CHUFFED | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds towards Activism for Animals, Climate & Culture

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VIC | LfF | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds towards keeping Greater Gliders safe from planned burns

These little animals keep their babies in their pouches for three months, all the while gliding over 100 metres between trees!

Lawyers for Forests (LfF) at Save Our Strathbogie Forest are so in love with these little cuties, and really need our help to make sure they don't go extinct from human actions.

The group is taking legal action to make sure that planned burns are as safe as they can be for this endangered cutie and the hollow trees that they call home.

Will you stand with these animal lovers to protect an animal with no voice of its own?

WA | DBH | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds towards helping us STOP the destruction of climate and culture

The legal system is yet again being weaponised against environmental defenders - the very people trying to protect the future of humanity, despite the risk to their freedom and their lives.

Two climate activists from Disrupt Burrup Hub (DBH) have this month been convicted and fined for failing to allow police access to their devices. 

Joana, who also works for the Australian Greens, was fined $1,200 after police admitted they raided her home in relation to "potential future offences". Jesse Noakes was similarly fined $1,000 plus court costs, but remained resolute in his commitment to protect the confidential information of people who bravely shared their stories with him.
“At its core it’s about maintaining the power structures in place. Smearing defenders as lawbreakers distracts from the cause and changes the narrative."
This criminalisation of environmental protestors is now the most common tactic used to silence and discredit defenders.

The real cost in all of this is of course, our planet. 

Here's how you can help:
  1. Donate today to stand with climate activists from Disrupt Burrup Hub. With the full force of the WA police against them, they need our support now more than ever. Your contribution will directly aid their fight to disrupt the largest fossil fuel project in Australia.
  2. Share this message far and wide! Let your friends and family know that the fight to stop Woodside's Burrup Hub is the fight for our only home, planet Earth.
  3. Join the conversation using the hashtag #DisruptBurrupHub and #NotTerrorists. Let's make sure this injustice doesn't go unnoticed!
Together, we can disrupt the Burrup Hub project and protect our planet for generations to come!

NSW | DPT | RAISING | Awareness, Support and Funds towards Festive Giving to our Cherished Animal Family

Deep Peace Trust (DPT) is the largest animal sanctuary in Australia, every day we look after hundreds of animals and wildlife, all of whom have been through life-threatening circumstances. 

Despite the challenges, we find the joy that comes from giving every day is deeply nourishing and healing to both self and the sanctuary. 

With the festive season approaching, we wanted to ask if you could keep our animals on your giving list. 
Can you give a festive gift to our precious animal family this year?

Here's the sanctuary wish list for the rest of the year:
  • Buy Breakfast for Bessie the cow and her son Blessed 
  • Buy dinner for half of the brumbies in sanctuary 
  • Buy a large bale of hay for the sanctuary animals 
  • Buy the entire sanctuary breakfast 
  • Buy an entire truckload of hay for the sanctuary 
We’ve endured the challenges of unprecedented droughts, devastating fires, and major floods, but have always been anchored by the spirit of deep peace and our unwavering commitment to animals. With your support, we can continue to find the joy from giving each day to these precious beings. 

Please share our campaign with friends, family, and fellow animal lovers to help get out our message.
Your support extends beyond a donation; it's a testament to the profound bond humans share with all living beings.  It contributes to a different world of thinking about animals — with kindness, compassion and love. And this is vital today.


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