GEIFN | Media Mix | May 2017

Approx 5 min reads

Jayne D'Arcy explores positivity theory, practice and practitioners, declaring "Melbourne leading the way in mindful living" via The Sydney Morning Herald

Barney Zwartz explores ancient symbolism, meaningful rituals, timed commemoration and regular togetherness, sharing a view on "The moral beauty of Easter" via WA Today

Jimmy Carter explores dogmatic faith, personal experience and reconciling uncomfortable truth, revealing "Losing my religion for equality" via The Sydney Morning Herald

Craig Mathieson explores one performer's living experience of place, opportunity and equality, reflecting "Larissa Tandy - a time to heal" via WA Today

Simon Smart explores personal view, losing sight and his view where the road to redemption lies, reasoning why "The generation brought up on self-esteem is struggling" via The Canberra Times

Carolyn Tate explores some hidden benefits of adapting an ancient practice to make relevant for modern times, inviting us to "Meet the women proving there is not just one body type suitable for yoga" via The Sydney Morning Herald

Ray Edgar explores information, freedom of access, transparency and reliability when reporting "Wikipedia's Katherine Maher on free knowledge in the age of mass surveillance" via The Age

Lindsay Murdoch explores expressed parental desires, paternity, surrogacy and trafficking, reporting "Thai police arrest man suspected of smuggling semen for surrogacy across Laos border" via The Sydney Morning Herald

Brian Johnston explores history, enduring legacy and architectural splendor, sharing "Best Islamic tourist attractions around the world: The top 25 sites" via

Craig Mathieson reveals explorations in the full breadth of contemporary living, reporting  how the 10th Human Rights Arts and "Film festival strikes right balance" via The Canberra Times

 Kirsty Needham explores fictionalisations, facts and fervor as "Nostalgia for Monkey sweeps China as original TV director dies" via The Sydney Morning Herald

Peter Martin explores comparisons between fiction, economics and modern day reality "The dark side of Harry Potter could transfer to our world" via WA Today

Maureen Mathews addresses interpersonal relationships, visible mistreatment and need for mutual respect, answering a reader's question "About Last Night" via The Sydney Morning Herald

Rae Dufty-Jones explores parallels between post-war housing, affordability, nation's fertility and modern Australia, revealing how "We've had a major housing crisis before - and this is how they fixed it" via The Sydney Morning Herald

Nick Miller explores talent, genius and rapport with "Geoffrey Rush on Genius and the brilliance of Einstein" via The Age

Bridget McManus reviews three revealing reality programs designed with today’s audience in mind “Brush with Fame, Testing Teachers and You Can’t Ask That!" via The Age

Chris Taylor explores value in old hands sharing their passion, passing over the reigns and encouraging the next generation,  and other reasons "Why Alain Passard left Paris to travel to Launceston TAFE" via Good Food

Matt Schudel salutes the life of "Robert Taylor, whose early vision helped create the internet, dies at 85" via WA Today

Julie Power shares an example of aspirational leadership, effective reach-out and team work, sharing a "Poster boy for the global citizen army" via WA Today

Catherine Armitage compares educational and workplace bias, and how access, equity and prospects differ is influenced by individual's gender, in time for "'You better think twice': women tackle tech industry's toxic bro culture" via WA Today

Philip Pullella updates united efforts dealing with recent refugee tide as "More than 2000 migrants plucked from Mediterranean Sea" via WA Today

Approx 20min presentations
Tania de Jong AM: How singing together changes the brain

RuairĂ­ McKiernan: How Hitchhiking Gave Me Hope For Humanity

Robb Willer: How to have better political conversations

Approx 5 min presentation

Laura Mvula - That's Alright

Approx 2 min presentation

Sesame Street: Elmo and Craig Ferguson explain the word Experiment

Approx 52 min presentation

Testing Teachers (Season 1 Episode 1)
Teach for Australia parachutes industry high achievers after just 6 weeks training into classrooms with extreme disadvantage and challenging behaviours. All aboard for the ride of a lifetime.