GEIFN | MEDIA | Mix | July 2017

Approx 5 min reads

Sarah Berry explores diabetes management and weight loss, reporting latest findings that "Vegetarian diet twice as effective for weight-loss, new research shows" via The Brisbane Times

Nina Riggs shares her journey of cancer diagnosis, living with chronic illness, raising a family, conscious dying and "how I let go after my incurable breast cancer diagnosis" via The Canberra Times

Barney Zwartz reviews two new books exploring faith, belief, reason, conviction and realising friendship, beginning with "The Tempest-Tossed Church review: Gerard Windsor's take on being a Catholic today" via WA Today

Andrew Masterson identifies an increasingly recognized growing global phenomenon and  some antidotes for "Loneliness, what it is, how it makes you sick, and how to cure it" via The Age

Rosamund Burton shares the life, stories and ongoing work of Indigenous activists "Rose and Karina Lester: How illness has driven our anti-nuclear campaign work" via WA Today

Ginger Gorman explores motivations behind online anti-social behaviour, revealing "Staring down internet trolls: My disturbing cat and mouse game" via The Sydney Morning Herald

Kathy Evans explores education, aspiration, application and experiential empathy, recounting how "My daughter unwittingly became a teacher in her own right" via The Age

Wendy Squires writes of accepting reality, mindful choices and non-motherhood, revealing "I'm not just OK about not having kids - I'm delighted about it" via The Canberra Times

David Holmgren and Jason Alexandra salutes the life, interests and times of Rod May, how this "Early organic farming enthusiast made things happen" via The Age

Amy Remeikis explores the value of loving relationships, education, genuine desire for serving public and other reasons for calling "'Let us choose wisely' Australia's newest senator Lucy Gichuhi wants change" via WA Today

Georgina Debt explores relative disadvantage, poverty and some causes for being a refugee, revealing "The Un-Rich List you need to read" via The Canberra Times

Isaac Stanley-Becker writes how gaining momentum to reverse historical wrongs and increase equality informs "Angela Merkel's shift on same-sex marriage could herald change in Germany" via The Brisbane Times

Oscar Schwartz salutes the enduring life, times and attitude of Baba Schwartz, an "Auschwitz survivor lived to tell her story" via The Age

Sarah Berry explores an Awakening definition of Happiness, revealing “The simplicity of happiness according to Bhutan's happiness guru” via The Age

Andrew Masterson explores how different arrival times of light can be used to measure remote mass, revealing how "Astronomers weigh shrunken star thanks to Einstein's theory" via WA Today

Luke Waters explores two cultures sharing a long Australian history, revealing “'First Nations Iftar dinner' unites faith and culture” via SBS News

Kirsty Needham explores eco-friendly public-fueled transportation as "Bike-sharing boom travels from China to rest of the world" via The Canberra Times

Lindy Adam describes her experience of swapping urban retail for remote education with disadvantaged, recounting "What I have learnt from becoming a volunteer teacher in Ghana" via The Brisbane Times

Clare Kermond explores an initiative and program assisting students shine in "Bringing the outsiders in autistic pride" via The Brisbane Times

Neelima Choahan explores a program supporting migrant mothers suffering post-natal depression, revealing how "Beyondblue peer program aims to help migrants" via The Age

Jane Wheatley shares the past, present and future of "James Thornton: Saving the planet, one court case at a time" via The Canberra Times

Approx 20min presentations

Deborah Lipstadt: Behind the lies of the Holocaust Denial

Vernā Myers: How to overcome our biases? Walk boldly towards them

Luma Mufleh: Don’t feel sorry for refugees. Believe in them

Approx 5 min presentation

Oh Wonder - All We Do

Approx 2 min presentation

Sesame Street's Elmo with Wendi - Strenuous

Approx 18 min presentation

Kevin Slavin: The influence of algorithms