MIN | UNITING | Faith Against Drugs | Wednesday 2 May 2018 | 11am

[Edited extract from public address]

Drugs are a problem that affect all nations, races and religions. Drugs take away our children’s future, happiness and health. 

We can work together to tackle the drug problems in our communities, come join us and get the tools you need to help your community!

  • What different faiths say about drugs. How to Say “No” to the Drug Culture.
  • The Truth About Drugs. Making Grassroots Drug Education Work in Your Neighborhood. Free educational materials provided!
  • Real People, Real Stories. People’s real experiences with drug addiction - find out why kids start taking drugs, and what can help them decide not to
Where: Melton Community Hall, 238 High Street, Melton, Vic 3337

Inclusions: Light refreshments served.

Bookings: RSVP: 0410 534 476, email: jason@drugfreeambassadors.org.au

The Melton Interfaith Network
Website: http://www.meltoninterfaith.com/

In partnership with Foundation for a Drug-free World. Supported by the Melton City Council.