GEIFN | REPORTS | CHARM | COMMEMORATED | Cranbourne's Australia Day 2018 | Friday 26 January 2018 | 11am-4pm

[Report is compiled from multiple public addresses, multiple sources made over multiple publication dates]

This FREE event aims to unite community, celebrate a rich and diverse cultural heritage and explore other reasons for feeling proud to live in City of Casey.

The vibrant and multicultural Casey cultural heritage showcase program featured free performances, Free children activities including colouring, jumping castle, face painting and farm animals and free BBQ Sausage for the first 300+ visitors.

Tea, coffee & soft drinks were available for a gold coin donation with the day billed as great family fun, surprises, giveaways and door prizes.

All members of the public and community were invited to come together in a friendly way to make this a special day. One world, one family together temporarily for this day, a celebration of superficial difference and deeper commonality.

Participants enjoyed free activities and stalls. Available was 'Gathering' - a multicultural community art project aimed to inspire environmental awareness and rekindle appreciation of art and nature. Participants were encouraged to paint objects and develop a collage to be displayed at the Balla Balla Centre.

Lead artist Sohail Yamin accompanied “Salam Mobile - Rumi... based on ‘truck art style painting’, the design transcends beyond mere visual aesthetics which is a hallmark of truck art, to a role of a Dastaango or a storyteller”. Rumi is named after the great 13th century Poet, Sufi mystic & scholar Maulana Jalal-ud-din Rumi

Awakening Yoga/Meditation seemed a bold programming choice by organisers between Lions Concert Band and Drawing of Door Prize. But it worked on the day. Mindful of the hot and confined conditions, the stretching comprised of awakened standing, moving with lightness and sitting assertively. An audience of approximately 50-100 people enjoyed the calming of minds, building inner rainbows and radiating well-wishes to an uncertain world.

Feedback teased out deeper responses not immediately apparent but individuals reported separately benefits from what was shared in a secular, accessible way to presenting audience.

To commemorate the occasion, BCV and GEIFN Quote Photo Cards were read out as collaborator’s messages and left on display table as ‘take home’ postcards.

See also official 10pp program, particularly pages 7-9 on addressing Australia’s National Day, Anthem and Indigenous experience.

The Cultural Historical Association of Rodriguans and Mauritians in Victoria (CHARM) Inc.

Supported by the City of Casey, the Balla Balla Community Centre, the Cranbourne Lions Club and local groups, businesses and individuals.