spirituality & Diversity Discussions, workers often feel ill-equipped to support people in these aspects of their lives. 
                This Victorian Transcultural Mental Health (VTMH) reflective peer group allows mental health practitioners to deepen their understanding about spiritual diversity, which can include beliefs, values, traditions and practices.

                In partnership with Spiritual Health Association (SHA), Victorian Transcultural Mental Health (VTMH) is pleased to offer more opportunities for mental health practitioners to identify and explore challenges when spirituality or religion comes up during encounters with consumers.

                Eligibility criteria
                Sessions in this series are for practitioners working in publicly funded mental health programs across Victoria. This includes staff based in clinical mental health services, community-managed services, as well as people working within mental health programs in community health and human social services. Unfortunately, these discussions are not open to students on clinical placement.
                • Where: Online via Zoom – details to be sent to registrants in advance
                • Cost: Free
                • Bookings: essential. Spaces are limited. Please register early to secure a place online via VTMH

                 4.10  CoPP | PPLS | TALKING | IDAHOBIT with Authors Sam Elkin and Jasper Peach | Wednesday 16 May 2024 | 6.30–7.30pm

                Join Port Phillip Library Service (PPLS) at the library to celebrate International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT) with Sam Elkin, host of 3RRR show Queer View Mirror and co-editor of Nothing to Hide: Voices of Trans and Gender Diverse Australia. He'll be discussing his debut memoir Detachable Penis: A Queer Legal Saga with Jasper Peach, a trans, non-binary, and disabled writer and parent, author of You'll be a Wonderful Parent

                Copies of Sam and Jasper’s books will be available for purchase on the night, thanks to Hares & Hyenas bookstore.

                 4.11  CoPP | RAWCUS | GATHERING | Performers for FORGE workshop | Saturday 25 May 2024 | 10am-3pm

                The FORGE free, inclusive and participatory workshop is offering insight into the performance making practice of the Rawcus Ensemble
                Participants will be led through a series of physical exercises, text generation tasks and creative prompts that allow for on the floor exploration and discoveries.

                This workshop is suitable for people with and without a disability who have an interest in inclusive performance practice and are aged 18 years and over,  

                 4.12  CoPP | GOV | TRAINING | Gender Equality and Inclusion for Community Groups | Monday 27 May 2024 | 9.30-11am

                Are you interested in creating a more inclusive community service, space or group? Do you want to learn more about gender equality and how to apply a gender lens to your activities?

                This City of Port Phillip (CoPP) workshop will provide information on:
                • The Gender Equality Act.
                • Definitions of gender and intersectionality.
                • The difference between equality and equity.
                • City of Port Phillip’s Gender Equality Action Plan.
                • How to improve gender equality in your organisation/group.
                • How to apply a gender lens to your work and tools to use.
                • Further resources and information.

                 4.13  MELB | EQPR | DEVELOPING | Your Adaptive Leadership Capacity | 28-30 May 2024

                Seeking to elevate your leadership to drive LGBTIQA+ inclusion within your organisation?
                Are you a member of an Employee Resource Group (ERG) looking to enhance your leadership skills? Or perhaps you're just starting out, finding your footing and navigating ways to overcome challenges?

                The Equality Project (EQPR) is excited to invite you to our new Adaptive Leadership Program in Melbourne on 28-30 May 2024.
                Our program is designed for ERG leads who are driving change within their organisations to foster inclusive workplace cultures. Whether you lead a DEI initiative, belong to an Employee Resource Group (ERG), or aspire to enhance your leadership skills, this program is your catalyst for growth. 

                 4.14  CoPP | GOV | WEBINAR | Winter comfort for renters – online session | Wednesday 28 May 2024 | 7-8.30pm

                There's no need to freeze during winter. Come along to this City of Port Phillip (CoPP) webinar to hear practical tips on how to stay warm and comfortable this winter and keep your energy bills down. 

                If you missed previous sustainability webinars, 'summer comfort for renters', 'introduction to solar' and 'all electric homes', they are now available online
                • Where: You’ll be provided with the Zoom meeting link when you register here. 
                • Cost: Free
                • Bookings: essential, online via Zoom

                 4.15  VIC | VTMH | TRAINING | Mental Health and Cultural Diversity Community of Practice | Registrations open for 2024 | next session Wednesday 29 May 2024

                Victorian Transcultural Mental Health (VTMH) facilitated space to critically reflect on cultural diversity and mental health. 
                The Mental Health & Cultural Diversity Community of Practice (MHCD CoP) offers members an opportunity to explore contemporary practices and have robust and respectful conversations about ways we can make our practice more accessible and responsive to the diverse needs of local communities.

                Facilitated state-wide by Victorian Transcultural Mental Health (VTMH), using a variety of formats to engage in these discussions, including holding reflective conversations, engaging in dialogue with guest presenters on a range of topics and panel discussions to name a few. 

                The CoP:
                • Is a free program
                • Facilitated online via Zoom and/or Face to face
                • Meets quarterly throughout the year. Remaining 2024 dates are:
                  • Wednesday 29 May 2024
                  • Monday 26 August 2024
                  • Wednesday 27 November 2024
                • Each meeting runs for 2 hours, from 10am-12pm
                The CoP is open to those working in Victoria’s publically funded mental health sector.  For your registration to be successful, please ensure that you register with a work email address.

                Registering as member of the CoP is essential. Membership is renewed annually. For more information on becoming a member, visit our website below. 

                 4.16  CoPP | GOV | TRAINING | Introduction to Creating Change in the Community - 2 Part Workshop | Wednesdays 12 & 19 June 2024 | 4-6.30pm

                Do you want to make a difference in your community? Are passionate about an issue that needs addressing?
                Topics explored:

                Session 1 | Wednesday 12 June 2024
                • What is our community and where do I fit in?
                • What is adaptive leadership and how can it create change?
                • Understanding the ‘ecosystem’ of issues
                • Why are you here?

                Session 2 | Wednesday 19 June 2024
                • Understanding how to interact and influence local government for change
                • The role of ‘self’ in creating change
                • What kind of leader are you?
                • Strategies for change (vision, mission and goals)
                • Anchoring and self-care

                Join this two-part City of Port Phillip (CoPP) workshop series designed to support curious individuals and inspire you to express your point of view or to act for change.
                • Where: St Kilda Library Community Room, 150 Carlisle Street, St Kilda
                • Cost: Free 
                • Bookings: essential, online via Trybooking

                 4.17  AUST | EQPR | GATHERING | Better Together 2024 | Friday 14–Saturday 15 June 2024

                Australia’s 6th National LGBTIQA+ Conference will take place in Djilang, Wadawurrung Country (Geelong, Victoria) at GMHBA Stadium, Kardinia Park.

                Mark your calendar, buy your ticket, propose your session, and join The Equality Project (EQPR)
                at GMHBA Stadium for Australia's LGBTIQA+ Community Conference.

                The conference explores the current issues facing the LGBTIQA+ movement in Australia, and celebrates where we've made progress.

                We want to create opportunities to establish meaningful connections so we can work together, shape the narrative and drive positive change.

                Tickets are now on sale and more information is available at The Equality Project website.

                We don’t have all the answers, but we’re creating the space to ask the questions.

                 5. COLLECTIVISING 

                    1. VIC | ECCV | UPDATING | eBulletin #44 | April 2024
                    2. VIC | YEF | UPDATING | Stories, events and more | April 2024
                    3. AUST | CUIN | UPDATING | Trailblazing around the world and more | April 2024
                    4. AUST | GiveOUT | UPDATING | Winner of the Community Philanthropy Award and more | April News
                    5. AUST | NJP | PUBLISHING | National Justice Project 2023 Impact Report

                     5.1  VIC | ECCV | UPDATING | eBulletin #44 | April 2024

                    Eid Mubarak to all those who celebrate. We hope that the holy month of Ramadan has brought you peace, clarity and spiritual fulfilment. 
                    Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria (ECCV) hosted our special multicultural mental health roundtable, where we were joined by the Minister for Multicultural Affairs and Mental Health Ingrid Stitt MP and the Member for Pascoe Vale Anthony Cianflone MP. 
                    The Minister made an announcement at the event of a $230,000 grant for ECCV to launch the next phase of our Mental Health and Wellbeing Engagement of Diverse Communities project. It was heartening to see such strong support from the state government for our work championing multicultural mental health.

                    We were inspired by the thought-provoking discussions had at the roundtable, which focused on how we can strengthen the capacity of Victoria's mental health system to provide culturally safe and inclusive care.
                    Thank you to everyone who came along and contributed to this vital dialogue. We look forward to continuing to work with our Multicultural Mental Health Network, the sector and government to improve mental health and wellbeing outcomes for our diverse migrant and refugee communities. Read more in our media release here.
                    On 28 March 2024, the Federal Parliament's Inquiry into the Recognition of Unpaid Carers handed down its report, and we were pleased to see that the issues raised in our submission were referenced throughout the report. Supporting and advocating for carers in migrant and refugee communities has been a key pillar of ECCV's work in recent years, and we are proud to see the influence our policy and advocacy has had at a national level.
                    Eddie Micallef, Chairperson

                    STRENGTHENING | Multicultural mental health

                    More than 40 people attended ECCV's multicultural mental health roundtable this week, which gathered mental health practitioners, researchers, consumers and lived experience advocates as well as Multicultural Affairs Minister Ingrid Stitt MP and Anthony Cianflone MP. The roundtable was led by Dr Judy Tang, who is a Victorian Multicultural Commissioner and chair of ECCV's Multicultural Mental Health Network.

                    MAKING | Submission to the Inspector-General

                    ECCV has made a submission to the Inspector-General of Aged Care looking at how recommendations from the Royal Commission have improved access and navigation of aged care. Informed by a survey of sector stakeholders including our members and our Positive Ageing & Aged Care Policy Advisory Committee, the submission notes that the system has not noticeably improved for culturally diverse seniors. 

                    RECOGNISING | Submission referenced in federal report

                    ECCV welcomes the report handed down by the Australian Parliament’s Inquiry into the Recognition of Unpaid Carers, which references several issues raised in our submission. In ECCV’s submission and appearance before the Inquiry, we highlighted that ideas of 'caring' differ between cultures and communities, and tailored support services are required to address the unique needs of multicultural carers. 

                    EMPOWERING | Seniors to know their rights

                    Last week, ECCV hosted an information session with the Pilipino Elderly Association of South East Region about the topic of seniors rights' and how older people can advocate for themselves. Held at the Sundowner Community Centre, the session was delivered by Arati Vidyasagar from Elder Rights Advocacy. 
                    • To organise an information session for your group, email Ageing Well Lead Hayat Doughan

                    HIRING | Programs Support Officer

                    Apply for exciting new job opportunity at ECCV
                    Are you our new Programs Support Officer? This is a broad role, where the successful candidate will work across ECCV to ensure our strategic initiatives are successfully delivered. If you have excellent communication skills, proficiency in the Office 365 suite and experience assisting with projects and in supporting events and workshops, then you might just be the right fit.  

                    JOINING | Our free elder abuse awareness training

                    ECCV is running a two-day bilingual community educator training workshop on 14 and 21 May, as part of our Elder Abuse Awareness project. Our free training program equips people with the skills and resources to deliver in-language workshops on how to prevent, identify and respond to elder abuse. Educators are paid for the sessions they run. 
                    • Find out more by emailing Ageing Well Lead Hayat Doughan.

                    CONTRIBUTING | to ECCV's aged care magazine

                    Do you have a story or project you would like to reach the aged care sector? ECCV is currently accepting pitches and submissions for Golden Years, our triennial eMagazine for seniors from migrant and refugee backgrounds and the multicultural aged care sector. Read the latest edition to get a feel for what we cover. For editorial inquiries or to submit a story idea, contact us via email.

                    PARTICIPATING | Mental health workshops

                    Do you work in the mental health sector and want to learn how to provide culturally safe services? ECCV is holding workshops to help practitioners understand the factors impacting poorer mental health outcomes for multicultural communities. To arrange a workshop, contact Partnerships & Engagement Lead Surmeli Yesilyurt on 0481 589 664 or via email at

                    RAISING | Voices of diverse people with disability

                    In partnership with the Migrant Resource Centre North West Region, ECCV is delivering workshops to empower people with disability from migrant and refugee communities. The Raise Our Voices program supports people with disability from multicultural backgrounds to understand what self-advocacy is, why it's important and how they can improve their self-advocacy skills.  

                     5.2  VIC | YEF | UPDATING | Stories, events and more | April 2024

                    WELCOMING | Two New Staff Members!

                    Exciting News – we're welcoming Finn Buchhorn and Nicole Lonergan to our team!

                    Finn is joining us as our newest Project Officer. He has a burning passion for driving decarbonisation through the uptake of clean technologies. A graduate from Monash’s Science - Global Challenges program, he has several years’ experience as a project manager on some of Australia’s first hydrogen mobility projects. Joining YEF in 2024, Finn now applies his generalist skillset, adaptability and understanding of the challenges facing new technologies to help enable the energy transition.

                    At YEF, Finn will be largely working with the energy and storage team on our ongoing battery projects. We are greatly looking forward to his contributions to this exciting work.

                    Nicole is joining us as our Administration & Project Support Officer. She is dedicated to making a meaningful contribution to protecting our environment and reducing emissions. With a background in production management, she uses her expertise in optimising systems and processes to improve efficiency, creating more time for the important work being done to tackle climate change. Nicole is driven by a deep commitment to creating a sustainable future through practical actions.

                    Please join us in welcoming them both to our talented team!

                    BUILDING | Industry Capacity with Neighbourhood Battery Training! 

                    Two weeks ago, we completed a successful 2-day Neighborhood Battery Training Course, with 18 participants from across Victoria. This initiative was made possible thanks to funding from the Victorian Government’s Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action, helping us build a more knowledgeable industry.

                    We have another sold out session in April, with hopes we may be able to offer more training opportunities in the future.

                    A big thank you to our guest speakers, Mark WexlerAaron HallSandy Atkins, and Mitch O'Neill, for sharing their valuable expertise. Your contributions greatly enriched the experience for all involved.

                    We're motivated by the positive feedback and look forward to offering more opportunities like this. Thanks to everyone who made it a success! 

                    ATTENDING | Community Energy Congress

                    Hundreds gathered in Sydney for the Community Energy Congress last month alongside the Smart Energy Expo to raise important discussions on the role of community in our renewable energy future.

                    The Congress brought together leaders from communities, government, infrastructure providers and business to focus on how community participation can speed the urgent transition to renewable energy.

                    YEF presented on electrification and neighbourhood batteries, sharing knowledge and raising important discussions about what role communities and neighbourhood-scale solutions will have, particularly from a Victorian perspective.

                    We also want to commend Sally Hunter’s article in Switched On, which you can read here: An Open Letter to renewable energy developers to get a grip and do better

                    We look forward to next year’s iteration of the Congress and certainly hope to be invited back! A huge thanks and congratulations to the entire C4CE team for putting on this important event. 

                    VIC | GOV | ANNOUNCING | More Neighbourhood Batteries

                    The Victorian Government has announced the recipients of the first round of funding under the 100 Neighbourhood Batteries program.

                    This initiative will see the deployment of 25 neighbourhood batteries across 20 towns, delivering more than 4.2 megawatt hours of new storage capacity.

                    This significant step forward will help drive down power bills by allowing more local generation and consumption of renewable energy.

                    We'd like to congratulate all the recipients and celebrate the progress towards more sustainable energy solutions in our communities. For more information on the program and its impact, visit the official announcement​ below. 

                    REPORTING | Insights from our community battery survey

                    Last year, we had the privilege of being selected as one of the six esteemed beneficiaries of the Yarra Trams Community Partnership Program for 2023. This saw our community battery-themed tram grace the network, capturing the attention of countless commuters and passersby over its four-month journey, including the bustling month of January during the Australian Open.

                    As part of this campaign, we launched an engaging and enlightening quiz, designed to hear individuals’ understanding and level of support for the innovative technology.

                    The quiz was completed by nearly 200 participants, providing exciting insights into the public’s perception of community batteries. 

                    You can see the most interesting insights in our recent blog post by clicking the link below. 

                    SHOWING | Your solar some love – solar safety

                    Your rooftop solar system sits outside in all kinds of weather, giving you cheaper electricity to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

                    Over 2022-2023, there were more than 50 rooftop house fires on systems that had never been serviced. Had these systems been serviced, these fires would have been prevented.

                    Poorly maintained systems can result in faults and increase risks like fire. To keep it running safely and efficiently, book a licensed electrician to service your solar system every 2 years. 

                    LEARNING | How to test your safety switch

                    Fire brigades respond to more than 300 domestic electrical fires each year. Many of these fires are caused by old wiring that has degraded or is unable to cope with the demands of modern electrical equipment. In addition to the risk of fire, contact with degraded wiring can be fatal.Testing the safety switch on your switchboard will protect you from faulty wiring.  

                    Our Services

                    You can find out more about the services that the Yarra Energy Foundation can offer on our website. These include:
                    • Feasibility studies
                    • Community Engagement
                    • Community battery strategies for local councils
                    • Consulting & advice
                    • Project management 
                    • Solar & electrification programs
                    We have a small team of extremely passionate energy experts with decades of combined industry, governmental, business, and sustainability experience.

                     5.3  AUST | CUIN | UPDATING | Trailblazing around the world and more | April 2024

                    Cultural Infusion (CUIN) is excited to share that our trailblazing holistic diversity data tool Diversity Atlas made business news around the world after securing $6 million (AUD) in funding. Help us spread the word about holistic data, book a Diversity Atlas demo, find out what else we’re up to and check out our regular calendar day feature for next month!

                    ANNOUNCING | Diversity Atlas Secure $6 Million (AUD) in Bridge Funding 

                    We made business news around the world after announcing a bridge funding round of $6 million (AUD) from Canadian funding platform Gener8 VC to support the commercial growth of our world-leading diversity data analytics platform Diversity Atlas. This boost will allow us to reach many more customers, helping us fulfil our mission to create global harmony through intercultural action, so keep an eye on this space! 

                    ENDORSING | Holistic Data and Its Role in Undoing Racism

                    Diversity Atlas is an incredibly versatile tool that provides insight into cultural and demographic diversity like no other, the only holistic tool of its kind on the market. Read this recently published article by our founder to learn about ‘Holistic Data and Its Role in Undoing Racism’ 

                    MAPPING | Safely and Securely the Diversity of Your Classroom 

                    Did you know we successfully ran Diversity Atlas in middle and secondary school classrooms around Melbourne many times during its beta phase? Students loved seeing the snapshot of their cultural composition, which the platform provides. Thank you to the teachers and schools that facilitated these visits. 

                    There is no more relevant way to support the intercultural understanding components of the school curriculum than engaging students via their own cultural backgrounds and using this as a springboard for greater appreciation of the rich diversity within their own classroom, much of it usually hidden. 

                    If you are curious about how to  safely and securely map the diversity of your classroom or other sizeable group of people using disaggregated, anonymised and customisable data, book a demo today!  

                    PRESENTING | Session Select SXSW Sydney: Vote for Our Submission! 

                    Help us help the world by switching more people onto holistic data

                    Vote before 22 April for our SXSW Sydney 2024 panel, Holistic Data. Unlocking Cultural, Social and Economic Value Through Diversity Mapping, which you can find once you’ve registered by searching for 'Holistic data' and scrolling down, or by searching in the Culture, Society and Media category!  

                    Voting deadline is 22 April, so vote now! 

                    The more people who vote the more chance we have of participating at SXSW.  

                    REPORTING | Polynesian Infusion

                    Last month, countless schools and other educational institutions celebrated Harmony Week with our presenters. Melbourne Polytechnic honoured the various cultures that enrich their campuses with an African drumming workshop at Epping and a Polynesian dance performance at Preston, among other activities, and sent us these joyous photos from the Preston event. 
                    There has been a rush to take advantage of our offer of 3 months’ access to our cutting-edge curriculum-aligned resources, Learning Lands, still free with any booking of one or more program.   

                    REPORTING | The House of Wellness Gets Cultural

                    Check out Channel 7’s series The House of Wellness Season 8, Episode 9, featuring Wakka Wakka Elder Uncle Paul and renowned didgeridoo player/mindfulness expert Dean

                    The message is: respectful engagement with Aboriginal cultures enhances wellbeing. 

                    Corporate clients in Victoria can book Storytelling with Uncle Paul or a Didgeridoo Mindfulness Journey with Dean, and schools, early learning centres and community organisations in Victoria can book Aboriginal Infusion with Uncle Paul or Didgeridoo Mindfulness Journey with Dean. 

                    REPORTING | April Events and Appearances

                    On 17 April, our Founder and CEO Peter Mousaferiadis spoke with Iryna Manukovska, Chief Strategy & Marketing  Officer at JEVERA Software Solutions on the role of diversity and inclusion in startup success.

                    HIGHLIGHTING | Calendar Spotlight: Africa Day, 25 May

                    Africa Day celebrates the cultural diversity of the African continent. Help celebrate this day with our brilliant presenters through our wide range of African cultural programs! Explore our Programs
                    Visit Our Cultural Calender

                     5.4  AUST | GiveOUT | UPDATING | Winner of the Community Philanthropy Award and more | April News

                    Amplify Pride Fund won the Community Philanthropy Award!

                    The GiveOUT (GiveOUT) and Aurora are delighted to announce that last week at the NSW Art Gallery, Amplify Pride Fund was awarded the Australian Community Philanthropy Award! Thank you to Philanthropy Australia and the selection panel for this recognition. 

                    Amplify Pride Fund was founded in 2022 to address the chronic underfunding of rainbow communities. It provides the LGBTIQ+ sector larger, more sustainable funding and the philanthropy sector a tangible opportunity to be a part of the change. We are by community, for community.

                    Thank you to the Snow Foundation for making this possible, our other funding partners including Paul Ramsay Foundation, Brennan Lynch Foundation, and our generous community donors. Congrats to our wonderful grantees – this win is for you! 

                    Your invitation to join GiveOUT as a Patron 

                    GiveOUT Patrons are a select group of passionate individuals who share our leadership, values and vision for thriving and equal LGBTIQ+ communities. Our Patrons form the backbone of our movement, with each Patron making a tax-deductible annual donation to support our core work and operations. The impact of core funding is far reaching - it increases our financial sustainability, amplifies the good we do, and provides the security to plan for big term wins. In return, the GiveOUT team will work hard to achieve our goal of mobilising $1 million for the LGBTIQ+ community in 2024 and growing this each year. 

                    You will join our other committed Patrons who have been a part of our journey for several years. Thank you to our current Patrons, including Tanck, David Lane, Eastbourne Fund, Dennis Altman and Cat Fay. 

                     News and insights from the LGBTIQ+ sector 

                    Pride by Side | INFLUENCING | The future of the sector with LGBTIQ+ organisations

                    Pride by Side have launched ‘Pointing to Progress’, a national survey to uncover the capacity strengths and challenges of the LGBTIQ+ sector. The survey is open until May 8, takes less than 10 minutes to complete, and all initiatives that complete the survey go in the running to win $1,500.  

                    BlaQ | INVITING | you to the 'Pride in Culture' BlaQ Ball | Friday 10 May 2024 | 6.30-11.30pm AEST

                    The Gala is raising funds for the opening of the ‘Pride in Culture Hub’, a safe space for Queer mob to access medical services, gender-affirming support, mentoring, workshops and much more. Grab your friends, dress to impress and support BlaQ's vital work within Queer First Nations communities.
                    • Where: Doltone House Hyde Park, 3/181 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2000
                    • Cost: $250 – $2,500AUD
                    • Bookings: online via Humanitix

                    GiveOUT | PRESENTING | at Better Together Conference, 15 June 2024

                    GiveOUT is excited to be presenting at the 6th National LGBTIQA+ Conference in Geelong on the funding needs of the LGBTIQ+ community sector.

                    We would love to catch up with you there! Use the code BT50OFF to receive a $50 discount on your conference ticket. #BetterTogether2024 

                    CELEBRATING | International Lesbian Day #LesbianDayOfVisibility | Friday 26 April 2024

                    This Friday 26 April 2024 we celebrate the pride and achievements of the lesbian community.

                    GiveOUT is proud to celebrate our Lesbian Leaders including Georgia Mathews (Chair), Cat Fay (Deputy Chair) and Em Scott (CEO). To all Lesbians and Lesbian-loving members of our community, we hope you have an amazing day! 

                    Perpetual | ADVISING | Insights on Funding capacity costs and spotlight on cyber security 

                    Pereptual’s Philanthropy Snapshot for 2024 found key challenges faced by NFPs and the communities they serve, including increasing costs and rising demand, skilled staff and volunteer shortages, and challenges in mitigating cybersecurity risk. 

                    What does this mean for funders of the LGBTIQ+ sector? Funders can play a pivotal role in building NFP resilience by investing in organisational capacity (e.g. through united funding for operational and people costs). 

                    What does this mean for the LGBTIQ+ sector? Cyber security is essential for all not-for-profits, with cyber threats on the rise. Make sure to use multi-factor authenticator and a reputable password manager with different complex passwords, and educate staff and Board on how to recognise scams.
                    Thank you to our generous partners who support GiveOUT's work.
                    As always, if you have any questions, comments or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

                    With love,
                    The GiveOUT team

                     5.5  AUST | NJP | PUBLISHING | National Justice Project 2023 Impact Report

                    All of us at the National Justice Project (NJP) are thrilled to provide you with an update on the impactful work that we have undertaken over the past year. 
                    In 2023, we made leaps and bounds in our strategic legal work, innovative projects, social justice education, client-centred advocacy, and organisational sustainability.  

                    Highlights from the year include high-profile cases tackling police brutality and fighting for justice for First Nations and refugee clients, as well as progress on our groundbreaking anti-discrimination projects. 

                    We are pleased to share with you a digital version of our 2023 Impact Report: The support we receive from our major donors, volunteers, corporate supporters and many individuals has helped power the amplification of our clients’ stories and push for an end to systemic discrimination in Australia.  

                    We hope you enjoy reading about the positive impact we have achieved and can continue to support our journey to fearlessly fight injustice.  

                    The National Justice Project is funded by people like you who are committed to the fight for social justice. We do not receive government grants or funding so we can remain fiercely independent and hold governments to account.

                    The National Justice Project is a Public Benevolent Institution endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) covered by Item 1 of the table in section 30-15 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.  Donations of $2.00 or more are tax deductible. 

                    REPORTING | McKenzie Findings Expose the Brutal Cost of Police Discrimination​

                    In 2019, Todd McKenzie was grappling with a severe psychotic episode, when NSW Police arrived to his Taree home and began a nine-hour siege which ended with Todd’s death.

                    The coroner’s report is a damning indictment of NSW Police’s response.

                    The Coroner found that Todd's death was preventable, that NSW Police operations were flawed, that NSW Police did not properly consider his ill mental health and disregarded his family’s pleas to intervene and assist.

                    While the findings give Todd’s family some measure of closure and accountability – the fight for systemic change is not over yet.

                    These findings lay bare the systemic failure of NSW Police to adequately respond to mental health crises, and they show the heart-breaking loss suffered by Todd's family.

                    We will be fiercely advocating for a policing summit, as recommended by the coroner, to examine alternative responses to mental health crises.

                    REPORTING | Inquest into Mark Haines’ Death 

                    The family of Mark Anthony Haines have lived through 36 years of heartache since the tragic death of their boy, a Gomeroi teenager who died in suspicious circumstances at a railway outside of Tamworth, NSW.

                    On 16 January 1989, Mark was found deceased on the train tracks outside of Tamworth under suspicious circumstances. Despite decades of uncertainty, his family remains determined to uncover the truth.

                    For the past two years, we have been calling for a thorough examination of the inadequate police investigations conducted at the time of Mark's death.

                    We believe that these deficient investigations reflected a systemic failure by NSW Police to treat Indigenous deaths with the same importance as non-Indigenous deaths.

                    We are standing alongside the family in court to help uncover the truth about what happened to their boy.

                    While the matter has been adjourned until the end of the year, we see this as a positive as it will ensure that Mark's death is afforded a thorough investigation.
                    We thank you all for your support of the Haines family and all the work we do.

                    Friends, to help power legal cases like these, please consider donating today – your support will help families like Mark’s and Todd’s carry on their fight for answers. 

                    WALKING | WALK4JUSTICE | Tuesday 21 May 2024

                    A reminder that we are holding our annual Walk for Justice event in Sydney on Tuesday 21 May 2024. If you are in Sydney, please join us to support the National Justice Project and RACS as we celebrate the work of pro bono lawyers in NSW. Learn more about this event and register below. 

                    SPOTLIGHTING | 'ASYLUM' | 2-12 May 2024 | Tickets on Sale Now

                    We have an exclusive offer for you: grab your discounted tickets to the play ‘Asylum’, written and produced by Ruth Fingret.

                    Set against the tragedy of statelessness this play reveals the personal stories of Hajir, a Lebanese man seeking asylum in Australia, and Craig, the immigration officer who has the power to shape his destiny.

                    Content Warnings: Contains themes of racism, domestic violence, explicit language, discussion of drug use, discussion of mental illness, coarse language, depictions of suicide.
                    • Where: The Greek Theatre, Building 36, 142 Addison Road. Marrickville, NSW 2204
                    • Cost: To claim your discount, please enter the code NJP at checkout.
                      The 15% offer is available until midnight on May 1st.
                    • Bookingsonline via Eventbrite

                    HIGHLIGHTING | Media

                    To keep up-to-date with all of our campaigns, events and case updates, follow us on your preferred social media platform.

                    Together we are creating a wave of change.   

                    Thank you.  

                    Warmest regards,
                    George NewhouseAshleigh Buckett, and Emma Hearne at the National Justice Project

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                     6. ANNOUNCING 

                        1. VIC | GOV | STAYING | Well this winter
                        2. AUS | GOV | PROVIDING | Free internet for 30,000 families with school age children

                         6.1  VIC | GOV | STAYING | Well this winter

                        Getting your flu shot and staying up-to-date with your COVID-19 vaccinations will help you and the people around you to stay well this winter. You can find information in 17 languages about where to get help and what you need to do. 

                        Please visit 

                         6.2  AUS | GOV | PROVIDING | Free internet for 30,000 families with school age children

                        The Australian Government extended the 'School Student Broadband Initiative (SSBI)' to help support families with school-aged children access online learning at home.

                        This initiative is providing up to 30,000 eligible families with school-aged children who have with no internet at home access to free nbn® until 31 December 2025. 

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                         7. SUPPORTING 

                        1. AUST | MANY | Helpers and Reliable Sources Along the Way
                        2. AUST | MULTI | Supporting Voices, Treaty and Meaningful Reconciliation with First Peoples, Settlers, and Those Who Come After
                        3. VIC | GOV | UPDATING | Coronavirus Response
                        4. AUST | MULTI | UPDATING | Coronavirus Response

                         7.1  AUST | MANY | Helpers and Reliable Sources Along the Way

                        Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander
                        • Bularri Muurlay Nyanggan Aboriginal Corporation school teaches Aboriginal kids in their own language started in 2022 with just 15 students and this year they already have 74 enrolments plus a waiting list!
                        • From the Heart (FTH) views a Voice to Parliament as a body enshrined in the Constitution would enable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to provide advice to the Parliament on policies and projects that impact their lives.
                        • The Healing Foundation (THF) – a national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation providing a platform to amplify voices and lived experience of Stolen Generations survivors and their families.
                        • Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) Book Supply – creating and translating books with the collective storytelling of First Nations authors, illustrators and Elders
                        • Pathfinders National Aboriginal Birth Certificate Program (PNABCP) – Canberra not-for-profit group helping make life easier for people in need. As part of its many programs, it helps provide free birth certificates and registrations for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island community
                        • Reconciliation Victoria – promoting reconciliation across Victoria, promoting deeper understanding, respect and justice for and with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.
                        • The Torch Project (TORCH) provides art, cultural and arts industry support to First Nations people currently in, or recently released, from Victorian prisons. 

                        Climate, Environment & Emergency
                        Community, Connection & Belonging
                        Difability & Disability
                        Family & Neighbourhood Violence
                        Health, Sickness & Wellbeing
                        Kids, Youth, Parenting & Education
                        • Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is the main way the Australian Government is helping families with the cost of early childhood education and care. For translated materials
                        • Couch International Student Centre is a safe and free lounge space in Melbourne for international students to socialise, relax, study, and seek assistance
                        • Kids Helpline – 1800 55 1800 – for kids, teens and young adults
                        • Little Dreamers (LIDR) is Australia’s leading Young Carer organisation, supporting young people who provide unpaid care for a family member affected by disability, chronic or mental illness, addiction or frail age. Watch 3 min video
                        • Parentline – 13 22 89 – for parents and carers
                        • Parenting courses by Relationships Victoria (REVI) offers free 6 to 12 week courses for parents to learn better ways to connect with their children and family in a culturally sensitive way.
                        • Red Earth (REEA)'s School Immersions are all-inclusive, comprehensive programs designed to open the hearts and minds of students to the beauty and realities of life in remote Indigenous Australia. Find out more
                        • Refugee Council of Australia (RCA) – Face-to-Face program involves presentations to students from a speaker with a refugee background. Learn more
                        • Study Melbourne (STME)  has many free or low cost events for international students who are studying and living in Victoria. Find student events near you 
                        • Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC) online community VMConnect is home to a dedicated Group for multicultural young people living in Victoria
                        • #16DAYS4KIDS | Colouring Your Conversation
                        • WHISE, in collaboration with the Promoting Respect and Equity Together (PRET) Regional Partnership. Teaching children about respect and gender equality is crucial for their personal and social development. It equips them with essential life skills, fosters positive relationships, and contributes to a more compassionate and harmonious society. Download Colouring Sheets
                        • Youth and Family Support Network (YFSN) delivering activities and initiatives that empower local African-Australian communities to tackle racism and support social cohesion. Watch video (2 mins)




                        The following crisis and counselling services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week:

                           7.2  AUST | MULTI | Supporting Voices, Treaty and Meaningful Reconciliation with First Peoples, Settlers, and Those Who Come After

                          AUST | GOV | OFFERING | Resources and Translations on The Voice and Referendum 2023

                          Australian Government advises 
                          in late 2023, Australians will have their say in a referendum about whether to change the Constitution to recognise the First Peoples of Australia by establishing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice.
                          The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice would be an independent and permanent advisory body. It would give advice to the Australian Parliament and Government on matters that affect the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

                          Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have called for members of the Voice to be chosen by First Nations peoples based on the wishes of local communities.

                          AUST | AICR | ENCOURAGING | YES23. Recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Constitution through a Voice 
                          Australians for Indigenous Constitutional Recognition (AICR) asks all to consider voting Yes. It’s time to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Constitution through a Voice.

                          What is the 2023 Referendum?
                          This vote will give all Australians the chance to come together and consider a change to our constitution that will honour and celebrate the rights, history, and ongoing relationship of Indigenous Australians with this land. It’s a rare chance to make a major positive impact now and for future generations.

                          Australia has been considering constitutional recognition for more than 15 years. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have asked that the form of recognition come through a Voice to Parliament, which will give advice on laws and policies that affect Indigenous people. 

                          This is what the Australian people are now being asked to decide: Should we recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in The Constitution, with a Voice? 

                          A Voice will provide advice to the Federal Parliament about laws and policies, through a consultative policy making process that delivers meaningful structural change.

                          Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people know and understand the best way to deliver real and practical change in their communities. When they have a say through a Voice, we can finally start to close the gap that still exists between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians on practical issues like life expectancy, educational outcomes, and employment. 

                          This is why a “Yes” result is important.
                          AUST | LWB | TRANSLATING | Resources in 45+ community languages on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice
                          To encourage participation in the Referendum for all Australians, Polaron Language Services with Life Without Barriers (LWB) and several partner organisations have developed accessible translated resources in more than 45 languages.

                          These are free to download and aim to break down language, literacy and communication barriers among Australia’s diverse communities. This includes:
                          AUST | REAU | EXPLAINING | Voice to Parliament and Referendum 2023
                          Reconciliation Australia (REAU) advises First Nations Voice to Parliament protected by the Constitution is a key element of the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

                          The Bill to enable the referendum became law in mid-June, but we are waiting for the referendum date to be announced.

                          The referendum question contained in the Bill is:

                          A Proposed Law: to alter the Constitution to recognise the First Peoples of Australia by establishing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice. Do you approve this proposed alteration?

                          What is a referendum

                          Find out more at Australian Electoral Commission.

                          Or click the following Reconciliation Australia links that interest you: 

                          Why do we need a First Nations Voice?

                          A Voice to Parliament will give Indigenous communities a route to help inform policy and legal decisions that impact their lives. Giving people a say will lead to more effective results.

                          Embedding a Voice in the Constitution would recognise the special place of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia’s history, but importantly would also mean that it can’t be shut down by successive Governments.

                          This is important because Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and bodies have called for voice for close to 100 years. 

                          AUST | RJfV | ISSUING | An Open Letter to the Australian Public: The Voice to Parliament would enhance Australian governance 
                          We are individuals representing no political party or political interest. We speak, rather, as retired judges (RJfV) who spent our professional lives listening to, and seeking to evaluate, contending arguments.

                          We have since considered carefully both the case for, and the case against, the proposed Voice to Parliament. Having done so, we confidently believe that, by raising the quality of our public debate, the proposed Voice will both enrich our democracy and increase the likelihood of governments making correct decisions about matters that affect Indigenous peoples. It will also, and very importantly, give Indigenous Australians their due recognition in our Constitution as this nation’s first peoples.  

                          Democracies are at their best when decisions are made after informed and respectful debate to which all may contribute. Life being what it is, the rich and the powerful have and will retain that privilege to a greater degree than most. Some, among them Australia’s First Nations peoples, have continually battled to be heard at all.

                          If successful, the referendum on the Voice will not diminish the influence of anyone. But it will help to correct an historic wrong. It will give recognition, and a voice, to those who for thousands of years owned and lived in balance with this land, only to have their rights to it disregarded during the centuries which have followed settlement from other lands. No consideration was given to the deep connections with country which the original inhabitants have incorporated into their very being; and the newcomers who now occupy their land listened, if they listened at all, with none of the empathy to which everyone should be entitled.

                          Constitutional recognition of the Voice in a successful referendum will acknowledge these facts, and do much to rectify a long-existing injustice. It will not, in our opinion, divide our nation. On the contrary, it will heal a wound which presently divides us. Nor will it disrupt government or destabilise the presently stable and appropriate division of power between the parliament, the executive and the judiciary.

                          The possibility of disruption and instability is a concern which nevertheless deserves respect (although not when it descends to ridiculous fears such as that Anzac Day will be ‘cancelled’). It is also reasonable to have doubts about the detail of the arrangements which will follow a successful referendum. We nevertheless firmly believe that these are not reasons for voting ‘No’. First, Australia can draw upon its wealth of common sense and its capacity for sensible compromise. The Voice will not waste its time, energy, finances or goodwill with silly claims that have no chance of political or judicial support. And secondly, detailed arrangements must allow for a degree of flexibility which is impossible if incorporated into a less than flexible constitution. The details are properly to be determined by the parliament of the day according to the changing circumstances of the day.

                          Advocates for the ‘No’ case point to the proposed amendment’s inclusion of a power in the parliament to make laws with respect to the powers of the Voice. The referendum if passed does not confer powers on parliament that it does not already have to pass such laws. We believe that the likelihood of parliament acting inappropriately in this respect is small. In our opinion it fails to justify a ‘No’ vote.  

                          Advocates for a ‘No’ vote also claim that the Voice is a creature of Canberra. That is untrue. The call for the Voice was made in the Uluru Statement from the Heart, which is the product of the widest survey of the views of First Nations peoples ever undertaken and which is a deeply respectful call “from all points of the Southern Sky”. 

                          It includes an invitation to all Australians to create a better future. We think this invitation should be accepted.

                          • The Hon Mary Gaudron KC, Former Judge of the High Court of Australia
                          • The Hon Carmel McLure AC KC, Former President of the Supreme Court of Western Australia Court of Appeal
                          • The Hon Stephen Charles AO KC, Former Judge of the Supreme Court of Victoria Court of Appeal
                          • The Hon David Harper AM KC, Former Judge of the Supreme Court of Victoria Court of Appeal
                          • The Hon Robert Redlich AM KC, Former Commissioner of the Victorian Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC), former Judge of the Supreme Court of Victoria Court of Appeal
                          • The Hon Paul Stein AM KC, Former Judge of the Supreme Court of NSW Court of Appeal, former President of the Anti-Discrimination Board
                          • The Hon Anthony Whealy KC, Former Judge of the Supreme Court of NSW Court of Appeal
                          • The Hon Margaret White AO, Former Judge of the Supreme Court of Queensland Court of Appeal
                          Thank-you for reading the open letter supporting the Voice. Please forward this letter to anyone you think would be interested to read it.

                          AUST | TLW | CALLING | Those Interested to Lace Up Your Shoes and Come Walk with Michael Long in support of the "Yes" campaign 
                          The Long Walk (TLW)'s Michael Long is once again setting off from Melbourne to Canberra in support of the "Yes" campaign.
                          Michael Long is one of the most recognisable Aboriginal figures in AFL football. He played for the Essendon Football Club between 1989 and 2001, was a member of two premiership sides and the winner of the 1993 Norm Smith Medal.

                          Michael championed the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cause within the AFL. In 1995, Michael made a stand against racial abuse, following an on-field incident with another player, asserting that racism had no place in sport.

                          Ultimately this lead to Michael being one of the pioneering forces behind the racial abuse code that was adopted by the AFL in the 1990s. Michael retired from football in 2001.
                          "Lace Up Your Shoes and Come Walk with Me. We walked in 2004 for a Voice and a Vision.
                          This year I have decided to bring forward my 20th Anniversary Long Walk to support the campaign for an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament."
                          Walk with Michael Long in support of the "Yes" campaign on one or more legs of the walk from Melbourne to Canberra.

                            AUST | WRITERS | ENDORSING | The Voice as a major reform leading to better outcomes for First Nations Peoples
                            It’s only fair. 
                            Writers for The Voice (WRITERS) accept the generous, modest invitation of First Nations Peoples in the Uluru Statement from the Heart to walk with them towards a better Australia. 

                            We support their call for recognition via a constitutionally enshrined Voice to Parliament because we believe passionately that this major reform, the product of broad grassroots consultation and supported by the great majority of First Nations Peoples, will lead to better outcomes for First Nations Peoples.
                            AUST | GiveOUT | SUPPORTING | Proudly for a First Nations Voice to Parliament
                            The GiveOUT Team (GiveOUT)
                             supports Australia saying YES in the Referendum for a constitutionally enshrined First Nations Voice
                            LGBTQIA+ people understand the significance of a public vote about their lives, and the importance of allies in advocating for change. It is time for the LGBTQIA+ community, and the Australian people as a whole, to stand in solidarity with our First Nations communities, including our Brotherboys, Sistergirls and other LGBTQIA+ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

                            At GiveOUT, we know that there is no substitute for the wisdom of lived experience when it comes to designing policies and programs.
                            “As an organisation that exists to address systemic disadvantage, and provide impacted communities the resources they need to drive their own solutions, GiveOUT fully supports this much needed reform to ensure First Nations people are recognised in the constitution and are given a voice on the issues and interventions that impact them.” – Georgia Mathews, Chair of GiveOUT
                            Polls have demonstrated that over 80% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people support a Voice to Parliament*. We call upon our LGBTQIA+ friends and allies to join this historic movement and vote ‘YES’ in the Referendum. We must take this important step toward a fairer future for this country. 

                            You can show your support by: *Source: 

                            VIC | ECCV | ADVOCATING | Victorian Multicultural Voices for ‘Yes’ campaign
                            The Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria (ECCV) joins forces with Yes23 and the Multicultural Australia for Voicealliance for Victorian Multicultural Voices for ‘Yes’.

                            Harnessing the power of multicultural communities to raise awareness about why the recognition of our First Nations People in the Constitution is important and how voting ‘Yes’ will achieve that.

                            Multicultural and multifaith leaders, along with First Nations Elders, attended the launch, with guest speakers Aunty Esme Bamblett, CEO of the Aboriginal Advancement League and a member of the First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria, Minister for Multicultural Affairs Colin Brooks, and the Minister for Treaty and First Peoples Gabrielle Williams.

                            Victorian Multicultural Voices for ‘Yes’ will be organising community town hall forums and community workshops in the lead-up to the referendum. These engagements aim to empower and equip multicultural communities with how to have conversations about the referendum and why it matters.

                            ECCV Members will be hosting their own community forums to inform members of their communities about why voting ‘YES’ matters, including the Islamic Council of Victoria and the Greek Community of Melbourne.

                            The launch follows the success of a national multicultural town hall forum at Springvale City Hall with Minister for Indigenous Australians Linda Burney, which was attended by more than 700 people in August 2023.

                            The ECCV is the peak body for multicultural Victoria, with over 220 organisational members.
                            VIC | VWT | ENGAGING | Listen and learn together through kitchen conversations. It’s time to say yes 
                            Together, Yes is a kitchen conversations movement by Victorian Women’s Trust (VWT) in support of a YES vote in the 2023 referendum on a First Nations Voice to parliament. It’s a powerful way you can participate in the referendum to enshrine an Indigenous Voice in our constitution.
                            In 1967 we were counted, in 2017 we seek to be heard. We leave base camp and start our trek across this vast country. We invite you to walk with us in a movement of the Australian people for a better future. – Uluru Statement from the Heart, May 2017
                            By voting YES in the referendum, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people will finally have a say on the policies and laws that affect their communities.

                            But voting ‘yes’ isn’t enough. We need to unite to ensure it’s a resounding YES from every corner of the country.

                            Is Together, Yes working with First Nations people?
                            Yes. The Victorian Women’s Trust (creator of Together, Yes) have been working in partnership with Koorie Women Mean Business for more than 30 years, which has guided much of our work since.

                            Since October 2022 we have been in close collaboration with indigenous-led campaigners to ensure Together, Yes helps achieve a positive referendum outcome.

                            Together, Yes uses ‘kitchen table conversations’, a model designed by the Victorian Women’s Trust more than twenty years ago. Tried and tested, it arose from a powerfully simple idea: engaging people in respectful and honest dialogue creates real and lasting change.

                            This civic engagement model is built on a set of important values. People are encouraged to:
                            1. Help create a safe place for thinking, talking and taking action
                            2. Acknowledge the experience and wisdom each person brings to the table
                            3. Enter discussions in good faith with an open, constructive spirit
                            4. Engage in respectful discussion, even in the face of dissent
                            5. Be prepared to listen, gain new insight, and test one’s own opinions

                            Together, Yes invites people from all walks of life to gather in small group discussions and engage in an honest reckoning of the harm and injustice of our colonial past; Australia’s history of constitutional indifference; and how a Voice to parliament can make a difference.
                            VIC | VTMH | DEMONSTRATING | Solidarity In Context to the Referendum
                            At an important moment in history, Victorian Transcultural Mental Health (VTMH) supports the national vote adding an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice (The Voice) to the Australian Constitution.

                            VTMH aligns with the principles of unity and understanding promoted by Reconciliation Australia, and we also endorse the stance taken by St Vincent's Health Australia on this matter.

                            VTMH sees this as a big chance to bring people together and make things better. We know that health and wellness are connected to making things right between different groups of people in Australia. VTMH thinks this vote can make real changes and respect the different viewpoints of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.
                            AUST | GEIFN | HOW | To Accept No: Contest of Binaries | Sunday 15 October 2023
                            With any adversarial system where only 2 options (aka binary) are offered, part of informed consent is accepting that for every winner there has to be non-winners.

                            Binaries (this OR that) is Absolutism. It takes time for people to realise that there are no lasting Absolutes.

                            To explore further, every thing with a beginning has also got within the seeds of its end. As daybreak begins it has ended night. As night begins it ends daylight. But when we understand fully we understand that the sun is always shining, it is just our personal vantage point that moved while individually we might be standing still. The spherical planet we all call home is spinning on its own axis as it revolves around the sun. It is only the side facing the sun that gets the sun at any given time. The half in darkness hasn't lost, it is just waiting again for its time in the sun. So dark does not exist without light.
                            "To be or not to be – that is the question." – William Shakespeare, English playwright, poet and actor (1564-1616 CE)

                            And when that gets easy, consider "To be AND not to be – that is the answer."

                            Accepting No majority means you're ready to continue the national conversation reconciling Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders' (aka First Nations') existence with Colonialism and those who come after. A No majority result is an acknowledgment that this conversation has now began in earnest. And also being just another day in a functioning civil democracy finding its way, steady as we go, full steam ahead.

                            When this proposition gets easier to understand, the opportunities for an outcome that benefits everyone becomes self realising. So if not now, then take comfort in the old wise saying "a journey of a 1,000 steps begins with the first but made realisable with the 2nd and subsequent."

                            AUST | GEIFN | WHY | To Accept No: Contest of Timing | Monday 16 October 2023
                            With big gains come the potential for big setbacks, obstacles and arguments. With practice, patience and perseverance, wisdom, compassion and non-selfish generosity always prevails.
                            "Life is a hard battle anyway. If we laugh and sing a little as we fight the good fight of freedom, it makes it all go easier. I will not allow my life's light to be determined by the darkness around me."
                            Sojourner Truth, American abolitionist and activist for African-American civil rights, women's rights, and alcohol temperance (died 1883 CE)

                            A No majority doesn't mean "never" it just means "not now". For 235 years there has only been 1 resounding No: Terra nullius (nobody's land). Countering this false fact, has now formally recognised a resounding 40% yes to preexistence, a marked improvement from its 0% starting position. Meaning Australia is now ready to begin a conversation reconciling Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders' (aka First Nations') existence with Colonialism and those who come after. 

                            A No majority result is an acknowledgment that this conversation has now began in earnest. While also being just another day in a functioning civil democracy finding its way, steady as we go, full steam ahead.

                            When this proposition gets easier to understand, the opportunities for an outcome that benefits a greater number until including all becomes self realising. So if not now, then take comfort in the old wise saying "a journey of a 1,000 steps begins with the first but made realisable with the 2nd and subsequent."

                            AUST | GEIFN | WHEN | To Accept No: Contest of Terra nullius | Tuesday 17 October 2023 and beyond
                            Terra nullius is a
                             Latin expression meaning "nobody's land".  It was a principle sometimes used in international law to justify claims that territory may be acquired by a state's occupation of it. Denying the existence of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders' existence by the British gave the British permission to land, stay and colonise.

                            Reconciling this falsehood in Australia's birth began 265 years ago and continues in our minds, hearts and actions. As testimony to this, the Australia today was unimaginable to our forebears. If we accept what we do today influences the future, it is also how brighter futures for a greater benefit is made possible – the real work being undertaken in the majority of ordinary days between the extra-ordinary milestones.
                            "I am my ancestor’s wildest dreams" – Maxine Beneba Clarke, Australian writer of Afro-Caribbean descent (1979- CE)

                            Accepting No majority means you're ready to continue the national conversation reconciling Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders' (aka First Nations') existence with British Colonialism and those who come after. A No majority result is an acknowledgment that this Australian conversation has now began in earnest. Celebrate just another day in a functioning civil democracy finding its way, steady as we go, full steam ahead.

                            When this proposition gets easier to understand, the opportunities for an outcome that benefits everyone becomes self realising. So if not now, then make comfort by applying the old wise saying "Conquer anger through gentleness, unkindness through kindness, greed through generosity, and falsehood by truth."


                            AUST | VTMH | OFFERING | Reflections following the Referendum

                            Victorian Transcultural Mental Health (VTMH) has taken some time following the Voice Referendum to reflect and attempt to find words to express our disappointment regarding this outcome. 
                            We deeply acknowledge the courage and generosity of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders and leaders who extended this invitation to the Australian community to walk together in this journey for learning and healing together.

                            In the weeks since the referendum we have reflected on the impacts that colonisation has had in shaping practices in the mental health sector, including our service, and the continued challenges faced in providing culturally responsive care given the history of these lands.

                            VTMH deeply admires the strength and resilience of First Nations communities across the country. We commit to rising strong, leaning in, and to finding ways to honour our commitment to learning and healing together.

                            We encourage teams and individuals in all sectors to continue joining collective efforts to support a more culturally safe and humanistic system and society. 

                            To learn more about what is happening in Victoria towards truth, treaty and voice, we encourage you to visit the links below:  

                            CoPP | PPCR | STRIVING | Towards Meaningful Reconciliation

                            Port Phillip Citizens for Reconciliation (PPCR) is a voluntary, not for profit community group. 
                            It began in 1997 at a public meeting, at St Kilda Town Hall, convened by Jacki Willox and attended by hundreds of people, including politicians, councillors, indigenous musicians and general public.

                            • To maintain local awareness of the reconciliation agenda, recognising that information, understanding and community discussion are integral to the process.
                            • promoting an understanding of the history of Aboriginal people, particularly in our local area.
                            Mungo, our monthly newsletter, continues to be a good news source for events, circulating annually to over 3,500 as well as members of other networks.

                            AUST | CHGR | BUILDING | First Nations kids learning and loving to learn. Their families walking beside. Seeing hope for the future

                            Children's Ground Limited (CHGR) introduces you to our ongoing bold vision for change – a future in which every First Nations child can experience a lifetime of opportunity, entering adulthood strong in their identity and culture, connected to their local and global world, and economically independent.

                            Children’s Ground vision includes:
                            • First Nations people across Australia having self-determination and enjoying social, cultural, political and economic justice.
                            • First Nations' next generation of children knowing and celebrating their culture and identity, having freedom of choice and expression and living with opportunity, peace, harmony and wellbeing.
                            • Australians recognising our shared history and celebrating First Nations' culture and strength.

                            AUST | YSS | EDUCATING | Aboriginal Pedagogy, Social Justice and Self-Determination

                            Yarn Strong Sista (YSS) has over 20 years of experience and excellence in Aboriginal pedagogy, social justice and self-determination.

                            YSS is a National Indigenous Educational Consultancy and Training Provider. Indigenous owned and run specialising in Aboriginal Pedagogy, providing authentic Aboriginal training for early childhood professionals, primary school teachers and corporate teams.

                            YSS are specialists with offering a range of services including:
                            • visits to Early Childhood environments to facilitate storytelling and arts workshops with children, 
                            • hosting Professional Development training for Educators
                            • facilitating arts experiences and face-painting at festivals and events, and 
                            • providing First Nations-designed resources and educational tools on our website.
                            Working beyond Early Years, customising our programs to meet the curriculum needs of Primary and Secondary students, and work in community contexts supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Our Aboriginal Early Childhood Education Resources include: Artefacts, Dolls, Children’s Music, Children’s Books, Games, Felt Hand and Finger Puppets, Felt Mats for Storytelling, Puzzles, and Teachers Resource Guides.

                            Other projects include:
                            • Foregrounding Anti Bias Perspectives
                            • Yarn Strong Brutha
                            • Enterprise for Empowerment.
                            Providing relevant resources and books that assist parents, teachers and organisations to acknowledge and celebrate Aboriginal Ways of Being. All our resources are ethically made and sourced, in collaboration with Indigenous artists and Fair-Trade partners.

                            AUST | EVCO | BUILDING | Stronger, more inclusive organisation through Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Competence Training Programs

                            Be part of the big 10 year goal to inspire 10 million Allies to create a kinder, more inclusive Australia.

                            Build a stronger, more inclusive organisation through Evolve Communities Pty Ltd (EVCO)'s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Competence Training Programs.

                            When it comes to cultural awareness training, there isn’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all solution for education, reconciliation and allyship training. 

                            That’s why Evolve Communities offer different training courses and programs to suit any team’s size or style and let you choose the cultural competency training that is the best fit for your business including:
                            • 7 Steps Online Course
                            • Yarning Circle Workshops
                            • Ally Accreditation
                            Evolve Communities is a NSW-based Trusted Authority for Australian Indigenous cultural awareness, ally & facilitator training.

                            MELB | NGVA | EXHIBITING | Wurrdha Marra – Many Mobs

                            Welcome to Wurrdha Marra – meaning ‘Many Mobs’ in the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung language. 
                            The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia (NGVA) is a home to Australian art, presenting First Nations and non-First Nations art from historical to present day. The name comes from the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Cultural Heritage Aboriginal Corporation, supporting the purpose of this space in sharing the work of First Nations artists, from emerging to senior figures, and across time and place. 

                            For First Nations peoples around the world, art and design are part of a continuum where the past intersects with the present, different materials converge, and diverse perspectives come together. The central role of art in passing down important cultural knowledge is celebrated in this display through the diverse approaches that artists take to maintaining and regenerating customary cultural practices and iconography while also creating new forms of expression.

                            Wurrdha Marra is a dynamic exhibition space in which familiar works from the NGV’s collection of First Nations Australian art and design are displayed alongside new acquisitions. Presented through a series of changing thematics, the works on display offers a series of visual dialogues as a way to explore how parallel innovations and continuities can continue to inspire new ways of thinking about art.

                            The works included in this inaugural hang are by emerging artists as well as senior figures across both time and place. Each of these artists has in their own way been at the forefront in creating new forms of expression, and in maintaining and regenerating customary cultural practices and iconography. Great individual artists, working in Aboriginal-owned art centres or independently after studying at art school, continue to shape and transform art in Australia, inspiring many others to follow their example.
                            • Read More
                            • Where: NGV Australia (NGVA), The Ian Potter Centre, Fed Square, Melbourne
                            • Cost: Free entry
                            • Bookings: no booking required. Now showing 10am–5pm daily

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                               7.3  VIC | GOV | UPDATING | Coronavirus Response

                              Stay up to date on the latest health advice and please consider both the COVID-19 and flu vaccinations if eligible. If you need access to food or financial relief, there is information available for how to get this support.

                              UPDATING | COVID safe and vaccination information to support CALD people with disability

                              The COVID safe and vaccination information to support CALD people with disability translated fact sheets are now obsolete and will not be updated or maintained.

                              The following links are currently being used to promote COVID-19 resources in language (via the translations icon): 

                              Free RATS Now Available to everyone through your local council

                              The Victorian Government has now made Rapid Antigen tests free and available at more than 200 local council distribution sites such as libraries and council customer service centres. The program is open to all Victorians, with all eligibility requirements removed.

                              Individuals can collect up to two packets for themselves plus up to two packets for each household member per visit. People with a disability or their carer can collect up to four packets of tests.
                              To learn in other ways about Victoria's responses: 

                               7.4  AUST | MULTI | UPDATING | Coronavirus Response

                              • Coronavirus hotline: If you are concerned, call the coronavirus hotline on 1800 675 398 (24 Hours).
                              • Coronavirus in-language information
                              • If you are an NDIS participant you can also call the national hotline on 1800 020 080.
                              • Information and referrals for people with disability and their supporters about Coronavirus: Contact the Disability Information Helpline on 1800 634 787. 
                              • If you are deaf, or have a hearing or speech impairment, you can also call the National Relay Service on 133 677.
                              • Interpreting service: If you need an interpreter, call TIS National on 131 450.
                              • Testing locations: Find a testing location near you.
                              • Call-to-Test-at-Home service, providing in-home coronavirus testing to Victorians who would otherwise be unable to get tested, call the DHHS Coronavirus hotline on 1800 675 398.
                              • Triple Zero: Please keep Triple Zero (000) for emergencies only.

                              Other Resources

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                                  This is a consolidated account of information current at time of issuance, sourced, collated and provided by Victorian Multicultural Commission, Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria, various Government Authorities, community organisations, public domain and individuals, received with gratitude.

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                                  Meanwhile, if with a surplus of time, this and the following is offered. Discuss with sincerity. Deny untruth. Dismiss unuseful. Accept useful. Adapt to change. Adopt least effort most benefit. Adept with sharing. Enjoy throughout. As each case may be. Round about. And again. Or not.

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