VMC | RESEARCH REPORT | Humanitarian Arrivals in Melbourne | 2014-2016

[Edited extract from public address]

Originally a small scoping study, the Humanitarian Arrivals and Health Services research project was developed in 2014 to identify the location of humanitarian arrivals across Melbourne and the availability of health services that address their needs. 

The research was developed in response to a lack of available evidence and demographic data on humanitarian entrants within Victoria and quickly grew, taking over two years to complete.
The Humanitarian Arrivals and Health Services research report is now online, with spatial and qualitative research, key findings and recommendations for future policy and practice regarding newly arrived communities.

Download the extended report, summary report and postcard byvisiting the Community Indicators website.

Victorian Multicultural Commission
Website http://www.multicultural.vic.gov.au

This research was developed in partnership between the Department of Health and Human Services, University of Melbourne and representatives of government, health and settlement services to build evidence about recent humanitarian arrivals across northern and western metropolitan Melbourne.