GEIFN | REPORT | ZCK | CELEBRATING | 16th Anniversary | I'll Dine With You in Clayton | Sunday 27 May 2018 | 5.45-8.30pm

[Report is compiled from multiple public addresses, multiple sources made over multiple publication dates]

An intercultural evening with Chinese, Indonesian, Cambodian, Indian and Australian performers and songs of dedication to Peace, Harmony and Hope. Learn something new about other cultures and make a new friend!

Champions of community building and community leaders were invited in shared mission to make Victoria a place where people of all cultures and religions can live peacefully and harmoniously.

"I'll Dine With You in Clayton 2018” was a free invitation-only event for the culturally & linguistically diverse, and the wider communities.

Over wonderful food, conversation and company, the objectives of this event included:
  • Breaking down the cultural & religious barriers by inviting people from different cultures and religions to share the celebratory meal together with cultural performances.
  • Providing a forum for the guests to start a conversation with someone from a different culture thereby dispelling the fears, mistrust and misconceptions through personal intercultural experiences.
  • Working toward the continuous success of multiculturalism as enunciated by the Victorian State Governments Multicultural Policy.
  • An intercultural social experience, a community building and Interfaith Dialogue initiative to bridge better understanding and respect for different cultures & religious differences so that all Victorians can live together harmoniously and peacefully.
ZCK originate in China, and are a living intersection of the world’s religions, citing Confucianism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam. ZCK hold the view that we are one family of humanity!

The organisation has:

Ten Virtues

The VIRTUES dictate how a person (or any beings for that matter) acts, behaves and treats others in society, and those around us. ⼗十德
1. Filial Piety 孝
Give unconditional love to our parents, care for them and respect them with gratitude.
2. Brotherly/Sisterly Love 悌
Brothers and sisters should love each other and live in harmonuy. Treat everyone like our brothers and sisters.
3. Loyalty 忠
Love our country and our people. Discharge our duties and responsibilities to serve our nation and society.
4. Sincerity 信
Keep your words and praises. Be trustworthy and responsible to earn respect.
5. Courtesy 礼
Protecting the young and respect the elders. Treat others with humility and respect.
6. Justice 義
Carry out your duties with fairness and impartiality. Just follow the truth.
7. Honesty 廉
Live a pure and simple life, untarnished by material desire. Self-contentment is the key to happiness.
8. Sense of Honor 耻
Do not succumb to human frailty. Be righteous and courageous to right the wrongs and lead a noble life.
9. Humanity 仁
Respect the aged and be generous to the poor. Compassion and love will always benefit humanity.
10. Wisdom 智
Enrich your knowledge with history and current affairs. Be able to differentiate between good and evil.

Eight Precepts

1. Do not cheat
2. Do not lie
3. Do not be greedy
4. Do not be unreasonable
5. Do not be arrogant
6. Do not be lazy
7. Do not be resentful
8. Do not hate others

Dahuiluan Melbourne | 18-19 May 2019

ZCK announced it will be host to the organisation’s next World Congress known as “Dahuiluan” to be held in Melbourne 18-19 May 2019. The first time the hosting is awarded to a country that is not in Asia.

Chapters of Moral Uplifting Society worldwide will congregate in Melbourne to exchange ideas on Divination practices, the progress and future of Dejiao propagation worldwide. 1,500 overseas visitors are expected to join “Dahuilauan” to enrich their personal experience and enjoy the international fraternity.

All donations and sponsorship in support of ZCK's work to reach out to the community are greatly appreciated.

ZCK wished to express its appreciations to the Victorian State Governments, City of Kingston, Watiga & Co., community and faith leaders, members and supporters for their continuous support and contribution.

On behalf of Buddhist Council Victoria Interfaith (bINTER) and Glen Eira Interfaith Network (GEIFN), thankyou to Organisers and all those working to reduce misunderstandings, build collaborations, celebrate diversity and foster team approach to addressing today's society. Received with gratitude.

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