Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

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For those with a surplus, 
Foodbank is currently in need of:
-- Nuts, seeds and dried fruit
-- Laundry Powder
Material Aid is in need of:
-- Pots & Pans

Inquiries/More Information:
Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
Melbourne, VIC 3011Australia

Religions for Peace (Australia)

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Religions for Peace (Australia) is Australia’s largest community-based organization working for inter-religious harmony and social cohesion.

In abbreviated form, it is known as RfP Australia. It is affiliated with the World Conference of Religions for Peace (now known as Religions for Peace International) with its headquarters in New York – its website is It is the world’s largest international coalition of representatives from the world’s great religions dedicated to promoting peace. It has 54 national chapters together with cross-national interreligious councils in Africa, Europe, etc.

It strives also to create multireligious partnerships to confront the world’s most dire issues: stopping war, ending poverty and protecting the earth. Religious communities are the largest and best organized civil institutions in the world, claiming the allegiance of billions across cultural, racial, language, class and cast divides. As grassroots organizations, they have country-based and culturally-based infrastructure and resources to mobilize people as necessary and to deploy assistance and support to where it is most needed.

The mission of Religions for Peace Australia is to work for interreligious peace and harmony and for social cohesion in Australia as well as upholding the universal values of authentic religion and spirituality. Its aims are:

(a) to work with faith traditions and religious organizations for interreligious understanding and harmony in Australia, including the right to freedom of belief, and across the world
(b) to highlight the salience of religion in multifaith Australia, highlighting its resources and the importance of religion and spirituality in national life
(c) to work with religious and interfaith organizations as well as with government and civil agencies in achieving social cohesion in Australia
(d) to create social wealth for the Australian nation, ensuring that the role of religious bodies is positively appreciated
(e) to sponsor activities and events, including research and evaluative studies, into the multicultural and interfaith perspective in society
(f) to work with educational bodies to educate the different levels and sectors of society about religion itself and the many faith traditions
(g) to support national and local interfaith organizations in Australia in their work in local government areas
(h) to organise meetings of religious leaders at national and local levels and with political and civic leaders
(i) to encourage interfaith activity and the formation of interfaith organizations among particular groups, including the young

If interested in supporting this uniting approach to achieving aspirations, there are many ways to get involved. Check out their website for regularly posted community-led events, or if preferring to quietly support the work of others, consider becoming an individual member.

Inquiries/More Information:
Religions for Peace Australia Inc.
PO Box 1383, Carlton Victoria 3053
Tel: 9700 1250

GEIFN Gathers

Glen Eira Interfaith Network has occasional gatherings as part of its aspiration to foster understanding and build trust that uniting together with a shared goal can bring. 

Inquiries/More Information:
Check out the website, sign up for regular newsletter or contact organizers for more details.

Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID) Volunteer Overseas 2015 Information Evening

Time: 6.30-7.45pm
Where: Deakin Edge, Federation Square, Cnr Flinders and Spencer Streets, Melbourne
Date: Monday 16 February
RSVP: or call 1800 331 292

The goal of AVID program is for Australian volunteers to make an effective contribution to development objectives of Australian Government and its partner governments through working with people and organisations in developing countries.

Work directly with people in developing communities overseas. From Pacific Island nations to South East Asia and Africa.
-- Mentoring and skill sharing is the key, so a number of years' experience in your field is essential
-- People are needed in management, finance, agriculture, health, marketing, trades, education, information technology, human resources - the list goes on.
-- Settle in for 12-18 months and live like a local
-- Airfares, modest living allowances, insurance and accommodation covered, plus extensive briefing
In 2013-14, a total of 2,006 volunteers were supported in 43 countries with the majority of the volunteers on assignment in the Asia Pacific region.

AVID program is managed by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and implemented through three partners: Scope Global, Australian Volunteers International and Australian Red Cross.

Hamer Scholarships

2015 Language Study Opportunities for up to 160 Victorians to study language in China, Indonesia, Japan or Korea

A Victorian Government Initiative designed to build language and cultural capabilities between Victorians and China, Indonesia, Japan and Korea.

Scholarships of $10,000 ea for China or Indonesia and $15,000 ea for Japan or Korea

Online applications for study in the second half of 2015 will open from 9 March to 5 April 2015.

Applications open to Australian citizens or permanent residents aged 21+, primarily Victorians working in all private, public, not for profit, academic and creative industries with linkages to China, Indonesia, Japan and Korea. Study duration at least five months and applicants should explain how receiving scholarship would significantly benefit their business, career path, study plan, or employer's future engagement with China, Indonesia, Japan or Korea.

Organisers: Department of State Development, Business and Innovation, Program Manager, International VGBOs and Coordination