GOVV | CALL FOR RESPONSE | Victoria's first Family Violence Workforce Census | CLOSES Friday 5 May 2017

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A Victorian Government census of all workforces that intersect with family violence.

The census has been launched 10 April and will provide an evidence base for the development of the state government’s 10-Year Family Violence Industry Plan.  The Industry Plan will provide a systematic approach to workforce planning and development, and will address issues of workforce capability, diversity of the workforce, health and wellbeing, remuneration and career pathways.

The survey is voluntary and it should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete.

Fill in the Census: available for completion until Friday May 5th 2017 at

Migrant services workforce plays a vitally important role in preventing and responding to family violence. This is a landmark opportunity for workforces to have a voice on the key issues affecting them, and to shape the Industry Plan.

The census is designed for everyone who plays a role in primary prevention and in responding to family violence. In addition to the crucial work done by the specialist family violence sector and primary prevention sector, workforces right across the health, education, justice and community sectors all intersect with family violence and primary prevention in unique ways, and this census will help Government to understand this better.

Responses are confidential as between the participant and survey administrator.

For participants - participating in the workforce census may raise sensitive issues for those who have encountered family violence. Participating in the survey may also raise issues in relation to your, or your employee's role in preventing and responding to family violence. There are a number of helplines and support services that can be contacted. Information about this can be found at

Further information relating to the workforce census and a range of Frequently Asked Questions can be found at online at

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