VMC | UDPATING | Last call for Multicultural Communities Leadership in Action Program and Honour Roll and more | 11 January 2022

[Edited extract from public address]

2022 began with high COVID-19 case numbers, due largely to the Omicron strain. This brought a slightly different set of challenges compared to the last outbreak.

Message from the Chairperson

I acknowledge that there is a level of fatigue out there and this is hard for everyone. The VMC is working alongside community organisations, the Department of Health and other agencies to ensure the community continues our efforts to stay on top of this pandemic, and in particular this variant.

Please tune in to the briefing sessions and do share with us any matters of concern, either through the Regional Advisory Council, the Multifaith Advisory Group or through VMC commissioners and staff. We will make sure they are channeled to the relevant areas for attention.

As much as possible, in this COVID environment, we are still continuing our work to strengthen multicultural communities. On that note, we're excited to share that the expressions of interest for tickets to the Victorian Multicultural Gala Dinner (formerly the Premier's Gala Dinner) open tomorrow. Please make sure you look out for that email from us.

Also worth noting: we have nominations for the Victorian Multicultural Honour Roll closing soon. This is an opportunity to highlight the work of people whose work is critical to community organisations, especially those who have been toiling away behind the scenes. These are our unsung heroes who tirelessly support and amplify multicultural or multifaith communities, often without formal recognition.
Nominations close on 16 January 2022, and self-nominations are welcome. Learn more here.

We’ve talked a lot about the VMC's capacity to advocate for diverse communities. We now invite you to join our new Multicultural Communities Leadership in Action Program to build your own ability to raise your voice for your community too. This program is free and the application is simple, please fill it out here. Applications close on 20 January 2022.

Take care and stay safe.
Viv Nguyen AM, Chairperson

LAST CALL | Multicultural Communities Leadership in Action Program | applications extended until Thursday 20 January 2022 

While several hundred applications have been received already, more submissions from young people and regional Victorians are sought.

The Multicultural Communities Leadership in Action Program builds the capability of multicultural and multifaith leaders to engage effectively with the government and mobilise their own communities.

Developed and delivered using a genuine co-design approach with community, the program runs dedicated streams for women and young people, as well as a generalist stream. Participants complete two half-day sessions and are invited to a graduation celebration where they can build on their new network of hundreds of fellow participants and government stakeholders.   

Participants will learn how to:
  • become influential and informed community advocates 
  • navigate and collaborate with government 
  • be more able to mobilise and educate their communities  
  • strengthen their civic and community engagement capability.

Participants will also:
  • join a network of hundreds of like-minded cultural and faith leaders 
  • develop great potential to create collaborative partnerships and projects 
  • be connected with government representatives  
  • be more likely to hold future roles in senior community service and on government boards and committees.

LAST CALL | Nominations closing for the Victorian Multicultural Honour Roll | Nominations open until Sunday 16 January 2022

The first ever Victorian Multicultural Honour Roll will recognise the efforts of individuals who have made exceptional and lasting contributions to multiculturalism in Victoria.

This program will focus on local champions of diversity, acknowledging the vital role that multicultural individuals have played to keep our communities safe and connected.

The Honour Roll replaces the Meritorious Service to the Community category from the Victorian Multicultural Awards for Excellence, which was held at Government House last week.

ADVISING | In-language video on surviving extreme heat

Did you know that heat kills more Australians than any natural disaster? Heat can cause illnesses such as heat cramps and heat exhaustion, which can lead to the life-threatening condition, heatstroke. Heatstroke is fatal in up to 80% of cases.

Those most at risk are older people, young children and people with a medical condition.

Better Health has put together a web page with information to help Victorians better manage hot days. You can watch a video about the effects of heat by choosing a language below:

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