GEIFN | MEDIA | Mix | February 2018

Approx 5 min reads

Carolyn Cage explores the value of education, pleasure in sex and equity for gender roles when “Remembering sex ed at school makes me shudder. We can do better” via The Brisbane Times

Tammy Mills explores the accumulated cost of intolerance, demonizing and workplace bullying, revealing how “'We are deeply sorry': Victoria Police apologises for what happened to Michael Maynes” via The Age

Jane Rocca shares a lived example of respectful relationships, playing to individual strengths, team work and engaged living, meet “Ellyse Perry: Respecting each other's career choices is key in relationships” via WA Today

Matthew Wade interviews two performers with sincere public health message, revealing how style, grace and humour of two “Indigenous Queer youth are helping to champion visibility through Drag” via Star Observer

Sandra Hall explores unusual collaborations, remote places and importance of sharing a bigger picture, reviewing “Faces Places: Odd couple Agnes Varda and JR bring heart to hyper-real art” via The Brisbane Times

Jim Bright explores developments in jobs, workforce’s and grading employee qualities, tips for coping in times when “Disruption is the new normal” via WA Today

Carol Frost explores the value in reaching out to the stranger, cultivating connection and shared empathy, discussing “Faith” via The Age

Andrew Purcell explores identity, anatomy and some individual’s bumpy path to self acceptance, inviting us a glimpse into “Natalie's new world: how gender reassignment is moving into the mainstream” via WA Today

Jason Di Rosso explores an Australian take on colonisation, crime and pursuing justice reviewing how in "Sweet Country: Warwick Thorton tackles the Western in ambitious new narrative feature” via ABC Online

Robert Nelson explores changing civilisations, artistic expression and societal response in uncertain times, reviewing “NGV Triennial: Artists toy with social fabric” via The Brisbane Times

Jim Bright explores the role of nurturing environments to raise esteem and balance self-determination, reasoning for “More support and less shouting” via The Sydney Morning Herald

Cara Waters explores an example of welcomed migration, supportive environments and encouragement, "From refugee to runway: How migrants are transforming Australian small business” via WA Today

Danny Katz explains his humourous reasons for exploring every-day Interfaith, explaining why “Buddhism helps me to cope with a house full of insects” via WA Today

John Bailey reviews a new play exploring identity, personal vulnerability, public expression and freeing of speech as "Nassim Soleimanpour steps inside his own play” via The Brisbane Times

Philip Huggins explores, place, people, pain and healing as article of “Faith: A time for healing” via The Sydney Morning Herald

Stephanie Bunbury reviews a new film exploring dispossession, displacement and expressing religiosity, join “Josh Weinstein and Menashe Lustig on their new film Menashe” via The Brisbane Times

Ute Junker explores examples of societies regrouping, healing deep wounds and rebuilding for brighter futures, going “Off-limits no more: Why you should visit these countries with a bad reputation” via

Steven Carroll explores an example of past colonization, modern history and redemptive powers in reconciling ‘warts and all’ truth “Rome review: Matthew Kneale's unique approach to the Eternal City” via The Sydney Morning Herald

Melissa Singer explores the value of realistic body image, supportive teamwork in hostile environments and striving towards clear goals, revealing how “Jade's trolls told her to 'make a sandwich'” via The Age

Amelia Lester writes a love letter for personal integrity, bridging historical divides, demonstrable respectful relationships and youthful interpretation of old-fashioned approach, reasoning “Why the world can learn a lot from New Zealand and its leaders” via The Canberra Times

Jane Rocca explores identity, lived personal experience and reconciling national differences, hearing from “Four prominent women on why they are proud to be Australian” via The Canberra Times

Approx 20min presentations

Yvette Alberdingk Thijm: The power of citizen video to create undeniable truths

George Steinmetz: Photos of Africa, taken from a flying lawn chair

Vivek Maruat: How to put the power of law in people's hands

Approx 5 min presentation

Auriel Andrew - Arnhem Land Lullaby

Approx 2 min presentation

Sesame Street: LaDainian Tomlinson - Celebration

Approx 14 min presentation

Growing Up Black & Korean | My Blasian Family Story | 한국 혼혈인
Join Cedric as he shares his story of being a mix of two very different cultures.