GEIFN | MEDIA | Mix | March 2018

Approx 5 min reads

Cat Woods explores connections between childhood environments and adult response mechanisms, revealing strategies “Why falling short of targets is a necessary step towards success” via The Canberra Times

Jenny Cooney Carrillo explores self-doubt, public-trust and realizing experience in audience with “Helen Mirren: I think the #Metoo movement has been bubbling away for the whole of my life” via The Brisbane Times

Nicole Webb explores enduring value in learning, knowing and using additional world languages, reasoning why “I'm future-proofing my child with Chinese lessons - we should all be doing the same” via The Sydney Morning Herald

Nina Hendy updates on party planning, gaining sellers and commodifying relationships to ship more product, old school Facebook, inviting us to sneak a peek “Inside the world of multi-level marketing” via The Age

James Gorman explores an example of reconciling origin stories, contextual motives, collective recollection, evidence and truth, revealing “Debunked: The strange tale of Pope Gregory, Lent and rabbits” via The Brisbane Times

Maureen Mathews explores five languages of love and cultivating empathy, listening effectively in “About last night” via The Sydney Morning Herald

Patrisse Khan-Cullors and Asha Bandele explores disadvantage, race-profiling and origins of a protest movement affecting change, when “Black Lives Matter: Trayvon Martin, the verdict that changed everything” via The Canberra Times

Louise Schwartzkoff explores the origin story of a triumph over division, reviewing how “Riot recounts the birth of the Sydney Mardi Gras and the gay rights movement” via The Canberra Times

Myffy Rigby explores an example of owning difference, mixing flavours and returning to roots, join this insightful cook’s tour with “Lee Ho Fook chef Victor Liong: 'These temples of gastronomy aren't producing racehorses'” via GoodFood

Brian Johnston explores ancient civilizations, changing times, creature comforts and looking through a modern viewfinder, revealing “India tour: How to see India in a one-off adventure - Delhi, Jaipur, Agra” via

Sue Williams explores connections between friendliness to foreigners and not being colonized, discover a postcard in the long life of “Ethiopia, Africa: The amazing country that no longer wants to be kept secret” via

Chloe Booker explores connections between public interest, public expression, anti-graffiti efforts and personal endeavor, revealing “Our nearest faraway place is an Alphington bus stop with ocean views” via The Age

John Silvester explores public scare mongering while steady hands tool the people, procedures and system for success, shining a light on the ringmaster of “Ashton's Circus - walking the political tightrope” via The Age

Amrit Dhillon explores how society norms of arranged marriages can be a successful solution for connecting lonely hearts, revealing “In India, even gay people want an arranged marriage” via WA Today

Philip Bump explores students, putting personal aspirations on hold to mass peacefully to create positive societal change, revealing “Eight reasons the Parkland students have emerged as a powerful political voice” via The Sydney Morning Herald

Tom Cowie explores a Melbourne Church hitting runs with international students, providing a level playing field, providing belonging and drawing appreciative crowds back to the pews, revealing “The 131-year-old church hall reincarnated into a cricket ground” via The Sydney Morning Herald

Bridget McManus explores a documentary lifting the veil of public ignorance, raising the bar of respectful dialogue and getting along as “Not one and the same” via The Brisbane Times

Anna Prytz explores breaking down barriers, meeting identified need for personalized inhome support for isolated new mums, smoothing transition into parenting, revealing “'I was feeling really alone': Volunteers support struggling new mums” via The Sydney Morning Herald

Helen Pitt explores an example of religious celebration and stylish myth busting when “Rainbow hijab a first for Sydney's 40th Mardi Gras” via The Canberra Times

Amy Fallon explores an RMIT student storming African fields with style, revealing “The Aussie student who makes soccer jerseys for the world's toughest market” via The Canberra Times

Stephanie Bunbury explores personal identity, public expression and enduring songlines, reviewing “Gurrumul documentary bridges two worlds to remember a great talent” via The Age

Approx 20min presentations

Erin Marie Saltman: How young people join violent extremist groups — and how to stop them

Miranda Wang and Jeanny Yao: Two young scientists break down plastics with bacteria

Linda Cliatt-Wayman: How to fix a broken school? Lead fearlessly, love hard

Approx 5 min presentation

Shawn Mendes, Sam Tsui, Casey Breves and Friends - Treat you better

Approx 2 min presentation

Sesame Street and Robin Williams: Conflict

Approx 3 min presentation

Robbie Novak’s A Pep Talk from Kid President to You