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125 years after the birth of the global interfaith movement, thousands of religious and civic leaders from around the world are assembling to address critical global issues.

Continuing collaboration for advancement of dignity and human rights of
Here are 3 reflections from Parliaments past:
1.  In a Complicated, Multi-Religious World, Scholars Recognize the Parliament for Lifting Up the Positive Role of Religions
"The Parliament of the World's Religions participants do not make extravagant claims for their leading role in taking up the challenges of our day. But it is hard to locate any movement or agency that is better poised, informed, and motivated to provide leadership. Its moves bear watching– and as a movement it merits participation. Note the PWR's distinctive feature: its members know and celebrate the positive features of the religions."
Martin E. Marty, Fairfax M. Cone Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus at the University of Chicago and author of, among others, When Faiths Collide.
2. A Spirit of Harmony Comes to Life at the Parliament
"The emphasis of the gathering placed understanding over conversion and community over ideology. Jews and Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs, Christians and Pagans (the intentional kind) were together in dialogue about mutual interests. I’ve nothing against any kind of evangelism. The loud subway preachers telling me to repent have a point. But it was nice to be in a setting where the prime emphasis was on our common humanity."
Scott Stearman, Pastor of a social-justice minded congregation and a Baptist advocate for human rights and religious liberty at the United Nations. As printed in "10 Very Cool Things About the Parliament of the World’s Religions" 
3. Encouraged by the Heart of the Interfaith Movement, Young Participants Become the Hands of Change 
"Ultimately, the Parliament taught us that religion can be an incredibly positive force in promoting change and bringing peace to the world. We live in a global village and we should strive to stay open-minded and to live with mutual respect, harmony, and optimism. At the same time, we have a personal and social responsibility to take an active stance in applying the principles of our own faith and embracing the value and practice of interfaith education and dialogue to create meaningful spaces for activism."
From a group of young Jain men and women in Young Jains Reflect on the Parliament of the World's Religions
And some words from Executive Director, 7th Parliament of the World’s Religions:
“Toronto itself is exciting– and so aligned with what this global event is about. But what is going to happen there in November of 2018 is something more than exciting: in this crucial moment in our shared world, we will fortify the power of understanding and reconciliation–  a pathway of promise for people of faith and conscience to realize a changed world.
Larry Greenfield, Executive Director, Parliament of the World’s Religions 
Organisers are planning for a Parliament of the World’s Religions to welcome more than 10,000 people of more than 80 nations, from more than 200 unique spiritual traditions at this 7th convening. How will you be there?

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