GEIFN | MEDIA | Mix | June 2017

Approx 5 min reads

Debi Enker explores the value of a national broadcaster, independent determining content and illuminating ways to a sustainable future in "Separating treasures from the waste of ABC programs" via The Canberra Times

Jenny Valentish explores unsatisfied desires, channeling behaviours and different ways to address inner Suffering, revealing "Quitting my addiction was only the first step in rediscovering my identity" via The Brisbane Times

Michael Gordon writes of steps towards improving Indigenous outcomes, citing "The dance that could be the spark for a historic pact at Uluru" via The Sydney Morning Herald

Michael Gordon explores benefits of working together to forge a brighter shared future, recognizing "Let's be bold on Indigenous recognition, says Bill Shorten" via The Canberra Times

Michael Short explores one Melbourne student's journey towards personal truth to overcome school and societal prejudice, in "Coming out and showing the way" via The Canberra Times

Ray Edgar explores modernist towers, accommodating and street diversity as "Open House Melbourne 2017 celebrates New York's urban activist, Jane Jacobs" via The Age

Timna Jacks and Pallavi Singhal explore some hidden benefits to financial literate young, when "Australian students score fifth on financial literacy" via The Canberra Times

Maureen Mathews explores the value in ongoing mutually healthy relationships, sincere intentions and overcoming communication obstacles, calling out "My vegan, feminist girlfriend is too intense for me" via The Sydney Morning Herald

Michael Idato explores connections between positive role models, striving for equity and increasing societal justice, interviewing "Robin Wright: Despite being an older actress, I have finally found creative freedom" via The Brisbane Times

Lindsay Murdoch reveals ongoing deprivation, destabilization and disadvantage while "Children dying in Myanmar because of malnutrition UN" via The Canberra Times

Karuni Rompies and Jewel Topsfield explore ignorance, authority-led demonising and public spectacle as "Two men receive 83 lashes for gay sex in Indonesian province of Aceh" via The Sydney Morning Herald

Ruby Hamad explores misled idealism, war mongering, and targeting a demonised identified accused other "Terror attacks on kids are nothing new, and Manchester won't be the last" via WA Today

Catherine McKinnon explores the value of stories, expanding horizons and developing deeper understandings of present and future worlds in "Books that Changed Me: Catherine McKinnon" via The Brisbane Times

Kate Robertson explores Australia's attitude to alcohol consumption and personal benefits, revealing "'Giving up drinking saved me $4000 a year'" via WA Today

Farrah Tomazin explores personal cost, living with chronic disease and "Assisted dying laws: Call for dementia sufferers to be included" via WA Today

Don Mackay explores local identified need, undercover efforts producing community solutions, displaying "Faith: acting on Christian conviction" via The Canberra Times

Jason Twill describes Authorities' efforts to foster, incubate and grow sustainable villages, trying to overcome "'Bright flight': another symptom of the housing crisis" via The Age

Hannah Francis plots brighter future for sober cause, preserving historical architecture and enriching sustainable communities now that "Temperance Hall move gives new lease of life to Phillip Adams BalletLab" via The Age

Rachel Browne explores parental expectations, infertility, skilful means and spirited team work, revealing "Why Deana and Matthew 'adopted' an entire family" via WA Today

Kirsty Needham explores advances in gender-neutral equality for citizens when "Taiwan to become first Asian country to legalise same-sex marriage" via The Age

Michael Gordon explores healing historical wounds, skilful means and a brighter shared future, reporting "Bran nue day dawns for Mutitjulu, a community with a grim past" via The Sydney Morning Herald

Approx 20min presentations

Pamela Meyer: How to spot a liar

James Veitch: This is what happens when you reply to spam email

Jon Jandai: Life is easy. Why do we make it so hard?

Approx 5 min presentation

Xavier Rudd & the United Nations - Come People

Approx 2 min presentation

Sesame Street: David Beckham: Persistent

Approx 18 min presentation

Shah Rukh Khan: Thoughts on humanity, fame and love