CAEN | COMMEMORATING | Multicultural/Interfaith Sukkah (pronounced "Su-ka") | Thursday 17 October 2019 | arrive 6pm for 6.30pm

[Edited extract from public address]

The time for increasing racial harmony is clearly upon us. Join us under a Tabernacle of Peace for a Sukkat Shalom Peace Party

Aside from Jewish attendance, and those not of faith, we have received confirmation of attendance, inspiration by, representation of the following:
- Aboriginal community (including 3 direct descendants of Uncle William Cooper)
- Nedra/Vedic Yoga Master in the Hindu "Shivaite" tradition
- Christian clergy/chaplaincy from a spectrum of Christian practice
- Muslim community leadership, including outstanding upcoming young women leaders
- activists from the Climate Emergency campaign, LGBTIQA+ advocacy, the Free Assange movement & various comrades from Social Justice and Human Rights causes
Jewish representation will include at least a dozen different streams of thought/ideology, including:
- Orthodox Rabbis, & congregants of East Melbourne Synagogue
- participants of the Jewish/Christian/Muslim pilgrimage to Jerusalem
- President, Progressive Judaism Victoria
- M'sorti (Conservative) Judaism
- Jews Against Fascism
and many other worldviews, younger and elder.

It is anticipated that the participatory discussion will equally feature input from the Grassroots (you and me) as much as say high-profile Judges and Faith Leaders.

In addition, there will be Supper under the Stars, & Music - please BRING your musical instrument (especially drums or clapsticks), your Voice and your Good Intentions!

Door charge: $18 = waged; $5 = unwaged/concession;
Gold Coin = child;
Offer to Volunteer = Free Entry!
Donation Box Available

Info/Bookings: Please respond with your queries and RSVP to as soon as possible,
Thank you, Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sukkot Sameyach

Catalyst Enterprises (CAEN)

CUIN | LIGHTING | Up Classrooms this Diwali | 25-29 October 2019

[Edited extract from public address]

Light up your classroom this Diwali with our fun, high-energy Desi cultural workshops!

Diwali is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in the world, with over 1 billion Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, and Buddhists partaking in the festival each year!

Diwali's moniker as the 'Festival of Lights' refers the symbolic triumph of light over darkness - where light symbolises knowledge and goodness, and darkness symbolises ignorance and evil.

Celebrations echo this symbolism in many ways: temples, homes, shops and even office buildings are brightly illuminated during Diwali, and each household lights ceremonial candles and oil lamps.

During Diwali, people make a Rangoli which is a geometric Hindu artform characterised by its bright colours, made with materials such as flowers, rice, and sand.

BOOK NOW FOR 2019/2020:

Bollywood Infusion

Primary & Secondary / 50 minutes / $6 per student + GST (min. 150 students) / VIC, WA, SA, QLD, NSW 
Bollywood is an important part of modern Indian culture, it incorporates film, music and of course dance!
In this program, students are introduced to the significance and symbolism in Bollywood dances and will learn a short routine backed by awesome Bollywood tunes and paired with colourful outfits.

Rhythm of Nepal & Bollywood

Primary & Secondary / 50 minutes / $6 per student + GST (min. 150 students) / QLD
Nepalese born Dheeraj is recognised as the foremost Tabla player in Australia. The Table is the quintessential percussion instrument of the Indian subcontinent and one of the most complicated drums to play.
Dheeraj will demonstrate Nepalese-Indian rhythms and hip hop vocal percussion.

Indian Instrumental Infusion

Primary & Secondary / 50 minutes / $6 per student + GST (min. 150 students) / VIC, SA, QLD
Discover some of the most significant instruments of Indian classical and contemporary music with this program presented by some of India's foremost musicians. Depending on your state this program can include India's most significant instruments such as the popular percussion instrument the Tabla, the Bansuri, a bamboo flute that is the chosen instrument of Lord Krishna, the guitar-like Sitar and classical vocals.

Classical Indian Dance

Primary & Secondary / 50 minutes / $6 per student + GST (min. 150 students) / NSW, QLD, SA  
Immerse your students in the culture of ancient India that is still practiced to this day.
After an amazing performance set to the sound of classical instruments and Sanskrit chants, students will learn some of the symbolic gestures and movements along with the stories they tell.

Yoga and Mindfulness

Primary & Secondary / 50 minutes / $6 per student + GST (min. 150 students) / VIC  
Yoga and Bollywood dance teacher Valli will introduce students to the symbolism and cultural history of yoga. She uses flowing yoga postures and classical hand gestures with meditation and breath techniques that are suitable to the age and ability of students. This program energises and engages students in this ancient practice.
Bookings: BOOK NOW
Cultural Infusion
Call or email our friendly team today
Tel: 1800 010 069

AIS | CELEBRATING | Colours of the World | 5th Annual International Festival of Language and Culture | Saturday 26 of October 2019 | Arrive 5.45pm for 6-8.30pm

[Edited extract from public address]

Join us for this celebration of global fellowship with young representatives from Belarus, Lithuania, France, Germany, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Tanzania,Tunisia, Ukraine & the USA.

An annual showcase of the range of linguistic talents and cultural diversity from around the world. The purpose of the IFLC is to diversity and promote inclusion. It's the living embodiment of respect, harmony and peace that celebrate can be achieved with the universal language of art, dance and music - Colours of the World.

IFLC started in 2003 with students from 17 countries. The inaugural IFLC in Australia in 2015 attracted a crowd of over 4,300 people in Melbourne. Last year, the IFLC was held at the International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC) in front of a sell-out crowd.

Where: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

Cost: A$5 – A$10

Dress Code: Smart casual

Bookings: Get your tickets today, this event will sell out! Online through EventBrite

International Festival of Language and Culture (IFLC)
Organizer Sirius College & Australian Intercultural Society

VWT | HEARING | #MeToo Founder Tarana Burke | Melbourne | One Night Only | Monday 18 November 2019 | Arrive 6.15pm for 6.30-8pm

[Edited extract from public address]

Tarana Burke will be joined on stage for a panel discussion with local feminists Tracey Spicer AM (journalist) and Dr. Kyllie Cripps (violence prevention expert). More speakers will be announced in the coming weeks!

Tarana Burke
#MeToo Founder
In 2006, Tarana famously broke the silence on sexual violence with a simple phrase: Me too. Her activism sparked a viral gender equity phenomenon driven by survivors of sexual assault and their allies.
Tarana will be visiting Australia for the first time to accept the Sydney Peace Prize, jointly awarded to both her and Tracey Spicer for their advocacy work in amplifying the voices of survivors of sexual violence.

Tracey Spicer AM
Journalist, NOW Co-Founder
Tracey Spicer AM is a multiple Walkley Award winning author, journalist and broadcaster who has anchored national programs for ABC TV and radio, Network Ten and Sky News. The national co-founder of Women in Media and NOW Australia, Tracey is one of the most sought-after keynote speakers and emcees in the region.
This year, she is receiving the Sydney Peace Prize with American activist Tarana Burke, on behalf of the global #MeToo movement. She has also been named the NSW Premier’s Woman of the Year, and in 2018 was chosen as one of the Australian Financial Review’s 100 Women of Influence, winning the Social Enterprise and Not-For-Profit category. She was also named Agenda Setter of the Year by the website Women’s Agenda. For her 30 years of media and charity work, Tracey has been awarded the Order of Australia.

Dr. Kyllie Cripps
Proud Pallawa woman, Family Violence Researcher and Senior Lecturer, University of New South Wales
Dr Kyllie Cripps is a Scientia Fellow and Senior Lecturer in the Law Faculty at the University of New South Wales. Kyllie as a Pallawa woman has worked extensively over the past twenty years in the areas of family violence, sexual assault and child abuse with Indigenous communities, defining areas of need and considering intervention options at multiple levels. She has led three major Australian Research Council grants in the areas of Indigenous family violence including one defining and contextualising, Indigenous and non Indigenous, community and service sector, understandings and practices of partnerships in the family violence sector. The research in this area was significant for identifying gaps and opportunities in the sector that could facilitate improvements in service responses to Indigenous family violence.

Where: Collingwood Town Hall, 140 Hoddle Street, Abbotsford, VIC 3067

Cost: $29.69 – $41.13

Bookings: Online through EventBrite

Victorian Women’s Trust
Address: 9/313 La Trobe Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
Tel: 03 9642 0422

Proudly presented by the Victorian Women’s Trust in partnership with the Sydney Peace Foundation with support of our friends at the Australian Women's Donor Network.

CUIN | SHARING | Indigenous Storytelling through Art

[Edited extract from public address]

Why not give young learners the experience of truth through the voices of Indigenous Australians?

Educating younger generations on the lost knowledge and hidden histories of our nation is imperative for reconciliation. If you are searching for a way to teach aboriginal culture and enrich your students’ knowledge and understanding from the voices of the original custodians of our land, our cultural education programs may be able to help you.

Monica Weightman is a musician and Murri woman. She grew up in Townsville, influenced by her Islander father Ray.

Weightman came to Melbourne in her 20s and studied jazz for a while before joining an all-girl trio. Monica Weightman walked away from beckoning fame and fortune: ‘It’s a journey of love; I don’t think you essentially get into it for the money,’ she says.

When Weightman released her second CD, Lost Generation, she said it was equally important to give back to and learn from younger musicians and the disadvantaged members of the community. ‘To know where you are from gives you a sense of pride and purpose, a sense of place in the world, I understand that now.’ 

Monica Weightman's Indigenous Storytelling through Art

50 minutes | Primary $6 per student +GST (150 students min.) 
Monica uses singing to convey stories and help students understand and relate to symbols found in Aboriginal artwork for man, woman, child, the land and numerous animals. Students will use the symbols to draw their own stories and get to share them with the group.

Kinder Dreaming - Art and Storytelling

30 minutes | Pre-primary $350 +GST (30 students max per session)
Kinder Dreaming follows a very similar format to Indigenous Storytelling through Art, but is more condensed and more specifically tailored for younger audiences.  Students will also have the opportunity to use the symbols Monica teaches them to draw their own stories and to share them with the group.

Bookings: BOOK NOW

Cultural Infusion
Tel: 1800 010 069

KIN | HOSTING | Interfaith Panel Discussion and Dinner to Prevent Family Violence | Tuesday 26 November 2019 | 6-8pm

[Edited extract from public address]

A hosted panel discussion on the role of faith organisations in preventing family violence. 

The panel will include:
Paula Westhead, executive officer Emerge Women & Children’s Support Network
Dr Ree Boddé, Think Prevent
Pudak Nayati, Indonesian Muslim Community of Victoria
Cr Sandra Mayer, former mayor, Frankston City Council

A buffet dinner will follow the discussion. The event is free, but guests are encouraged to bring a gift card donation to the victims of family violence living in crisis accommodation in Kingston. The cards and vouchers will be collected during the event and donated to Emerge to support women and children. Emerge may use some of the donations as Christmas presents.

Where: Kingston City Hall, 979-985 Nepean Highway Moorabbin

Considerations: The event is free but guests are encouraged to bring a gift card as a donation for the victims of family violence living in crisis accommodation (in support of Emerge).

Cost: Free.

Bookings: required. RSVP by Friday 15 November 2019. Online through EventBrite.

Kingston Council and Kingston Interfaith Network Committee
Website: My Community Life

CUIN | BEING | An Iranian Women Singer in Diaspora

[Edited extract from public address]

Give your students the opportunity to broaden their cultural horizons in a meaningful, curriculum integrated way. 

Having the opportunity to experience a cultural incursion by our extremely passionate and devoted cultural presenters is a great way to encourage students to develop a deeper interest in their studies and garner greater cultural awareness.

Gelareh Pour, born in Tehran, started learning music at age 10 choosing Kamancheh as her main musical instrument and studying Vocals at the Art University of Tehran. She has performed in Iran, Tajikistan, throughout Europe and is now based in Australia. Since arriving in Australia, Gelareh has begun collaborating with some of the countries most innovative experimental musicians.

Gelareh is currently performing with a variety of groups around Melbourne and can be seen in a range of guises. She has just completed her Master of Music Research (Ethnomusicology) at The University of Melbourne on "The Lives of Iranian Women Singers in Diaspora".

Gelareh Pour

50 minutes | Primary $6 per student +GST (150 students min.) 
This program features the voices of women from Iran and the Iranian diaspora. Iranian-Australian musician Gelareh Pour will present stories and cultures of musicians in Iran through the exploration of Iranian women singers before and after the 1979 Revolution in Iran. Throughout the storytelling Gelareh plays the Kamancheh, a fascinating and ancient Iranian string instrument which is an ancestor of the European violin.
Bookings: BOOK NOW

Cultural Infusion
Tel: 1800 010 069

EQPR | CALLING | 3rd National LGBTIQ+ Conference | 10-11 January 2020

[Edited extract from public address]

The conference aims to explore current issues facing the LGBTIQ+ movement, bringing together voices from indigenous communities, people with a disability, the Deaf community, as well as multicultural and multi-faith communities.

The goal is to create a truly intersectional discussion about achieving social and cultural change to create a fairer, more equal and more just Australia.

Where: Williamstown Town Hall, VIC

Bookings: Early bird registration is now available until 31 October 2019. Register today.

The Equality Project Ltd

The Equality Project is on the land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation.

CoPP | CELEBRATING | 2019 Seniors Festival | 7-20 October 2019

[Edited extract from public address]

The City of Port Phillip 2019 Seniors Festival is a great opportunity to get out and about, meet people, get dancing, try new activities and have fun! 

Events are during the weekdays, ‘After Dark’ and on the weekends.

There are some fabulous upcoming events! Click here to download the program. Do forget to check out some of the events that celebrate diversity in Port Phillip…like lunch with the Polish club or sewing workshop with the Twich Women’s Sewing Collective, a small group of women from the Twich community of South Sudan.

Diversity & Inclusion
City of Port Phillip
St Kilda Town Hall, 99a Carlisle Street, St Kilda Victoria 3182   
Ewa Zysk, Diversity Officer
Tel: 03 9209 6694

TBSF | SINGING | About Big Sing Festival | Sunday 10 November 2019 | 9am-6pm

[Edited extract from public address]

A 1 day immersive of professional workshops for anyone and everyone who loves to sing.  Designed to get your voice soaring in ways you never imagined.

Do you love to sing?
Whether you are a shower singer, choir singer, budding performer or just a wannabe pop star, this singing event will take your singing up a notch in a really fun, non-judgemental atmosphere. You're guaranteed to stretch your vocal chords to the max, in singing workshops from morning until evening and you will love every single second.

Where: The Space Dance and Arts Centre, 318 Chapel St, Prahran VIC 3181

Considerations: Limited places available as we want you to feel like you are getting the most out of it so if you're interested in coming along, we recommend you book sooner rather than later. Please note: There will be light refreshments offered throughout the day and the cafe downstairs will be offering a discounted coffee and lunch deal. Although we don't encourage drinking too much coffee!

Cost: Full day festival pass is:
  • Standard: $145.00  
  • Concession: $120.00  
  • Fasterclass Add on: $30 (Sing Solo If You Dare. Purchasable in conjunction with a festival ticket)
Bookings: Online through Trybooking

The Big Sing Festival (TBSF)
Tel: Dina 0424 733 141

AVI | ANNOUNCING | Applications for skilled Australians to volunteer overseas | now open

[Edited extract from public address]

The Australian Volunteers Program gives you the chance to reduce poverty and improve livelihoods. Contribute to long-lasting, meaningful change and discover how volunteering can enhance your career.

  • 26 Developing countries
  • 1-24 month assignments
  • Return airfares and visas
  • Living and accomodation allowances
  • Training, support and disability access
Visit website for more information/apply or Register for nearest information session
Melbourne 9 October 2019
Canberra 10 October 2019
Sydney 15 October 2019
Brisbane 16 October 2019
Hobart, Perth, Adelaide and Darwin March 2020

Australian Volunteers International (AVI)
Australian Head office: 88 Kerr St, PO Box 350, Fitzroy Victoria 3065
Tel: toll-free 1800 331 292

The Australian Volunteers Program is funded by the Australian Government. The program is managed by AVI in a consortium with Cardno and the Whitelum Group.

PPMN | ADDRESSING | Climate Change, Dear Prime Minister | 19 September 2019

[Edited extract from public address]

Port Phillip Multifaith Network has issued a letter to the Prime Minister of Australia expressing its concerns over Climate Change. 

Concurrently, on Wednesday 18 September evening, City of Port Phillip declared a Climate Emergency.

Supporting this stance, the letter includes:
“We also stand united in supporting City of Port Phillip declaring a Climate Emergency on 18th of September 2019. Worldwide, 960 governments from jurisdictions spanning 18 countries have declared a Climate Emergency, accounting for over 212 million citizens”.
PPMN offers sincerest thanks to Coralie Ling who represented the Port Phillip Multifaith Network/Older Persons Consultative Committee at the City of Port Phillip Council meeting speaking with 15 other community members.

Click to read letter (2pp PDF)

Port Phillip Multifaith Network
City of Port Phillip
Postal: Private Bag 3, St Kilda, VIC 3182
Ewa Zysk, Diversity Officer | Diversity & Inclusion
Tel: 9209 6694; Mobile: 0403 880 290

GEIFN | REPORTS | AWAKENING | Peace in Turbulent Times | 21 September 2019 | 5-8.30pm

Acknowledgment to Country

Aunty Judith ‘Jacko’ Jackson. Aunty Jacko, a Gunggari (QLD) woman and elder, is popularly regarded as a glue binding the Aboriginal community in the City of Port Phillip. With wisdom gained from her own early struggles, she helps make a difference to the health of many community members in Melbourne’s inner southern suburbs. Aunty Jacko has received a number of awards for her outstanding community work, including being inducted in the 2016 Victorian Aboriginal Honour Roll.


Dr Katie Allen MP is Federal Member for Higgins, Liberal Party. A Higgins local for over 40 years, involved in the community and volunteering for many causes.

Together with husband Malcolm, proud parents of four children. A working mother, Katie understands how delivering of services is essential to her community. Experience as a doctor of paediatrics at the Royal Children’s hospital, Katie has a demonstrated career of serving with motivation to improve others’ quality of life.

UNHCR’s annual Global Trends Report

We are now witnessing the highest levels of displacement on record.
An unprecedented 70.8 million people around the world have been forced from home. Among them are nearly 25.9 million refugees, over half of whom are under the age of 18.
There are also millions of stateless people who have been denied a nationality and access to basic rights such as education, healthcare, employment and freedom of movement.
In a world where nearly 1 person is forcibly displaced every two seconds as a result of conflict or persecution, the work of UNHCR is more important than ever before.

Key Address

Makarrata, coming together after a struggle*: a Christian, Muslim and Jewish View.
  • Peace: Reverand Dr Coralie Ling, on behalf of Christian Community
    Reverand Coralie, now retired as United Church Minister. Lifetime campaigner of equal rights for women. Australia’s first ordained female Methodist Minister of Religion. Active Representative on City of Port Phillip’s Older Persons Consultative Committee. Christian Uniting Church representative on Port Phillip Multifaith Network. Ongoing social justice campaigner and active environmentalist.
    "Peace is at the heart of Christianity and we remember Jesus’ words “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.” Peace is understood as the harmonious connection between the earth, its creatures, its peoples and the Divine. ‘Justice, peace and the integrity of creation’ has been one of the projects of the World Council of Churches since the 80’s and 90’s of last century.
    The early Christians were pacifists and there continues to be a pacifist stream within Christianity but with the alliance of Christianity with the Roman state ‘just war theory’ was developed though in today’s climate it is questioned whether any war can be just.
    With white settlement in Australia there was a failure to recognize the first aboriginal peoples as sovereign nations and with this failure no recognition of frontier wars that took place and a failure in history as truth telling.
    The Uniting Church in Australia (my own church) and some other churches as well has begun to recognize the spirituality, culture and rights of aboriginal people. In 1985 we established an Aboriginal Congress which has a voice in its own and  all church decision making. In 2009 the Uniting Church constitution was changed to give full recognition to the first peoples. The Uniting Church supports the Uluru Statement from the Heart and the need for a treaty with the first peoples. All of this is necessary if there is to be peace with justice and the land."
  • Assalamualaikum: Imam Mohsin Mohammed, on behalf of Islamic Community
    Member of a St Kilda based Muslim Community. Islamic representative on Port Phillip Multifaith Network. Since 2016, a key instigator of Port Phillip’s annual Multifaith IFTAR events. Earlier this year organised a united gathering of local Aboriginal, Maori, Christian, Jewish and Islamic communities in public Jumar prayers.
  • Shalom: Avraham Schwarz, on behalf of Jewish Community
    Abe is a frequently sighted member at community building events and a Jewish representative on Port Phillip Multifaith Network. An enthusiastic community campaigner, he has a long track record of being an early Crisis Line responder, to more public UN Peace Day events. Past collaborators are grassroots groups such as WIN and COMMON, Calm-in-the-City and Planetary Healing Artists.
* NT Arnham Land Yolngu word Makarrata as mentioned Paragraph 9-10 of Uluru Statement of the Heart 2017

Panel Discussion with Audience Q&A

  • Bearing Witness - The Practice of Peaceful, Active, Engagement. Venerable Chi Kwang Sunim, Abbess of the Seon Centre Kinglake, Korean Zen Tradition
    Sunim was born in Australia and has been a Korean Zen Buddhist Nunof 40 years, 20 years cultivating meditation and Buddhism in Korea. In Australia, Sunim is Founder and Resident Abbess of Kinglake Seon Centre, also traveling and teaching broadly. Sunim engages in various Buddhist circles and local environmental efforts, notably post-Black Saturday recovery efforts. She frequently returns to Korea for teaching and retreat.
  • Kindness and Peace - The Bodhicitta Vows. Venerable Cathy, Tibetan Buddhist Society Melbourne, Mahayana Tradition
    Venerable Cathy was born in Australia and was a student of Sera Je Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden from 1984 to his passing in 2011. In 2008, Venerable Cathy was ordained as a Tibetan Mahayana Buddhist Nunand has travelled extensively in India. A practising health practitioner for many years and has completed both graduate and post graduate studies. Extensively studied the Path to Enlightenment and is now half way through a six year Masters in Nalanda Philosophy Program from Tibet House, New Delhi, India.
    For those interested, click here for more on Bodhicitta Vows
  • Creating Peace in a Busy Life. Anita Carter, Abbot, Buddhist Discussion Centre Australia, non-sectarian Buddhist temple for laypersons.
    Born in India, Anita is Abbot of a non-sectarian Buddhist temple for laypersons: the Buddhist Discussion Centre Australia (BDCA). Founded in Upwey, Victoria, in 1978, BDCA celebrated its 40th anniversary in September last year. In 2011, Anita was a joint recipient of the annually awarded Outstanding Woman in Buddhism Award. Chosen by an international committee of scholars and Buddhist monastics - presented and organised by the World Buddhist University.
    "It is essential for us to maintain peace in turbulent times as the interface between our awakening minds and the turbulent worlds we live in.
    Peace through understanding.
    We live in turbulence, we come from turbulence, our lives are turbulent, so embrace it. Embrace the turbulence to have peace”.

This occasion was hosted by the Buddhist Community of Victoria. Thankyou to the many volunteers, Speakers, Suppliers and Guests whose presence made the occasion what it was.
A local commemoration of UN International Day of Peace presented by CITYZENBSV and bENGAGED on behalf of the general community of Victoria.

Related Notices

Letter from Hon. Michael O'Brien MP

Indigenous Representation was facilitated by Boon Wurrung Foundation
The Boon Wurrung Foundation represents the traditional people and custodians of the lands from the Werribee River to Wilson Promontory and who are proud members of the Kulin People in Victoria. A not for profit organisation dedicated to restoring language, customs and history of the Boon Wurrung people.

Oprah Winfrey Network: India.Arie: Break the Shell (5 mins)

Event Catering was skilfully provided by long established social enterprise ASRC Catering:
ASRC Catering is a non-for-profit social enterprise of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, offering global food experiences, with a cause. Food reflects rich and diverse cultures of asylum seeker members, expressed in modern interpretations of classic flavours from Africa, Middle East and Asia.
More than a catering company, helping provide social and economic empowerment for people seeking asylum. Professional and dedicated catering team comprises ASRC asylum seeker members led by an experienced team of mentor chefs.

One OK Rock - Be the light (6 mins)

Port Phillip Multifaith Network Letter to Prime Minister Regarding Climate Change September 2019
Click to view 2pp PDF

TED Talk: Greta Thunberg: The disarming case to act right now on climate change (11 mins)

Glen Eira Interfaith Network
The Network was formed in early 2011 with representation from many faith groups. Currently in caretaker mode. Coming together 'is a beginning'. Keeping together 'for progress'. Working together 'by success'. Agreeable experience 'in harmony'. Increasing beneficiaries 'as symphony'. This email concludes our contact for this event. If you wish to continue the relationship, subscribe for monthly newsletter

Jane Siberry & KD Lang: Calling All Angels (5 mins)

Invitation to Intercultural "Succat Shalom" party | Thursday 17 October 2019 | 6pm+
Hold the Date for a special Multifaith and Indigenous commemoration of "Succat Shalom" in a city-based heritage-listed Orthodox synagogue. In Hebrew, Shalom = Peace. Succah is the booth that Jews live in for 7-8 days, like a cubby house with a roof made of palm branches, during the annual Festival of "Succot" (Feast of Tabernacles).
Biblically, it is referred to as a "Succat Shalom = Tabernacle of Peace. This PEACE Party continues the theme of UN Peace Day in a way. Further details not available until the week before.
Indicate Interest for more information: Abe Swartz of Catalyst Enterprises

Dechen Shak-Dagsay: Om Mani Padma Hum (10 mins)

FCCV | Victorian Interfaith Networks Conference | Sunday 17 November 2019 | 12noon-4.30pm
The Victorian Interfaith Networks Conference (VINC) is an annual grass-roots conference which aims to help build capacity and sustainability of existing multifaith/interfaith networks, bring people up-to-date with current multifaith/interfaith matters and provide networking opportunities. Springvale Town Hall. This event is proudly supported by the Faith Communities Council of Victoria, the Interfaith Network of the City of Greater Dandenong, The City of Greater Dandenong, and the Victorian State Government - Department of Premier and Cabinet.
Click here to find out more or to register for event

Pentatonix: Come Along (4 mins)

GEIFN | MEDIA | Mix | October 2019


Best wishes for less Suffering, more Happiness with Good Health and Time to Enjoy it. Welcome to Gregorian calendar 2019.

Let’s begin by sharing an insight:
“It is never too late to give up your prejudices” Henry David Thoreau

Discuss with sincerity. Deny untruth. Dismiss unuseful. Accept useful. Adapt to change. Adopt least effort most benefit. Adept with sharing. Enjoy throughout. As each case may be. Round. And again. Or not.


Media Words

Approx 5 min reads

Benjamin Preiss explores community participation, setting direction and collaborating for a united future as “Voting begins on assembly that will help steer historic treaty” via The Age

Elizabeth Farrelly explores fairness between genders, freedom of movement and expression, reasoning why “Private-dick chick lit can be a force for good and might just change the world” via The Sydney Morning Herald

Carolyn Webb explores animated personal stories with meaningful messages reaching a growing audience, turning the page “From starstruck fan to 700,000 subscribers: Aussie animator earns YouTube fame” via The Brisbane Times

Cameron Woodhead explores valuing neurodiversity for brighter animated future, reviewing this “Homegrown children’s theatre at its finest” via The Age

John Bailey explores value in uniting honesty, story and humour to create beneficial transformative experiences “It's laugh or die for Fringe truth-tellers” via The Sydney Morning Herald

Ute Junker explores a streetscape being revitalized with its interrupted cultural expression, revealing on “Tour Siem Reap's street art galleries: Why Siem Reap's street art scene is suddenly buzzing” via

Jordan Beth Vincent explores valuing Ancient stories, modern interpretations and lessons for modern times, reviewing Sylvia, declaring “Skills shine amid confident flair of design team” via The Age

Kate Habgood explores the value in engaging with students, some causes of disruptive classroom behavior and adapting to presenting circumstances, learning “A lesson in how to help errant students in culturally diverse schools” via The Age

Jacqueline Maley explores valuing refuge, lived experience and broadening horizons, meet over lunch “Human rights activist Tecber Ahmed Sale on Western Sahara” via The Age

David Crowe explores increasing opportunities for youth to gain hands-on life skills, in the National Service as “Jacqui Lambie calls for emergency services conscripts to combat climate change” via The Brisbane Times

Tom Cowie explores the benefits of diversion programs for juvenile offenders, citing how “After a close shave with the law, Zeke the barber gives crime the snip” via The Age

Emma Koehn explores direct experience, wholistic intentions, overcame language obstacles to improve health outcomes, citing how “This Melbourne start-up is translating sexual health for refugees” via The Sydney Morning Herald

Latika Bourke shines a light on Australian regional high school student making a splash on world stage, when “Macinley Butson wins Stockholm Junior Water Prize for SODIS sticker that tests drinking water” via The Age

Caitlin Fitzsimmons explores how programmed support for the vulnerable can change to match societal norms as “Uniting becomes first foster carer in NSW to extend care to age 21” via WA Today

Barney Zwartz explores reasons, rationale and inherence through having “Faith: Finding the blessings in adversity” via The Sydney Morning Herald

Julie Power explores the value of learning in one’s first language “'My blood is the same as theirs': Indigenous author bringing great joy to her books” via The Sydney Morning Herald

Carolyn Webb explores bean counting leading to jobs creation and long term employment pathways, reasons why “Andy crosses town to get his caffeine (and job) fix” via WA Today

Cara Waters explores locals identifying a training shortfall and kicking online global goals, hear how “A Cloud Guru education startup is doing what universities can't” via The Age

Myra Fisher explores conflict, global migration, mass resettlement and “Faith: Handing love down through the generations” via WA Today

Tom Cowie explores two tribes celebrating difference, demonstrating diversity and willingness to compete on level playing fields, kicking goals when “There's another game to be played at the MCG this weekend” via The Brisbane Times

Julie Power explores respectfulness, inspiring and aspirational, something to sing about as “We are 'one', not 'young': Change to national anthem proposed” via The Sydney Morning Herald


TED Talks

10-20min presentations  

Guest Sings

Approx 5 min presentation

Judith Durham with Kutcha Edwards - Advance Australia Fair


Street Jives

Approx 2 min presentation

Sesame Street with Aloe Blacc and Elmo: Everyday Heroes


Wisdom Reconciles

Approx 5 min presentation

Oprah Winfrey Network: India.Arie: Break the Shell


Challenge Reflects

Approx 30 min presentation + reflection times

If desired, a short selection of publicly available material on a chosen theme for personal reflection.

For best results, sit comfortably with a straight back, have headphones in a shared space, after each clicked link, allow a little reflection with your personally-held view before clicking on the next link.

Get ready to Reflect!
Choose your playing level:
Be introduced at 1.
Be soothed at 2-4.
Be shocked at 5.
Be inspired at 6.
Fuller illumination 1-6.
You be the judge. Or not.

Cryptic Clue:
What is a common lament on the tip of everyone's lips?

1. Inspire
2. Perspire
3. Collaborate
4. Engage: Test for personal circumstances, if useful keep, if unuseful discard, if exceeds needs, share mindfully
5. Endure: Adapt for present times without sacrificing intent
6. Endear: (Inspiring Others To Tend the Flame) live/ demonstrate/ inspire/ teach experience with others

From Old English fers, reinforced in Middle English by Old French vers, from Latin versus = a turn of the plough, a furrow, a line of writing, from vertere = to turn.

1. writing arranged with a metrical rhythm, typically having a rhyme. Ie, a lament in verse. Ie, verse drama.
• [count noun] a group of lines that form a unit in a poem or song. Ie, a stanza: the second verse.
• [count noun] each of the short numbered divisions of a chapter in the Bible or other scripture. Ie, we were each required to recite a Bible verse from memory. Ie, on the walls were framed verses from the Koran.
• [count noun] archaic a line of poetry.
• [count noun] a passage in an anthem for a soloist or a small group of voices.
2. speaking verse. Ie, the choir began to verse for the audience
3. composing verse. Ie, she expressed her thoughts in verse.

From early 17th century: from Latin immers- = dipped into, from the verb immergere, from in- = in + mergere = to dip.

1. duration of dipping or submerging an object fully into something else. Ie, immerse the paper in water for twenty minutes.
2. (religious) action of dipping part or whole of someone in water to satisfy religious practice (baptize)
3. (sustained concentration) involve oneself deeply in a particular activity. Ie, employees immersed themself in the work. Ie, the singer was still immersed in their performance.

From Middle English; from Old French reversreverse (nouns), reverser (verb), from Latin reversus = turned back, past participle of revertere, from re- = back, holding, intensifying + vertere = to turn.

1. caused by movement backwards. Ie, the lorry reversed into the back of a bus.
2. causing a vehicle to move backwards. Ie, she reversed the car into a side road.
3. cause (an engine) to work in a contrary direction. Ie, the ship's engines reversed and cut out altogether.
4. repairing (something) to the opposite of what it was. Ie, the damage done to the ozone layer may be reversed.
5. exchanging (the position or function) of two people or things. Ie, the experimenter and the subject reversed roles and the experiment was repeated.
6. (Law) revoke or annul a judgement, sentence, or decree made by a lower court or authority. Ie, the court reversed the judge's decision.
7. result of (something) turned the other way round or up or inside out (as adjective reversed). Ie, a reversed S-shape.
8. (Printing) make (type or a design) appear as white in a block of solid colour or a half-tone. Ie, their press ads had a headline reversed out of the illustration.

Adjective [attributive]
1. going in or turned towards the direction opposite to that previously stated. Ie, the trend appears to be going in the reverse direction.
2. operating, behaving, or ordered in a way opposite to that which is usual or expected. Ie, indiscriminate bombing had a reverse effect on popular morale.
3. (Electronics) of a voltage applied in the direction which does not allow significant current to flow to a semiconductor junction.
4. (Geology) denoting a fault in which a relative downward movement occurred in the strata on the underside of the fault plane.

1. a complete change of direction or action. Ie, the gall actuates a reverse of photosynthesis.
2. [mass noun] reverse gear on a motor vehicle. Ie, the position of a gear lever or selector corresponding to this. Ie, a knob to lock the box in four-wheel drive for reverse. Ie, some automatic cars are designed so that Reverse cannot be engaged unless the driver's foot is on the brake pedal.
3. (American Football) a play in which a player reverses the direction of attack by passing the ball to a teammate moving in the opposite direction: his touchdown came after he had scampered 58 yards on a reverse with McMahon.
4. experience of the opposite to that previously stated. Ie, the traveller didn't feel homesick—quite the reverse.
5. an adverse change of fortune; a setback or defeat. Ie, the football team suffered their heaviest reverse of the season.
6. opposite side or face to the observer. Ie, the address is given on the reverse of this leaflet. Ie, the side of a coin or medal bearing the value or secondary design. Ie, the design or inscription on the reverse of a coin or medal.
7. a left-hand page of an open book, or the back of a loose document.


-- Chant Mantrastyle

One strategy to verse deeper understandings, experience and wisdom is to immerse oneself in where/when to measure success with all, some or sum of the above meanings. And if the path forwards doesn't work out, there is always reverse.
Or not.
As the case may be.

This is universal basis of re:lig:ion (again:uniting:energy). Here in this email, we'll hear it as countless sounds: of thoughts, words and actions wishing, causing and receiving less Suffering and more Happiness. For benefit initially of the individual increasing in beneficiaries until it includes all across all times and directions.

It is not personal, it just the way things are.