BMIN | Jewish Community Bus Tour | Wednesday 28 September 2016 | 10am-3.30pm

[Edited extract from public address]

Join Brimbank Maribyrnong Interfaith Network on their journey out of the western suburbs on for a guided visit to the renowned Jewish Museum of Australia and the historic and beautiful St Kilda Synagogue.

The visit with bus tour from 11.30am - 2.30pm includes lunch (Kosher Jewish catering), an accredited Chin interpreter who will be available for key parts of the day, an opportunity to witness up close some Jewish Sabbath and other religious rituals, Q&A with a Rabbi or Jewish studies teachers.

Bus departures:
10am: Brimbank City Council, Visy Cares Hub, 80B Harvester Rd, Sunshine
10.20am: Maribyrnong City Council, 61 Napier Street St, Footscray
Returning to:
3.20pm: Maribyrnong Council
3.40pm: Brimbank City Council

Cost: FREE event courtesy of the BMIN, funded generously by the Victorian Government

Bookings: online through EventBrite, this event will sell out!

Brimbank Maribyrnong Interfaith Network Website
Contact Petr Svoboda, Maribyrnong City Council
Tel 0422 102 053

AMC | Peace Symposium | Friday 16 September 2016 | 1.30pm

[Edited extract from public address]

Love for All, Hatred for None

A community that stands for education, integration and interfaith peace we welcome all to visit seminars and events that bring people together to understand more about each other.

In essence “Love for All, Hatred for None” is the unique banner upheld by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and a message that we believe is the basis for lasting peace.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is a dynamic, fast growing international revival movement within Islam. Founded in 1889, it spans over 200 countries with membership exceeding tens of millions.

Where: Baitul Salam Mosque, 6 Leisureland drive Langwarrin

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Victoria
Baitul Salam Mosque
6 Leisureland drive Langwarrin

SMCT | MULTIFAITH BLESSING | Opening of Boyd and Renowden Chapels of Springvale Botanical Cemetery | Monday 3 October 2016 | 2.30pm for 2.45pm

[Edited extract from public address]

Participate in this official opening of the refurbished, historic Boyd and Renowden Chapels of Springvale Botanical Cemetery

Officiated by Mary-Anne Thomas MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Health.
The multi-faith blessing and opening ceremony will be followed by high tea in The Atrium.

Where: Boyd and Renowden Chapels of Springvale Botanical Cemetery, 600 Princes Highway Springvale Springvale (on-site parking is available)

Bookings: RSVP 23 September 2016
Contact: Benita Keatley
Tel: (03) 8558 8269

The Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust
Tel: (03) 9546 9377

ADICG | CONFERENCE | Refuting the Theological Foundations of Violent Extremism and Radicalisation | Thursday 13 and Friday 14 October 2016 | 8.30am-5.00pm

[Edited extract from public address]

How is religion used to motivate violent extremism? Do the Islamic sources promote and legitimise violence towards non-compliant Muslims and non-Muslims? Does the problem lie in the Religion?

Extremist groups like ISIS use concepts of Islam to justify their actions and recruit Muslims. Existing studies on radicalisation generally deal with causes and strategies to address violent extremism, but lacks an authoritative Islamic response and refutation of radical use of Islamic concepts.

The Third Australasian Conference aims to explore the causes of radicalisation from theological as well as sociological perspectives with an objective to offer authentic theological responses and sociological understandings of literalist/selective religious interpretations and radical narratives. It is anticipated that such explorations will underpin the real causes of radicalism which can then open the pathway to addressing these causes.

Where: Deakin University - Deakin City Centre, 550 Bourke Street, Melbourne

Cost: $65 - $280


The Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalization
Alfred Deakin Institute
Faculty of Arts and Education
Deakin University, 221 Burwood Highway
Burwood Victoria 3125
Tel: 9244 6658

This event is organised by The Islamic Sciences & Research Academy of Australia, the Centre for Islamic Studies & Civilisation at Charles Sturt University, the Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship & Globalisation at Deakin University, & the Australian Catholic University

GOVV | EXHIBITION | Milestone for Women's Suffrage Petition | 28-29 September and 3-4 October

[Edited extract from public address]

It was 125 years ago this month that Victorian women presented to the Victorian Parliament a petition with 30,000 signatures calling for women's right to vote. 

In tribute to the special anniversary, an exhibition will be held in Queens Hall at Parliament House that will include items from the Victorian Parliament's collection and sculptures by Victorian artists Tas Wansbrough and Pauline O'Shannessy-Dowling.

Who: The exhibition is open to public.

Cost: Free

Parliament of Victoria

TWC | PUBLIC TALK | As You Are: A Trans Teen Story | Wednesday 12 October 2016 | 6.15-7.15pm

[Edited extract from public address]

For transgender and gender-diverse youth, the disparity between the way they see themselves and the way they are seen by others can be the cause of intense distress. 

In addition to that – and the prospect of bullying from their peers – transgender youth in Australia face a specific set of medical and legal hurdles. Australia is the only country in the world where it’s necessary to apply to court to access puberty-blocking hormones.

In an early 2016 interview for Australian Story, a Melbourne teenager described the confusion of her early childhood. She was a girl, inside the body of a boy. ‘I felt like a mythical creature,’ she said. ‘I wasn’t really real’.

Join Georgie Stone, her Mother and Rebekah Robertson, founder of the Transcend support network for a conversation about gender, courage and making history.

Where: The Wheeler Centre, 176 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

Cost: Free

Event Info/Booking: Online

The Wheeler Centre
176 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
Tel: +61 3 9094 7809

TWC | DINNER TALK | The Di Gribble Argument 2016: Shen Narayanasamy | Tuesday 4 October 2016, 6.30pm-11.00pm

[Edited extract from public address]

Australia is – proudly – a flourishing multicultural society. Most of us carry family histories of migration, seeking safety and prosperity in this vast and varied continent. But something is broken. 

The Di Gribble Argument returns for a third year, pushing us into constructive disagreement in efforts to break a conversational deadlock. This year we’re taking on one of the most intractable conversations in Australian public life: stopping the boats.

It’s time for a proper argument. One that lays out the stunning changes to our social contract on immigration that quietly took place behind the mantra of Stop The Boats. One that looks at the system in its entirety, that replaces publicity-snatching catchphrases with a broader, deeper perspective. And an argument that actually proposes solutions. As she did in her work on the No Business in Abuse and #LetThemStay campaigns, human rights campaigner Shen Narayanasamy will bring together business, government and social threads to detonate the dead end nature of this debate.

Where: Plaza Ballroom, Regent Theatre

Cost: $180 plus 30c booking fee. Includes 3 course dinner and drinks.

Event Info/Bookings: Online

The Wheeler Centre
176 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
Tel: +61 3 9094 7809

TWC | PUBLIC TALK | Not quite Australian | Wednesday 5 October | 6.15-7.15pm

[Edited extract from public address]

Citizenship and Belonging 

Right now, there are more than 1 million temporary migrants living on Australian shores.

The goal posts for Australian citizenship status have often shifted over the course of our history. New laws passed by the Turnbull Government have given increased power to the executive in making decisions on individual citizenship cases.

Join host Santilla Chingaipe with Kristina Kukolja and Peter Mares in this public discussion how the lack of - or loss of - citizenship affects the fabric of nationhood.

Where: The Wheeler Centre, 176 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

Cost: Free

Event Info/Booking: Online

The Wheeler Centre
176 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
Tel: +61 3 9094 7809


[Edited extract from public address]

The SoFiA Network promotes the open exploration of religion, spirituality and meaning.

'Sea of Faith' is not a church, but a network of people who are seeking a radical reappraisal of past religious traditions in order to meet today's spiritual challenges.  The Network affirms the continuing importance of religious thought and practice even though it acknowledges that religion, like art and poetry, is a purely human creation.

Members and non-members are encouraged to comment on the SoFiA Network Website Articles and Blogs, as well as to participate in the on-going discussions in the Blog Archives.

LECTURES - check website for details.  Gold coin donation appreciated.
Lectures are followed by questions, discussion and refreshments.
All viewpoints are welcome.

SoFiA Network

FCCV | Annual Victorian Interfaith Networks Conference | Sunday 13 November 2016 | 12noon-4.30pm

[Edited extract from public address]

The Victorian Interfaith Networks Conference (VINC) is an annual grass-roots conference which aims to help build the capacity and sustainability of existing multifaith/interfaith networks.

Bringing people up-to-date with current multifaith/interfaith matters and provide networking opportunities.

12noon-1.25pm: Registration, networking, lunch and activities
1.30-2.15pm: Honoured guests and keynote speech on 'Faith and Social Inclusion'
2.20-3.50pm: Workshops and plenary sessions (see below)
4-4.30pm: Summary & closing ceremony

Workshops & Plenary Sessions:
Enrolment for workshops and plenary sessions to be made on the day of event so please arrive early to enrol in your preferred workshop or session.

  • Workshop 1: Faith, Compassion and Justice
  • Workshop 2: Voices of Youth: Faith, Interfaith and Multiculturalism 
  • Workshop 3: Faith, Sexuality & Gender Diversity
  • Workshop 4: "Say NO to Racism" - Bystander Training

For more detailed information on each workshop click here

To register for the event go to - click on the green Register button, fill out your name and email address, and let us know of any special dietary requirements.

Where: Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre - Corner of Bell Street & St Georges Road,  Preston, VIC 3072 (Melway Reference: 30 E1)

Travel to Venue:
Easily accessible, check website for full details.

Faith Communities Council of Victoria
Mr Sandy Kouroupidis, Multifaith Officer
Mobile: 0412 670 369

Darebin City Council
Mr Aziz Cooper, Interfaith Development Officer
Tel: (03) 8470 8519

This event is proudly supported by the Faith Communities Council of Victoria, Darebin City Council, Darebin Interfaith Council and the Office of Multicultural Affairs & Citizenship.

GEIFN | UN International Peace Day | CAULFIELD JUNCTION | WORKSHOP | Being Peaceful | Engaging Inner and Outer Peace | Sunday 25 September 2016 | 2-4pm

2 hours of yoga, meditation and exploration in inner peace building.

Humanizing the other, and the peace that arises from that is a game everyone can play. Starting with the individual, growing in beneficiaries until it includes all.
"Be the change you wish to see in the world". Mahatma Ghandi
Dress Code: Comfortable clothes for stretching in. Leave shoes and socks at studio door for practice in bare feet.

Bookings: online through EventBrite
Book early as space limited.

Cost: Free. Spaces limited.
Donations Accepted and Appreciated as Funds raised on day donated to nominated charities.

Recipient Charities:
-- Ardoch Youth Foundation
-- Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Cleaning Social Enterprise
-- Koorie Heritage Trust Inc
-- Meditation in Victorian Primary Schools, Buddhist Special Religious Instruction
-- Parliament of World's Religions

Where: Body Moves, Studio 2, 107 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield Junction

Caretaker: Carey 0438 371 488

BCV | UN International Day of Peace | MONT ALBERT | Buddha Teachings on Peace | Wednesday 21 September 2016 | 6.30-8.30pm

[Edited extract from public address]

Come and join us for a talk by Bhante Buddharakkhita on Buddha Teachings on Peace followed by chanting and meditation.

Where: Melbourne Buddhist Thai Temple, 489 Elgar Road , Mont Albert (Box Hill), Vic 3127

Bookings: Online through EventBrite

The Buddhist Council of Victoria (BCV)
36 McDowall Street, Mitcham Vic 3132
Tel: 8822 2013

A collaboration with The Melbourne Buddhist Thai Temple

FSP | UN International Peace Day | DAREBIN | PICNIC WALK | Peace in the Park | Wednesday 21 September 2016 | 11am-2pm

[Edited extract from public address]

Come and celebrate the international day of peace by having a picnic in the park and taking a walk through Darebin Parklands in Melbourne!

MEET (11am)
for a BYO Vegan Picnic Lunch
The beginning of the Healing Trail
and, after sharing food

WALK (roughly 12 noon)
The Darebin Spiritual Healing Trail
Then after that

RECONVENE (roughly 1.45pm)
at Darebin new genocide marker, for a brief Ceremony behind Darebin Arts Centre.

You are invited to walk the Darebin Spiritual Healing Trail: A gift from the Aboriginal community as a gesture of Reconciliation. The Spiritual Healing Trail aims to promote good health by improving our emotional and spiritual well-being and our sense of being connected to the land, to others, and to ourselves.

Where: Darebin Parklands. Enter via Yarana Road, Alphington (Melways 31C9)

Dress Code: Comfortable clothes and closed toe shoes


First Steps of Peace


A collaboration with COMMON (Centre of Melbourne Multifaith & Others Network) and WIN (Women's Interfaith Network) - uniting to walk together towards Peace!

BKA | UN International Peace Day | CITY | AWAKENING | Wake up for Peace | Wednesday 21 September 2016 | 7.45- 8.30am (starts 7.45am prompt)

[Edited extract from public address]

Join the Melbourne community and it’s leaders in coming together to wake up for peace and proactively support the UN International Day of Peace, along with millions around the world.

Be involved in this event - create silent, powerful intentions of peace and goodwill - on one day, for one purpose - and as one community.

This simple but significant meditation event will be led by a team of 21 special guest meditators from across Australia; from teachers to practitioners; academics to business people; artists to sports individuals; and faith to non-faith representatives. As long-term practitioners of meditation, they will ​each light a candle for peace and ​hold a powerful and peaceful half-hour meditation on stage, guided with gentle commentary, music and silence.

The meditation will be facilitated by ABC meditation artist Carmen Warrington along with musicians Michael Johnson (harp), David Jones (Tibetan bowls/percussion) and Megan Kenny (keyboard).

Closing comments will be provided by Lord Mayor, Robert Doyle and Matt Jones (General Manager, Program & Events, Federation Square).

Join us for this significant event. Share this invitation with others. Come by yourself, with family, friends and colleagues.

Where: Deakin Edge, Federation Square, Melbourne

Cost: Free Event.


The Brahma Kumaris Australia

This event is presented by Calm in the City and Federation Square.

CSM | UN International Peace Day | ASCOT VALE | DINNER TALK | Tuesday 20 September 2016 | 6-8.30pm

[Edited extract from public address]

Join in a family friendly and a very festival celebration which brings together diverse Multi faith, Multicultural and Community Groups. There will be a children's program and the event is on school holidays.

Program Highlights
Master of Ceremony Dr Sonia Singh
Special Guest Uncle Boydie Turner
Welcome to Country by Uncle Ian Hunter
Keynote Speech by Abdi Aden
Guest Interfaith Musician Dya Singh
Guest Performer Andrew Williams
Feature Performance by Kate Ceberano

Where: Church of Scientology Melbourne
231 – 251 Mt Alexander Road
Ascot Vale Vic 3032

Cost: Free. Dinner and entertainment provided.

Bookings: Maria Meilak Tel: 0409 046 172

Maria Meilak, Community Projects Coordinator
Church of Scientology Melbourne
231 – 251 Mt Alexander Road
Ascot Vale Vic 3032
Tel: 9654 8655

A collaboration with Melton Interfaith Network

GIN | UN International Peace Day | GEELONG | CELEBRATION | Friday 9 September 2016 | 11.30am-1.30pm

[Edited extract from public address]

Join hearts in prayers for peace and harmony for individuals, each world nation and all life on earth. 

Participate in a World Peace Flag Ceremony followed by a Peace Walk procession of flags around Gheringhap, Yarra Street and Ryrie Streets, Geelong.

Gong performance by the Karenni Community of Geelong. Light refreshments will be served in the Council Chambers.

Location: City Hall Forecourt, Johnstone Park Gheringhap Street Geelong

The Geelong Interfaith Network and the City of Greater Geelong
Veema Mooniapah:
Jenny Funston:

UNIPD | UN International Peace Day | ASPIRING | Building Blocks for Peace | Wednesday 21 September 2016

[Edited extract of public address]

UN International Peace Day is a call for all the world's people's to pause hostilities to experience and celebrate community. It encourages family, friends and neighbours to come together and connect, whether they live next door or across the street.

"The people of the world have asked us to shine a light on a future of promise and opportunity. Member States have responded with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development... It is an agenda for people, to end poverty in all its forms. An agenda for the planet, our common home. An agenda for shared prosperity, peace and partnership."
UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon
Each year the International Day of Peace is observed around the world on 21 September. The General Assembly has declared this as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples.

The Day’s theme for 2016 is “The Sustainable Development Goals: Building Blocks for Peace.”

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals were unanimously adopted by the 193 Member States of the United Nations at an historic summit of the world’s leaders in New York in September 2015. The new ambitious 2030 agenda calls on countries to begin efforts to achieve these goals over the next 15 years. It aims to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all.

The Sustainable Development Goals are integral to achieving peace in our time, as development and peace are interdependent and mutually reinforcing.

“The 17 Sustainable Development Goals are our shared vision of humanity and a social contract between the world's leaders and the people,” said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. “They are a to-do list for people and planet, and a blueprint for success.”

Sustainability addresses the fundamental needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Modern challenges of poverty, hunger, diminishing natural resources, water scarcity, social inequality, environmental degradation, diseases, corruption, racism and xenophobia, among others, pose challenges for peace and create fertile grounds for conflict. Sustainable development contributes decisively to dissipation and elimination of these causes of conflict and provides the foundation for a lasting peace. Peace, meanwhile, reinforces the conditions for sustainable development and liberates the resources needed for societies to develop and prosper.

Every single one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals is a building block in the global architecture of peace. It is critical that we mobilise means of implementation, including financial resources, technology development and transfer, and capacity-building, as well as the role of partnerships. Everyone has a stake and everyone has a contribution to make.

Global Engagement in Friendly Neighborhoods
1. Commemorate Together
Share GEIFN | UN International Peace Day | WORKSHOP | Being Peace | Engaging Inner and Outer Peace | Sunday 25 September 2016 |  2-4pm (see above entry)

2. Commemorate with Wider Community
For examples, see separate listings below.

3. Sharing Ideas
If you haven't met your neighbours, take an opportunity to introduce yourself to them on Wednesday 21 September 2016.

Here are some simple ideas to get you started:
-- Smile and say 'hello'
-- Invite your neighbour over for a 'cuppa'
-- Arrange a get together at the local park - this could be a picnic or a family fun day. A list of Glen Eira parks and facilities found at
-- Get active and form a walking group with your neighbours or organize a game of street cricket
-- Join a class and meet neighborhood residents at your local Neighborhood House or community learning centre
-- Offer to help a neighbour by mowing their lawn or helping with their weekly shopping
-- Volunteer in your local community. Find out local opportunities at Community Information Glen Eira 9571 7644
-- Attend a local event and invite your neighbour. Find out what's on by visiting
-- Share excess garden produce with your neighbours

Website: • #peaceday

PWR | 3rd Global Conference on World's Religions After September 11 | Montreal | 15 September 2016

[Edited extract from public address]

From Faith to Interfaith

We invite you to explore the more positive possibilities of the religious dimension of life by attending the third Global Conference on World’s Religions after September 11

The ground may not have shifted under our feet at the moment but the very concept of religion underwent a paradigm shift for many of us. Instead of standing for virtue and piety, and peace and harmony, the word religion was launched on a semantic trajectory which would make it a byword for evil, aggression and terror.

But is there not more to religion than this?

Don’t miss out on discussions about critical issues of faith in today's world. Witness the release of the first ever Declaration of Human Rights by the World’s Religions.

Speakers Include:
  • Karen Armstrong
  • Gregory Baum
  • Deepak Chopra
  • Harvey Cox
  • Phil Fontaine
  • Susannah Heschel
  • Amir Hussain
  • Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
  • Charles Taylor
How: Attend, or participate via LiveStream. Register online

Parliament of the World's Religions
70 East Lake Street, Suite 205 Chicago, IL 60601

The "3rd Global Conference of World's Religions After September 11" is organized and produced independent of the Parliament.

GEIFN | Media Mix | September

Approx 5 min reads

Sonia Orchard explores technology, schooling, self-responsibility and interpersonal relationships, suggesting "Want to improve school results? Improve students' wellbeing" via The Canberra Times

Sue White explores how one arts event  manager demonstrated she was "Ready to put on a show" via WA Today

Amy Remeikis shines a light on Tina Brown's  times, efforts and example of "Bridging the divide through connection and shared wisdom" via The Age

Matt Wilven shares a personal example of marching to two drums beating to a united rhythm, explaining why "We didn't get married, we joined our names instead" via WA Today

Farrah Tomazin explains recent removal of unfounded legislative discrimination against minority families as "State government begins righting a ridiculous wrong" via The Age

Tony Wright shines a light on the benefits of "Grassroots Healing: Good Life Farm helps troubled teens grow confidence" via The Sydney Morning Herald

Tony Wright explores attitudes, inequalities and leadership, calling out "Love and politics in the same thought? Is that even possible?" via WA Today

Maureen Mathews answers a reader's question about discovering joyful intimacy in a loving partnership in "About Last Night: Unlocking your 'authentic sexuality'" via The Brisbane Times

Garry Maddox shines a light on Abe Forsythe's new picture exploring personal disconnection, group belonging, leader manipulation, resulting violence and a reason behind why "Down Under's first four minutes show disturbing images of the Cronulla riots" via The Sydney Morning Herald

Debbie Cuthbertson writes of latest accolades for Indigenous performers sharing the spotlight as "Gawurra feels the love with four wins at National Indigenous Music Awards 2016" via The Canberra Times

Carolyn Webb explores an example how personal truth changes hearts, opens minds leaving lasting impression as fearless "Gay pair first to do school presentation ball at Bundoora" via WA Today

Maureen Mathews responds to a reader's question about labels, motivation and rules of attraction and "About Last Night: Why are we so keen to pigeonhole people?" via WA Today

David Brooks turns to a page in America's history book, exploring competing interests  between commercial, tribal and communal, asking "Have we reached peak affluence?" via WA Today

Rohan Connolly explores self-determination, natural diversity and the challenge for improving societal acceptance as "Nicky Winmar proud to stand up for gay rights with son" via The Age

Caitlin Fitzsimmons writes of a personal experience, public campaign and determined effort resulting in changed currency as "New tactile bank notes let blind people get a feel for money" via The Canberra Times

Adam Taylor reviews a home sewn success story making waves around the world in "The surprising Australian origin story of the burkini" via The Canberra Times

John Bailey explores an exhibition visualizing working environments of biology researchers and how "Biomedical Breakthroughs takes close look at our bodies at Melbourne Museum" via The Sydney Morning Herald

Ray Edgar writes of engaging collaborative design as "Architects learn from an Indigenous sense of place" via The Age

Timna Jacks explores ingredients and team effort required for improving education outcomes, describing "How one school ditched drugs and violence to became a "grammar school"" via The Sydney Morning Herald

Caroline Brothers writes of the efforts to reclaim lives lost to military dictatorship as "Argentine grandmothers still searching for stolen grandchildren" via WA Today

Peter Munro explores a considered response to loss, hope, resilience, uniting and showing a way of deliverance as "Bangarra Dance Theatre finds hope at the heart of Australia's dark past" via The Age

Approx 20min presentations

Turn on English subtitles if finding soundtrack difficult to hear.

Approx 5 min presentation

Judith Durham with Kutcha Edwards and friends - resiled version of Advance Australia Fair

Approx 2 min presentation

Sesame Street: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Murray - Reinforce

Approx 3 min presentation

ABC Zoom - Prisms & refraction science explained

KHT | What's On | September 2016

[Edited extract from public address]

Explore with Koorie Heritage Trust this month.

LAUNCH | Yenbena biganga, gaiyimarr biganga: Stitching together the songlines | Saturday 8 October | 2-4pm

A solo exhibition by Lee Darroch
Funding for this project has been provided by Regional Arts Australia on behalf of the Australian Government.

Where: Level 1, Yara Building, Federation Square

WORKSHOP | Pine Needle Weaving | Saturday 10 September | 1.30-3.30pm

In her second pine needle weaving workshop, Master Weaver Marilyne Nicholls will share stories and techniques of how her family mastered pine needle weaving practices and how her relationship with the environment along the Murray River (Miloo) is embedded in her practice.

Suitable for those who have some weaving experience. Tea and coffee included.

Where: Level 3, Yarra Building, Federation Square
Cost: $33.00 (inc GST)
Bookings: Online through TryBooking or contact 8662 6300

YARNING | With Curator Clinton Nain | Saturday 17 September | 2pm

Join guest curator and artist Clinton Nain (Ku-Ku/Meriam) in our gallery for a discussion around his current exhibition Carved Out of Life: The next generation.

The exhibition showcases the fine art and tradition of emu egg carving and features works by several generations of carvers. Clinton will talk about emu egg carving, the process of curating the exhibition and his own art practice.

Where: Level 1, Yarra Building, Federation Square
Cost: Free
More Information: Click Here for more information.

SERIES | Monthly Weaving Workshops | Various dates | 12-1pm

Be a part of monthly Friday lunchtime weaving workshops with Yorta Yorta weaver Donna Blackall. This regular workshop gives keen weavers a chance to build projects over the months. Spots are filling for our September session so book in quick!

Remaining Dates:
Friday 9 September
Friday 7 October
Friday 11 November

Considerations: Workshops include tea and coffee. All skill levels suitable. Bookings are essential.

Where: Level 3, Yarra Building, Federation Square
Cost: $16.40 (inc. GST)
Bookings: Book online through TryBooking or contact 8662 6300

Senior's Festival Celebration Day | Sunday 2 October | 10am-4pm

This year the Koorie Heritage Trust is contributing to the Victorian Senior's Festival at Federation Square. Celebrate with us on Sunday with workshops, performances and the launch of our Oral History exhibition, showcasing our latest Oral History recordings with our Victorian Indigenous Elders and Seniors. Stay tuned for more information!

Koorie Heritage Trust
Levels 1 & 3, Yarra Building, Federation Square, Melbourne VIC 3000
Tel: 03 8662 6300

FIN | BUS TOUR | Learn more about Muslim faith, history and culture | Saturday 10 September 2016 | 9.15am-4pm

[Edited extract from public address]

Demystify the other, ask questions in a spirit of friendship and celebrate a common spirit.

Join a bus tour to visit the Islamic Museum in Thornbury. Be welcomed at the Ahmadiyya Muslim community and mosque in Langwarrin. Plenty of time for discussion and questions.

Meeting point: Frankston Visitor Information Centre, 7N Pier Promenade, Frankston

Cost: $15 or $10 for concession card holders

Bookings: essential. Ticketing through Frankston Visitor Information Centre Tel: 1300 322 842 or online

The Frankston Interfaith Network
Tel: 03 9784 1851

Proudly supported by Frankston City Council and State Government Victoria.

WIN | All Faith Music Festival | Sunday 11 September 2016 | 2-5pm

[Edited extract from public address]

Great Music and Harmony in Diversity with more than eight faith groups. All are welcome. 

“Music is one of the most magnificent and delightful presents God has given us” -
Martin Luther
Where: Box Hill Town Hall, 1022 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill VIC 3128

Cost: Free Admission.

Whitehorse Interfaith Network
in collaboration with Sathya Sai International Organisation of Australia & PNG (Victoria)
Contact: Ravi Seth
Mobile: 0407 500 297

CCJV | PUBLIC TALK | Miriam - Sister of Moses and Mother of Jesus | Sunday 11 September 2016 | 3-5pm

[Edited extract from public address]

Join speakers Dr Colleen O’Reilly and Rabbi Fred Morgan discuss the figure of Miriam in Jewish and Christian sources.

About the speakers: 
-- Canon Dr Colleen O’Reilly is the Vicar of St George’s Anglican Church in Malvern. She is also a Canon of St Paul’s Cathedral and a member of various church bodies in Melbourne Diocese and nationally. She was Associate Dean of the then Melbourne College of Divinity from 1994-1999. In the 1970’s Colleen was part of the movement towards full acceptance of women into ordained ministry in the Australian Anglican Church. A significant part of that journey was the recovery of the stories of women in the scriptures as empowering for women of faith today. Colleen is married to the Revd Walter McEntee. She has two sons and is grandmother to three boys who live in London.

-- Rabbi Fred Morgan AM was for several years a Lecturer in Religious Studies at the University of Bristol in the UK before entering Leo Baeck College in London to study for the rabbinate. During his 30 year career as a rabbi he served North West Surrey Synagogue in the UK and Temple Beth Israel in Melbourne. He became Rabbi Emeritus at TBI in 2013. He is currently Hon President of the Council of Christians and Jews (Victoria) and Professorial Fellow in the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy, Australian Catholic University. In 2015 Rabbi Morgan coordinated the "Grass Roots Dialogue Project" for the CCJ. He also leads Jewish-themed tours to places as diverse as India, Morocco, the Baltic States and the Balkans. His next tour, in 2017, is to Central Asia. Rabbi Morgan is married to Sue, a Pastoral Carer, and they have three children and a grandchild.

Where: St Georges Anglican Church, 296 Glenferrie Road, Malvern 3144

Refreshments: Kosher afternoon tea provided.

Bookings: If possible please advise attendance by contacting the CCJV office.

The Council of Christians and Jews (Victoria)
326 Church Street, Richmond 3121
Tel: (03) 9429 5212

IDC | Dance to Benefit Beings | Beginners' Course | 1,3,4 September 2016 | Melbourne

[Edited extract from public address]

Learn Dance of the Vajra, a practice from ancient Tibetan Buddhist Dzogchen teachings. Harmonise and deeply relax the body's energy and mind through sound and movement. 

An effective practice for restoring and purifying the natural state of our whole being. 

This helps individuals liberate from their disturbing emotions, revealing their authentic state. It allows practitioners to evolve real potential: naturally developing clarity and compassion toward ourselves and others.

Teacher: Lynne Geary

Where: Fleming Park Hall, 104 Victoria St, Brunswick, Melbourne

Session Times:
1. Thurs: 6.45-9.15pm
2-3. Sat-Sun: 10am-6pm daily

$50 full course. $25 deposit may be required to secure booking

Bookings and Enquiries:
Gary 03 9568 4699
Yvonne 0477 012 194

Chogyal Namkai Norbu is a renowned scholar and acknowledged to be a living master of Dzogchen, the essence of Dzogchen practitioners around the world. The Dance of the Vajra is associated with the International Dance Council CID UNESCO, the official umbrella organisation for all forms of dance in all countries of the world.

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GEIFN | BEING PEACE WORKSHOP | Abide | Arise | Radiate | Engage Inner and Outer Peace | Sunday 25 September 2016 | 2-4pm

A Glen Eira Interfaith Network observance of United Nations International Day of Peace annual aspiration, 21 September 2016.

Engage inner and outer peace building with caretaker Carey Rohrlach through 2 hours of yoga, meditation, discussion and exploration of body, mind and spirit.
“Be the change you wish to see in the world”
Mahatma Ghandi
Where: Body Moves - Studio 2, 107 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield Junction, Vic 3161

Cost: Free entry and donations accepted. Collections from event shared between 5 Recipient Charities:
Bookings: online through EventBrite
Book early as space limited.

Glen Eira Interfaith Network
caretaker 0438 371 488 

This commemoration is inspired by a shared wish for less suffering for all, useful ways to make a difference and grow peaceful action! 

Bookings: online through EventBrite