VMC | UPDATING | Support for Victoria's "gig workers" and a new committee to give voice to Victoria’s diverse African communities | 4 May 2023

[Edited extract from public address]

May you be well and enjoying the last autumn weather before winter arrives.

I'm pleased to share with you the newly appointed Victorian African Communities Committee (VACC). This committee will voice the insight and experience of Victoria's diverse African communities and work with the Government to support the implementation of the Victorian African Communities Action Plan 2018—2028.

This committee will also help develop policies, projects and strategies that better respond to community needs.

In employment news, Victoria's gig workers will now have help accessing fair working conditions.

The Government defines "gig work" as employment accessed through or organised by digital platforms, and we all know how critical these workers are in our modern economy.

It's hard to fathom how we would have gotten through the COVID lockdowns without the estimated 350,000 Victorian gig workers that deliver our food and essential products. And yet, despite this, many of these essential workers lack the workplace entitlements that other Victorians enjoy.

So we are so pleased that the Victorian Government has stepped into this space to provide support.

There is good news for those looking for early childhood education, with the launch of two years of free Kinder for three and four-year-olds.

This program will save families around $2100 per child annually and hopefully provide some welcome financial relief.

But it is a good idea to get in early for 2024 and check with your local council for details, as many will begin allocating student places in July.

Please see below for details of these essential programs and services.

Thank you,
Viv Nguyen, Chairperson

 News and Events 

Meet the new members of the Victorian African Communities Committee (VACC)

Victoria’s African-born population represents over 50 different nations and a wide range of traditions, cultures and languages that strengthen our state.

We are delighted to announce the appointment of the new Victorian African Communities Committee (VACC), with Pauline Richards MP appointed as the new Chair.

VACC is an important advisory body to the Victorian Government, and all 14 members will work collaboratively to implement positive outcomes that better respond to the needs of Victoria’s diverse African communities.

Congratulations to all committee members!

Become a VMC Commissioner

Expressions of interest are now open to become a Commissioner at the Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC). VMC Commissioners are a voice to government for Victoria's diverse, multicultural communities

Affordable rental homes now available to eligible Victorians | registrations of interest close 11.59pm Sunday 14 May 2023

As part of the landmark $5.3 billion Big Housing Build, @homes-victoria are delivering affordable rental homes across Victoria, helping eligible Victorians access high-quality, energy-efficient homes close to shops, transport and workplaces.

 Employment & Opportunities 

Do you have an international qualification that you’d like to be recognised in Australia?

The Victorian Government offers free and confidential assessment services through the Overseas Qualifications Unit.

You can have your international qualifications assessed to be recognised in Australia to enhance your career or find pathways to further education opportunities.

Bạn có muốn bằng cấp quốc tế của mình được công nhận miễn phí ở Úc không?

Đơn vị Chứng Nhận Bằng Cấp Nước Ngoài (OQU) cung cấp các dịch vụ đánh giá miễn phí và bảo mật thông tin để các bằng cấp quốc tế của bạn được công nhận tại Úc nhằm nâng cao cơ hội kiếm việc làm hoặc học tập cao hơn.

Nếu bạn có bất kỳ câu hỏi nào hãy gọi 1300 492 606



دولت ویکتوریا به طور رایگان، ارزیابی و معادل سازی استرالیایی برای مدارک تحصیلی غیر استرالیایی را برای شما انجام می دهد تا بتوانید شانس استخدامی بیشتر یا موقعیت های ادامه تحصیل و ... داشته باشید. برای اطلاعات بیشتر می توانید با شماره تلفن یا ایمیل زیر تماس بگیرید یا مستقیماً به وبسایت رفته و تقاضانامه را پر کنید و مدارک خود را ارزیابی نمایید:

MAKING | Free Two Years Of Kindergarten For The Best Start In Life

The Victorian Government is encouraging young families to enrol their children in Three and Four-Year-Old Kindergarten for 2024, ensuring every Victorian child can have the best start in education and life.

A survey of Victorian parents with children enrolled in funded kindergarten in 2022 found 94 per cent considered attending kindergarten to be important for their child’s education.

Before starting school, children can attend Three-Year-Old Kindergarten for 5 to 15 hours per week, followed by Four-Year-Old Kindergarten for 15 hours per week.

SUPPORTING | Victorian Gig Workers More

The Victorian Government is helping Victorian Gig Workers with a new support service that provides advice and practical assistance to thousands of on-demand workers across the state.

This will include translation and interpreter services and will help workers to:
  • Understand their rights, protections and entitlements under workplace and related laws
  • Make informed decisions about working for a platform
  • Understand which agencies and other services can help them resolve work disputes.
Workers can contact the service by email at or by calling the 1800 000 478 hotline. Operating hours will be 9am–5pm Monday to Friday.

 Gender Equality 

CALLING | Nominees for Victorian Honour Roll of Women | nominations close Monday 29 May 2023 

Recognise and celebrate the hard work and achievements of outstanding women – or yourself – by nominating them to join the Honour Roll.


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