WLE17A | PHOTO CONTEST | Wiki Loves Earth Australia | May 2017

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Is your computer overflowing with Aussie National Parks, Bushland forever sites, maybe Marine Parks since your last trip? This is a great opportunity to give them a second life in this Wiki Loves Earth contest. 

Wiki Loves Earth 2017 Australia is a photo contest about protected natural areas, within areas in Australia.

Photos may have been taken at any time. The key criteria to be eligible for the contest are that they are to be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons in May 2017... and that they have been taken by you, of course! Images must be licensed under free licenses.

In addition to being seen by everyone, your pictures could be included in Wikipedia and contribute to the knowledge of Australia's natural beauty. Freely licensed photos collected through Wikipedia Loves Earth may also be reused elsewhere than in Wikipedia.

There is no minimum age to participate, and there is no participation fee. Besides WLE being a competition, it is first a fun activity, ideal for families. The competition also allows us to share our unique natural environment, while improving our photographic talents!

The contest was initiated and first held (as pilot) by Wikimedia Ukraine in 2013, and has been growing ever since with Australia joining in for the first time in 2017. It was ranked as the 2nd coolest project of Wikimedia Chapters at Wikimania 2012

Entry Conditions
The full WLE rules can be read at Wiki Loves Earth - rules. In short:
  • two megapixel minimum image
  • must be self-taken
  • must be of a protected area (or its flora or fauna) in Australia
  • must be appropriately described and categorised
  • must be uploaded during 1–31 May 2017
  • Note: please also remember to enable email from other users in your Preferences so that Organisers can contact entrants.
Australian section
All entries about Australia will be judged by a panel, with 10 images selected for submission to the International WLE judging in August. The 10 Australian winners will each receive A$100 and the entry selected as the best will also receive a canvas print of their entry.

Wiki Loves Earth 2017
Wikimedia Australia
Website: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Wiki_Loves_Earth_2017_in_Australia#Australian_section