NT | GWS | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds towards Women's Shelter

[Edited extract from public address]

The women and babies at Galupa Women's Shelter are blown away by the generosity of donors. 

Thanks to support, they can now begin upgrading the tin shed, installing the much needed security gate as well as purchasing washing machines, art supplies and new mattresses. Stay tuned, we'll make sure to show you their progress along the way! 

But the women at Galupa do have one final wish.

Gayili herself shared how urgent it is for the Community to have a dedicated vehicle to pick up girls at risk of domestic violence.
"When one of our girls or mothers is at risk of violence, we need to be able to go and pick her up right away. It is really urgent that we can get her and any babies or children as quickly as possible to our safe place, away from harm."
As you know, Gayili is a highly influential Elder in her Community who has shown time and time again the pathway to safety. She is credited for turning the suicide rate in the area from the then highest documented in Australia - to zero. 

If you can support Gayili and the other women and babies at Galupa, they would be forever grateful.

The Community at Galupa was offered $3 million by the neighbouring mining company, Rio Tinto to leave their homeland. 
"If we leave Galupa we would be disrespecting our Lore and we would have nothing."
Instead, they are raising funds to STAY on their homeland and create a place of safety for women and babies. 

In addition to a donation, you have the option to purchase fine art photographs & Community paintings to support the Women and Children of Galupa.  

With your support Galupa Women's Shelter can continue its irreplaceable work across the region protecting First Nations Women and their Children, who like anyone else in this country are entitled to live safely and with dignity.