YEF | UPDATING | Stories, events and more | 31 March 2023

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AUSNET | HEARING | Your say: Vulnerability Research Grant 2022

If you live with disability or a chronic health condition, the reliable supply of electricity might be crucial to maintaining your wellbeing. So, what happens when the power goes out?

The Yarra Energy Foundation were recently awarded the inaugural AusNet Vulnerability Research Grant (2022), and we are seeking participants for a research project investigating the risks and impacts experienced by individuals with specialised support needs in regional and rural communities in the context of electricity services.

Interview participants will receive a $150 eGift voucher in recognition of their contributions, while survey participants will go into the draw to win 1 of 15 $50 eGift vouchers. To learn more, including how you can participate, visit here.

The project aims to:
  • Explore and describe participant perspectives regarding their possible exposure to risks and impacts relating to electricity provision
  • Develop an understanding of household energy consumption behaviours and patterns, particularly with regard to critical needs
  • Identify and describe potential strategies to mitigate risks and reduce the potential vulnerability of people with specialised support needs living in the AusNet distribution network area.
Yarra Energy Foundation is grateful for the opportunity to work closely with AusNet, and for their support of this project. This research is building AusNet’s understanding of this important group of customers, and helping AusNet to ensure its services are fit-for-purpose for all customers, regardless of their individual circumstances, preferences and unique needs.

REWIRING | Australia’s Pre-Budget Submission – Electrification Package

We were extremely pleased to see the release of Rewiring Australia’s pre-budget submission for an 'electrification package'.

It comes in response to the Australian Government’s commitment for electrification as a way to reduce cost-of-living pressures.

Rewiring Australia’s proposal focuses on individuals that have previously been brushed aside in the clean energy transition — low-income, rental, and apartment households.

In the submission, Rewiring Australia recommends methods to lower the ongoing cost of subsidies, support research and development, and coordinate electrification policy.

Overall, it presents a pragmatic and effective approach to reducing costs for households and businesses while promoting sustainable energy use.

As such, Yarra Energy Foundation strongly endorses and supports both the intent and proposals in the submission.

TALKING | All Things 'YEF'

It was fantastic to have Timothy Shue, our COO, give a brief introduction to YEF and our mission at United Co's community drinks event.

We officially moved into the United Co coworking space in January this year,  and we really appreciated the opportunity to meet other members and talk with them about renewable energy. 

A big thanks to United Co for hosting the event and providing some great food and refreshments! 

YARRA | HEARING | Your say: Fast-Tracking Neighbourhood Batteries

Yarra City Council wants to hear your views on the future of neighbourhood batteries in Yarra.

Yarra City Council is partnering with the Cities of Melbourne and Port Phillip to fast-track neighbourhood batteries in inner metropolitan Melbourne so that more people can access solar energy.

You can share your thoughts on neighbourhood batteries, where they could go, and how you think they could benefit the Yarra community. Complete the survey below before 9am Monday 3 April.

UPDATING | Better Energy Better Business

YEFs energy services for businesses, the Better Energy Better Business (BEBB) will be closing the doors for new clients in a month.

BEBB is a local project within the City of Yarra boundaries. 
Throughout the project we will guide you and support you to find the best solution for your business and optimise your yearly savings.
If you are a business in City of Yarra looking to lower your emissions and bills, make sure to get in contact with Catalina, the manager of this project.

OFFERING | Our Services

You can find out more about the services that the Yarra Energy Foundation can offer on our website. These include:
  • Feasibility studies
  • Community battery strategies for local councils
  • Consulting & advice
  • Project management 
  • Bulk buy services
We have a small team of extremely passionate energy experts with decades of combined industry, governmental, business, and sustainability experience.

ANU | LAUNCHING | A new Community Battery Knowledge Hub! 

ANU's Battery Storage & Grid Integration Program have just released an incredibly in-depth resource for all things to do with neighbourhood batteries.


Yarra Energy Foundation (YEF)

CUIN | UPDATING | Diversity Atlas – Supporting diversity and inclusivity for all | March 2023

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Passing the baton through sharing diversity knowledge and stories 

In this newsletter we take a look at:
  • a recent interview between our CEO and Founder Peter Mousaferiadis and the Global Inclusion Online Forum
  • preview an upcoming webinar with our Cultural Attaché Quincy Hall 
  • highlight Cultural Infusion's contribution to the Capturing Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Australia position paper by the AAG (Australian Association of Gerontology)
  • We also spotlight our partnership with HerStory to stage the largest Global Summit for Women's Stories in Washington DC, an important cultural date on our diversity calendar, and provide a product update on survey anonymity. 

INTERVIEWED | Global Inclusion Online Forum

Peter Mousaferiadis was interviewed by the Global Inclusion Online Forum about his journey in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) work.

Peter spoke about his experience as a CEO in improving company culture to create a space where everybody belongs and feels valued. He details the advantages of a diverse workforce where a variety of skills and perspectives provide the ability to overcome challenges and build resilience.

Peter also discussed the need to be vigilant against unfair work practices. He spoke on how data equity and transformational analytics are able to identify through a multifactorial analysis where equity is occurring and where it might not be in the workplace. 

Cultural Infusion works to improve DEI in the workplace through our tool Diversity Atlas, a data-driven analytics platform that measures cultural and demographic diversity. 

LAUNCHING | WEBINAR | Quincy Talks To People Smarter Than Him | 27 April 2023 | arrive 9.55am for 10–11am AEST 

In the coming weeks Diversity Atlas’ Cultural Attaché Quincy Hall will host the first edition of his webinar series 'Quincy Talks To People Smarter Than Him'.

Quincy will speak with Wanah Bumakor,  Cultural Ambassador for Diversity Atlas, about Wanah's upcoming paper which discusses ethnic diversity in Africa, titled 'From Pitfall to Business Opportunity'. 
The webinar will take place via Zoom on.

Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks as we provide updates on the webinar series via our newsletters and social media platforms below. 
Website | TikTok | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram | Youtube     

PUBLISHING | Capturing Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Australia: AAG

Cultural Infusion is proud to have contributed to the Capturing Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Australia: AAG (Australian Association of Gerontology) position paper published this month. 

Our CEO and Founder Peter Mousaferiadis provided insight to the paper which aims to share how cultural and linguistic diversity is captured in Australian government data. 

The research explores which variables are currently used to measure cultural and linguistic diversity in Australia and how the government selects, analyses, groups and reports on these data sets.

The paper provides the AAG Position Statement on how CALD could be better identified and measured in Australian government data reports and clarifies what is meant by the term ‘CALD’.
Cultural Infusion supports the four recommendations  provided at the end of the paper. These recommendations to the Australian Government are to:
  • Consistently capture the 12 variables suggested by the ABS.
  • Stop using “CALD” to describe a type of person.
  • Identify and report on variables that relate to cultural & linguistic diversity based on the aim of the report.
  • Report clearly on which variables used to explore Australia’s cultural and linguistic diversity.


This month, Diversity Atlas partnered with HerStory to stage the largest Global Summit for Women's Stories in Washington DC last week.

Cultural Infusion's Senior Cultural Ambassador Getrude Matshe is the founder of HerStory. The global and collaborative initiative brings women from all cultures together to share inspirational, enlightening and uplifting personal stories and experiences of issues that are affecting women – socially, economically and environmentally.

The event hosts influential female thought leaders across a variety of backgrounds and professionalisms including business and entrepreneurship; health and wellness; family and relationships, social justice, creativity and spirituality. 

Getrude presented Diversity Atlas at the Cultural Wellness Center in Minneapolis, where the survey mapped the cultural makeup of the conference across a range of cultural pillars.

New Features and Updates

HIGHLIGHTING | Upcoming International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace | 24 April every year

The day was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2018 to promote the values of multilateralism and international cooperation, which are essential for achieving global peace, security, and development.

Multilateralism refers to the practice of countries working together to address common challenges and achieve common goals through international cooperation and collaboration. The United Nations is a prime example of multilateralism in action, as it brings together countries from all around the world to work together on issues of global importance, such as climate change, poverty and conflict prevention.

The International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace aims to raise awareness of the importance of multilateralism and to encourage people and governments around the world to support and promote it. It also highlights the three pillars of the UN – peace and security, development and human rights – and emphasises the interconnectedness of these pillars.

The International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace is an opportunity to reflect on the importance of working together to achieve common goals and to promote the values of cooperation, dialogue, and diplomacy as essential tools for building a more peaceful, just and sustainable world.

DISCUSSING | Is Survey Anonymity Good or Bad?

Diversity Atlas’ Cultural Attaché Quincy Hall discusses anonymity in DEI surveys in his latest Product Update, Is Survey Anonymity Good or Bad?

Quincy’s article explores the benefits and drawbacks of anonymity in surveys designed to gather sensitive information from participants. He describes how  organisations seeking to create a diversity profile through self-identification queries must decide whether to deploy the survey from within their own HR systems or engage a third-party data collector who can ensure anonymity.  

Anonymity may provide better data due to participants being more likely to answer sensitive questions truthfully, however some administrators want the ability to link up responses to internal HR records and therefore cannot retain anonymity. 
Quincy shares his key findings based on his experiences at Diversity Atlas:
  • The increase in responses from anonymous participants is reported by customers across various sectors, although the degree of variation in results depends on the industry, country, function, and level of hierarchy. 
  • The level of trust the staff has for the company, as well as the communications strategy, are also important factors.
  • People want to be seen and heard, counted, and free to identify themselves, but their data and identity privacy is important, and anonymity guarantees the link between whole-self identity and privacy.
In the end, we believe keeping the participants’ identities anonymous is the right thing to do when collecting sensitive information as this will allow the participant to answer truthfully and produce the most in-depth diversity data possible.


Cultural Infusion (CUIN)
Address: Suite 2, 273-277 Wellington Street, Collingwood, VIC 3066

ECCV | ISSUING | eBulletin #33 | March 2023

[Edited extract from public address]

This week, we joined our national counterparts in Canberra for a two-day member forum held by the Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils (FECCA). 

For the first time, the chairs, CEOs and policy directors of state and regional ethnic communities' councils gathered to explore advocacy priorities, organisational 
synergies and future strategies. We were inspired by the energy, commitment and great work being done at the grassroots level to support migrant and refugee communities across Australia.
Thanks to the support of Minister for Multiculturalism, Andrew Giles, a FECCA delegation held a series meetings at Parliament House with federal Ministers and opposition MPs. We were also honoured to attend a dinner at Government House at the invitation of His Excellency, the Governor-General, David Hurley.
In a media conference with the Canberra press gallery, we took the opportunity to stand with our national colleagues to endorse a First Nations Voice to Parliament. ECCV supports the three pillars of the Uluru Statement: Voice, Treaty, and Truth. As we outline in our Position Statement, the upcoming referendum is a critical step in our national journey towards genuine reconciliation, and a more just and inclusive Australia.
Closer to home, we were pleased to attend yesterday’s meeting of the Victorian Government’s Anti-Racism Taskforce to discuss the draft Anti-Racism Strategy. ECCV is proud to join the taskforce and contribute to an Action Plan to tackle racism.
We were also delighted to attend the Victorian Multicultural Gala this month, where we connected with many of our members, stakeholders and friends. The night was a testament to the diversity and vibrancy of our state's multicultural communities, and we congratulate the Victorian Multicultural Commission on its 40th anniversary, and yet another successful Gala, with a record-breaking 1300 attendees.
It has been a big month of celebrations and festivals. We wish our Muslim friends Ramadan Kareem.
Eddie Micallef, Chairperson

SUPPORTING | First Nations Voice to Parliament

ECCV has released a Position Statement on the upcoming referendum this year on enshrining a First Nations Voice. Developed in consultation with Reconciliation Victoria, and in line with FECCA, the Statement affirms our support for the Uluru Statement from the Heart and emphasises the importance of working to achieve all three pillars of action: Voice, Treaty and Truth.

EXPLORING | Multicultural Disability Hub | now live

We've been delighted by the response to our Multicultural Disability Hub, launched on our website last month. The Hub centralises our work supporting people with disability in multicultural communities, including our policy publications as well as in-language resources and a directory support service directory. We also put in place a Digital Accessibility Tool to make our website more accessible. 

MELB | METRO | IMPROVING | Access to Melbourne's train network

ECCV is working with Metro Trains Melbourne (METRO) to learn more about the barriers migrant and refugee communities face in using Melbourne’s train network. As part of this work, we are conducting a survey to better understand the concerns, experiences and ideas of people from diverse backgrounds for how to improve access to travel and information about the train network. 

VIC | CAVI | FORUM | Multicultural carer needs | next week

ECCV is partnering with Carers Victoria (CAVI) to host a forum looking at how to engage with and support carers in migrant and refugee communities, with a focus on older carers. The forum will feature guest speakers from Department of Families, Fairness and Housing, Carers Victoria lived experience representatives. 

INTRODUCING | New All One Together anti-racism ambassador

ECCV would like to warmly welcome Eastern Community Legal Centre (ECLC) as a new ambassador for our All One Together anti-racism project, which supports workplaces to improve their diversity and inclusion policies and practices. ECLC joins 25 other ambassadors that have committed to ending racism in the workplace. 

SUPPORTING | Our communities to access the PSB

The latest round of the Victorian government's $250 Power Saving Bonus program began on Friday, 24 March. ECCV's experienced multicultural outreach team is ready to support people from migrant and refugee backgrounds across the state to claim the new $250 payment and learn more about how to save on utility costs. Our team can help people in their language. 

TRAINING | Free elder abuse awareness training 2-Day program | 2 & 9 May 2023

ECCV is running a two-day bilingual community educator training workshop on 2 and 9 May, as part of our Elder Abuse Awareness project. This free training program aims to equip people with the skills and resources to deliver in-language information sessions on how to prevent, identify and respond to elder abuse. Educators are paid for the sessions they conduct. 

CO-DESIGNING | A program for preventing falls

ECCV is part of a research team with Melbourne Health, University of Melbourne, Western Health and multicultural service providers to develop an exercise program to prevent falls, part of the MOVE Together project. We are seeking people aged over 65 who are Arabic, Italian and Chinese speakers to help co-design the program by taking part in small workshops in May. 

VIUN | HEARING | Your say: Improving Racism Reporting Pathways Survey

Victoria University (VIUN) is conducting a survey to understand the barriers to reporting racism and the gaps in support faced by people who experience racism. The survey is part of a research project led by Victoria University in partnership with ECCV and Islamic Council of Victoria, with funding from VicHealth. Participants will enter a draw to win a number of gift vouchers. 


Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria (ECCV)
Address: Suite 101, 398 Sydney Road, Coburg Vic 3058
Tel: (03) 9354 9555

S2b | UPDATING | Join us! Multicultural Creatives & Events

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Meetup & Mend | Thursday 30 March 2023 | 11am–12.30pm

Back by popular demand! Come and join Japanese designer Maoko Carroll, who is running a regular sewing circle at Space2b, every fortnight.

Spend some time with like minded people, learn how to mend your garments and feel connected within the community.

Pre-book your place now.

Bas Clay 3D Relief Mural & Laneway Art Tours | Coming SOON

A special thanks to the Palais for their funding towards Leila's clay workshops, everyone's having lots of fun learning!

The installation of the clay mural, kindly funded by the City of Port Phillip, will be happening soon, along with an official launch at the end of April. We will also be running Street Art Tours...

  • Watch this space!

 Design Competition 

Calling all Culturally & linguistically diverse artists!

We're looking for 3 x new designs that will become part of our artist range i.e. tea towels, soaps and chocolate.

Winners will receive $150, plus their design printed, a free month long exhibition, with 100% of the sales from the exhibition to go to the winning artists.

 Lets Meet Up 

Meetup At Space2b | Tuesdays, 10.30am-12pm

Join us weekly every Tuesday as we run MEETUPS for locals and CALD migrants.
  • Share conversation, connect, exchange stories, learn new skills, improve English skills and make friends.

 New In Store 

Meet the Maker: Revathi from Hippienhep Designs

A super clever sewer and creative, Revathi is new to Space2b and has just delivered a fresh batch of backpacks and cute kids raincoats and jumpsuits.

Perfect for splashing in puddles!

All handmade, featuring funky fabrics and come in a range of sizes.
  • Available in store.

 Space2b Experience Program 

Do you know anyone looking for work experience or support in developing a business?
  • On The Job Training
  • Business Mentoring
  • English Practice
  • Work Reference
  • Path To Paid Employment



Opening Hours:
    • Space2b Store: Tues - Fri 10am - 5pm, Sat 10am - 2pm
    • Flavours of Syria Cafe: Wed - Fri 9 am - 2pm, Sat - Sun 9 am - 4pm
    Together we make a difference!


    Space2b Social Design
    Address: 144 Chapel Street, St Kilda, Melbourne Vic 3182
    Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

    VMC | UPDATING | Cultural Diversity Week over for another year, Ramadan begins and more | Wednesday 27 March 2023

    [Edited extract from public address]

    As March comes to an end, thankyou to everyone who got involved in our Cultural Diversity Week celebrations.

    Whether you organised or attended an event, big or small or attended the VMC's flagship event, the fabulous Multicultural Gala, your participation in our state's cultural diversity is much appreciated. And I encourage you to attend or to organise another event next year.

    In this culturally diverse state, we often move from one religious or cultural celebration to another.

    At the moment it is Ramadan, and in the coming weeks, I hope you will show love and respect to your Islamic neighbours and friends; perhaps even join them for an Iftar.

    This week, it was my privilege to attend the Melbourne Lord Mayor Sally Capp for her Iftar dinner at the Dairy and Produce Hall at Queen Victoria Market.

    I was touched by her words as she spoke about respect and continuous learning.

    These themes resonate with me and are at the centre of all of our work - especially our work as members of the Victorian Government's anti-racism taskforce.

    I recently spent an evening at the Nelson Mandela Australia Day Anti-racism conference committee.

    It was a special reminder of the great man who spent his whole life fighting for racial justice in South Africa.

    His legacy is part of what guides us here in Victoria in 2023 as we work towards eliminating racial discrimination.

    I encourage us all to reconcile with our own biases and self-awareness and join each other to challenge the structures and systems surrounding us. 

    We need to respect each other and consciously recognise the goodness and humanity in one another.

    That goodness was on full display in Canberra this week as I proudly took part in a panel discussion with amazing women at the Public Sector Women of Colour Leadership & Allyship Summit.

    I have to say the term allyship sits a bit uncomfortably with me, but we all agree that "we can’t be what we can’t see" so we need to support culturally diverse women to reach their potential. 

    We need to put a spotlight on equity and name the structural barriers they face. 

    Thank you
    Viv Nguyen, Chairperson, Victorian Multicultural Commission 

     News and Events 

    MELB | PERFORMING | Natty Dolaiasi and Charles Maimarosia in concert with Jimi Nare and Ron Reeves | Friday 28 April 2023 | 7.30–9.30pm

    The Solomon Islands, a close neighbour to Australia, is a treasure trove of traditional music and song, largely unknown in Melbourne.

    The exception is the work of Charles Maimarosia, an extraordinary musician from the island of Malaita, who has made Melbourne his home. Charles is a multi-instrumentalist, playing Western instruments as well as the traditional pan-flutes that characterise the Are’are’ music of Malaita.

    Last year, Charles received Music Victoria’s 2022 Diaspora Award for his most recent release Haiamasina (Loving). His previous recording Are’are’ is named after his own tribal group in the South part of Malaita.

    Tickets are on sale now! 
    • Where: The Oratory, Abbotsford Convent 1 St Heliers St, Abbotsford VIC
    • Cost: $20 Concession, $25 Full
    • Get your tickets

    VIC | GOV | TRANSLATING | Language support available for the Power Saving Bonus 

    The Victorian Government is providing in-person and over-the-phone support for Multicultural communities to apply for the power-saving bonus.

    A new round of support has begun, with eligible Victorian households able to receive a new $250 payment.

    There is in-language support for 31 languages.
    • For access to translation support call 131 450 or click here

     Mental health 

    Walk-In At Brimbank Mental Health And Wellbeing Local

    Brimbank Mental Health and Wellbeing Local centre is now open for walk-ins.

    Initially opening late last year for telehealth and outreach support, the Brimbank service can now provide support for the whole community, including the weekends.


     Volunteering and Employment 

    Teaching programs available for Victorian graduates

    Aspiring teachers (with an undergraduate degree in another field) are invited to apply for Victoria’s Teach Today and Teach Tomorrow programs. These programs offer participants scholarships and paid part-time employment in schools to provide an income while completing their studies.

    In these programs, participants are employed in schools as paraprofessionals or education support staff while completing a postgraduate teaching degree across 18-24 months. Participants are paid as paraprofessionals or education support staff (as applicable), and may be eligible to receive a department scholarship of $2,400 to support their intensive study period.

     Family Violence 

    VIC | GOV | GRANTING | Family Violence research opportunities available | applications close Monday 3 April 2023

    The Victorian Government is inviting academic and sector partners to apply for research grants.

    The government has identified multiple family violence areas with data and evidence gaps. These include children and young people as victims, family violence experienced by people from diverse communities and sexual violence and harm.

    Applicants are required to demonstrate how they will incorporate lived experience in their proposed research projects. 


    Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC)
    Address: Level 3, 1 Macarthur Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
    Tel: (03) 9651 5901

    ILF | UPDATING | News, Learn how to say blue tongue lizard in Bundjalung language and more | Tuesday 28 March 2023

    [Edited extract from public address]

    Yamandhu marang, exciting news! 

    We've just launched our newest commercial title, Country Tells Us When.... Written in Yawuru and English by Tsheena Cooper, Mary Dann, Dalisa Pigram-Ross and Sheree Ford, this beautifully illustrated bilingual book shares the six seasons in Rubibi (the town of Broome). The story emphasises the importance of caring for Country and takes readers on a journey to discover how the Yawuru people read the seasons. 

    We are also very proud to have published a new book from the Napranum Community, We Look, We Find, representing the first time a children’s picture book has been commercially published in Thanynakwith Language. This book is a delightful story about the importance of being on Country and the animals that can be found on the land. The book draws much knowledge and influence from the language dictionary, Thanakupi’s Guide to Language and Culture, written by Community Elder Thanakupi. 

    March has also been a busy month with events. We launched our biggest fundraiser, The Great Book Swap at Sydney Taronga Zoo and the University of Queensland. Check out the coverage from the launch on Channel 10 and NITV below!

    On the behalf of the ILF, we thank you. We would not be able to achieve publishing books with remote Communities and sharing their stories without your support.

    Mandaang guwu,
    Ben Bowen, Chief Executive Officer

    CELEBRATING | UNESCO's second year of the Decade of Indigenous Languages, each month we encourage readers to learn a new word in either an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander language. 

    This month's word is blue tongue lizard in Bundjalung language! Bundjalung Country is in the far North East Coast of NSW and the Southern Eastern coast of Queensland.

    LAUNCHING | Great Book Swap!

    On Tuesday 14 March 2023, with much anticipation and excitement, we launched our biggest fundraising event, Great Book Swap (GBS) for 2023 at Taronga Zoo in Sydney and at the University of Queensland (UQ). 

    WATCHING | NITV and Channel 10 Coverage on Great Book Swap Launch!

    We are pleased that both Channel 10 and NITV joined in the fun at our Great Book Swap launch at Sydney Taronga Zoo! Check out the coverage by Channel 10 and the NITV news segment here.

    PERFORMING | ILF's Newest Musical Literacy Fundraiser

    A new Busking For Change website goes live on 30 March with music charts, videos, lyrics, prizes and more! Busking For Change involves students to sing, play an instrument, dance or learn a song in Kriol, a First Nations language widely spoken in the Top End. 

    CELEBRATING | International Women's Day | 8 March

    We celebrated International Women's Day (IWD), a day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. Check out our social posts about the importance of IWD with ILF Ambassadors Shelley Ware and Anita Heiss as well as Emma and Tshinta who are First Nations ILF staff members!

    CELEBRATING | Australian Reading Hour

    This month we celebrated Australian Reading Hour, a national day dedicated to sharing the joys of books, reading and stories. ILF staff got into the spirit with one hour of reading as well as sharing and enjoying stories that they love. 

    ENGAGING | Saltbush at Sydney Opera House | 14-17 April 2023

    This school holidays, our friends at Sydney Opera House are holding an interactive journey through First Nations culture called Saltbush. Join two friends and their spiritual guide, as they cross Australian landscapes and experience their wonder through impressive light projections and digital technology. 

    CLICKING | For More Stories

    PREVIEWING | Advance Copies of New Titles

    Shordi Krik (Shorty Creek)
    This month, our publishing team received advance copies of a new book; Shordi Krik (Shorty Creek), a song written in Kriol and English by students from Barunga School with Justine Clarke. This book will be published in late May and officially launched at Barunga Festival in June!

    NT Mob Sharing Stories in Language
    We are super excited about receiving the advance copies of a new commercial ILF book, NT Mob Sharing Stories in Language. This book celebrates nine stories in nine languages from across the Northern Territory. Watch this space for the release!

    Ananyila Aputulalakutu! (Finke, Here We Come!)
    Our team also received advance copies of Ananyila Aputulalakutu! (Finke, Here We Come!), a non-commercial book in Pitjantjatjara and English which tells a fun story of students from Ernabella Anangu School as they travel to the Finke Desert Races.

    OFFERING | Special Thanks

    We are indebted to our partner Australia Post for their support with the delivery of Book Supply packs to remote Communities and their ongoing fundraising.

    A huge thank you to the Harry Hartog stores for raising over $30,000 for us over the Festive period last year – a truly amazing effort! Support from these bookstores keeps growing which is wonderful to see.

    SHARING | Community Fundraisers

    When Founder of The V Spot, Jannifer, discovered that Feb 14 is also National Library Lovers Day she found it far more interesting than Valentine’s Day! Jannifer decided to donate 10% of every February sale through her online store to ILF. A big heart felt thank you to Jannifer and the team at The V Spot.

    We would like to thank Feel Better Pilates who raised over $1,200 in one day for the ILF! On January 26th, customers set their own ticket prices and the studio donated these profits. With just 30 visitors to the studio that day, they raised an incredible amount! Thank you to Feel Better Pilates and their customers for their wonderful support.

    Thank you to Salty Swimwear who are supporting the ILF for the third year in a row alongside Indigenous Literacy Day by donating a portion of profits from their swimwear line. Check out their swimwear line in collaboration with Muthi Muthi artist, Jessica Clarke.


    Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF)
    Address: 17/207 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000
    Tel: (02) 9280 0644
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    PWR | UPDATING | The Vision of the 2023 Convening, Faith Action on the SDGs Supplement, and more | Friday 24 March 2023

    [Edited extract from public address]

    Chicago Press Conference Spotlights the Vision of the 2023 Parliament Convening

    On Monday 20 March 2023, the Parliament of the World's Religions convened local media and community leaders in an special invitation to answer the call to conscience at the 2023 Parliament of the World's Religions, gathering thousands of global and local communities of faith.

    The press conference provided a unique view into the vision of the 9th global Convening of the Parliament of the World's Religions, Program Chair Rev. Phyllis Curott noted that:
    This Parliament will be the most important and largest gathering of the world’s religious and spiritual leaders, and practitioners, uniting in a collective, courageous and clear reply to the most dangerous crisis confronting us today – authoritarianism.
    An urgent theme and call to action for people of faith, spiritual, and ethical convictions; which envisions local and global communities committing to the core mission of the organization - a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world.

    Highlights from the Press Conference

    Interfaith Partners Publish “Faith Action on the SDGs: Clean Water & Sanitation

    This March UNEP's Faith for Earth Initiative, the Parliament of the World’s Religions, United Religions Initiative, and the Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology published a supplement to the 2020 publication "Faith Action on the UN Sustainable Development Goals."

    The supplement titled "Faith Action on the SDGs: Clean Water & Sanitation" is the first in a series of periodic reports that will highlight new and ongoing activities of faith-based organizations. This issue specifically showcases a sampling of inspiring efforts to collect, conserve, and create access to clean water.

    Critical Drivers of Change: Faith Communities & Climate Action

    The Parliament of the World's Religions believes that faith voices will be crucial drivers of change, as highlighted by the Climate Action Program which continues to pursue the implementation of the Human Right to a Clean, Healthy, and Sustainable Environment.

    This theme will be a strong one at the upcoming 2023 Parliament of the World’s Religions, where the CATF will continue to advocate for strong action to protect our planet and Earth’s biodiversity from the effects of the climate crisis at the Climate Assembly on Monday and throughout the week as part of the Climate Action track.

    2023 Parliament Global Ethic Essay Contest | submissions close on 30 March 2023

    The Parliament of the World's Religions invites essays that engage its signature document, “Towards a Global Ethic (An Initial Declaration),” in the lead-up to the 2023 Convening in Chicago, USA.

    The top three contest winners will receive a complimentary registration to the 2023 Convening and will give a reading of their essay in a dedicated program session. Submissions are due on or before midnight (US Central Standard Time) on March 30, 2023.

    Winners of the 2023 H.M. King Abdullah II World Interfaith Harmony Week Prize Announced

    On March 21st, the World Interfaith Harmony Week initiative announced the winners of the 2023 H.M. King Abdullah II World Interfaith Harmony Week Prize.

    The Parliament of the World’s Religions shares its deep-felt congratulations to the prize winners and all organizers of the 2023 observance.

    Stay up to date with the work of the Parliament 

    Advancing the mission of the Parliament of the World's Religions is made possible with the support from individuals like you!


    Parliament of the World's Religions (PWR)
    Address: 70 East Lake St., Suite 230 Chicago, IL 60601 USA
    Tel: (312) 629-2990

    EQPR | BOOSTING | Workplace Inclusion with LGBTIQA+ Workshop

    [Edited extract from public address]

    Connecting Australia's Communities with LGBTIQA+ for Change. Do you want to create a more inclusive and supportive workplace for all employees, customers, and clients?

    Are you thinking of ways to celebrate Pride Month within your organisation? That's only 2 months away!

    Creating an inclusive and supportive workplace is a goal that many organisations strive for, but achieving it can be challenging.

    At the heart of this challenge is the need to create a more welcoming environment for employees, customers, or clients who identify as part of the LGBTIQA+ community. That's where our "Working with Rainbow Communities" workshop comes in.

    In this 101-style awareness training, we'll cover the basics of the LGBTIQA+ community, including terminology, concepts, and inclusive language. You'll learn the importance of allyship in supporting and cultivating an inclusive workplace culture.

    But it's not just about making your organisation a better place. Investing in diversity, equity, and inclusion training can also attract the right talent, improve teamwork and productivity, and foster kindness and compassion.

    When people can bring their whole self to work, they are more likely to feel valued, supported, and empowered to do their best work. Plus, it's just the right thing to do.

    Sign up for our "Working with Rainbow Communities" workshop today to take the first step towards creating a more positive, welcoming, and inclusive workplace culture.

    Our workshop can be delivered in person or online, depending on your needs. We still have some availability in June, but you need to hurry!


    The Equality Project (EQPR)
    Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Linkedin

    CUIN | UPDATING | Supporting diversity and inclusivity for all | 21 March 2023

    [Edited extract from public address]

    Supporting Inclusivity and Building Belonging Together

    This newsletter, we take a look at some articles and events that have taken place this month. 
    • Cultural Infusion contributed to the Australian Association of Gerontology's paper on Capturing Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Australia. 
    • Our Projects and Partnerships Manager for Inclusion Atlas, Lana Perello, details the need for inclusive and accessible spaces. 
    • We also look at the Education and Experience's attendance at the Early Childhood Language Program Annual Forum, the launch of our new Programs brochures, our International Women's Day article and highlight an important date on our cultural calendar. 

    CAPTURING | Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Australia 

    Cultural Infusion is proud to have contributed to the  Capturing Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Australia: AAG (Australian Association of Gerontology) position paper published this month. 

    Our CEO and Founder Peter Mousaferiadis provided insight to the paper which aims to share how cultural and linguistic diversity is captured in Australian government data. 

    The research explores which variables are currently used to measure cultural and linguistic diversity in Australia and how the government selects, analyses, groups and reports on these data sets.

    The paper provides the AAG Position Statement on how CALD could be better identified and measured in Australian government data reports and clarifies what is meant by the term ‘CALD’. 

    Cultural Infusion supports the four recommendations  provided at the end of the paper. These recommendations to the Australian Government are to:
    • Consistently capture the 12 variables suggested by the ABS.
    • Stop using “CALD” to describe a type of person.
    • Identify and report on variables that relate to cultural & linguistic diversity based on the aim of the report.
    • Report clearly on which variables used to explore Australia’s cultural and linguistic diversity.
    To find out more, click the link below to access the paper.

    REPORTING | Lack of facilities for gender diverse and neurodivergent attendees at a recent concert 

    Inclusion Atlas Projects and Partnerships Manager, Lana Perello, shares their experience of the lack of facilities for gender diverse and neurodivergent attendees at a recent concert. 

    'At a recent concert I attended, I knew the potential for gender diverse attendees would be extremely high and as it happened, many found that the lack of accommodations made by the venue greatly impacted their overall experience, including my own.
    The bathrooms were classified under male, female and disabled, which alienated some gender diverse people by putting them in uncomfortable and potentially threatening situations. When attending the concert, I opted to use the men’s bathroom. The line for both the men’s and women’s bathroom were significantly long, especially with the consideration that the men’s bathroom only had two stalls. Whilst waiting, comments were made by some men about how they ‘saw how it was’ and ‘how the tables had turned’, though we were just waiting to use the bathroom as they were. How easily this situation could have been avoided if the venue also had gender neutral  bathrooms?

    As a result of these comments, a member of the security team came into the bathrooms and ordered all the ‘women’ to leave immediately, being extremely loud and intimidating to any that objected. How could I feel safe to do normal functions when someone is questioning my identity?

    In parallel, Chloe Hayden, an advocate for people with autism and ADHD, experienced a lack of accommodation for neurodivergent people at a concert. She and many others were turned away from a 12-person capacity sensory room, whilst staff questioned the legitimacy of attendees needs to use such a space. As Chloe aptly put it, 'fighting for the disabled right to access public spaces should not be this radical, or controversial, or taxing' and yet, ill-preparedness and apparent lack of staff training can make joyous experiences the exact opposite.

    At Inclusion Atlas, we work toward positive change and support for those like myself and many others who have had similar experiences. Accessible spaces are inherently important for the safety and wellbeing of our community. Inclusion Atlas is an accessible and easy tool for you to use in your everyday life, helping you find, rate and review inclusive spaces and to hold venues to account without naming or shaming. '
    - Lana Perello

    ATTENDING | Early Childhood Language Program Annual Forum

    This month, the Education and Experiences team attended the Early Childhood Language Program Annual Forum at the Melbourne Convention Centre. 

    The event brought early learning educators from all over the state together to deliver keynotes and participate in workshops to learn how to support children in early learning and language development. 

    Team Leader Nicola Diomides delivered an opening speech introducing the attendees to Cultural Infusion and discussed the role of culture and how this intersects with language to support early childhood development. Nicola shared our many intercultural resources including cultural programs, educational apps, digital platforms, and our range of professional development materials. 

    The Education and Experiences team hosted a booth at the event, sharing information and engaging in the rich and diverse conversation around early learning and cultural education. 

    Bonnie, our Chinese Fan Dance presenter and Hithanjanee, our Bollywood Infusion presenter delivered introductions in to their vibrant cultural programs. The room was engaged in the performances and even ended up and dancing with Hithanjanee!

    ANNOUNCING | Our new Education and Experiences brochures have arrived!

    Each state in Australia has its own curated brochure, as well as a specialised brochure for all pre-primary incursions around the country. 
    Our new brochures feature all of our available presenters, including some of our newest cultural presenters for 2023: Timorese Infusion, Indigenous Games, Dancing around India, Melanesian Infusion, Africa meets the Middle East, Turkish Rhythms and many more!

    SHARING | For International Women's Day this year, our Executive Assistant Jane Felstead wrote an article titled 'Criticisms of Women’s Day (And Some Unbridled Positivity)'.

    In the article, Jane reflects on IWD by acknowledging the importance of raising awareness for the various issues faced by women globally. She highlights the need to pay tribute to intersectional issues including restrictions on bodily autonomy, lack of access to education, domestic and partner violence and discrimination faced by trans women.

    Jane also notes that IWD celebrations in workplaces often assign additional labor to women, who are already busy with full schedules. 

    Despite this, as an organisation, we believe in the importance of celebrating the supportive community of women at Cultural Infusion. Jane asked the women in the office to share some kind words about each other with the purpose of uplifting one another and building belonging.

    Click the link below to read some of those sentiments.

    SPOTLIGHTING | Cultural Calendar: Fan Dance Day, 3 April. 

    Fan Dance Day, occurring on the 3 April each year, celebrates the long history of the traditional fan dance in Asia. With vibrant traditional clothing and fans, it acknowledges the important art form that has been around for centuries.  Performances typically involve live traditional music and are enjoyed by people from all around the world.

    Cultural Infusion offers a Chinese Fan Dance program, an engaging interactive program in which students can learn how to perform the traditional dance. With their own eye-catching fans, students will have an entirely unique, educational experience. 

    Find out more about our Chinese Fan Dance program, below.  


    Cultural Infusion (CUIN)
    Address: Suite 2, 273-277 Wellington Street, Collingwood, VIC 3066

    VTMH | WEBINAR | Spirituality matters: What clinicians need to know | Wednesday 26 April 2023 | 3pm–4pm

    [Edited extract from public address]

    Mental healthcare is not just about diagnosing illnesses and prescribing treatments, it is also about understanding the social, emotional, cultural, and spiritual needs of patients. 

    Health professionals who exhibit empathy and compassion towards their patients, listen to their concerns, and treat them with respect and dignity, are better equipped to provide quality care. Addressing these factors requires a holistic approach where healthcare providers consider the whole person, not just their symptoms or medical conditions. Incorporating heart and soul matters in healthcare does improve health outcomes, promotes healing, and helps people feel heard and understood.

    As a part of their ongoing Spirituality & Diversity Discussion Project, Victorian Transcultural Mental Health and Spiritual Health Association present an opportunity for webinar attendees to participate in a conversation between former service users Naomi & Tess who will be joined by service providers Justin & Rohan to share where their experiences of spirituality were supported and explore where engagement on this level may have been enhanced to ensure greater holistic outcomes.

    • Naomi Chapman (VTMH Lived Experience Consultant)
    • Tess Marotta (Mental Health Lived Experience Advocate/Consultant)
    • Justin Kuay (Psychiatrist, VTMH)
    • Rohan Souter (Mental Health Spiritual Care Practitioner, Bendigo Health) 
    VTMH seminars are open to individuals, from all disciplines and working in all sectors, who are based in Australia and interested in diversity and mental health.  
    • Where: Online via Zoom — details to be sent to registrants in advance
    • Cost: Free
    • Bookings: essential, spaces are limited. Please register early to secure a place. Online via VTMH


    Victorian Transcultural Mental Health (VTMH)
    Address: St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, Level 1, Bolte Wing, 14 Nicholson Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065
    Tel: (03) 9231 3300

    VMC | GATHERING | In the name of peace: Prayer and Meditation service | Monday 20 March 2023 | 6–7pm

    [Edited extract from public address]

    The Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC), the Multifaith Advisory Group (MAG) and leaders of Melbourne’s Hindu and Sikh faith groups are asking Victorians to join them for prayer and meditation in the name of peace. 

    This event is a direct response to the cooperation and conversations between the VMC, MAG and faith leaders following incidents of disharmony and vandalism at places of worship and “hate speech” spread on social media.

    Leaders of various faiths with deep roots in India will lead the community in prayer and a visual show of unity, social cohesion and friendship.
    “From concerning international events to local acts of disharmony, Victorians will do what is necessary to show that we are an inclusive and peaceful multicultural state, now and into the future”.
    Viv Nguyen Chairperson of the Victorian Multicultural Commission
    “This public demonstration of the unity of various faith leaders will bring comfort to Victorians and show our community that we will not be divided.”
    Makarand Bhagwat, President of the Hindu Council of Australia (Victoria)
    “A prayer and meditation service for peace will refresh and renew our peacemaking together.”
    Jasbir Singh, Chair of the Sikh Interfaith Council of Victoria
    A collaboration between Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC), the Multifaith Advisory Group (MAG) and leaders of Melbourne’s Hindu and Sikh faith groups.

    Where: Federation Square, Melbourne


    Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC)
    Address: Level 3, 1 Macarthur Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
    Tel: (03) 9651 5901

    PWR | ADVISING | Savings End Soon! Answer the Call to the 2023 Parliament Convening | Saturday 18 March 2023

    [Edited extract from public address]

    Answer the call and join thousands of global attendees in dialogue and capacity building.

    It's time to answer the call! Savings for exhibit booths and registrations are ending 31 March for the 2023 Parliament of the World’s Religions, convening 14-18 August 2023 at the McCormick Place Lakeside Center in Chicago, USA.

    For exhibitors, the Early Bird Rate offers a $300 discount off the booth rate to organizations, institutions, vendors, and communities. The Exhibit Hall is located to the left of registration on Level 300 of the Lakeside Center and leads directly to the plenary stage where hundreds of local and international luminaries are answering the call to conscience.

    As an Exhibitor, your mission and goals are accessible to all Parliament attendees at the heart of the 2023 Parliament Convening.
    “Talking to people in the Exhibit Hall was a surprisingly rich experience for me. Just chatting with exhibitors and not rushing through - finding out who they are and what their commitments are was fascinating and quite moving.”

    Did You Know?

    When you book a booth at the 2023 Parliament Convenings, you receive two complimentary registrations with full access to the program offerings.
    For attendees, the Advance Rate offers you over 20% off the general admission rate for the 2023 Parliament Convening and marks the last opportunity to book the day rate.

    Did You Know?

    When you book by March 31st, you enjoy first access to the full program agenda of the 2023 Parliament Convening through our event app

    Don’t miss the single most important gathering, on one of the most pressing issues of our time: the rise of fascism and autocracy.


    Parliament of the World's Religions (PWR)
    Address: 70 East Lake St., Suite 230 Chicago, IL 60601 USA
    Tel: (312) 629-2990

    THCO | INVITING | Friends of The Conversation to news conference | Monday 20 March 2023 | 9–11.30am AEDT

    [Edited extract from public address]

    We are opening up our news conference to the Friends of The Conversation. 

    We hope you can join us online to hear from our editorial team as they discuss how we can cover the stories making news.

    It’s also your opportunity to tell us what you think. After the news conference, we’d like you to stay online and talk with me and some of our staff. We’re happy to answer your questions and tell you more about how we work. We will also update you on our Voice to Parliament coverage and share how the results from our latest reader survey have informed our coverage. The event is free so please join us on March 20.

    Also, for those of you who are unable to join us next week, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support. I’m not sure we say it enough, but we rely on readers like you who make generous donations, whether it be a one-off gift or an affordable monthly contribution. 

    Your selflessness enables us to produce more unique evidence-based journalism that will empower more people to make better-informed decisions. That’s our small but important contribution to the health of our community, and it’s all made possible by you.

    Thank you so much.
    Best wishes 
    Misha Ketchell


    The Conversation (THCO)
    Address: Tenancy B, Level 5, 700 Swanston Street, Carlton Vic 3053

    VMC | UPDATING | Happy Cultural Diversity Week, Nominations for the Victorian Refugee Awards have been extended and more | Tuesday 14 March 2023

    [Edited extract from public address]

    Happy Cultural Diversity Week! During this exciting time, Victoria's multicultural and multifaith communities will share their culture by hosting activities and events for the community to participate in.

    With a broad range of art, food, exhibitions and musical performances, CDW is fun! But more than that, these events celebrate our differences, create a sense of belonging and empower us to be authentic, regardless of our background.

    Please take the opportunity to get involved and find your local events here

    I also encourage educators to use our CDW Teacher's Resource Kit (available on our website) to bring this week to life in the classroom.

    Perhaps the pinnacle of Cultural Diversity Week is the much anticipated Victorian Multicultural Gala. This magical evening of food, entertainment and connection brings our trusted community and government partners together in reflection, appreciation and solidarity. And I, for one, can't wait!

    On another note, social cohesion is one of the most critical priorities of the Victorian Multicultural Commission.

    That's why we are hosting a prayer and mediation service in the name of peace at Federation Square on Monday 20 March 2023 | 6-7pm.

    This event is a direct response to the cooperation and conversations between the VMC, its Multifaith Advisory Group and faith leaders following incidents of disharmony and vandalism at places of worship and "hate speech" spread on social media.

    We warmly invite you to join us in this visual display of connection and cohesion and be part of a movement to comfort those who have experienced exclusion.

    We know that Victorians will do what is necessary to show that we are an inclusive and peaceful multicultural state, now and in the future.

    Viv Nguyen, Chairperson

     News and Events 

    VMC | ADVISING | Nominations for the Victorian Refugee Awards have been extended until Sunday! | nominations close at 11.59pm Sunday 19 March 2023

    Do you know someone who arrived in Australia as a refugee or asylum seeker and has received excellent academic results, volunteered in their community, run a successful business, or supported other refugees to thrive?

    For these reasons and more, nominate them today for a Victorian Refugee Award, and ensure their achievements are recognised and celebrated!

    Multiple awards will be presented across four categories: Achievement, Leadership, Youth Leadership and Business. The categories honour those who have excelled through study, work, entrepreneurship or volunteering in Victoria.

    If you need support submitting a nomination, please call 03 8850 6164.

    VIC | GOV | OFFERING | Translation and language support available for the Power Saving Bonus

    The Victorian Government is providing in-person and over-the-phone support for Multicultural communities to apply for the power-saving bonus.

    A new round of support will commence on 24 March, with eligible Victorian households able to receive a new $250 payment.

    There is in-language support for 31 languages.

    For access to translation support call 131 450 or click on the link below.

    MELB | AMCF | ENGAGING | African music and cultural festival comes to life for Cultural Diversity Week!

    In celebration of Cultural Diversity Week, “AMCF at the Museum” will celebrate the rich cultures of Africa through food, music, fashion, art, poetry and reflective conversations around cultural identity.

    For families, there is kid’s entertainment, including African drumming classes, face painting, African board games and more!

     Mental health 

    VIC | MHCC | TRANSLATING | Rresources for multicultural communities are now available.

    The Mental Health Complaints Commission (MHCC) and people with lived experience from multicultural communities have co-produced a variety of in-language resources to make MHCC more accessible to all Victorians.

    Digital and print resources have been produced in 20 languages through community-approved translations that are culturally and linguistically appropriate for each community.

     Volunteering and Employment 

    VOWE | LAUNCHING | Culturally inclusive volunteer toolkit

    A collaboration between Volunteer West (VOWE) and its culturally and linguistically diverse partners has seen the launch of a culturally inclusive toolkit.

    This project is a continuation of Volunteer West’s research which has highlighted the potential of volunteering in CALD communities and identified the need to move away from traditional forms of volunteering (formal vs informal).

    VIC | GOV | CALLING | Expression of Interest in regional Victoria job opportunities for the 2026 Commonwealth Games | submissions close 2pm Tuesday 28 March 2023

    The Victorian Government has opened the Expression of Interest (EOI) process to the construction sector to deliver the Commonwealth Games villages across regional Victoria.

    The villages will be home to around 7,000 athletes and officials in Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong and Morwell when the Commonwealth Games get underway in March 2026.

    The EOI for these important civil works will create opportunities for regional contractors to be involved in construction, supporting hundreds of local jobs.

    Interested parties can register via the Buying for Victoria website, from which a shortlist of contractors will be invited to participate in a Request for Proposal process.

     Family Violence 

    Family Violence research opportunities available | applications open until Monday 3 April 2023 

    The Victorian Government is inviting academic and sector partners to apply for research grants.

    The government has identified multiple family violence areas with data and evidence gaps. These include children and young people as victims, family violence experienced by people from diverse communities and sexual violence and harm.

    Applicants are required to demonstrate how they will incorporate lived experience in their proposed research projects.


    Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC)
    Address: Level 3, 1 Macarthur Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
    Tel: (03) 9651 5901

    VTMH | GATHERING | Foundations of Cultural Responsiveness for Mental Health Practitioners Workshop | Thursday 6 April 2023 | 9.30am–3.30pm

    [Edited extract from public address]

    An introductory workshop introducing culturally safe and responsive practice, and an intersectional understanding of mental health. 

    It will assist participants to apply human rights, cultural models of health and wellbeing, and participatory frameworks, to mental health practice.

    The workshop is designed to stimulate the interest of participants around a range of issues in transcultural mental health. It will complement broader service development initiatives being undertaken by organisations within the current mental health and wellbeing reform environment.

    The workshop utilises a variety of facilitation modes, grounded in a reflective practice approach. This will provide learners with the opportunity to explore the knowledge, skills and attitudes that support culturally safe, responsive, equitable and inclusive mental health care, across a variety of service settings and contexts.

    Participation is open to a range of staff including program leaders and direct-care practitioners, working in mental health and wellbeing services across Victoria. This includes staff in clinical and community mental health services, as well as people working within mental health programs in community health and social services, such as community rehabilitation and recovery workers, lived experience workers, mental health nursing, social work, occupational therapy, psychiatry, and program leaders/project workers and others.
    • Where: Kathleen Symes Library - Multipurpose Room 1, 251 Faraday Street, Carlton
    • Cost: Free
    • Bookings: essential. Spaces are limited. Please register early to secure a place. Online via VTMH


    Victorian Transcultural Mental Health (VTMH)
    Address: St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, Level 1, Bolte Wing, 14 Nicholson Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065
    Tel: (03) 9231 3300

    ILF | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds for Great Book Swap for 2023

    [Edited extract from public address]

    The Great Book Swap is back and registrations for 2023 are now open. Register your business or organisation to hold a Great Book Swap anytime throughout the year.

    We are aiming to raise $180,000 to gift 18,000 culturally relevant books to children in remote Australia and we need your help!

    Visit our website, and access some great resources to help make fundraising easier, fun and more successful than ever. 
    “Holding the Great Book Swap brought us together as a team, we had a chance to share our love of reading and raise money for an excellent cause.”
    - Alice Dickins, Heide Museum of Modern Art.
    Why not check to see if a Great Book Swap aligns to your organisation's Reconciliation Action Plan, or you can ask your employer to match donations? It is also a great conversation starter to get teams talking and sharing their reading interests and passions.

    Get ready to celebrate reading locally, hold your business or organisation to their social responsibilities, and raise funds for an excellent cause.


    Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF)
    Address: PO Box H328, Australia Square NSW 1215
    Tel: (02) 9280 0644

    CMFN | GATHERING | Community Service and Faith | Thursday16 March 2023 | arrive 6.45pm for 7pm

    [Edited extract from public address]

    This Harmony Week, join Casey Multi-Faith Network (CFMN) with four speakers from four different faiths that will present on how their faith exemplifies community service.

    Community Service is a key pillar of many religions. Prescribed in scripture, folklore and tradition it serves as the foundation of many religious belief systems to be the primary manner of expressing kindness, sacrifice and love to others.

    To celebrate Harmony Week, the Casey Multi-Faith Network will explore how some faith groups centre their expression of faith around giving back to the community and those in need. These contributions to our society need to be highlighted and celebrated as an example of the benefits of our diverse and multicultural community.

    Register now because space is limited and tickets are running out fast.
    • Where: Level Two, Boon Wurrung and Wurundjeri Rooms, Bunjil Place, 2 Patrick Northeast Drive Narre Warren, VIC 3805
    • Cost: Free
    • Bookings: Please RSVP to reserve your spot /obtain a ticket, online through Eventbrite

    We hope you’re able to join us! Please feel free to reply to this email if you have any questions.


    Casey Multi-Faith Network (CFMN)