GEIFN | MEDIA | Mix | October 2017

Approx 5 min reads

Annabel Ross explores colonialism, state-sanctioned war and reconciling past, reviewing how “Artist Kader Attia confronts a world in conflict" via The Age

Peter Hartcher explores historical changing of societal understanding, values and evolution, sharing the wisdom in “Australia's great tradition as a pioneer of progress is one we need to remember” via The Sydney Morning Herald

Stephanie Peatling explores an example of marriage longevity, gender fluidity and a binding love, citing “The subversive marriage of Janet Rice and Penny Whetton” via The Age

Nick Abrahams explores sovereignty, public interest and conditions for realizing happiness, reporting from "The country where the pursuit of happiness is a national, economic goal" via The Sydney Morning Herald

David Leser explores familial ties and how listening without judgement leads to valuing differing views, recounting what happened when "A visiting cousin told me she voted for Trump" via The Sydney Morning Herald

Benjamin Law writes of coping mechanisms for receiving unwanted attention, “On handling online abuse: the three lessons I've learnt” via The Age

John Bailey explores the role history, conserving traditional performance and translating for modern audiences universal themes when "Under Siege promises spectacle of Chinese tradition” via The Canberra Times

Julie Szego explores a visible benefit and cost of publicly funding private schools, declaring her view that with “Wellness centres and rowing tanks: private schools are rubbing our noses in it” via The Age

Ross Gittins explores information, claims and knowing truth, declaring "Our bulldust detectors seem to be on the blink” via The Brisbane Times

Lindsay Murdoch updates on the unchecked humanitarian crisis “Rohingya Muslim mega-settlement risks imminent humanitarian disaster” via The Brisbane Times

Cara Waters explores technology innovation fueling space dreams, reporting “How Elon Musk inspired 23-year-old Andy Kieatiwong to 3D-print rocket engines” via WA Today

Caroline Baum explores diversity, standing out, claiming self with Michelle de Kretser who explains "My new novel imagines how life could be different” via The Canberra Times

David Dawkins explores evolution of staying put, planting seeds, familiarized team work, reaping harvests in recounting “Historically, the idea of marriage is always evolving” via The Brisbane Times

Jane Caro explores entrenched privilege, enduring entitlement and permitted prejudice, reasoning why "'Yes' vote won't affect religious freedom - even the freedom to discriminate" via WA Today

Clementine Ford explores another national poll, gauging people’s sentiment resulting in binding outcome, reasoning “Why Ireland's abortion referendum is a necessary risk” via WA Today

Michael Koziol explores arguments for and against equality in marriage, pursuing truth by "Testing the many claims of the same-sex marriage campaign” via The Canberra Times

Michael Bachelard explores different views of growing Aged Care in sustainable, equitable and resident-centred ways, writing “Is this how it ends? How we can make aged care better” via The Age

Kylie Northover interviews trailblazer, dancer and elder Noel Tovey, giving and receiving "Recognition for a life less than ordinary" via The Age

Craig Mathieson explores new documentary revealing the present state of global waterways, revealing “Turning the tide” via WA Today

Philip Pullella explores one global leader trying to humanise the other via “'Look them in the eyes' Vatican urges politicians to defend, accept migrants” via WA Today

David Wilson chats with Indigenous leader Wendy Lotter about her personal ideologies, encouraging us all to "Learn from your mistakes then leave them behind” via The Canberra Times

Approx 20min presentations

Margaret Heffernan: Forget the pecking order at work

Roger Antonsen: Math is the hidden secret to understanding Life

Kelli Swazey: Life that doesn't end with death

Approx 5 min presentation

Postmodern Jukebox - MMMbop

Approx 2 min presentation

Sesame Street, Big Bird and Lin-Manuel Miranda - It's A Habitat

Approx 21 min presentation

Christine Anu shares her insight, resilience and experience on thinking big, goal setting, purposeful striving and realising opportunities.