LMWA AMAV | LUNCH TALK | Global Conflict & Need for Justice | An Interfaith Lunch for Women | Saturday 13 May 2017 | 11am for 11.30am-2pm

[Edited extract from public address]

An interfaith lunch to bring women of all faiths together to engage in a meaningful dialogue and infuse mutual understanding between their beliefs. 

Islam teaches human beings to act with justice. We must pursue the rights of others with the same zeal and determination that we pursue our own rights. We should broaden our horizons and look at what is right for the world, rather than what is only right for us.
This enlightened principle is the key to solving the problems of today's world and to transform all forms of hatred into peace, justice and mutual respect.

Where: Bait ul salam Ahmadiyya Center - 6 Leisureland drive, Langwarrin

Bookings: RSVP 8 May 2017 | Khola Usman 0449 665 263 | Kaukab Nasir 0423 055 086 | Mansoora Sajjad 0434 570 121

The Lajna Imaillah (Women's Auxiliary) of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Victoria
Khola Usman Tel: 0449 665 263
Kaukab Nasir Tel: 0423 055 086
Mansoora Sajjad Tel: 0434 570 121