GEIFN | APPLAUDS | Shining a light for Diversity of Human Experience and Equality in Marriage

[Edited extract from public address]

The impact is well documented of intolerant attitudes, threatened or actual violence, marriage inequality and the need for the same legal rights for same sex couples.

City of Port Phillip's 16 August 2017 council meeting saw the passing and adoption of the St Kilda Town Hall being lit up in rainbow colours, investigate painting four pedestrian crossings in the Fitzroy Street area in rainbow colours and inclusion of rainbow banners on its website

Mayor Bernadene Voss is quoted as saying "We believe marriage equality is about fairness, not political correctness."

Deputy Mayor Katerine Copsey was quoted as saying "All our residents are entitled to have their rights respected and shoulbe be treated equally before the law. All love is equal".

Besides being a long time supporter of Midsumma Pride March, City of Port Phillip is contributing $13m to Australia's first Pride Centre to be located on Fitzroy Street, St Kilda.

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