SCFO | REPORT | Mapping Social Cohesion Report | Dec 2017

[Edited extract from public address]

Decade of data paints a picture of a cohesive country. In its tenth year, the Scanlon Foundation’s Mapping Social Cohesion Report has reinforced Australia’s consistently high level of support for immigration and cultural diversity. 

The Mapping Social Cohesion Report has been produced by Monash University researchers since 2007 – with a collective sample of 42,000 respondents. It is the largest survey of its kind and tracks Australian attitudes on issues including immigration, multiculturalism, discrimination and political trust.
"Australia has always been unfurling, Australia has always been making itself. That is a very attractive quality, what makes Australia feel new is because it is constantly renewing itself with new waves of migration."
Professor Margaret Gardner, Monash University Vice-Chancellor
Despite significant demographic change over the decade, including population rise and increased diversity, Australian attitudes have remained, in large measure, stably positive.

Find online the summary findings and report here.

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