GEIFN | REPORTS | GECC | PRESS | For Progress | International Women’s Day | Friday 9 March 2018 | 11.30am–2pm (12pm start)

[Report is compiled from multiple public addresses, multiple sources made over multiple publication dates]

A celebration with local community. Reflecting on the gender equality journey and look to see what more we can do. Creating opportunities for local leaders, community members and stakeholders to make connections, affirm their commitment to gender equality and understand what they can do to make a difference in Glen Eira and beyond.

A lunch gathering featuring inspiring women including:
Keynote Speaker Angela Pippos Journalist, presenter, documentary maker and author, joining with
Augustine Zycher Founder and Co-editor WomanGoingPlaces,
Cara Morgan Glen Eira Young Citizen of the Year 2018 and
Rebecca McKenzie CEO Glen Eira City Council.

Where: Glen Eira Town Hall Auditorium. Cnr Glen Eira & Hawthorn Roads, Caulfield

A celebration of International Women’s Day Thursday 8 March 2018 with the global theme Press for Progress. The program highlighted achievements of women locally and inspired participants to take action towards gender equality. Participants were invited to contribute to the conversation with the panellists and share stories over lunch.

Angela spoke of her triple passions: sport, females in sport and equality of access/support/visability for women. Taking us from the ancient Greek tradition of only allowing the male gender in sport, disallowing women from participating or watching to the present day. She spoke of her early experiences coming from Adelaide to Melbourne and of being continually the only woman from the locker room, with sports discussions or presenting sports. She spoke of the advances since 2015 in the public arena and multiplier affect of national sporting codes getting behind and putting women on centre stage.

Augustine spoke for a cohort of women who are the first generation in history of older, diversely traveled and highly educated women to number in the tens of millions. The first ever generation of older women who have spent decades in professions and skilled employment, and not in the sweatshops and the fields. The first ever generation of older women who have accumulated independent wealth and economic clout, despite discriminatory wage practices. And the first ever generation of older women who can expect to live into their 90s and possibly now entering the age of retirement. The earlier dynamic public life now seems to become the most invisible segment of the population. If seen at all, it is only through the lens of stereotypes – kindly grannies, old hags, frail spinsters or old biddies selfishly occupying homes that could better be used by young families.

Cara was awarded the 2018 Glen Eira Young Citizen of the Year in recognition of her community spirit and service. Cara spoke of her extensive involvement in the Scout movement presently including committee representation on that organisation’s national youth advisory committee. While the national body remains an all-male affair, the youth advisory committee itself calls, exemplifies and embodies equitable gender representation, engaging in positive advocacy and setting role modelling as a standard for whole-of- organisation to follow.
Rebecca spoke of her experiences across diverse workplaces and activities. Local Government is the closest level of government to the community. She believes it should also be representative of that community – in all sorts of ways, not just gender. Of the 79 Councils in Victoria only 12 are currently led by women. There are far more than 12 women in local government capable of being CEOs, so something needs to shift.

More than half (51.6%) of Glen Eira’s population is female.
  • On the Payroll: 56.2% of Glen Eira women over the age of 15 years are employed, compared with 65.2% men. Almost half of employed Glen Eira women are working part time only. Median personal income range of full time Glen Eira working women is $1250-$1499 per week compared to earning men at $1500-1749. Nationally, the average woman has to work an extra 66 days a year to earn the same pay as an average man.
  • Unpaid Work: Women continue to perform more unpaid work. 10.9% Glen Eira women provided unpaid assistance to a person with a disability compared to 7.8% men. The number of Glen Eira women performing at least 15 hours of domestic unpaid work every week is more than 3 times the number of men.
  • Safety: Only 45.6% of women feel safe walking in the community at night, compared to 79.8% of men. Sexual harassment and assault is more more common for women. Nationally, one in three women over 15 years has experienced physical violence and nearly one in five has experienced sexual assault.
It is up to all of us to awaken to the precious nature of every individual. Create opportunities where there are none, give advantage to those who are under represented, misheard or demonised. Let us each champion progress together and separately for a shared goal of a more equitable brighter future.

On behalf of Buddhist Council Victoria Interfaith (bINTER) and Glen Eira Interfaith Network (GEIFN), thankyou to Organisers and Participants working tirelessly and individually, and in teams and publicly to celebrate gains, highlight opportunities and fostering team spirit to addressing today's imbalances together. Received with gratitude.

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