CUIN | UPDATING | New Cultural Calendar - C.I. News and more | May 2022

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Welcome to May! This month we are showcasing our Cultural Calendar and Sound Infusion for libraries. 

We explore an interview with SBS Persia, discuss our CEO and Founder Peter Mousaferiadis' participation in the Diversity and Inclusion in Asia Network Conference and are proud to present Sheng Shen Shimmer's up coming event.

Plan your Year with our New Cultural Calendar

Cultural Infusion's Education team has officially launched our extensive online Cultural Calendar. Our Cultural Calendar is designed to assist schools with organising cultural incursions throughout the year. 

Upon interacting with the calendar dates, the user is given information on the selected holiday. We offer a diverse variety of presenter programs which are linked to the corresponding dates.
The search function provided on the online calendar allows the user to look up specific dates and events. Schools will be able to click and book specific programs on event and festival dates.

Sound Infusion for Libraries

Cultural Infusion is pleased to announce our library package, allowing libraries to provide borrowers with codes to login to Sound Infusion either on site or at home. A workshop providing a guided tour is provided to library staff for professional development purposes. 

Additionally, Cultural Infusion presenters will be visiting libraries to celebrate intercultural community events such as Chinese New Year and Harmony Day. 

Sound Infusion allows people to connect and share their cultures via music, with no prior musical training or experience needed. 

With over 5000 quality instrument samples from 100 countries, users can explore wonderful sounds and create their own music in the arranging studio.  

The platform is ethnomusicological in it's scope, situating a world map of images, sounds and information. Sound Infusion promotes intercultural understanding and builds cross cultural relationships within communities. 

Diversity Atlas and global scalability

Our CTO, Rezza Moieni, was invited to participate in an interview with SBS Persia this month, detailing his work with Diversity Atlas and its impact on a global scale. The interview conducted by Peyman Jamali highlighted Diversity Atlas's ability to provide unique insight into a company’s cultural makeup. 

Fostering diversity in the workplace affords the ability to measure a wide array of cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and develop strategies for inclusion.

Diversity Atlas began it's journey in 2014. Today, in 2022, Diversity Atlas is internationally recognised, with multinational corporations to small businesses incorporate the systems within their team. 

Diversity Atlas provides the most comprehensive database of ethnicities, religions and languages seen around the world.

Rezza is scheduled to speak at the Global Inclusion Online Forum, following the publication of three peer reviewed scientific research papers.

Community Business’ Diversity and Inclusion in Asia Network (DIAN) Conference

Our CEO and Founder, Peter Mousaferiadis, participated as a speaker in Community Business’ Diversity and Inclusion in Asia Network (DIAN) Conference. Community Business is a not-for-profit organisation with the mission to lead businesses to have a positive impact on people and communities. 

In the conference, Peter discussed the importance of unpacking diversity in order to make meaningful progress towards solving multifaceted issues, asking the question,
‘How can we address race if we cannot agree on what racism in Asia is?’. 

Peter proposed reframing the conversation to address intersectionality in race and racism, providing an ethnicity approach to race in Asia.

Sheng Shen Shimmer: Concert Event | Saturday 4 June 2022 | 8.30-9.30pm

We are proud to present and support our Project Coordinator, Duncan Foster, and Wang Zheng-Ting's two-hander concert, Sheng Shen Shimmer. This event is made possible by the support of the City of Melbourne Arts funding program. Sheng Shen Shimmer expresses the coming together of cultures, of dissimilar musical genres, instruments, techniques, and most importantly, of two quite different musicians.

Wang Zheng-Ting, Australia’s top authority on Chinese traditional music and accomplished exponent of the sheng, and Duncan Foster, a well-travelled intercultural composer intent on exploring the latest electronic music gadgetry, team up to present a dynamic intercultural exploration of new work. 

Where: Museum of Chinese Australian History, 22 Cohen Place Melbourne CBD
Cost: $20 tickets


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