PPLS | ENCOURAGING | Miss Makes Code For Women and Girls | Thursday 16 January 2020 | 10am-12.30 pm

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Learn to code together, make new friends and support gender equality.

Spend 2.5hrs with Girl Geek Academy for a fabulous experience full of fun, developing friendships and learning code – and where girls and women* will learn together!.

The women and girls will split into groups to learn tech and coding with their peers – then join forces to use their new skills to make a game!

We will also be talking about cyber safety before hearing about gender equality.

This is a fabulous opportunity for women to experience coding alongside their girls, as well as the ability to speak openly about cyber safety and gender equality issues. We will also provide you with the access and advice about the resources attendees need to continue coding at home.

Considerations: Each child will need to bring an iPad, tablet or laptop. *We warmly welcome anyone who identifies as a woman or non-binary.

Cost: Free

Where: The Arcade, 24 Tope Street, South Melbourne, VIC 3205

Bookings: Online through Eventbrite

Port Phillip Library Service
City of Port Phillip
Tel: 03 9209 6655

This program is supported by the Victorian Government and presented in partnership with Women’s Health East.

CUIN | ENGAGING | Multicultural All Day or Multicultural Half Day programs for your Preschool, School, Libraries, OSHC, Holiday Programs or Special Events

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Bring the world to your students all year round by organising one of our programs to your school.

Start booking now as popular dates (especially around Harmony Day)
fill up quickly!

Recipes for Harmony

A completely free digital resource prepared by us in 2015 for the Australian Government for both educators and parents to share with students.
Food is such an integral aspect of culture that intertwines not only cultural traditions and practices, but the very history and spirit of community itself.
Get your free resource and interactive eBook:

Program Structure

Multicultural All Day Program 
(5 programs)
Pri/Sec | Full Day | $13/pp + GST | 300 students min.

Multicultural Half Day Program 
(3 programs)
Pri/Sec | Half Day | $14/pp +GST | 200 students min.
Explore: Available programs
Bookings: online

Cultural Infusion (CUIN)
Address: PO Box 218, Abbotsford VIC 3067
Tel: 1800 010 069   

AYURVEDA | CONFERENCE | 2020 Melbourne Australia | 2 Feb 2020 | 9am-5pm

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With National and International Presenters, a symposium to explore, involve, inspire and impact through art and science of empowering out mind!

What is Satva
Satva is the quality of mind that relates to balance, harmony, goodness, purity, holisticity, self-control, knowledge, creativity, building, serenity, peacefulness and virtuousity. Ayurveda considers mental wellbeing to be as important as physical wellbeing.

About Satva 2020
This event focuses on mental health illness prevention and holistic management of mental health issues. Mental health is a large and upcoming problem in today's society and SATVA2020 strives to reduce the negative impacts of poor mental health through the use of Ayurveda & Yoga. We have international and interstate speakers who are pioneers in the field of Ayurveda & Yoga.

Join wellness
Join us and discover the wisdom of Ayurveda & Yoga at International Ayurveda & Yoga Symposium at Latrobe University Bundoora, Melbourne.

About the team
Ayurveda world comprises a group of excellent professionals from the field of Ayurveda. The common goal of these professionals are nothing but create awareness about Ayurvedic treatment as well as the scientific knowledge about the same globally. Such a goal helps to identify the challenges experienced by all Ayurveda practitioners around the world and providing accurate solutions. By all this hard work, the professionals would like to bring effectiveness in the Ayurvedic treatment sector. Creating an awareness related to the holistic treatment method will help practitioners in day to day life. Rectifying the challenges of each practitioner will increase productivity.

Where: Latrobe University, Bundoora, Melbourne

Cost: $149

Bookings: online through Ayurveda Conference Australia

Ayurveda Conference Australia
Dr Mahesh Kalra Tel: 0425735898

GOVV | CONSULTING | A History of LGBTIQ Victoria in 100 Places and Objects | now open, CLOSES Friday 28 February 2020

[Edited extract from public address]

Heritage Victoria is undertaking a study of LGBTIQ heritage to identify places and objects of significance from the 1840s to 2020 in all regions of Victoria.

The Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives (ALGA), in partnership with Heritage Victoria, is undertaking a study of LGBTIQ heritage - places, objects and collections - across the state. We’re looking for suggestions which reflect the experiences of all sections of the LGBTIQ community and historical themes. The study will include places of gathering, punishment, ‘treatment’, political activism, social life and recreation, health, from different eras and regions of Victoria. We will also include significant objects, documents, photos and collections.

What are your memories of queer places? Which are most significant to you? Do you have a banner or other object representing a particular moment in LGBTIQ history? Do you know any places or objects relating to same sex love in the nineteenth century? Regardless of whether you’re from the Camp, Gay Liberation, Queer or more recent eras, we’d love to hear from you.

Please complete the survey or pin a site to the map. Your submission will help inform the heritage study that will be released by Heritage Victoria mid 2020.

Heritage Victoria
Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
State Government of Victoria
Marina Larsson (Heritage Victoria)
Tel: 03 7702 6387
Graham Willett (Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives)

This project is a partnership between Heritage Victoria and the Lesbian and Gay Archives (ALGA).

CHARM | CELEBRATING | Australia's Diverse Cultural Heritage Day | Sunday 26 January 2020 | 11am-4pm

[Edited extract from public address]

Join in this FREE family event celebrating our rich and diverse cultural heritage and the things that make us proud to live in the City of Casey.

  • Enjoy a FREE sausage sizzle
  • Traditional music and dances
  • Art and crafts
  • FREE children’s activities, and more.
Where: Balla Balla Community Centre Berwick-Cranbourne Road, Cranbourne East

Cost: Free

Cultural Historical Association of Rodriguans and Mauritians in Victoria (C.H.A.R.M)
City of Casey

A collaboration between CHARM with other community organisations and City of Casey

JCCV | FUNDRAISING | The Victorian Jewish Bushfire Relief Appeal

[Edited extract from public address]

The Jewish Community Council of Victoria stands in solidarity with all Victorians affected by the devastating bushfires across our state and nation.

Jewish Australians have a proud history of offering support and services to those in crisis and the recent catastrophic bushfires have affected families and individuals across generations, homes, workplaces, farms, livestock and natural habitat.

The Victorian Jewish Bushfire Relief Appeal managed by the JCCV and lead by the Appeal organising committee: David Smorgon, Ruth Alter, Ian Davis and Fiona Geminder, seek your generous support to assist our fellow Victorians.

Donate Here

Guided by the Jewish values of Tzedakah and Tikun Olam, we have set up this communal appeal to show that the Jewish community stands shoulder to shoulder with our fellow Victorians, helping them rebuild their homes, lives and livelihoods devastated by the bushfires.

All funds raised through the Victorian Jewish Bushfire Relief Appeal will be distributed to approved organisations to enable the recovery phase to move forward for Victorians with purpose, compassion and effectiveness.

Jewish Community Council of Victoria
Address: 306 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield South, Victoria 3162 AUSTRALIA.
Tel: +61 3 9272 5566

VMC | ADVISING | Bushfire crisis: what to do and how you can help | Wednesday 8 January 2020

[Edited extract from public address]

As bushfires continue to rage across Victoria and Australia, this unprecedented tragedy has devastated communities and caused unimaginable destruction to our state. But the crisis is far from over.

Our hearts and thoughts are with everyone affected. How you can help:

Stay safe

With extreme weather conditions predicted to continue in the coming weeks and months, Victorians must stay aware and stay safe. Victoria’s Emergency Services are best placed to support anyone in the affected areas, so we strongly encourage you to follow their advice.

Monitor VicEmergency warnings:

Official warnings and information about areas affected by fires is available through Victoria’s Emergency Services:

  • VicEmergency Hotline – call 1800 226 226
  • In-language VicEmergency Hotline – call 131 450 (Translating and Interpreting Service)
  • VicEmergency
  • VicEmergency app – download the app on your device via the App Store (Apple) or GooglePlay (Android)

VMC encourages you to support community members in your area by passing on these details.
We are particularly concerned for members of multicultural communities, especially new migrants and refugees and those for whom English is a second language.

For these communities, please share the in-language hotline (131 450) to ensure they get translations and interpreting support to understand the warnings and information.

In-language information:

There are also a number of translated materials available on fire safety, survival and recovery to assist Victorians. Refer to our Fire safety: In-language information for links to these.

Air quality:  

Smoke from the fires is far reaching. It’s not only affecting air quality in areas close to the fires, it is now also posing a threat to people hundreds of kilometres away, including Melbourne.

Monitor the air quality ratings via the Environmental Protection Agency. Please take particular care if you suffer from asthma and look out for others who may have asthma as well as the elderly or young.

Find out more at:

The latest air quality information is available on the EPA Airwatch.

Counselling and support:

For those who may need support or counselling during this crisis, there are a number of online and telephone services available:

Community action

The true impact of the devastation is yet to come and recovery efforts will take months, if not years.
Communities will need rebuilding and people will need financial and emotional support.
There are lots of ways you can support Victorians affected by the fires.

Make a donation:

A Bushfire Disaster Appeal has been established by the Victorian Government in partnership with Bendigo Bank Community Enterprise Foundation and the Salvation Army to support Victorians impacted by the fires.

Donations to the Bushfire Disaster Appeal can be made at any Bendigo Bank branch or online via:
All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible and donors will be provided with a tax receipt through the Foundation.

Emergency management personnel are busy working with local councils in the affected areas to assess the needs of their communities.

At the moment, a donation of money is much more effective and provides more flexibility than a donation of pre-loved goods. Please hold onto your material donations until those affected know what they need.

Recovery efforts and volunteering:

The Victorian Government is establishing a new Bushfire Recovery Victoria agency to lead the rebuilding and recovery process.

Many organisations are also coordinating volunteer opportunities for people who wish to lend a hand.

VMC will share more information on the coordinated recovery efforts as they evolve and connect people looking to volunteer to support their fellow Victorians.

Sharing acts of kindness:

VMC has been inspired and impressed to learn about the many wonderful things our communities are doing to assist those affected by the fires and to support emergency services workers on the frontline.

We would very much like to hear about what your communities are doing so we can promote it and direct other volunteers to your organisations to assist with further efforts.
If you have some great work to share, please email us at


The Victorian Multicultural Commission would like to acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of firefighters and emergency services and thank those community members going above and beyond to support those in need.

May the strength of Victorians continue to lead us through this tragedy. Stay safe.
Victorian Multicultural Commission

Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC)
Address: Level 16, 35 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Tel: (03) 7017 8171

GEIFN | MIXING | Media | January 2020


Best wishes for less Suffering, more Happiness with Good Health and Time to Enjoy it. This is what a peaceful life looks like. Then when that gets easy, grow the beneficiaries. It is not personal, it is just the way things are. The way they always have been.

Welcome to Assyrian calendar 6769 as we continue into Common Era New Year 2020.

Meanwhile, let’s begin by sharing a timely aspiration:
"The radiance of awakening Light of Truth surpasses all...
However far this Light extends, Unconditional Love penetrates releasing the joy of Trustworthiness. Take Refuge in great ones who give comfort. They're easy to identify because of actions speaking louder than words."
Adapted from Shinran Shonin (1173-1263 CE)

Discuss with sincerity. Deny untruth. Dismiss unuseful. Accept useful. Adapt to change. Adopt least effort most benefit. Adept with sharing. Enjoy throughout. As each case may be. Round. And again. Or not.


  • Cultivating 2020 Foresight
  • Media Words
  • TED Talks
  • Guest Sings
  • Street Jives
  • Wisdom Reconciles
  • Challenge Reflects

Cultivating 2020 Foresight

If you have now or expect some upcoming surplus in the New Gregorian Year, here are some creative ways to add to the growing momentum of building community.
To support global engagement in friendlier neighbourhoods in 2020, just keep on being your fabulous self, content in the knowledge that where ever you are, that piece of the world will benefit. Received with gratitude.

THEN when that gets easy, please consider growing the pool of beneficiaries for your natural brilliance.
  • PICK SOME LINKS to click on in this regularly supplied enclosed materials. Since migrating to the Mailchimp format, this is allowed for caretaker to see what content is more useful to subscribers as a group. Unuseful content may be discontinued. Register your vote in January by clicking links that are most useful to you. 
  • COMPLETE THIS GEIFN SURVEY. Since 2015, this is what new subscribers complete. Please ignore If you have already completed it. Highlight omissions.
  • UNPICK AN ONGOING FAMILY CONFLICT (for the wisely brave only. TIP: avoid use of exclamation marks, replace with genuine interest in liberal use of question marks. Advanced players will actually hear response before cueing next speech bubble) 
  • LOOK OUT FOR local interfaith group or multicultural events in childcare centres, schools, community groups, churches, businesses and federal, state and local government agencies across Australia.
  • ATTEND LOCAL events in your area promoting interfaith activity
  • MAKE an interfaith group in your local area
  • CURATE as a Guest Editor of monthly GEIFN Grabs (can be done remotely in your own time in the preceding month, with as much or as little caretaker training, support as required). 11 Months to choose from!
  • DRIVE small working party to discuss online, remotely collaborate and physically organise next GEIFN organised event UN International Day of Peace (collaborative with 3-6 regular monthly commitments until delivery date on or around 21 September)
Stuck for choice? Pick One, Some or Sum Key Dates for Worthy Attention

Media Words

Approx 5 min reads

Julie Perrin selves into a beautifully natural environment opened and managed for tourists to learn “How a long walk helped me understand our rubbish problem” via The Sydney Morning Herald

Adam Pengilly explores the training ground for one professional sportsman, writing how “'Heroin was next': Kenny Bontz's recovery from pain-filled despair to golf dream” via The Age

Belinda Lyons-Lee explores value in retreating from what is well known, to recharge batteries and rediscover passion “Why I stopped teaching and why I'm going back” via The Brisbane Times

Cat Woods explores how small changes and daily efforts hasten greater change, revealing Beci Orpin’s “Picturing a way to improve a way of life” via WA Today

Evelyn Lewin explores individuals building emotional and romantic bridges across societal divides, citing how “The 'unlikely' couples who have found love against the odds” via The Brisbane Times

Michael Fowler explores how engaged students learn effectively and results add up when overcoming “Fear of all our sums: Four ways schools are solving the 'maths problem'” via The Sydney Morning Herald

Jim Bright explores the value of r.e.s.p.e.c.t. as “The fine line between love and hate that runs through the workplace” via The Brisbane Times

Lindsay Kelly explores a page from history, citing a flip-side to empire building, past exemplar of calm, reason and compassion reminding us “A climate of denial is nothing new. We've been here before” via The Sydney Morning Herald

Andrew Hornery explores redressing historical wrongs, colloborating for greater public benefit and a united future, declaring why "'I feel unchained': Mauboy adds her voice to Indigenous recognition campaign” via The Age

Stuart Layt explores artistic expression, passages of time and measuring creativity as scientific “Discovery of ancient cave paintings rewrites history of spirituality” via The Sydney Morning Herald

Kerry van der Jagt explores the naturally alighting “Azerbaijan tours: Where past and present are never far away from each other” via

Chris Zappone explores the importance of making space for meaning filled ritual, in “One time and place in Kyoto: The Way of Tea” via The Brisbane Times

Siobhán Doran-Chaston explores the value of parents making quality time with children, marking transitions along the path to self-discovery, curing these and other reasons “Parents and children are taking 'bonding' breaks on the eve of Year 7” via The Brisbane Times

Ross Gittins explores the changing composition of labour markets and growing equity as “Women are making themselves at home in the workforce” via The Sydney Morning Herald

Jake Niall explores accepting diversity, continuing journey to overcome intolerance and normalizing life differences, reasoning why “'It follows you home': Nic Naitanui on bigotry's new frontier” via The Brisbane Times

Broede Carmody explores educational engagement, student learning, applied physics and creating positive futures when reporting “'A generational thing': Flying Fruit Fly Circus celebrates 40 years” via The Age

Rachel Kleinman explores active community building engagement disrupted by everyday cycles of life, reasons for applauding, supporting and cheering “Kick-starting soccer for women at the grass roots” via The Age

Dilvin Yasa explores couples creating acceptance and celebration of diversity an everyday practice, recalling when “'It was a shock at first': How inter-faith couples get festive” via WA Today

Kerry O’Meara and Justine Power salute the life, times and education of Maggie Power, “Champion of workplace justice” via The Age

Andre Afamasaga explores demonization of a minority, valuing love and understanding over hate and oppression, reasons for and declaration of why “Gay, Christian and a former preacher, I'm coming out to help anyone hurt by Folau” via The Brisbane Times

Jon Pierik explores balancing honesty, reconciliation and inclusive team work, bowling for “'Real and lasting change': Cricket unveils new reconciliation plan” via The Brisbane Times

TED Talks

10-20min presentations

Guest Sings

Approx 5 min presentation
Schools Spectacular 2014 - Sik O / My Island Home

Street Jives

Approx 2 min presentation
Sesame Street and Wayne Brady: Between

Wisdom Reconciles

Prumsodun Ok: The magic of Khmer classical dance (10 mins)

Challenge Reflects

Approx 30 min presentation + reflection times

If desired, a short selection of publicly available material on a chosen theme for personal reflection.

For best results, sit comfortably with a straight back, have headphones in a shared space, after each clicked link, allow a little reflection with your personally-held view before clicking on the next link.

Get ready to Reflect!
Choose your playing level:
Be introduced at 1.
Be soothed at 2-4.
Be shocked at 5.
Be inspired at 6.
Fuller illumination 1-6.
You be the judge. Or not.

Cryptic Clue:
What makes a place we all deserve to call?

1. Inspire
2. Perspire
3. Collaborate
4. Engage: Test for personal circumstances, if useful keep, if unuseful discard, if exceeds needs, share mindfully
5. Endure: Adapt for present times without sacrificing intent
6. Endear: (Inspiring Others To Tend the Flame) live/ demonstrate/ inspire/ teach experience with others

From late Middle English via Old French amitie, based on Latin amicus = friend

Friendly relations. Ie, the presence of migrants is producing growing amity with the Host nation and its first peoples.

From Middle English: from Old French enemi(s)tie, based on Latin inimicus = enemy

A state or feeling of active opposition or hostility. Ie, decades of enmity between the two countries. Ie, family feuds and enmities.

From Old English forgiefenes, from forgiefen = forgive + the noun suffix -nes = past participle of…

The action or process of forgiving or being forgiven. Ie, the student is quick to ask forgiveness after overstepping the line.


-- Chant Mantrastyle

Between amity and enmity is truth, reality, understanding, gratitude and forgiveness. Repeat as often as required. Being alive means every moment is precious and easily lost.
Why? Why not?
Start today. Or not.
As the case may be.

This is universal basis of re:lig:ion (again:uniting:energy). Here in this email, we'll hear it as countless sounds: of thoughts, words and actions wishing, causing and receiving less Suffering and more Happiness. For benefit initially of the individual increasing in beneficiaries until it includes all across all times and directions.

It is not personal, it just the way things are.

MESAC | HOSTING | Summer By The Sea activities | Beaumaris | January 2019

[Edited extract from public address]

Make a splash with several wonderful Summer By The Sea activities again this year. 

Great sessions tapping into the vast wealth of knowledge of our local, highly educated and experienced volunteers.

Sessions are all free but please book in to avoid disappointment.

6 Jan 2020 Beach Walk: Shells and Seaweeds Experience

9 Jan 2020 Beach Walk: Shells and Seaweeds Experience

11 Jan 2020 Aboriginal Women's history and secret women's business

18 Jan 2020 Aboriginal Coastal Discovery: Fully booked, however make contact if willing to be on a wait-list

25 Jan 2020 Aboriginal Women's history and secret women's business

Smoke-free Bayside beaches

There is also the next step in the Smoke-free Bayside beaches and surrounds campaign which was initiated by MESAC in October 2018.

Bayside City Council is doing a great job and committed to improving the public health and well-being of our community, visitors and the beautiful, natural environment we are blessed to care for.

Feedback can be offered directly up until consultations close at 10 pm on Sunday 23 February 2020.

Marine Education Science Community Centre (MESAC)
Virginia Mosk, Tel: +61 408 800 685

GOVV | MAKING | Every Drop Count: Target 155 | Summer 2020

[Edited extract from public address]

It's everyone's water and everyone's responsibility. Make Every Drop Count aims to encourage water conservation and mindful water use. 

Melbournians currently use 162 litres of water per person, per day. Target 155 encourages everyone to limit their water use in order to reach a daily average of 155 litres per person per day.

We already have permanent water saving rules in place – like using a trigger nozzle on your hose when watering gardens or washing cars – but we can all do more. For example, did you know 31% of our household water use is for showers?

Check your water bill to find out if you’re hitting the target.
More on Target 155

Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
State Government of Victoria
Post: PO Box 500, East Melbourne VIC 8002
Address: 8 Nicholson Street, East Melbourne VIC 3002
Tel: 136 186

An initiative of and collaboration between City West Water, Melbourne Water, South East Water and Yarra Valley Water. 

BATYR | TRUMPETING | A voice about the elephant in the room: improving Student mental health and wellbeing | Since 2011

[Edited from public address]

Of every 30 students in Australia, there will be 7 dealing with mental health issues but only 2 will ask for support and 5 of them will suffer in silence

Founder Sebastian Robertson experienced the frustration and isolation of living silently with mental ill-health whilst at university. Sebastian recognised that it was time to have open honest conversations about mental health with young people, and founded the organisation, naming it after batyr (‘hero’), The Talking Elephant From Kazakhstan.

Since 2011, batyr has been giving a voice to the elephant in the room. Smashing stigma around mental health. Creating positive behavioural change for young Australians now and in the future:

  • School, Universities and Workplace programs that aim to remove the stigma around mental health and engage, educate and empower.
  • Individuals are welcome to join a free two day workshop that empowers young people to give a voice to their story of mental-ill health.
  • Transform Help give a voice to the elephant in the room by fundraising or joining us at our next event.

batyr is a for purpose preventative mental health organisation, created and driven by young people, for young people.

ASSEMBLE | MODELING | A Pathway to Inner City Home Ownership | Kensington | Expressions of Interest Now Open

[Edited extract from public address]

Bridging the gap between renting and owning your home

The Assemble Model is a coordinated approach to home ownership – which bridges the gap between renting and owning your home. It’s a response to the very real challenge of home ownership in Australian cities.

Home buyers, not property investors, are at the heart of the Assemble Model, to deliver projects where good design, community and sustainability go hand in hand.

The idea is simple: lease your home while you save to buy. Your rent is agreed up front and your future purchase price is fixed, giving you stability while you save. All while having the freedom to leave the lease or decide not to buy.

Assemble's latest project in Kensington gives you exactly this. 15 Thompson St incorporates design made to last and integrated landscaping with a curated central courtyard and multi-functional communal spaces – places for you and the wider Kensington neighbourhood to enjoy.

Assemble Communities
Address: 370 Swan Street, Richmond, VIC 3121
Tel:1300 181 295