PWR | REPORTS | Parliament Women's Task Force | Thursday 8 March 2018

[Edited extract from public address]

Women’s empowerment is taking centre stage and the 2018 Parliament will be a major voice in this expanding movement.

Today we are at a watershed moment for women’s rights and human dignity. From the historic women’s marches to sexual harassment scandals and social media campaigns such as #metoo, women have been speaking out in bold new ways and serious attention is being given to women’s issues world-wide.
Women of Faith and Conscience from Around the World Stand Together on This International Women's Day and Toward the 2018 Parliament.
Since its inception, the Parliament of World Religions has been an advocate for women. Women were speakers at the 1893 Parliament including Elizabeth Cady Stanton, author of the Women’s Bible, and Antoinette Brown Blackwell, the first ordained woman in America. The 1993 Parliament endorsed a Global Ethic with four Irrevocable Directives, including the Commitment to a Culture of Equal Rights and Partnership Between Men and Women. Women religious and spiritual leaders were featured at the 1993, 1999, 2004, and 2009 Parliaments, and in 2015, an Inaugural Women’s Assembly was held with over 3,500 participants that included the Declaration for the Dignity and Human Rights of Women.

The title for the 2018 Parliament women’s programming is The Dignity of Women Across the World’s Wisdom Traditions and Society. Please consider submitting a proposal for the 2018 Parliament, particularly on the following themes:
  • Supporting women’s religious and spiritual leadership, dignity, and equality within the world’s wisdom traditions
  • Empowering Women’s creative ritual and artistic religious and spiritual expression
  • Acknowledging and honoring a Divine Feminine/ Sacred Feminine/ Feminine Divine within and beyond religions and spiritual movements.
  • Advancing Women’s Equality in Basic Human Dignity and Rights in Society, particularly health, education, legal and financial rights and protections.
  • Seeking to End All Violence Against Women
  • Encouraging Women’s Coalitions to solve Global Problems
We also invite proposals for other topics that relate to women’s religious and spiritual concerns. For more information view: Request for Women's Programs

Elizabeth Ursic, Chair of the Parliament Women's Task Force

Parliament of the World's Religions
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