GEIFN | MIXING | Media | March 2023

Best wishes for less Suffering, more Happiness with Good Health and Time to Enjoy it. Welcome to Berber Calendar Year 2973.

Sharing a timely aspiration:
"It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences."
Audre Lorde, American writer, womanist, radical feminist, professor, and civil rights activist (1934-1992 CE)

If having no reason to celebrate this month, here are 4 prepared earlier:

In this iEdition, the individual 'i' is an illusory compound that can't see itself, thinks its real and separate from its situation. Through this Confusion, this 'i' then thinks, says and does more things that makes more Confusion. With clarity, timely recall and personal effort, individuals get the benefit of iGrowth.

Imagine each individual's past is a stream that empties into a lake. The lake is deeper and calmer so the bubbling churning stream waters soon dissipate upon entry. It is this point that is the individual experience of the present moment. We were floating down the stream and now bobbing in the lake.

Our individual suffering is like a stomach cramp, thrown stone or floating debris. Our bobbing, or paddling or thrashing causes ripples radiating out from our presence. 

Even if our own piece of the lake is calm, it is subject to ripples from actions of others or external events. The individual peace enjoyed by some can not last while others continue to suffer. There can be no lasting outer peace while there is no inner peace. 

Peaceful societies are like a still surface of a lake. A society's suffering is like the surface chopped up by individuals in a speed boat. And of course there is always the possibility of an uncontrollable external event, ie, the wash of a bigger more powerful boat passing us or sudden storm passing.

While inner peace does not guarantee freedom from external events, it is a prerequisite for dealing beneficially with what's in front of the face. While still waters diffuse incoming ripples, disturbed waters continue, magnify or contribute to the churn.

And when we choose to finish splashing about, we get out of the water, dry ourselves off and go to a bus stop.

All aboard the iBus.

Remember: information may contain misunderstandings, deliberate omissions and complete fabrications. Accept nothing blindly. Test for usefulness: if useful keep; adapt for personal circumstances if necessary; or if unuseful discard. Be your own guiding light.

The following monthly curation from publicly available information is offered below for consideration.


  1. Guest Sings
  2. Stream Jives
  3. Wisdom Reconciles
  4. Media Writes
  5. TED Talks
  6. Music Challenges
  7. Acknowledgments

    1. Guest Sings

    Approx 5 min presentation 

    2. Street Jives

    Approx 2 min presentation 

    3. Wisdom Reconciles

    4. Media Writes

    Approx 5 min reads

    Benjamin Law explores dicey topics Money, Politics and Sex with Helen Haines who recounts "‘I had a really good life’: So why did I decide to run for parliament?” via The Sydney Morning Herald

    Sherine Tadros explores overcoming public exposure of loss and adversity "When my fiancĂ© left, I found the courage to pursue my true calling” via The Age
    Konrad Marshall explores identity, professional sport and public perceptions as "‘Life changes tomorrow’: What happened when pro basketball’s Isaac Humphries came out” via The Sydney Morning Herald

    Katrina Marson explores identity, healthy relationships and sustainable wellbeing with reasons why "Teaching kids that sex is shameful can harm them for life” via WA Today

    Kate Gaffney explores context, education and learning recounting how "I was a school refuser for years - now I have five university degrees” via The Age

    Dilvin Yasa explores connection, commitment and companionship recounting when "Emily and Mark got pregnant after a one-night-stand. Now they’re happily married” via The Sydney Morning Herald

    Sita Walker explores union, separation and forging new lives when "Sitting in a cafĂ©, my husband suddenly handed me divorce papers. I had no idea why” via WA Today

    Moya Dodd explores gender, identity, respectful passion and inclusivity on a global stage arguing why "Telling LGBTQ players and fans to ‘Visit Saudi’ is a huge own goal by FIFA” via The Brisbane Times

    Nicole Abadee explores violence of war, seeking asylum and finding refuge recounting when "The blasts came: Medical student Anastasiia had 15 minutes to pack. Now she’s here” via The Age

    Lauren Ironmonger explores identity, family and society’s attitudes to "Interracial dating: The Aussies marrying ‘outside their lanes’” via The Age

    Mary Ward explores identity, belonging and gathering "From Tamworth to Taylor Square, Australia shows off its pride to the world” via The Age

    Bridget McManus explores the outback, community and race relations when reviewing an episode of Back Roads when "Tennant Creek shares its story in wake of Alice Springs crisis” via The Brisbane Times

    Karl Quinn explores place, people and passion as "Eddie Betts turns his wildly popular books into new series for Netflix” via The Sydney Morning Herald

    Fenella Souter explores conceiving, parenting and loving when "Wrangling four kids under four – three of them identical triplets” via WA Today

    Waleed Aly explores precious nature of life, love and passing reflecting in "Jan’s parting gift to me is life’s most valuable lesson” via The Age

    Adam Carey and Nicole Precel explores education, learning and engaging are some of the reasons "State schools dominate list of NAPLAN high achievers” via The Age

    Carolyn Webb and Sumeyya Ilanbey explores peaceful coexistence, diversity and belonging when rainbow "Colours of the world come out to show their Pride” via The Age

    Adam Carey explores childhood, stability and educational outcomes as "‘No longer a pipe dream’: Hundreds of young people from out-of-home care helped into university” via The Age

    Michael Lallo explores identity, religion and education recounting when "An atheist, Muslim and Catholic swapped schools. This is what happened” via The Age

    Amanda Hooton explores background, parenting and raising brighter futures recounting how "David and Carolyn filled a Kombi with their own kids – and still decided to foster” via WA Today

    Nicole Abadee explores life on the road with Megan Davis and Pat Anderson, writing "‘We understand poverty intimately’: The best friends working together for the Voice” via The Brisbane Times

    6. Music Challenges

    Approx 30 min presentation + reflection times

    If desired, a short selection of publicly available material on a chosen theme for personal reflection. 

    For best results, sit comfortably with a straight back, have headphones in a shared space, after each clicked link, allow a little reflection with your personally-held view before clicking on the next link.

    Get ready to Reflect!
    Choose your playing level:
    Be introduced at 1.
    Be soothed at 2-4.
    Be shocked at 5.
    Be inspired at 6.
    Fuller illumination 1-6.
    You be the judge. Or not.

    Cryptic Clue:
    What is one way to overcome obstacles?
    1. Inspire
    2. Perspire
    3. Collaborate
    4. Engage: Test for personal circumstances, if useful keep, if unuseful discard, if exceeds needs, share mindfully
    5. Endure: Adapt for present times without sacrificing intent
    6. Endear: (Inspiring Others To Tend the Flame) live/ demonstrate/ inspire/ teach experience with others
    This challenge understands difference is necessary before overcoming Indifference and welcoming redress.

    From Old English understandanunder- = below; beneath, lower in status; subordinate, undersecretary, insufficient; incomplete + stand = rise to one's feet,  place or set in an upright or specified positiona, dopt a particular attitude, remain valid or unaltered
    1. perceive the intended meaning of (words, a language, or a speaker). Ie, the student didn't understand a word the teacher said. Ie, the debating team could usually make themselves be understood. Ie, the reader understood what the author was saying. 
      • perceive the significance, explanation, or cause of. Ie, the onlooker didn't really understand the situation. Ie, the new arrival couldn't understand why we burst out laughing. 
    2. interpret or view (something) in a particular way. Ie, as the term is usually understood, legislation refers to regulations and directives. 
      • infer something from information received (often used as a polite formula in conversation). Ie, I understand you're at art school. Ie, as I understood it, the visitor was flying back to the States tomorrow. 
      • regard (a missing word, phrase, or idea) as present: ‘present company excepted’ is always understood when sweeping generalizations are being made. 
      • assume to be the case; take for granted. Ie, the captain liked to play the field, that was understood. 
    3. be sympathetically or knowledgeably aware of the character or nature of, Ie, Picasso understood colour. Ie, I understand how you feel.

    From Middle English: via Old French from Latin differentia = a distinguishing mark or characteristic.
    1. a point or way in which people or things are dissimilar. Ie, the differences between men and women. 
      • the state or condition of being dissimilar. Ie, their difference from one another. 
      • a quantity by which amounts differ; the remainder left after subtraction of one value from another. Ie, the insurance company will pay the difference. 
      • (Heraldry) an alteration in a coat of arms to distinguish members or branches of a family. 
    2. a disagreement, quarrel, or dispute. Ie, the couple are patching up their differences.

    From late Middle English (in the sense ‘being neither good nor bad’): from Latin indifferentia, from in- = not + different = differing, deferring
    1. lack of interest, concern, or sympathy. Ie, the student shrugged, feigning indifference. 
      • Unimportance. Ie, it cannot be regarded as a matter of indifference. 
    2. Mediocrity. Ie, the indifference of the soccer team's midfield.

    From Middle English: the verb from Old French redresser; the noun via Anglo-Norman French redresse
    1. remedy or set right (an undesirable or unfair situation). Ie, the power to redress the grievances of our citizens. 
    2. (archaic) set upright again. Ie, the commissioning of an ambitious Architect to redress a leaning Wall. 
    • remedy or compensation for a wrong or grievance. Ie, those seeking redress for an infringement of public law rights.

    -- Chant Mantrastyle

    Why? Why not?
    Start today. 
    As the case may be.
    Or not.

    7. Acknowledgments

    Acknowledging traditional inhabitants of Cities of Port Phillip and Glen Eira are the Boon Wurrung, Bunurong and Wurundjeri peoples of the Kulin NationRespect is offered to past, present and future elders of all spiritual traditions. May we find together a generous way to accommodate those in need of refuge. Let us be cool, strive individually and together to overcome inequality, violence, disengagement, tragedy and injustice wherever it may be. Let us honour, savor and enjoy results of mindful effort so more thrive peacefully with less effort in our place called home.

    Invitation to Support Content Creators
    The music/stories/videos have been sourced from public domain. If you like any of the content, please consider buying directly from online marketplaces to support creators and truth telling in the public interest.

    Caretaker Disclosure
    Words and concepts are conditional things that point to a 'reflection of experience'. They are limited and do not adequately describe the 'full lived experience'. Like the moon's reflection on a lake's surface, it is not the moon, nor the experience of gazing up at the darkened sky transformed by the presence of a full moon. It is in the eyes/ears/nose/mouth/touch/cognisance of the beholder.

    This curation is an interpretation of the universal basis of re:lig:ion (Latin = again:uniting:energy) or bodhicitta (Sanskrit = Awakening Consciousness). This email invites a sharing of countless thoughts, words and actions wishing, causing and receiving less Suffering and more Happiness. For benefit initially of the individual increasing in beneficiaries until it includes all across the 3 times and 10 directions. Or not. As each case may be.

    It is not personal, it just the way things are.