GEIFN | MIXING | Media | January 2023

Best wishes for less Suffering, more Happiness with Good Health and Time to Enjoy it. Welcome to Roman Calendar Year MMXXIII otherwise known as Gregorian New Year 2023.

May you have festivity in season and yee-ha's in the New.

If time is short, save the email for later. Come back when there is time.

Headline acts, such as memorials and annual occasions or rituals, remind us of an age old saying:
Time. Waits. For no-one. 

To give pause and make meaning to the everyday busyness of life, the scale, regularity and frequency can be determined by passage of observable celestial bodies, local weather patterns we have labelled seasons, or human record keeping. The subheadings, if you will, for the body copy of our lives.

Timing is everything.

In a globalised world, this Gregorian calendar is increasingly known as Common Era (CE), but let us also consider how New Year depends on the country of origin, ethnic background or calendar of the people.

Sharing a timely aspiration:
“Success isn’t about how your life looks to others. It’s about how it feels to you. We realized that being successful isn’t about being impressive; it’s about being inspired.”
Michelle Obama, American attorney and author who served as first lady of the United States from 2009 to 2017 (1964- CE)

If having no reason to celebrate this month, here are 3 prepared earlier:

Here we share some thoughts.


True, true, and false

  • True = unconditional, beyond personal, lasting, limitless, timeless
  • true = conditional (things dependent), subjective and personal, limited (is divisive or has boundaries), temporary (subject to changing nature of things), held by the 'right/good' holders
  • false = same as true except held by the opposite numbers identified by the 'right/good' holders


Non-subjective meaning, from Latin:

  • Re = again/ intensify/ concentrate
  • lig = join/ unite
  • ion = energy

Universal meaning = a beyond-concept beyond-personal positive energy experienced on an individual level, with skillful effort and noble motivation increasing benefit to a greater number until including all.

Subjective meaning = as for true/false definition previous section

Urgent, Timely and Non-urgent

  • Urgent = needs doing now as inaction may cause death or injury
  • Timely = needs to be done when it is a useful time to avoid unnecessary suffering
  • Non-urgent = everything else

Skill Level 

  • Beginners: Words and concepts are like the finger pointing to a reflection of the moon on a still lake. Resist the tendency to mistake the reflection for the moon.
  • Intermediates: Words and concepts are like the finger pointing to the moon. Resist the tendency to mistake the finger or the holder of the finger for the moon.
  • Advanced: concepts, words and rituals are just pointers or roadmaps to reach a destination, they are not the destination. They are limited instruments to describe the limit-less experience of journey and indescribable arrival. Roadmaps are useful to start a journey and keep us on task when obstacles or distractions obscure the way. 
  • advanced-Advanced: Once the destination has been reached, old roadmaps are unnecessary, perhaps adapted or new roadmaps are necessary.
  • All: If time is short, skip the many words and practise a little meditation instead. If you don't have a little meditation, please ask. Test everything, keep what is useful, discard what is not.



If we want less suffering in our beyond-personal world:

  • Be the change in the world you wish there to be (Hindu saying)
  • Self responsibility until there is no-self, just joy, fearlessness and noble motivation (Buddhist saying)
  • Sow what you wish to reap, and reap what you sow (Abrahamic saying)

Time for a musical interlude?

Remember: information may contain misunderstandings, deliberate omissions and complete fabrications. Accept nothing blindly. Test for usefulness: if useful keep; adapt for personal circumstances if necessary; or if unuseful discard. Be your own guiding light.

The following monthly curation from publicly available information is offered below for consideration.


  1. Guest Sings
  2. Stream Jives
  3. Wisdom Reconciles
  4. Media Writes
  5. TED Talks
  6. Music Challenges
  7. Acknowledgments

    1. Guest Sings

    Approx 5 min presentation

    2. Street Jives

    Approx 2 min presentation 

    3. Wisdom Reconciles

    4. Media Writes

    Approx 5 min reads

    Jane Rocca explores identity, visibility and motivation with "Model Duckie Thot on racism, Rihanna and why her father is her greatest role model” via The Sydney Morning Herald

    Terri-ann White explores gender, nationalism and globalism when reviewing a new biography in "The transit of Shirley Hazzard: A life full of poetry and love” via WA Today

    Benjamin Law talks dicey topics death, money and sex with Darren Hayes reasoning why "‘It has to be destroyed’: the music that will die with him” via The Age

    Sarah Berry explores gender, masculinity and balance when "‘There is power in vulnerability’: How five high-profile Australian men manage their mental health” via The Sydney Morning Herald

    Sophie Aubrey explores renting one home with the lot when reporting how "Melbourne is the epicentre of a new rental model. Will it work?” via The Age

    Damien Woolnough explores identity, pride and wearable art as "You won’t be cancelled for wearing First Nations fashion” via The Sydney Morning Herald

    Gwynne Dyer explores power, generation and sustainability writing "At last, we’ve found our energy source for the future (if we have one)” via The Brisbane Times

    Jewel Topsfield explores gender, society and equitable representation with calls for "‘No more nymphs’: Fifty pioneering women who deserve their own statues” via The Age

    Rachael Dexter, Jacob Gamble and Caroline Schelle explores First Nations sovereignty, settler history and small steps towards reconciliation as "Third Melbourne council votes to scrap Australia Day citizenship ceremonies” via The Age

    Bridget McManus explores family, language, gathering and celebrating seasonal change in "A milestone moment’: Christmas carol sung in 12 Indigenous languages” via The Sydney Morning Herald

    Benjamin Law discusses dicey topics Death, Sex and Religion with CSIRO head Larry Marshall who reasons why "‘There’s nothing sexier’: on changing the future” via The Age

    Steven Petrow explores honesty, vulnerability and meaningful belonging recounting how "‘The last time I cried was ...’: The game helping families open up this Christmas” via The Sydney Morning Herald

    Evelyn Lewin explores being present, life-long learning and joy to be found in "How embracing a beginner’s mindset leads to personal growth” via The Age

    Dennis Overbye explores sky candy and beyond, with collaborative purpose and reasons why "‘I’m just blown away’: The Webb Telescope is just getting started” via WA Today

    Tom Cowie explores keeping cool, mobility and calls to "‘Take the party with you!’ How did the Esky become a cultural icon?” via The Brisbane Times 

    Carmen Forward explores creativity, purpose and play with "Five free, or mostly free, things you can do with your kids in the holidays” via The Age

    Carolyn Webb explores journey, culture and connection when "They sing free songs by the sea shore on Elwood’s singing walking trail” via The Sydney Morning Herald

    Elizabeth Flux and Nick Galvin explores diversity, beauty and expression with "Destination art: The best exhibitions to see around Australia while on holiday” via The Brisbane Times

    Carolyn Webb explores gathering, generosity and belonging with "Lunch and hope on ‘one of the loneliest days of the year’” via The Age

    Daniel James explores identity, colonialism and reflecting representation when reviewing "Rodeos, talking dolphins and video games: meet the new face of Indigenous art” via The Age

    Nicole Precel explores the value of education, passion for living and willingness to learning, just now with "A PhD at 82: Meet the new generation of university learners” via The Age

    6. Music Challenges

    Approx 30 min presentation + reflection times

    If desired, a short selection of publicly available material on a chosen theme for personal reflection. 

    For best results, sit comfortably with a straight back, have headphones in a shared space, after each clicked link, allow a little reflection with your personally-held view before clicking on the next link.

    Get ready to Reflect!
    Choose your playing level:
    Be introduced at 1.
    Be soothed at 2-4.
    Be shocked at 5.
    Be inspired at 6.
    Fuller illumination 1-6.
    You be the judge. Or not.

    Cryptic Clue:What are ways to identifying equitable relationships?
    1. Inspire
    2. Perspire
    3. Collaborate
    4. Engage: Test for personal circumstances, if useful keep, if unuseful discard, if exceeds needs, share mindfully
    5. Endure: Adapt for present times without sacrificing intent
    6. Endear: (Inspiring Others To Tend the Flame) live/ demonstrate/ inspire/ teach experience with others
    This challenge includes absolutelyautomaticsystematic for the growing benefit of everybody.

    From late Middle English: from Latin absolutus = freed, unrestricted, past participle of absolvere = set free, acquit, from ab- = from + solvere = loosen.

    1. with no qualification, restriction, or limitation; totally. Ie, the students trusted the teacher absolutely. Ie, you're absolutely right. 
      • used to emphasize a strong or exaggerated statement. Ie, they absolutely adore that car. Ie, the parent was absolutely furious. 
      • [with negative] none whatsoever. Ie, they had absolutely no idea what the newest arrival was talking about. 
      • [as exclamation] informal used to express and emphasize one's assent or agreement. Ie, ‘Did they give you a free hand when you joined the band?’ ‘Absolutely!’.
    2. not viewed in relation to other things. Ie, white-collar crime increased both absolutely and in comparison with other categories. 
    3. Grammar (of a verb) without a stated object.

    From late 16th century: from modern Latin automaticus = acting of itself, from Latin autos = self + matos = thinking, acting, moving + -ic = suffix denoting a particular form or instance

    1. (of a device or process) working by itself with little or no direct human control. Ie, an automatic kettle that switches itself off when it boils. Ie, calibration is fully automatic. 
      • (of a firearm) self-loading and able to fire continuously until the ammunition is exhausted or the pressure on the trigger is released. Ie, automatic weapons. 
      • (of a motor vehicle or its transmission) using gears that change by themselves according to speed and acceleration. Ie, a four-speed automatic gearbox. 
    2. done or occurring spontaneously, without conscious thought or attention. Ie, automatic physical functions such as breathing. Ie, ‘Nice to meet you,’ the assistant said, with automatic politeness. 
      • done or occurring as a matter of course and without debate. Ie, that student is the automatic choice for the senior team. 
      • (especially of a legal sanction) given or imposed as a necessary and inevitable result of a fixed rule or particular set of circumstances. Ie, due to on-field conduct, the player received an automatic one-match suspension. 
    1. a gun that continues firing until the ammunition is exhausted or the pressure on the trigger is released. Ie, the rapid fire of automatics. 
    2. a vehicle with automatic transmission, Ie, a Mercedes 300SL five-speed automatic. 
    3. [mass noun] a mode of operation in which a particular function of a piece of equipment is performed automatically rather than manually. Ie, the majority of users of this type of camera will shoot in automatic.

    From mid 17th century; via late Latin from Greek sustÄ“matikos, from sustÄ“ma; from sun- = with + histanai = set up + -ic = suffix denoting a particular form or instance

    • done or acting according to a fixed plan or system; methodical. Ie, a systematic search of the whole city. 


    • every person, all. Ie, everybody agreed with the stated views.

    -- Chant Mantrastyle

    An old wise saying is that "Everybody is equal. Except some are more equal than others". For some, this is accepted without question or doubt absolutely, for others acceptance is automatic because to effect change requires sustainable effort or is someone else's problem, while others acceptance comes from being a systematic beneficiary. What is true for all, is that the causes, conditions and consequences have the capacity to effect everybody.

    Why? Why not?
    Start today. 
    As the case may be.
    Or not.

    7. Acknowledgments

    Acknowledging traditional inhabitants of Cities of Port Phillip and Glen Eira are the Boon Wurrung, Bunurong and Wurundjeri peoples of the Kulin NationRespect is offered to past, present and future elders of all spiritual traditions. May we find together a generous way to accommodate those in need of refuge. Let us be cool, strive individually and together to overcome inequality, violence, disengagement, tragedy and injustice wherever it may be. Let us honour, savor and enjoy results of mindful effort so more thrive peacefully with less effort in our place called home.

    Invitation to Support Content Creators
    The music/stories/videos have been sourced from public domain. If you like any of the content, please consider buying directly from online marketplaces to support creators and truth telling in the public interest.

    Caretaker Disclosure
    Words and concepts are conditional things that point to a 'reflection of experience'. They are limited and do not adequately describe the 'full lived experience'. Like the moon's reflection on a lake's surface, it is not the moon, nor the experience of gazing up at the darkened sky transformed by the presence of a full moon. It is in the eyes/ears/nose/mouth/touch/cognisance of the beholder.

    This curation is an interpretation of the universal basis of re:lig:ion (Latin = again:uniting:energy) or bodhicitta (Sanskrit = Awakening Consciousness). This email invites a sharing of countless thoughts, words and actions wishing, causing and receiving less Suffering and more Happiness. For benefit initially of the individual increasing in beneficiaries until it includes all across the 3 times and 10 directions. Or not. As each case may be.

    It is not personal, it just the way things are.