When Passover meets Easter and Shavuot meets Pentecost - Jewish and Christian perspectives

Approximately 30 people joined us for fascinating and friendly experience where we heard Christian and Jewish perspectives on Easter and Passover.

Rabbi Shamir Caplan spoke of what Pasech stands for and highlighted the opportunity it provides to reflect on a number of themes, including, the birth of nation, freedom from oppression, the moral duty which should influence our conduct toward others, the importance of family and the value in our questioning and engaging. We also heard of the importance of humility and the need for us all to cleanse the 'leven' from our lives.

David Schutz, Executive Officer, Ecumenical and Interfaith Commission of the Catholic Archdioces of Melbourne explained some of the aspects of Easter that relate to elements of Passover. In the Easter Vigil, the new fire (and the candle lighted from it) are seen as images of the pillar of fire and cloud that the people followed through the wilderness. The crossing of the Red Sea is taken to be an image of Baptism: by going down into the water, those who are baptised are buried with Christ. By coming out of it, they enter into the freedom of the people of God.

These informative discussions were preceded and followed by mingling and delicious supper.

Thanks to all those who supported the event - we look forward to the next one.