MA | LUNCH TALK | From mansplaining to manterruption: How to rise above and be heard | Wednesday 8 November 2017 | 12noon-1.30pm

[Edited extract from public address]

Whether in workplaces or online spaces, women’s voices often get drowned by a range of male voices from the well intentioned to the unabashedly sexist.

A lunch and panel discussion featuring Laurel Irving and Wendy Tuohy in conversation, moderated by Karen Percy.

Hear from the panel of seasoned female journalists as they share their experiences on:
  • how to counter mansplaining
  • how men can avoid and curb manterruptions and mansplaining in personal and professional spaces
  • what women with different communication styles can do to be heard in physical and digital spaces and how to deal with online abuse
Scheduled Program: Lunch provided at 12:00pm and panel from 12:30pm - 1:30pm)
Where: Monash Law Chambers, 555 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Cost: Free
Inclusion: Lunch

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Bookings: Please register your attendance by Friday 3 November. Register online through Monash Arts

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