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Best wishes for less Suffering, more Happiness with Good Health and Time to Enjoy it. Welcome to Byzantine Calendar year 7530–7531.

Sharing a timely aspiration:
On the getting of wisdom, “We need to ask just the right question, in the right context and at the right time.”
Suzie Sheehy, contemporary Australian particle physicist, academic, science communicator, author

If having no reason to celebrate this month, here are 3 prepared earlier:

While the world continues to endure the COVID-19 Pandemic, it may be useful to read the situation as "a chapter", however difficult and uncertain, in the continuing story of the greater human history book.

This edition, we explore the meaning of the Sanskrit word Karma (Pali: Kamma) and different ways to look at it.

Whatever thing has a beginning, must also have an end. It stays as long as conditions agree. When conditions change, so too must the thing. While there may be no control over prevailing conditions, there still exists choice in whether to adapt, evolve or extinguish.

Our present moment is a reaction from our past actions (thoughts, words and actions). The future is not fixed – it has countless possibilities and rich in potential. Every moment is precious. What we do in the present makes our future. While death is certain for every living thing, the timing is unknown. 

Other words meaning same thing:

  • Cause and Effect
  • Causation or Causality
  • Results
  • Choices and Consequences

Remember, information may contain misunderstandings, deliberate omissions and complete fabrications. Accept nothing blindly. Test for usefulness: if useful keep; adapt for personal circumstances if necessary; or if unuseful discard. Be your own guiding light.

The following monthly curation from publicly available information is offered below for consideration.


  1. Guest Sings
  2. Stream Jives
  3. Wisdom Reconciles
  4. Media Writes
  5. TED Talks
  6. Music Challenges
  7. Acknowledgments

    1. Guest Sings

    Approx 5 min presentation 

    2. Stream Jives

    Approx 2 min presentation 

    3. Wisdom Reconciles

    4. Media Writes

    Approx 5 min reads

    Louise Rugendyke explores arriving, living and thriving when recounting "What is √9 + 2 (3 x 2)? How Eddie Woo taught me to like maths again” via The Age

    Robert Nelson explores outlook, nature and seasons when reviewing a new exhibition when "I was spellbound by the grindstones – then I found out what they meant” via The Age

    Melissa Fyfe explores gender, skilfulness and empathy in "‘I ain’t no Bambi’: How a paediatrician ended up in politics” via The Age

    Nick Miller explores ability, visibility and representation behind "‘Nothing about us without us’: The idea that sparked Melbourne’s newest festival” via The Age

    Daniella White explores an example of overcoming social isolation, technology and bridging divides when  "‘Opening of a new world’: How international students are helping seniors to log on” via The Age

    Tiarney Miekus explores gender, collective expression and growing equity as "New exhibition puts spotlight on the two women who changed our art scene” via The Age

    Rachel Clun explores nationality, cultural origins and evolving diversity "From bolognese to momos: Our changing migration nation” via WA Today

    Jayant Bapat explores symbolism, purpose and diversity surveying why "Nazi symbol ban important but don’t forget swastika’s original meaning” via The Age

    Kerrie O’Brien explores identity, forgotten history and addressing societal taboos when reviewing a curated exhibition of "Sex slaves, lynchings and opium: Art that tells a true history of Australia” via The Sydney Morning Herald

    Bianca Nogrady explores good questioning, curious mindsets and timing, reviewing a new book that reasons how "There’s much we can still learn from these 12 life-changing experiments” via WA Today

    Wendy Tuohy explores gender, pregnancy and birth how "Kim thought he could never be a parent. Then he gave birth to baby Morgan” via The Age

    Ben Groundwater explores the joy and wonder inherent in being present and "Japan's concept of unique moments: How 'ichi-go ichi-e' changes how you think about travel” via

    Sarah Holland-Batt explores mortality, forgiveness and acceptance when recalling "The powerful lesson I learned watching my father die” via The Brisbane Times

    Tim Elliott explores passion, purposeful collaboration and longevity recounting why "‘We’re like brothers, only closer’: The best friends on a shared creative mission” via The Sydney Morning Herald

    Mark Daffey explores previously little-known natural wonder, revitalising facilities and sharing a view of "Lake Tyrrell, Victoria: The pink lake that put a dying town on the map” via

    Odhran O’Brien explores gender, education and equity recalling how "Religious women set up some of Australia’s first schools, but their history remains veiled” via The Conversation

    Susan Chenery and Jennifer Feller crime, disproportional punishment and the long road to recovery, recounting "How career criminal and notorious bank robber Russell Manser turned his life around” via ABC Australian Story

    Carolyn Webb explores individual fitness, coordinated activity and collective dance when "Age no barre as seniors reach out at ballet class” via The Sydney Morning Herald

    Seth Borenstein explores results from technology advances, continued dedication and enduring collaboration as "First James Webb telescope image looks further into space – and time – than ever” via WA Today

    Julia Baird explores empathy, accessible care and loving environments in "Grandmother hypothesis revisited: the women who fill our children’s most human needs” via WA Today

    Nick Miller explores identity, collaboration and expression, revealing "Bangarra’s powerful story of loss, and the black divas who changed the world” via The Sydney Morning Herald

    6. Music Challenges

    Approx 30 min presentation + reflection times

    If desired, a short selection of publicly available material on a chosen theme for personal reflection. 

    For best results, sit comfortably with a straight back, have headphones in a shared space, after each clicked link, allow a little reflection with your personally-held view before clicking on the next link.

    Get ready to Reflect!
    Choose your playing level:
    Be introduced at 1.
    Be soothed at 2-4.
    Be shocked at 5.
    Be inspired at 6.
    Fuller illumination 1-6.
    You be the judge. Or not.

    Cryptic Clue:
    How would you describe where you live?
    1. Inspire
    2. Perspire
    3. Collaborate
    4. Engage: Test for personal circumstances, if useful keep, if unuseful discard, if exceeds needs, share mindfully
    5. Endure: Adapt for present times without sacrificing intent
    6. Endear: (Inspiring Others To Tend the Flame) live/ demonstrate/ inspire/ teach experience with others
    This challenge in choosing kingdomheaven and paradise.

    From Old English cyningdōm = kingship; Old English cyning, cyng + -dōm = decree, judgement. (Of Germanic origin; related to Dutch koning and German König, also to kin)
    1. a country, state, or territory ruled by a king or queen. Ie, the Kingdom of the Netherlands. 
    2. a realm associated with or regarded as being under the control of a particular person or thing. Ie, the kingdom of dreams. 
    3. (Christianity) the spiritual reign or authority of God. 
    4. (Christianity) the rule of God or Christ in a future age. 
    5. (Christianity) heaven as the abode of God and of the faithful after death. 
    6. each of the three traditional divisions (animal, vegetable, and mineral) in which natural objects have conventionally been classified. 
    7. (Biology) the highest category in taxonomic classification.

    From Old English heofon, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch hemel and German Himmel.
    1. (often Heaven) a place regarded in various religions as the abode of God (or the gods) and the angels, and of the good after death, often traditionally depicted as being above the sky. Ie, those who practised good deeds would receive the reward of a place in heaven. Ie, Juno, Queen of Heaven and wife of Jupiter.
    2. God (or the gods). Ie, Constantine was persuaded that disunity in the Christian Church was displeasing to heaven. 
    3. (Theology) a state of being eternally in the presence of God after death. Ie, the everlasting happiness with God that we call heaven. 
    4. (Speech) used in various exclamations as a substitute for ‘God’. Ie, heaven knows!| good heavens! 
    5. (literary) the sky, especially perceived as a vault in which the sun, moon, stars, and planets are situated. Ie, Galileo used a telescope to observe the heavens.
    6. (informal) a place, state, or experience of supreme bliss. Ie, lying by the pool with a good book is my idea of heaven.

    From Middle English: from Old French paradis, via ecclesiastical Latin from Greek paradeisos = royal (enclosed) park, from Avestan pairidaēza = enclosure, park.
    1. (in some religions) heaven as the ultimate abode of the just. Ie, martyrs who die in battle with the ungodly earn instant transmission to paradise. 
    2. (Abrahamic Religions) the abode of Adam and Eve in the biblical account of the Creation; the Garden of Eden and the Fall 
    3. an ideal or idyllic place or state. Ie, the surrounding countryside is a walker's paradise. Ie, my idea of paradise is to relax on the seafront.

    -- Chant Mantrastyle

    Adopting an awakening view might be to consider that heaven and hell are between the ears. Realizing this, makes paradise on earth. Starting with the individual, grow surpluses to share with others until beneficiaries include all.

    Why? Why not?
    Start today. 
    As the case may be.
    Or not.

    Same Difference Equals

    7. Acknowledgments

    Acknowledging traditional inhabitants of Cities of Port Phillip and Glen Eira are the Boon Wurrung and Wurundjeri peoples of the Kulin NationRespect is offered to past, present and future elders of all spiritual traditions. May we find together a generous way to accommodate those in need of refuge. Let us be cool, strive individually and together to overcome inequality, violence, disengagement, tragedy and injustice wherever it may be. Let us honour, savor and enjoy results of mindful effort so more thrive peacefully with less effort in our place called home.

    Invitation to Support Content Creators
    The music/stories/videos have been sourced from public domain. If you like any of the content, please consider buying directly from online marketplaces to support creators and truth telling in the public interest.

    Caretaker Disclosure
    Words and concepts are conditional things that point to a 'reflection of experience'. They are limited and do not adequately describe the 'full lived experience'. Like the moon's reflection on a lake's surface, it is not the moon, nor the experience of gazing up at the darkened sky transformed by the presence of a full moon. It is in the eyes/ears/nose/mouth/touch/cognisance of the beholder.

    This curation is an interpretation of the universal basis of re:lig:ion (Latin = again:uniting:energy). This email invites a sharing of countless thoughts, words and actions wishing, causing and receiving less Suffering and more Happiness. For benefit initially of the individual increasing in beneficiaries until it includes all across the 3 times and 10 directions. As each case may be. Or not.

    It is not personal, it just the way things are.