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WA | DBH | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds towards Disrupt Burrup Hub's legal defence fund

In a shocking turn of events, the decision to hand over confidentially shot footage of activist group Disrupt Burrup Hub (DBH) by ABC Four Corners to WA police.

Disrupt Burrup Hub is pushing the boundaries of activism to save our environment. This move by the ABC and WA Government threatens their vital work.

The Four Corners investigation was an exposé into the lengths the WA government, police and media will go to protect the interests of Woodside’s Burrup Hub. It followed the Disrupt Burrup Hub campaign leading up to a protest by 19-year-old campaigner Matilda Lane-Rose outside the house of the Woodside CEO, where Ms Lane-Rose was ambushed by more than a dozen counter-terror police lying in wait.
"I am a campaigner with Disrupt Burrup Hub as well as leading campaigns on other issues that affect my First Nations people such as deaths in custody, homelessness and protection of our sacred tribal lands. I was filmed by Four Corners on multiple days as part of the program they produced about police repression of climate protest in WA. I did not consent at any point to have my footage handed over to WA police. I consented to be filmed for a Four Corners investigation. I never consented to be filmed for a WA Police investigation.

As a First Nations justice campaigner with lived experience of incarceration, I am deeply concerned that the ABC may cause the imprisonment of vulnerable people by surrendering source material to police. Given that I work on a number of other social issues affecting my First Nations community with other campaigners involved with Disrupt Burrup Hub, it is quite possible that confidential discussions that have no relevance to the Four Corners story were still captured by the ABC. I do not consent to WA police being given any of this footage, and if the ABC hand over any footage it will be a deep betrayal of people who trusted the ABC to give them a voice.”
It's time to take a stand for freedom of the press and the future of our planet!

Here's how you can help:
  1. Donate today to support Disrupt Burrup Hub's legal defence fund. Your contribution will directly aid their fight to protect our Earth and journalistic integrity.
  2. Share this message far and wide! Raise awareness about this critical issue. Let your friends and family know that the fight to stop Woodside's Burrup Hub is the fight for our only home, planet Earth.
  3. Join the conversation using the hashtag #DisruptBurrupHub and #NotTerrorists. Let's make sure this injustice doesn't go unnoticed!
Together, we can disrupt the Burrup Hub project and protect our planet for generations to come!

NSW | NHR | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds towards Rescued Hen Enclosures

NSW Hen Rescue (NHR)'s Catherine has had to move between rentals eight times all the while rescuing thousands of animals. While she was devastated to face another massive move, they have finally made it to their new home!!

Here's an update from Catherine:
"All the donations so far have brought my husband and I both so much relief, to see so many people supporting us and our attempts to help the animals.
My husband David has been in and out of hospital with a 13cm blood clot, including a piece that got into his lungs which has added a lot of stress. It was so hard being 8 hours drive apart. 

We Made It: Finally, I was able to pay the deposit for the last removal truck and we have arrived at our new location! 

The Roosters Are Stoked: While we have finally arrived at the new location, we still have A LOT of enclosures to set up. Right now I have to bring 10 of the roosters in the house at night until I have funds for their houses. It makes for very noisy early mornings as I'm sure you can imagine! 

Despite the challenges, we are so pleased to have landed in our new property, knowing that it's a place where we can make an even greater impact on the lives of animals in need. We won't give up on them, and we know you won't either."
Can you help Catherine set up the last of the enclosures? Your donation will go towards housing those noisy roosters, and ongoing veterinary care.
  • Make a donation
  • Share: Please help us spread the word by sharing this update with your friends and family.

NSW | CPI | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds towards Pig Sanctuary Bushfire recovery

Last week, this incredible non-profit animal rescue Contented Pig Inn (CPI) was hit by a bushfire. Thankfully they were able to protect the animals - but the damage to their property is overwhelming.

"What a day Tuesday was. We knew things were getting dire and the chance of the fires getting to our doorstep was likely. It happened sooner than anticipated and I had raced onto town to get our fuel restocked after the pump and vehicles were filled. No sooner than I was done, I got the call from a neighbour. It was on us. I've never driven so fast. On getting home, the RFS were there with advice to leave. Dave had notified the he was staying and so did I. We had pigs to protect and keep alive. There was never a chance we would leave the pigs.

We worked as a team, we worked hard, and we had 24 hours of the fight of our lives.

And we prevailed. No lives were lost. It was miraculous.

We still haven't slept properly. The smoke has been horrific, but we are alive, and so are the animals.

Thank you to everyone who was cheering us on from afar. We are so grateful for you. We could feel the battle being fought from the sidelines too. You're all wonderful.

It's going to take some time to recover. Physically and mentally I'm sure will have a moment of "wtf just happened" in a few days. For now we are ok, maybe a little wheezy and definitely tired, at worst.

We got this.

If you are able to, we would be so grateful for any and all help with our recovery efforts. The fire has taken its toll on the sanctuary, leaving a costly trail of destruction and a huge cleanup job.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
Their small team of volunteers and supporters have worked so hard to create this refuge, which provides a happy and safe life for pigs who have been rescued from neglect and abuse. 

Let's show them some love to get through this scary and challenging time.

AUST | CHUFFED | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds towards metal detectors for Ukrainians

Nathan Burraston is working tirelessly to find another way to send essential metal detectors to the region.

A staggering one-third of Ukraine is thought to be littered with millions of unexploded mines. The vast minefields have not only bogged down Ukraine’s military counteroffensive. They risk the lives of children and have rendered the nation's most valuable farmland unusable, impacting both Ukraine's economy and the global food supply.

Despite the challenges, Nathan remains persistent in his efforts to send metal detectors straight to Ukrainians on the ground to save lives. But he needs our help to fund the next shipment via a shipping container on a boat.

Be a part of the Australian community of support for Ukrainians by helping to make their country liveable again. 

AUST | PNABCP | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds for Sponsoring Birth Certificates for Aboriginals as a Human Right

Donations have helped Pathfinders National Aboriginal Birth Certificate Program (PNABCP) to offer the basic human right of a birth certificate to more than 19,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 

From the bottom of our hearts, we wanted to say thank you to donors. The impact of donations is so much more than a piece of paper. It is finally being recognised and included as a member of society.

We firmly believe that every family who desires a birth certificate should have access to one. That's why we continue to do the work we do each day. 

Thanks to your overwhelming support, we are so close to reaching our goal for this year! 

We would be deeply honoured if you would consider sponsoring another birth certificate. Together, we can support Aboriginal families to get their birth certificates for free. 

The work we are able to do with your support is not always simple, but we never give up. Our team of Indigenous staff know how important this program is – for enrolling in school, applying for a job, starting a business, the list goes on. 

We'd like to offer thanks for continued support. We are just getting started with all that we would like to achieve! 
Pathfinders Team


Team Chuffed
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