SOFIA | LECTURES | Open explorations of religion, spirituality and meaning | Thursdays | 7.30pm

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'Sea of Faith' is not a church, but a network of people who are seeking a radical reappraisal of past religious traditions in order to meet today's spiritual challenges.  

The Network affirms the continuing importance of religious thought and practice even though it acknowledges that religion, like art and poetry, is a purely human creation.

SoFiA Network Website - Members and non-members are encouraged to comment on Articles and Blogs, as well as to participate in on-going discussions in Blog Archives.

Cost: Gold coin donation appreciated.
Lectures are followed by questions, discussion and refreshments.
All viewpoints are welcome.

Venue: Carlton Library Meeting Room, 667 Rathdowne Street (corner Newry Street), North Carlton.  Melways Map: 2B J2.

20 April 2017
Neil Blood (UCA)
"Exploring Don Cupitt's suggestion:
 - To give ethics priority in defining and shaping religious life."

18 May 2017
Andrew Rooke  (Theosophical Society)
"Ghosts: Do they actually exist? If so, what are they?"

15 June 2017
Peter Sanders (UCA)
"Pondering the Universe."

20 July 2017
Paul Tonson  (Progressive Agnostic Christian)
"The Faith-Freethought Divide is a False Dichotomy."

17 August 2017
Jennifer Jaeger (Ankh Antiquarian Books)
"Aspects of Kingship in the Old Kingdom of Egypt."

21 September 2017
Reem Sweid  (Muslims for Progressive Values)
"Can Islam be a progressive religion?"

19 October 2017
George Paul  (Coptic Christian)
"The History of the Situation in the Middle East."

16 November 2017
Martin Joiner
"Contemporary Australian Spirituality."

21 December 2017
Topic to be announced.

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